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Caleb Ong Yan Weng 0315460

General info of Andy Chong that is not within the
category of Childhood, Education and Working Experience

Andy Chong is known for being the spokesperson and the representative personal working for
the most famous architect in Malaysia, Dato Ken Yeang under the deep eco-green architecture firm T. R.
Hamzah & Yeang. He has been working for Ken Yeang ever since he obtained his part 2 and has been
taking over the one big role of Project Director and Project Architect of the firm at a very young age. He
is often looked up to within the firm as he manages almost every single thing in the office, assisting and

involving most of the project in the office for the past 22 years of the firm.
During my 6 months internship in the office, he had shown good example and leadership on
being the project manager managing all sort of works in the office and guide me along the journey given
me a chance to exploring the world of T. R. Hamzah & Yeang as he is the one introduce me and accepted
me into working in the office. He is a down to earth guy where the fellowship between me and him has
been effortless and good teamwork between the design team under his managing are flawless
throughout all of the days and nights spent working together in completing projects. Being asked
whether he have any role model in life, he responded none where I believe he himself has been the role
model to his son and also the majority of the office staffs too. His son walked the way same path as his
father where he steps into the architecture field and currently taking his Masters in Taylor. They had
been working together in the same office for the last 3 years, showing close intimacy and good
relationship between Andy Chong and his family. However, there was not a project where they both
work together in as Andy Chong taking care of the reputation of his son as he wants his son to be
Andy not only manages the office well, he also manage his families well where it is all balanced
in his life, children had been raised in harmony where he is so proud that he could stand beside his son
where they both looks like brothers when they stand beside each other, working within the office. His
family has been really supportive and became his main source of motivation throughout the high and
low of his time within the office. There might be some demotivating moment where he thought of
quitting the office as he think he was not paid enough and he always thought about what are the life
and experience difference if he were to leave the office and join the many other firm worldwide. It is his
interest, his loyalty, and the uniqueness of the office along with the key iconic architect of Malaysia,
Dato Ken yeang that kept him working in the office with a satisfying outcome in the end of the day.

The biggest obstacles he faced would probably be the time where the time he was just in his
20s and joined the office for a mere 2 years where in a sudden the main project architect managing
most of the project left the firm. He had to take over the role of being that one man that carry the firm
up, doing management works which seem to be totally alien to him. It was a golden opportunity in a
way to him where it is also a package deal where you have to bear all this heavy responsibility and
stresses that comes along with that title. He seems so glad that he had taken the decision and what had
happened to him that made him to be what he is today as the main project manager and project
Besides, there was a time where the office had to put all of its project on hold because of a
serious economic crisis in Malaysia. It turn out to be an unforgettable memory and experience for him
where the office has to strive for winning in competition and securing international oversea project in
order to survive. Overcoming it would mean overcoming the most depressing moment of his entire
It had been a bliss and satisfying life for him by looking at his facial expression and the way how
he describe about his life. Everything is going according to plan and had been working out well for him.
His current best achievement and pride would be completing the design and construction of the Calvary

church which he attend for his Sunday service. The fact that he could contribute back to his community
alongside with one of the top tier firm is a very satisfying accomplishment for him.

Being asked about his future plan and his plan after his retirement, he answered none as he is
determined to continue the serving in the firm and the architecture industry in the coming future as
long as possible. It is all over his face in the interview where he is very happy in doing what he is doing
now, involving in designing all kind of unique design where he believes no other firm in Malaysia would
be able to provide to him.
Architecture had been much less interesting to him previously during his study life but it had
been a more relaxing working condition for him. The client do not demand that much and has higher
respect to the architect while at the current time people could learn so much about design and exposed
to all kind of designs through the easily available social media and exert much more demanding request
and opinion onto a design project. His favorite architect back then was Richard Meier where now he
have no favorite architect and any specific style that he favor currently. The quote that he said during
the interview is Any functioning and good design is a good architecture
At last, his advice to us is to strive and work as hard as possible towards achieving our dream
and architecture in Malaysia is still an ideal field to stay in with full of limitless possibility.