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RATURES = Bo re a S e Oxi eee oe LAYOUT AND G2A7HIC DESIGN BASED On - WORK BY: Cui Pace & Dawns Munbe PLAY TESTERS: Ruan Geman, Roser Dake, “Marnie Scutvex, Crsetnia Staff: JACORECALLARAN Jap CAsteT0N;Jacos Cusarvias, CHAS Lest, Paut MexDon, Dan MOmNstce, SPEQAL NoTEs: A ‘AEG woto tice To miiavx Janes WeATT on 5, ‘WonDERRLL woak on Osimezay Avast ‘ABG ronininy rouocizis 10 Scort Grau, wit wag Sorento at vor ok Waar Sonne sour nian Sort! oft ck Tafa Man sl nein te Hos Hale Dg Mg de> uA pay eds only the ayers tans and Ont Adventure Ep Blin potion ois hol, «GM needs he Gan Mase Cad the Rae Ge i - “Aplayernaeds only the ayer "apace nes pelt Aro Want Con naan se aro “And 200 Whe Cons I. Alpha ee eS Sangh {as tanrasssse A on E> oa ‘Visic our website a Iszalderac.com ‘ oO (cf 5 7 oO G c THE OPEN GAME LICENS= The flowing tae he rope of Wicd ofthe Con Ie and ie Copegh oo Winn the Coun ine Wiens) Al igh eer «te en enero eee tie aceon eaten gee eee mienieaee Seen aoe ‘Skea nee lal ayo con cl ea Opes Cae Socata aera Taceieedocspngines eee ereereies can yee Se sso enesaiemenmtireris ii rr ee pon eo os pee icine pronin am er on cite See Se eiereetmanenaarotancente Se eoeeemer eee 2 Reem ee pry One Can a rte oid Saphopename iy eel crate meat ‘chapetton pen me Cte aoe Mev mbes ed are etn decide le ter rnc ‘ldormrGpn Gos conn bested sagt ‘Seve geek tins parte sotcinbe omer cak neo eel s [ESutntnegpn come Comme ‘age on on perro Conca arose aon ar oe ‘Scan neater omeel brs erm Some wah cnet COPAY Weick Ope gums ue Pe cee oer pabecsaese enemies 2. et lu en noe ty ey pang ind ‘etcetera de ty one le Seto ‘Sop heen im gaan sec anni Open ame a ‘steerer ead mc penitent Satie ty retetiay bop Ge Cc coi lngy nceshaleining end erase Patten tr On ona mnt canbe iho edt ds een ee ince eee ee Ceca encaarioe cat MUST mae ay atm hy pa en ‘seep noc dl topncoeoraar taann ohana pan ‘Sivalpion dn You soy no i sy Open Cone Mel aces “ enna Thi Lge leit cl oui mg wh alm ‘Slangin ramen Alnlcns Crtmetonr ot een meee Wenieche eee aero THE OPEN GAME CONTENT ‘Thepemingt Wf enedone everion 0 the Ope Cae Lemond ee tla Soden op ade A5csineion nmap pm uhh yt ep ‘Opn came Cot (et i sng Pfc ey eae Chel ec hint oper Pano oh Cte fe ecm na ne yy est recite anyon OG tr em Wy ofc ner OGL ors ‘Roce Woy te fit eter ones rok pet ‘Sane Come meen be ed ier and nmr nts em of OO ‘vee iochen bepenourpne DUSKUTIO OF RODUCTIDETE tg hen hry ed Pee an nc etre ee pigsty ain ok ce ag Rio Syal of atlen pd iran ay ic So "caged o the Five Rings aod Rokugon lg my elements te Lege a he a gig lng el waked en Gi an aly Saber biteinciearean dye simaierqra ci Kip ince pertcrsigeip ane scan a pructincn cieaiemaei ten ter eee arate "moe ners and nganiacoms ny wd al teil speed rom Cia Alora, Sebo ieee acess Sepseeaie amet ls At cr em Beatin eee Tiemeiate tee mieten SALSA Ig ee topes tae tes rare icc eek eee rteepentce edocs esreNAON OF OPEN CONTENT Sot Pod ety Sion bw ‘Bonar of ena aged ncn Cae [Bhedact he a a Si op ake nw feo nt {coamimarcne eertadareraiaates © Selon mea Se ae rene let ees oe aero" Tg” rasceceicanals eater w arya Sareea ora ‘ies Etre Gro Ie to ll case ly ets eetrment eee Sooner reer ocean iio enact aera seeiceee teemtonemeaoeaees sedation LE ee ee ech ercnamiewarargtararan Sigereeratecemcetneas tps Ca ‘there Forezmple tee ames ne’ creel wre he eel See cen apse cteetete eed Siieeet eran erent Sn aece teenie acme tat fooeceanogedeedeeine er Septhrea which deed Cn fm heen ‘hee Opn eft ey dw Ope Gane Cone on ‘Ss ere Cormcnt NOTICE of hes Cony Ade Ee ‘ment i Temenioeci lem mineny near epee stbennentomtedalingte ‘sealer opr seed sym ad hye ae eet cme by Whe a and scree tetneafiedsycon toner Seo Daag Dg Wb ihe Cn heer of Wc i bel wit pein Oral Acta n seroma cf Watt ‘Sed mate ne "ond ©2001 hee Ca net ssary of Ma I ‘ements seme acta nerve ate ‘Srabenwihtbeintedcmesioe nn POSE Iwe CONTENTS Introduction . What sa Nina Playing Ninja History of the Ninja “The Dawn ofthe Ninja ‘One Thousand Year of Peace ‘The Scorpion Clan Coup The Clan War “The War Agnnst the Shadows “The Warof Spirits ‘The Four Winds Era Ninja andthe Empire ‘The Crab ‘The Cane “The Dragon The Lion “The Mantis ‘The Phoenix “The Scorpion ‘The Unicorn Ninjain Service Customs ofthe Nin. “The Three Oaths Apprenticeship Teaning Weapons Resirement Roles ofthe Ninja Spy Gumdian Thiet Saboteur [New Mechanics [New Moves for Old Ninj New Pus Kata New Kata ‘Blackened Caress Dwell in Darkness Kis ofthe Lotus Poisoned Wind Dojo Sensei New Feat New Language New Advantages ‘New Disadvantages The Scorpion . Hidden Moon Dojo History Taadion, Toning Sensei Shadow Magic Dojo Benefits Notable Students “The Dojo ofthe Red Crane History Tadiion Teaining Sense, Dojo Benefits Notable Stadents ‘The Brother’ Gift Dojo 2 History Tradition Training Sense. Dojo Benefits Notable Students Advanced Training The Folding Leg New Stall Tejina Spells ‘New Shosuro Teja Spelis (20) Now soso Ta Spells) ‘The Kolat. 2... The Kolat History ‘Traditions Organization | chrysanthemum Sect Cloud Sect Goin Sect Dream Sect Jade Sect Lous Sect. Roe Sect Silleen Sect. Steel Sect ‘Tiger Sect... Advanced Training. olat Assassin The Onis Eve (Onis Tears The Gojtts...rv-- ‘The House of Goju History Tradition Training Sense Benefits Notable Students. Advinced Training ‘Goju Stalker. Goju Ninja School Becoming a Goju Shadow Points Powers of Darkness Minor Ninja Dojo The Howe ofthe olen Fo. History Tradition Training Sensei ‘Advanced Ronin Training, ‘Temple of the Order of Tengen History Tradition Trsining Sensei Advanced Tengen Trsining [Eyes ofthe Wind ‘Whispers of the Wind Shinden Tengen Favorable Tides Inn History Tradition ‘Training Sense Advanced Carp Training 30 230 au at 3 oa 33 3 35 38 a 77 on 8 8 “ 45 45 “Hidden Dagger of Tortoise Clan History . 1 Tradition ‘Training Senses ‘Advanced Tortoise Texining ‘The Artof Silence... ‘Mountain's Shadow Dojo History : Tradition. Training, Sensei. ‘Mountains Shadow Dojo Benefits Notable Students ist Strike Dojo. History Tradition Training Sense First trike Dojo Benefits Advanced Hicuma Texining Honor’ Sacrifice Dojo. History ‘Tradition ‘raining Sensei Honor’ Sacifice Dojo Benefits. ‘Notable Students...» ‘Advanced Ikoma Training [Enemies of the Ninja “Leaves ofthe Tree Dojo History ‘Tradition. Training. Sensei Leaves ofthe Tree Doo Benefits ‘Open Eye Dojo. History ‘Tradition ‘Training Sensei ‘Open Eye Dojo Benefits Notable Students ‘Advanced Kieuli Training The Kitsul Investigators “The Kitsuki Investigator School Other Groups ‘Magistrates “uruchi Bounty Hunters. The Shadow Hunter Equipment of the Ninja ‘New Atmor New Equipment... [New Weapons. ‘Weapons Table (420) ‘Armor Table (420) Equipment Table (420) [New Equipment Rules. ‘Weapon, Armor, Equipment ‘able (LSR) Shadow Warrior Secrets Skil. -.-ecscee Feats a News ofthe Empire Le Pi be Po lay WAY OF THE NMNTA Moonlight ell up the ancient tesa the Kata Wall, casting shad cows into the deep grooves weather and time had worn. Absolute Hacknes vested in the spaces where Hiruma archers and Kau siege ‘masters had stood only weeks befor, ready to ain death down. upon ‘advancing armies ofthe Shadowlands time and again ‘Men sll parle thes stones and stood pon this great Wall but they were no longer the guardians ofthe Empire. Wher the warriors of the Cab had sood for centuries now walked the Lost. Men and worn wh had been conruped by the oul Tint ofthe Shadowlands but mot made mad by its power Atleast not mad he usual sense they maintained will and intellect of their own, though the only lod hey hailed now was the Lord of the Shadowlends They sod es the Crab had soo before, but their ees looked diferent direction tothe north and the west. They guarded the Shadowlands from the Empire ‘These Lost were more disciplined than Shosuro Yudoka had ever seen uncorrupted men, They were samurai. Yudoka did not know what he found more frightening, the raving honds of Tinted beasts he faced im his youth, or this new Horde, ike the people of Rokeugan ye so undeniably smite... As the maja watched carefully from the darks i guardian of he Kai Wall hardly move, excepto march fromone pos to another. The aging Scorpion was almost urmered by the pres order ofthe Tinted army as they paved his hiding place om their pol ine and again ‘Almos. udoka had not meat 0 senda single evening the ands of he ‘Gb muh es the yst week He cared litle forthe Hida and their unending war withthe Shadowlands, except where it concerned his kimand clan. Now i did. For yeas he had dediated hs feo hunt ing the ast ofthe Goju end Ninube — fallen ninja who had eaped when the yng Dares was destroyed. Many ofthe hing that fll ‘beneath his spear had been creatures ofthe Tain who stood beside the ‘Goju and Ninube. The fallen ninja had found a new home inthe Shadowlands. Many of them now dwell tha fisted land ser ing the mysterious creature who now styled himself the Lord of the ‘Shadowlands. The faces that they had onc lot othe Darknes had bem returned by the power ofthe Shadow Drago, though ther eyes ‘row plamed with the power of igh ‘Shosuro Yudoka hal only heard "Daigosu" as an oath from the ‘Gj asthey died before his, ut ttl him the mane of the oe they ad come to serv. The fst of Dagosu pet ninja came for him the day after the Scnpion had thought he had destroyed the last ofthe ‘unions ofthe Lying Davknes In hs ignorance, the Shor ond had almos fod his death when the les came jor him The Goju had made @ greet error in filing to ill him. Now udoke wuld no st until the ls of hem were destaye. Buen old age could not halt hs vendetta. Every Goju would de, and whe his ded was done, he would allow death ake his hard end drag him into the blody is of the Realm of Slaughter. Yudoka smiled. 1 would be a ie wel ved fe with no regres. Al Scorpion dreamed of uh ie “Two shadows passed Yudoka, and he instinctively stopped his lreath. Even his heartbeat slowed; many Goju would be alerted by such a thunderous clatter. Anothey paral. Another two of the Lost who never saw him. Yudoka knew he was sil the hunted, but he was ‘hunter aswel, andthe prey he ad sought had ed his her ‘But why? rowing irl of wating, Yok stepped silently away from his tudng place. The top of the Kat Wall wa rounded on terse dy twentyfot bares, but there wer plenty of gaps for aches and siege engines to fire on those below. Yudoke slipped through one of those gaps now, climbing tothe outside surface of the Wall He clutched the ancient sone with the ion climbing claws that pro- traded from the ack of his gloves andthe tes of Bots He held his body horizontally along the stone, tuo hundred feet above the Shadowlands is aged muscles seresmed atthe abuse he nord ther. Before Yudka could mave farther slang the wall, he heard a Jamil "Congatlations, vada the woe ped in ise. *ou ‘have found me" Before Yu could ec soi Mow tk him nthe side. fl sn moments the unforgiving earth would crash him into past, He laced pose the aug ri of the Gah ad een uti. She Crouced atop the Wall nd smuled vitorouy Ydoka knew he as he knew them all "Nikita Yudke spe. Once a Shore nin, one of Yudoka comrades. Nisiko had experimented with the Darkness, hoping learn awa for er Shor thr fight agains. She ad Been corrupted by ts power, joining the ranks of Shadow. Now she ered Daigotsu as one ofthe Goju She had ot aged a day thay years she was ounger and stronger than Vado Bul Yudoka was prepare ‘oka stopped falling in mda with « snap thirty fet from where he had hg Nihik looked confied.Yudoka veld her ‘expression and threw te shurikan athe face. One cut he heck, the others mised as she ducked aay She was dstracted, and thst was