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Before taking the test:

Instructions: In this test will check your English grammar level. This test contains 150 questions.
Questions 135-150 you have to find mistakes in the given sentences. After you read a question, read the
choices and choose the best answer to the question you have read.
He _____ a teacher.
A. am
B. is
C. be
D. are
The best answer to the question is B. You should choose answer B then click "Submit" button.

After taking the test:

When you finish your test, compare your score with the following range to know your English grammar
- From 0-40 - Beginner Level
- From 41-60 - Elementary Level
- From 61-80 - Pre-Intermediate Level
- From 81-100 - Intermediate Level
- From 101-125 - Upper-Intermediate Level
- From 126-150 - Advanced Level

1. Jim's rabbits______black
a. am
b. is
c. are
2. He_____at the zoo.
a. am not
b. isn't
c. aren't
3. Are there many people? No, _______only one person.
a. there is
b. there are c. there isn't d. there aren't
4. Jenifer,_________tea in the coffee-pot?
a. are there b. is there
c. are d. there is
5. He_______(speak) for an hour now. I expect he'll soon be finished.
a. has been speaking
b. have been speaking
6. The children___________late last night.
a. came
b. comed
c. camed
d. coming
7. This is a beautiful_________.
a. chair garden.
b. garden chair
c. chair's garden
d. garden's chair
8. Here is your_______________.
a. morning's tea
b. tea morning
c. tea's morning
d. morning tea
9. It is not the word that matter___________the way you say them.
a. too much as
b. as far as
c. not as much as
d. so much as
10. I don't like to ride in a car. I think most people prefer riding__________
a. to walking
b. than walking
c. more than walking d. better than walking
11. The weather is good today, except in the ____________
a. west-north
b. south-west
c. east-south
d. south-north
12. One dollar is roughly_____________to one Australia dollar.

a. worthy
b. equivalent
c. necessary
d. available
13. Excuse me. Is there_______Post Office near here?
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. 14. Can you tell me where ___________nearest Post Office is, please?
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. 15. Christina and Gerald saw______horrow film last night.
a. a
b an
c. the
16. I_______(see) you again.
a. will be seeing
b. shall be seeing
c. both answer are correct
17. I like to see your new flat
Well, come tomorrow, but it ________(not look) its best, for the painters still ________(work)
on it
a. won't be looking/ will be working
b. shaln't be working/ shall be working
18. He'll be back at 2. I _____by then.
a. will finish
b. will have finished
c. will be finish
d. will be finished
19. By the time the doctor comes she will _______all the temperatures.
a. have look
b. have taken
c. be taken
d. be took
20. I can't go on_______that there is nothing wrong with me. I must go to the doctor.
a. to pretend
b. pretend
c. pretending
21. I didn't know ________________when the car broke down.
a. what doing
b. what I do
c. what to do
22. We are not allowed ______to music at work.
a. listen
b. to listen
c. listening
23. Boy, __________play with you!
a. let I
b. let me
c. you let me
d. let me you
24. Please, ________to see me.
a. let the boy come b. come the boys
c. let come the boys d. let's the boys come
25. We have __________him to be more careful in everything.
a. suggested
b. hoped
c. proposed
d. expected
26. He was_______to leave the room, when the phone rang.
a. just
b. soon
c. about
d. immediately
27. His wealth enables him________to England.
a. to have gone
b. to be going
c. to go
d. went
28. This apron has no pocket_________.
a. to put things
b. to be things put
c. putting things in d. to put things in
29. Twelve inches makes one __________.
a. yard
b. foot
c. metre
d. feet
30. This race is of three miles. It is _______miles.
a. a three mile
b. a three miles
c. a three-mile
d. one three-mile
31. A train is travelling 100 miles an hour is doing ______kilometres an hour.
a. 40
b. 240
c. 160
d. 200
32. Mary is playing with __________friend.
a. his
b. your
c. her
d. its
33. _______don't you have lunch? Because I am studing.
a. When
b. Why
c. How
d. Who
34. They _____________trees all afternoon when I saw them.
a. had planted
b. had been planting
c. were planting
d. had picking

