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1. Sir Ian Brownlie; Principle of Public International Law (6th and 7th ed.

* member of the United Nations' International Law Commission from 1997 until his
resignation in 2008.
* Fellow of the British Academy and his memberships included the International Law
Association and the Institut de Droit International.
2. Malcolm N.Shaw
* Elected an Associ of the Institut de Droit International in 2013.
* Practices before the International Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights,
the High Court, Court of Appeal, House of Lords and Supreme Court.
3. James Crawford The Creation of States in International Law
* In 1985 was elected an associate of the Institut de Droit International. Was elevated to full
membership in 1991.
* in 1992, elected to membership of the United Nations International Law Commission
4. William Slomanson Fundamental Perspectives on International Law
* In 1992, he was elected editor of the American Society of International Laws section on
the United Nations Decade of International Law, and served as chair of the section from 1995
to 2006.
* In 1993, he lectured on the teaching of international law to the United Nations Sixth
Committee (legal) at the U.N. in New York.
5. Vaughan Lowe; Clarendon Law series : International Law
* He is an associate member of l'Institut de droit international.
* Judicial and Arbitral appointments amongst others include:- a. Ad hoc Judge, Kononov v.
Latvia, European Court of Human Rights, 2009 (nominated by Latvia) b. Arbitrator,
Chevron v. Republic of Ecuador, 2009 - (arbitrator, appointed by Ecuador)
6. Michael Barton Akehurst

Worked with UN Relief and Works Agency

He was a member of the editorial committee of the British Yearbook of International
The United Nations and the Principles of International Law: Essays in Memory of
Michael Akehurst has been published in is memory by Vaughan Lowe

7. Cherif Bassiouni, General Principles on International Law

Chair and then member of the UN Commission of Inquiry for Libya (2011-12)
Chair, Drafting Committee of the Diplomatic Conference on the Establishment of an
International Criminal Court (1998)

8. Marcelo Kohen, Secession

Counsel and advocate before the International Court of Justice
Awarded the Paul Guggenheim Prize in 1997
9. Jure Vidmar
Editor of the Hague Yearbook of International Law
Fellow at the Institute of European and Comparative Law, University of Oxford
10. Peter Malanczuk
Served as Legal Counsel to Iraq before the UN Compensation Commission for Claims
against Iraq arising from the Kuwait War
International arbitrator and member of a number of panels of arbitral institutions
11. Hans Kelsen
Honorary Member of the American Society of International Law
Drafted the Austrian Constitution which was adopted in 1920.