enough. Without sound, hosur Yada van up the side of the Kau ll ‘Orso if would have sem to an observer, fad there ben any Mos would not have noticed how suf ado worked he bl of ears an levers hidden beneath is eae, winding he nash Invisible ead secured othe Kau Watchtower by a single dlp of adheswe. The belt was of Kavu desig; the unbneskabl head was a ‘minor Grane fetish; the adhesive, Dagon alchemy, The rst was Shosuvo ingenuity and eine of traning. The od ninja cat twheled though hin gap the Wall landing om it surface before ‘Shosuro Nishiko, With a flick of his wrist, along double-bladd spear ‘appeared in one hand, the unigue weapon Yudoha alle “Pincers and Tail ‘uke had always believed that preparation and talent, when propery applic, could appear to work miracles. When he sow the Tok offer Nikos he ew that was one eons hd nat sel leame “How? she asked ‘oka sau nothing, but ony emitted lng, ow hissing sound fron bein his mask. ‘Nishio glanced lft ond right, The guards were nowhere to be seen A second igure sleped from the shadows «wc younger ma in los Back thing and a srple back mask — ado sniile stzomplic, Bayh Ta He held a dagger fade in neha, posed to str. blackblod dipped from st fp Inatepting fo ambush Shosuro Yudoka, she had only revealed herself. “Master” Tai whispered king a tp forward ‘dak ony sok i ead. Tt was not ready for Nishio. Not Jel The younger ninja nodded and vanished once mor. rw il hi aed then Kil ll ou old man Nishio said with ase, drawing hermit with he very sped ofthe wind. ‘dol sid nating only shruging acceptance [Nishio lep athe ld mina sf seking opus him ve he edge of the Wall. Wit practiced motion, Yoke spun hs pear He Iroght it over his headin a wie a, sappng Nii weapon in Falfand stabbing at her withthe oposite md, Nishiko granted asthe crystal edge cut her wrist, lu surly drew a lng dagger from her sleeve, Now inside the reach of Yudokas weapon, she slashed at his that, ‘doka exhaled sharply and a cloud of lng white mis exploded from the grated mouth of his mask. Nishiko screamed and flipped backwards, barely avoiding another bow from udokas lade asthe poison Blinded her: She turmed end landed imbly on her fet, rub- bing her eyes with one hand and holding her hfe defensively with the other “The Kuni make ine ea from lotus and powered jade? Yadok said hs mouth now empty. In recent yar, they have devied a brew sing crystal aswell It seems you Goju have n taste fri” Yudokea spur his staff ina slow whirl and advanced on te fallen shadow ninja [Nishiko took several steps backwards, staggering agains the far edge ofthe wall still half-blind from the ersal. "A Shosuro never abandons target she sat her ooze heavy with disgust. "Suey you remember that from our training” Lights moved further down the Wall “They have sen you, Yudoka. think i time for you torn, unless you thine hat the chil can ll an entre ptrlof Digosus “Our busines willbe finshed before they arrive? doka replied «ally batting an obsidian-tipped crow from the ai asif it were an sect [ishiko’ eyes narrowed. Without hesitation, she tok two quick steps toward Yudoka, and he crouched into a defensive position Instead of attacking, she made a great leap over him. Her strength was aided bythe power of the Goju, and she landed far behind him, ‘on the thin ridge top the wall With a smirk, Nishiko turned and ran from the Shosur toward one ofthe large watchtower "dole curse. Taking several tps back, he van toward the wall Planting his staf firmly, he leapt into the it. His foo found purchase on an uneven bic ten fot above the ground, nearly invisible in the darkens. second jump aa is ingrs found purchase onthe top of the bermer An instant ater, and Yudoka was running along the ot wide pth atthe very height ofthe Kain Wall as wel, holding hisstaff horizontally for balence. She had gained a ew moments with her prodigious leap, but that was all ‘rom below