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Launch of Caring Counts:

a self-reflection and planning course

Lindsay Hewitt, Lesley Bryce, Louise Morgan, Gavin Paterson, Emma Azzopardi,
Scott Faulkner, Sarah Burton, Julie Robson, Katrina MacLeod, Gill Ryan
The Open University in Scotland, Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance, Carers Link,
Renfrew Young Adult Carers Project, NHS Education Scotland

Introducing Caring Counts

o A bespoke open online reflection course for carers
o Caring Counts an Introductory Film
Getting it right for carers
o Scotts story
What made this course possible?
o Heres something we made earlier - The Reflection Toolkit
o Creative Commons Licence
o Collaborative partnerships
o Experience and evidence of success
A pedagogy for access?
Why reflection worked for me - Katrinas story
Cascading the OER: some ideas from Gill Ryan NHS Education

Caring Counts:
Developed with and for carers

Whats in it and whats it for?


My timeline
developed with and for carers

Learning needs and motivation

Courses on health-related conditions
Making the most of knowledge and skills
Helping me resume studies put on hold, or get
back into employment
Something new
Something completely different
Securing me time

Quizzes and Course Badge

Caring Counts: film clip

What made this course possible?

Heres one(s) we made earlier
The Reflection Toolkit
Reflecting on Transitions (with Bridges Programmers)

Creative Commons Licence

Editable format
Trusted gatekeepers
Collaboration over content
Learner centred and multi-exit

OpenLearn access to other OU resources

Open Badges
Experience, and evidence of success

Working with carers (Dumfries)

I think you definitely lose confidence if you
have to give up a career, for whatever
reason. You lose your sense of identity and
worth. Being a carer can be isolating too. Not
working has a huge impact financially. As
time goes on your self-esteem can erode and
you can start to feel that there are no
opportunities available.


Reflection helps you realise your potential

which can get lost in our caring role.

Innovative pedagogy
Translation - no jargon, a course, not an OER
Enthusiastic individuals Gavin, Emma, Louise, Meg Targeting contextual barriers to change paper and pen;
individual or group; free
Credibility endorsement from opinion leaders NHS
Education for Scotland, Scottish Gov, CarersTrust
Leadership Carers centre staff
Support technical, emotional, practical
Integration reflection approach part of core values eg
Bridges programme
Research impact: a cross sector review, 2003
Nutley, S., Walter, I. and Davies, H.

Cascading Caring Counts!

Add to training programmes
Incorporate into existing self-development
Residential course for young adults
Direct to it online for self-completion
Tool for providing one-to-one support
Link to carers support plan
Target to particular group - eg career
development, return to work, take up