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Preparing to give a Karuna Reiki

Before giving a Karuna Reiki treatment it is often helpful to
prepare your energy field before starting.
To do this you can draw a large Usui power symbol down the
front of your body, and on each of your chakras beginning at
the root chakra and moving up to the crown. Then draw
Rama in front of your body intending that it begin just
beneath your feet and move up just beyond your crown. You
could also visualise Rama on the soles of your feet.
Before Beginning:

You can place all the symbols in your palms and invoke
their names, intending that they will be activated
during the treatment when needed.

You can place them in your palms and invoke their

name one at a time as you are guided to use them.

You can activate all the symbols at each hand position.

You can place the symbols in the clients chakras.

You can draw them over the clients crown chakra

intending them to flow into the clients heart and be
available during the treatment when needed.

You can simply activate those symbols when you feel

they are needed during the treatment.

Working with the Karuna Reiki symbols during treatments:

A general guideline is to work with the Karuna I symbols in
sequence, Zonar-Halu-Harth-Rama. Zonar is used to begin
the session and prepares the person to be able to deal with

deep healing. Halu heals deeply. Harth heals the heart. The
session can be ended with Rama to bring the client back into
their body and to ground them. The Karuna II symbols can be
added at any time in-between your use of Zonar and Rama.

Karuna Symbols
The Karuna Reiki symbols work the same basic ways as the
Usui Reiki symbols. They are keys that activate the different
frequencies of healing energy available in Karuna Reiki.
To Activate Karuna Symbols

Draw them on the palms of your hands, invoke their

name 3 times and pat them into your hands.

Draw them on the palms of your hands, invoke their

name 3 times and clap or press your hands together.

Visualise them in your mind's eye and invoke their

name 3 times.

Visualise them in the space between your thumb and

first finger as you invoke their name 3 times.

Invoke their name 3 times and pause to feel the energy


These are just a few ways to activate the symbols. The

important thing in activation is your intention.
Because of this, you may be guided to activate them in ways
other than what is mentioned here.

The Receptive Mudra

The receptive Mudra is created by placing the hands in the
prayer position then folding down the pinky fingers and the

fingers next to the pinky fingers. The index fingers and the
middle fingers remain pointed up.

Karuna and Spiritual Guidance

While Karuna Reiki is not a religion, many have found that
they have received healing and guidance from spiritual
beings when using Karuna Reiki.
Working consistently with Karuna Reiki energy strengthens
our awareness and connection to the purest spiritual
guidance, such as that coming from Jesus, Mother Mary,
Kuan Yin, St. Germaine, and other Ascended Masters, angels
and Archangels.
Many of us find ourselves more open to certain guiding
energies that are related to our personal spiritual belief
systems. Karuna can teach us to be more open to oneness
by enhancing our abilities to receive guidance, and
introducing us to other great spiritual masters previously
unknown to us in our present lifetime.
In a recent Karuna Reiki master class we were psychically
introduced to Avalokiteshvara who embodies the Buddhist
principle of compassion. According to the Shambhala
Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen, Avalokiteshvara has been
given the title of Mahakaruna or Great Compassion.
Avalokiteshvara also can mean Sound that Illumines the
World. Often depicted with numerous arms, Avalokiteshvara
is symbolic of his ability to work for the welfare of sentient
beings in a manner corresponding to any situation. Also
known as the Lotus Holder because of the blue lotus held
in his hands. Avalokiteshvara offers assistance to beings in

all levels of existence.

The Chinese and often feminine form of Avalokiteshvara is
Kuan Yin and the Japanese form is Kannon. The Tibetan
incarnation is Chenrezi, also considered to be protector of
the land of snow. Chenrezi is often believed to have
reincarnated as the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa. The
Karmapa worked for the welfare of all sentient beings, and
was the spiritual authority of tulku, the oldest lineage of
Tibetan Buddhism. Karmapa in ceremony wore a black crown
which indicates that he is an incarnation of Avalokiteshvara.
Tulku translates to transformation body and is seen as an
important means for assuring the spiritual and political
continuity of monastic institutions.
Although none of the students, or the teacher of this
particular Karuna class had prior knowledge of the existence
of Avalokiteshvara, portions or glimpses of information
relating to the identity of Avalokiteshvara were shared with
each member of this class. Participants were guided to
meditate on the information received, and in some cases
were guided to written reference material which helped the
class identify Avalokiteshvara the wonderful, compassionate,
spiritual energy, which offers assistance to any who ask for
help and guidance from either Avalokiteshvara, or
Another Master energy that has been clairvoyantly identified
during a Karuna Reiki session is Mother Mary, she shares a
very gentle energy, and at times brings the scent of roses.
She seems to make herself known primarily when the
recipient is working on relationship issues.
Kuan-Yin as the Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy
offers assistance at times when working with children, or
expectant mothers. She has also been clairvoyantly sensed
when working with the critically ill, bringing with her a
compassionate, totally accepting healing energy.

St. Germaine assists Karuna recipients in transforming

difficult situations, and also enhancing their clairvoyance and
intuitive knowing.
Jesus shares a very distinctive energy of unconditional love,
often sensed as a very pure white, or silver light.
Archangel Michael has made his presence know at times
when the Karuna client is fearful, and emotionally distraught
or in need of protection.
Archangel Gabriel has also been present during Karuna
classes offering to take the students karma and heal it for
them or to guide them in what they need to know or do to
heal completely.
These are a few of the experiences with enlightened beings
students have had during Karuna Reiki classes or when
giving Karuna treatments. You may find yourself connecting
to the spiritual beings listed here or may have other
experiences. As you work with Karuna Reiki, do so with an
open heart and mind. The more we learn to completely trust
the Karuna Reiki energy, the more clearly these beautiful
energies can communicate with us.