the Los fired their arrows at Yudoka. He ignored ‘ther most missed. Some struck his thick la, lodging harmlessly in the straw beneath the sil Yudoks heard the ster of broken glass ‘cow and sew cloud of smoke rll ver he archers Ti. The boy had ‘asked much im moving slot doren armed Lot Yudoks hoped Ihe would escape safely, and continued chasing Nishio. The two ‘vaulted the gops in the Wall wanda tower where even more arhers waited. ‘udoks frowned beneath his porcelain mask. She was definitely nt aking this easy ‘ishiko leapt again, landing on the side ofthe watchtower like a ‘fy, and began to scale the wal. Yudoke paused atthe base, spinning Tis stafto defect the fist barrage of rows. Snatch an egg-shaped svenade frm the depths of his la, he hurled st over the tp ofthe tower The ads wath shouted asthe smoke obwcured ther aim, Yudoka did not waste « moment, climbing the wall with ony his fet and one hand, holding his spear ready n the other. He noted the nearest ancher ashe climbed. Leaping over the side ofthe tower, he snatched the collar ofthat man’s armor with is claws dragging hine into the path of Nihiko's dagger. The Lost screamed as his blood spurted on th gray some. Yudoka spun his pear with afcrce cry, ‘opening the tomas ofthe remaining fur archers before they el ‘aed he was thee, Te smoke from the nagtepp cleared, revealing Nishiko standing opposite him, breathing heavily and scouling as she faced ham with her bloody tanto vad Glancing bak, he send to realize that she now stood with her back tothe Shadowlands, To return to the Lower wal she would have to go through Yadok, “well” Yudoka sid ishiko looked ove the edges the surface Below was ost im mis sping” Yadoka sid ashe advanced, is useless ‘No Nishik countered, taking a slow step back that one of her fet dangled ove the stone. "Oly forthe weak” Nishio fell backward, vanishing info the mist without so much ‘Yudoka ran to where the Tated ninja had stood a moment befor, and looked down ovr the deo the Wal. He saw nothing. The hunt would continue Shouts and another volley of arrous sailing through the ar returned Yadoka’ attention tothe situation at had, He was commered Kai Wall ontoled by an organized army of Shadowlande sal ders. Ta was alone below, or perhaps dead. Fortunately; he ill had a ew tricks ft. Yudoka leapt into the might sky, plummeting into the mis TUNTA FAMILIES The momentous events of history have allowed Seen ere rere net asin eg the cracks into total obscurity. Although they lack the power and influence of the major ninja factions, these Small groups typically excel at their chosen special ae eens has a listing of schools. These are nearest to the ninja operations, and those whom they have infiltrated to Although these ninja possess no nics of their own beyond their family benefit, they can attend these schools under assumed identities, many of which require years or decades of oes Peers iar WHAT _IS_A TUNTAP “Theve ae too many shadows to hide i, too many faces to imitate (Only the paranoid ave truly safe” ~ YogoTjeki, sensei ofthe Hidden Moon Dojo ‘The term “ninja evokes the image ofa black-clad person leap- ing aeross ooltops klling fom the shadows, and performing stealthy and dishonorable acts. This estimation is to some degree corec, though incomplete. Many men and women serve ther daimyo with at of stealth though they would be {ngulted tobe labeled “ninja” For the purposes of understand {ng mach ofthe material in this book, a separation ofthe ninja character clas and the term "naj i necessary. Nt all who are “ninj' call themselves by that name. “The word “nije in Rokugani folklore usually refers to hon- erless men who command supernatural powers through dark pacts They are base ssasins who have no regard for honor at ‘morality and serve wicked masters for mysterious ends. A ninja thrives on murder, andi lower in most people estima tion than even