35. When she arrived I____________for ten minutes.

a. will have waited
b. waited
c. had been waiting
d. was waiting
36. I didn't recognize him. He______a lot.
a. changcd
b. has changed
c. had changed
d. is changed
37. Her eyes were red. She______.
a. has been crying
b. had been crying c. was crying
d. is been crying
38. She's worked there___years.
a. since
b. for
39. There haven't been any wolves in England_____a long time.
a. since
b. for
40. It's the first time________that anyone had done so well.
a. since
b. for
41. They've been going out______New year's Eve.
a. since
b. for
42. A: The fire has gone out!
B: So it has. I__________(go) and get some sticks.
a. will go
b. going to go
43. I've hired a typewriter and I ______(learn) to type.
a. will learn b. am going to learn
44. A: I can't understand this letter.
B: I_______(call) my son. He_____(translate) it for me.
a. will call/ will translate
b. am going to call/ going to translate
45. Are you going to__________this translation?
a. do
b. make
c. made
d. did
46. I'm going to ________the shopping.
a. do
b. make
c. made
d. did
47. ___________his parents is British. He is French and she is Spanish.
a. Either of b. Neither of
c. Neither
d. Either
48. Is that Mr. Dumas, the writer? Yes, _____father______son are writers.
a. both/and b. either/or
c. either/and
d. neither/nor
49. The two windows.________them had been forced.
a. Both
b. Neither
c. Both of
d. None
50. It's always being in a foreign country, _______if you don't speak the language.
a. naturally b. extremely
c. especially
d. basically
51. The closet is of _______the other one.
a. as larger as
b. the same large as
c. the same as large as
d. large as
52. __________of those students like their new principal.
a. Almost all
b. Almost of
c. Most
d. The most
53. By the end of 2004 the rate of unemployment (rise)____by 10%.
a. will have risen
b. will be rising
54. I (wait)_____for you at the usual time.
a. will be waiting
b. will have waited
55. At the time your son (learn)__________to speak.
a. will be learning
b. will have learnt
56. You want to meet a friend for lunch. You phone her and say What_____you____(do) on
Wednesday at one o'clock?
a. are you doing
b. are you going to do
c. will you do
57. I have more free time at the weekend so I____(clear) out the kitchen's cupboards on Sunday.
a. am going to clear b. am clearing
c. will clear
58. I've decided! I____(book) a trip to the Caribbean Islands for out honeymoon.

a. am going to book b. will book

c. am booking
59. You _________(have) something to drink, won't you?
a. will have
b. will be having
60. I hope you do well in the race tomorrow. I______(think) of you.
a. shall think
b. shall be thinking
c. both answers are correct
61. What____the explosion?
a. did cause b. did caused
c. caused
d. cause
62. Who_____at the meeting?
a. did speak b. did spoke
c. spoke
d. does spoke
63. Who____with you?
a. did came b. did come
c. come
d. came
64. Before the firefighters save the frightend kitten, they (have to)____bring a long ladder.
a. had had to b. had been having to
65. All the journalists (read)____newspapers when I (enter)________.
a. were reading/entered
b. were reading/ had entered
66. As soon as the holiday-makers (go out)________the shopkeeper noticed that one of them
(leave)____a thick wallet.
a. were going out/ had left b. went out/ had left
67. He (take)____your pencil when you (not look)_____
a. took/weren't looking
b. took/ didn't look
68. When we____(arrive) we____(learn) that the train ____(leave).
a. arrived/ learned/ left
b. arrive/ learned/ had left
c. had arrived/ learned/ had left
d. arrive/ had learned/ had left
69. Professor Dexter____(fall) ill with some kind of race tropical disease only after he____(return)
from Asia.
a. had fallen/ had returned b. fell/ returned
c. fell/ had returned
d. had fallen/ returned
70. The boys___(play) cards when they ___(hear) their father's step.
a. were playing/ heard
b. played/heard
c. were playing/ were hearing
d. played/ were hearing
71. While the guests ____(dance) thieves____(break) into the house and stole a lot of fur coats.
a. dance/ broke
b. were dancing/ were breaking
c. were dancing/ broke
d. danced/ were breaking
72. There's no milk left. ____(Peter, drink)____ all of it?
a. Has Peter drunk
b. Did Peter drink
73. I___(sleep) in every bed in this house
a. have been sleeping
b. have slept
c. both answers are correct
74. I ____(pull) up 100 dandelions.
a. have been pulling
b. have pulled
c. both answers are correct
75. I ____(look) for mushroom but I haven't found any.
a. have been looking
b. have looked
c. both answers are correct
76. This is the window______is so difficult to close.
a. what
b. who
c. which
d. whose
77. _____are you speaking about?
a. What
b. which
c. Whose
d. That
78. I would like to do______I can do for you.
a. what little service
b. what few service
c. which little service
d. which few service
79. She does not see the reason_____he would like to join them.
a. why
b. when
c. how
d. where
80. ______the children sleep.
a. That's where
b. There's
c. There's in which d. That's
81. I like a nice cup of tea in the morning. _____