eta. Teall someone ain isto all hem all ofthe above, so tis no wonder that even those who practice stealthand sabotage disdain the tile. The connotations within Rokcugan society ae dreadful ‘The ‘ninjs' of popular Rokugani legend do not forthe most part, exist. Ironically, much ofthe myth and legend surround- ing ninja was created by the ninja themselves to make them- selves more impressive. A baby-eating demon worshiper i fr more fearsome a foe than a martial artist in black pajamas; ‘most would rather fle than face such an opponent. Fear ofthe uunkenown made the ninja job easier, As the legends of ninja grew, they spread even tothe ears of| the bizarre entity known, among other names, asthe Lying Darkness. When the Darkness rose to power, it granted its ‘pawns abilities that reflected those described in the legends of demon-ninja, These creatures still exist today (though the Darkness itself has been banished from Rokeugan) and ate as ‘much an enemy to true ninja clans as they are ro the test of Rokugan, True ninja come in many forms. A Daidoji harrier would be quite surprised how similar his training, methods, and duties are to those of a Shosuro assassin. Hiruma scouts constantly prowl the depths ofthe Shadowlands unseen, striking a their targets from the shadows. These, as well as others who rely upon stealth, can be grouped by the loose definition “ninja” Just dont ler the Daidoji hear you call them that. sl PLAYING A NINTA "Ninja? There are no mina among the Scorpion. Lama samurai, ke yours 1 carry te swords forged by my gret-grandfather. was the Finest swordsman at Honors Lesson Dojo, and finished second atthe ‘Topaz Championship. No al legends ae tru, my friend. More te, Aehito-sen?™ — Bayusbi Paneki, in conversation with Shinjo Akahi ‘wo hours before the laters death via hear att Despite the extensive measures most ninja take to conceal their existence, a surprising numberof ninja player characters attempt to survive openly as ninja — assassins, saboteurs, liars, and thieves who make lite pretense about being any- thing other chan what they are. Ofcourse, this raises the ques- tlon: why i tis sore of character ina party? If the characters area band of reprehensible villains, the question is moot, but chances are your party is not. “The presence of ninja within a party can stretch the bound- aries of plausibility. Honorable characters may find them selves acting wildly out of character, tolerating the ninja for the sake of party unity. This is a terrible option for all con- cerned, and can be avoided with a bit of forethought by both player and GM (while providing a nice bit of back story for your ninja character atthe same time), Keep in mind that just because the other players know that you have “ninja written on your char acter sheet doesnit mean that their characters now: With 2 group of mature players and abit of ‘caution, you should be able to avoid most prob- lems ‘Most common among ninja who travel in groups s the spy. On the surface, the charac- ter is an emissary of his lord just like the rest ofthe characters, willing to contribute ‘what he can to the group to ensure sue. ‘ess. Beyond that, e isa clever and help- ful soul with an uncanny knack for disap- pearing unpredictably, turning up later with information the more honorable party members never uncover on their ‘own. Taking the common example ‘of party of Emerald Magistrates: ninja in such a party might pose ‘asa yoriki (magistrate assistant) slipping off on his own to do work that the magistrate ‘cannot be bothered to do, and spying on the party's enemies while doing so It's not uncommon for powerful daimyo to secure such social post tions for their under- lings, even the ninja, Other times, the ninja isa special yojimbo, protecting his charge from threats that a simple bushi could never see or handle, Such a ninja is teained in his art because his lord understands a basic truth — the best way to guard against ninja is with ninja, The yofimbo ninja can also serve in a way 2 bushi could not by preemptively assassinating porential threats, In extreme situations, perhaps the ninja has been assigned toassassinate a member ofthe party, orto frame the party for another target’ death. This can be an interesting arangement fora one-off game, but hardly the best idea for a ninja in 2 long-term campaign. In any case, the ninja must exert ‘extreme cate that his true profession is never revealed in the ‘execution of his duties. This is even more of a problem when traveling in a party, as he will be under the constant (if unin tentional scrutiny ofthe other party members. HISTORY OF THE NINTA ‘The legend of the ninja, a shadow warrior who strikes from darkness to cause instant, painful death, is almost as old asthe Empire itself. In the aftermath of the war with Fu Leng, the peasantry was particularly fearful that che hideous monstrosi- ties of the Shadowlands would rerurn. They cowered in their homes at night, unsuce if the samurai ofthe Empire could pro- tect them from the unknown rhreats chat filled the night. Although in time the presence of the Great Clans calmed the feats of the heimin, iis during this time that many legends and myths thatthe peasants have believed for centuries first ‘came into being, The frst years of Rokugan is when the lower classes came to fear the shadows ‘In eth, there was reason to fear the darkness. Ninja have existed almost as long asthe Empite iselé They have remained largely unseen, hidden from the enemies that surround them. They have deliberately spread the rumors that ninja are masters of foul magic and demonic practices. In this way, they have ensured that they are feared by all who encounter them, It makes theic duties far simpler THE DAWN OF THE RINTA ‘he first ninja came into existence atthe behest of strange pateon: the first Hantei, During the War Against Fu Leng, the Hantei recognized that it would be difficul to maintain a ‘working knowledge of the clans activities, yet knew that it ‘was essential that he do just that ithe were to rule successfully ‘To this end, he gave his brother Bayushi a single order: Watch," Bayushi did so gladly, creating a sect of his own Scor pion Cian devoted solely to the covert observation of the other clans The Hantei never asked forthe details of Bayushis ‘operations, for it was quite clear that sometimes these infor- ‘mants had to ower themselves to less than honorable tactics toaccomplish theic missions, During the difficult times of the ‘War Against Fu Leng, only results were important ieee TUNTA FAMILY Deer eeenst rs: Cgc the Hateru are second en ns orpion Clan in the length and depth of their opera: tions, When the Lion claimed the Ki-Rin lands from the remnants of that clan, the Hater migrated north to the outskirts of the Dragon holdings, where they n to masquerade as Lateru is that they have sticessfully infiltrated the Kitsuki family, some of the greatest adversaries of other ninja throughout Sree peer e nee ts reine edwith the school since the days of Agasha his family to gather intelli gence from across Rokugan. pee een tion isthe same as the Kitstki ord pemterenre ate Schools: Kitsuki Magistrate, Mirumoto Bushi Even after the War ended, Bayushi’s ninja continued to serve the Emperor’ interests, As time progressed, the ninja began not only gathering information, but also preventing undesir- able situations from arising in the first place. They became ‘more proactive, interfering in the events that they were cre- ated t0 observe. During the eign of Hantei X, events came 10 ‘head. The Oromo family, jealous of the Bayushis influence, ‘saw toi that rumors ofthe ninjas corrupt and dishonorable deeds reached the eats ofthe Emperor Incensed atthe notion of atrocities committed in his name, the Hantei called the daimyo