a. So did I
b. Nor did I c. Nor do I
d. So do I
82. I didn't pass my driving test. _____
a. So did I
b. Nor did I c. Neither didn't I
d. Nor I did
83. We have never been to Germany. ____
a. So have they
b. Nor have they
c. Nor did they
d. So did they
84. It was _____________good piece of news.
a. such
b. such a
c. so
d. so much
85. You'd better not drive in ____awful weather.
a. so
b. such a
c. such
d. so much
86. What is that man___?
a. telling
b. saying
c. to say
d. said
87. She____that it's going to rain today.
a. tell
b. say
c. said
d. told
88. Why don't you____me about that?
a. tell
b. say
c. said
d. told
89. I know he smokes now he didn't _____before.
a. used to smoke
b. use to smoke
c. use to smoking
d. used to smoking
90. The fat man was tired because he was not used ____so fast.
a. to run
b. to running
c. run
d. running
91. I'm not fat now but _____very fat before.
a. am used to be
b. used to be c. am used
d. use to be
92. Few people in our village______afford to buy a car.
a. must
b. need
c. may
d. can
93. A computer______think for itself; it must be told what to do.
a. couldn't
b. can't
c. might not
d. may not
94. Jack was very tired______he was playing tennis all afternoon.
a. as soon as
b. if
c. before
d. because
95. It is spring now, ______the birds are singing.
a. because
b. though
c. for
d. unless
96. I have never spoken ill of him, _______I don't like him.
a. if b. because
c. so that
d. though
97. She hadn't reached the top of the stairs_____he caught her round the waist.
a. because
b. if c. although d. before
98. ____no persuading him buy the car.
a. There was b. It was
c. Here was d. That was
99. It is no use____to deceive her.
a. try
b. tried
c. trying
d. being tried
An old friend of mine came near___by the train.
a. to kill
b. killing
c. being killed
d. to being killed
She is not supposed to play with us until the teacher recommends that she____allowed to
do so.
a. is
b. were
c. be
d. will be
If it ______tomorrow, we will put off our pinic.
a. rains
b. will rain
c. would rain
d. rain
If a man doesn't remain content with what he has, ill________him.
a. will befall b. befall
c. hardly befall
d. tell
He said to me, Is Susan in a black dress?

a. that
b. if
c. if that
d. that if
I said to him yesterday, Please come early tomorrow morning.
a. told, the next
b. asked, this
c. begged, the following
d. advised, that
He said to me, Don't smoke anymore- It is very harmful to your health.
= He told me not to smoke anymore______it_____very harmful to my health.
a. that, is
b. because, was
c. so, was
d. saying, is
Some Africans were starved ______death.
a. to
b. by
c. because of
d. through
Mr. Lee laid down his own life______the cause of democracy.
a. on
b. of
c. in
d. to
I'm_____duty from 8 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon today.
a. on
b. in
c. for
d. at
A pair of trousers_____hanging in the room.
a. is
b. are
c. have been d. have
A list of the names of all survivors________available.
a. are
b. is
c. have
d. has
We_____open the lion's cage. It is contray to the zoo regulations.
a. must not b. need not
You_____ look under the bed. There isn't anybody there.
a. must not b. need not
I_____go to the shop today. There is plenty of food in the house.
a. must not b. need not
We_____drive fast; we have plenty of time.
a. must not b. need not
I think I understand his point. Then_____
a. explain me it
b. explain it to me
c. explain it for me d. explain for me it
It's time to leave. Yes, the clock_________two o'clock.
a. says
b. indicates
c. tells
d. marks
What happened? As you know, my schoolmates never__________their clothes well.
a. hanging
b. hanged
c. hung
d. hang
There was plenty of time. You______
a. needn't have hurried
b. mustn't have hurried
c. couldn't have hurried
d. must not hurry
We were really anxious. You_____without telling us.
a. needn't leave
b. mustn't leave
c. shouldn't have left d. couldn't have left
Even if Peter_____________with you then, he_______much for you.
a. were, should not have done
b. would be, would not do
c. had been, would not have done d. had been, would not do
Ted kept quiet about the plan_____lose his life.
a. so as not to
b. so not ast to
c. not so as to
d. so as to not
Can't you read? Said Melisa____ to the notice.
a. and point angrily
b. angrily pointing
c. and angrily pointing
d. angrily pointed
The beautiful picture_________on the wall was painted by my nephew and niece.
a. hanging
b. hanging hung
c. being hung
d. hangs
The swallows of Capistrano are famous____to the same nests in California each spring.
a. to return
b. who returned
c. they returned
d. for returning