of the Scorpion, Bayushi Hajioki, before him. He commanded the Champion to bring the ninja ofthe Scorpion before the Emerald Champion for questioning. Hajiokis own brother, Bayushi Aramoro, came forward with many of his followers. All were found guilty of practicing corrupted magic, and were executed. The Hantei considered the matter concluded ‘Of course, only a fraction of the Scorpions ninja network hhad come forward. The rest simply went into hiding. They divorced themselves from the Scorpion Clan utterly 50 a8 t0 avoid incriminating their brothers by their actions. These rogue ninja splintered into a dozen different secret organize tions, joined the Kolat,or formed bandit groups In the mean- time, the Scorpion have quietly rebuilt their ninja orders. Afterall, the Hantei never rescinded his original command — the Scorpion must continue to “watch,” | fe ee Ge eet metre ere) formidable magic, is not known for military might. Centuries ago, a formidable warrior named Shiba Sesai served asa yojimbo to the Elemental Masters. In his travels, he realized that the Isawa, whom the Shiba had sworn to protect, were at constant risk from tho jealous of their power. Should anything befall the = Isawa, the Shiba would be defenseless aj superior military might of th other Great Clans. er ee en eee eee | nieces to protect the Isawa a all costs, even at the cost of the Shiba's honor. In the years since, his dese: dants have established a tradition of serving the Isawa by preemprively eliminating threats ta theit power, The Council of Masters and the Shiba daimyo have no Knowledge of the Sesai or their activitie Cree Move Silently; other family information isthe same as the Shiba, ed Benefit: +1 Ag Site ec css ernc boty Some renegade ninja came to follow one of Aramoralscom- rades, a ninja known a5 Goju. Goju was a troubled soul, ong. plagued by terrible dreams in wich the entie world was con: sumed by shadow. Though he did not realize it atthe time, these dreams were in fact the seductive touch of the Lying Darkness, an entity which saw much potential in the fledgling ninja cults and wished to convert them to its own service Aver being cast out of the Scorpion, Goju succumbed to the power offered by the Darkness, becoming the first of ts min- fons. In time, Goju came to have difficulty differentiating himself from the Shadow The two were one; both had always existed, and always would exist ‘Another of the first organizations that followed the prac tices peasants ascribed to ninja was, oddly enough, a tiny subset ofthe peaceful Ide family: When Shinjo led the Ki-Rin out of Rokugan, she left a small number of her followers behind to oversee their lands. Ide, a wise and gentle man, had a falling out with some ofthe lenders of the band Shinjo left behind, however, and was leery of what might rake place while the K-Rin were abroad, Alter the Ki-Rin left Rokugan, Ide sent a small number of his followers back to the Empire and ordered them to remain hidden and gather information ‘on the other clans so that when Shinjo’ people returned, they ‘would knovrall that had happened in their absence, The followers of Ide did as they were instructed and remained hidden from the Empire at large, even from their kkinsmen who eventually became the Fox Clan. Infact, while the Unicorn historians have been able to establish chat the sect was active inthe Ki-Rin provinces for some time after the clans departure, there is no trace of cheit existence after the Lion took those same provinces as their own. Ifthe group sil exists, then their current location, operation, and agenda are unknown, Although these groups were the frst ofthe ninja, they were by no means the only ones. Virtually every clan and family embraced the use of stealth and deception as time progressed, though few could rival the proficiency and success of those who came before them. In time, the widely-