In the fourteen century, _____ that glass coated with silver nitrat would turn yellow when
fired in an oven.
a. the discovery
b. it was discovered
c. with the discovery
d. if it was discovered
Many modern photographers attempt to manipulate elements of photography other
_____in their photographs.
a. than light is
b. than light
c. being light
d. light
For any adhesive to make a really strong pond, ____ to be glued must be absolutely clean
and free from moisture or grease.
a. and surfaces
b. when surfaces
c. the surfaces
d. surfaces that
Although still underwater, Loihi Seamount, the newest Hawaiian island, _____closer to
the surface by frequent volcanic eruptions that add layers of lava to the island.
a. brought
b. to be brought
c. being brought
d. is being brought
Not until linoleum was invented in 1860______hard-wearing, easy-to-clean flooring.
a. any house did have
b. did any house have
c. house had any
d. any house had
Hirem Revels, the first Black member of the United State Senator, served as senator from
Missisipi, an office____he was elected in 1870.
a. which
b. to which c. and which d. being which
Generally, the representatives______a legislature are constitutionally elected by a board
spectrum of the population.
a. who they compose
b. who compse
c. ad compose
d. compose
The Ac tor's studio, a professional actors' workshop in New York city,
provides_____where actors can work together without the pressure of commercial production.
a. a place and
b. a place
c. so that a place
d. a place is
by 1870 the United State had 70 engineering colleges, _________astonishing expansion
credited largely to the Morill Act of 1862.
a. because
b. an
c. to which
d. was
The artist Romare Bcarden was_______whose yellow, deep blues, and fusias contrasted
strongly with photographic gray in his bright collages.
a. with a gift for color
b. a gifted colorist
c. a gift with colorful
d. gifted with coloring
One theory of the origin of universe is______from the explosion of a tiny, extremely
dense fireball several billion years ago.
a. because what formed
b. the formation that
c. that it formed
d. when forming
Portrait prints were the first reproductions of American paintings_____widely distributed
in the United State.
a. were
b. that which
c. that being
d. to be
Citrus fruits thrive in quite very tropical climates.
a. fruits
b. thrive
c. quite very
d. climates
Carson Macullers was fame for her novels about life in the small towns of southeast
United States.
a. fame
b. about
c. life
d. small
Because the atmosphere of Mars is so thin. Wind velocities of several hundred kilometer
per hour are required to raised dust particles during dust storms.
a. because the
b. so
c. velocities
d. raised
Lumbering, the remove of timber from the forest, is a major industry in the Northwest
region of North America.
a. remove
b. from
c. is a
d. in
An intrinsic part of the sound structure of poet, the repetition of a consonant sound or
sounds, may also be exhibited in prose.

a. part
b. poet
c. also be
d. in prose
People feel uncomfortable when the humidity rises over 60 percent because perspiration
cannot evaporate quickly enough for the body to rid themselves of excess heat.
a. when
b. rises
c. enough
d. themselves
The Pulizer Prizes ate annual awards for excellence in United States journalism,
literature, and musical.
a. ate annual b. for excellence
c. journalism
d. musical
As a poetry Nikki Giovanni makes effective us of jazz and blues rhythms
a. poetry
b. effective
c. of
d. rhythms
In the United States, the Cabinet consist of a group of advisers, each of whom is chosen
by the President to head an executive department of the government.
a. consist
b. group of
c. each of whom
d. chosen
Colleges in the newly formed United States, in recovering from the adverse effects of the
American Revolution, inaugurated a broad curriculum in response of social demands.
a. recovering b. effects
c. a broad
d. response of
Humus is formed during soil microorganisms decompose animal and plant material into
elements usable by plants.
a. during
b. animal and plant c. elements
d. plants
Ozone is an unstable faintly bluish gas that is the most chemical active form of oxygen.
a. an
b. faintly
c. that
d. chemical
Long before his death, John Dewey saw his philosophy have a profound influences on
education and thought in the United States and elsewhere.
a. before
b. saw
c. influences
d. and