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Pattern Before Present Interpretation Analysis

1. Health Perception- Patient’s mother does not Patient’s mother considered Patient cannot function Pneumonia is an
Health Management want any consultations or her daughter a healthy normally like before abnormal inflammatory
even go for check-ups person though she was because of her condition of the lung.[1] It
because she thinks that her diagnosed “pneumonia”. confinement and her is often characterized as
baby is healthy and there She is expecting to recover hospital condition. Her including inflammation of
is nothing wrong with her. from her baby’s present body image changed due the parenchyma of the lung
condition with the help of to the present condition. (that is, the alveoli) and
the health care providers abnormal alveolar filling
attending to his needs. All with fluid (consolidation
of the medications and exudation).
prescribed to patient are
2.Nutritional- Patient’s life before her During hospitalization, the Patient nutritional and An individual’s health
Metabolic pre confinement stage was patient in on Diet As metabolic status has been status greatly affects eating
Management normal; she can do Tolerated. She eats fruits changed due to his habits and nutritional
whatever she wants. She like apples and oranges. confinement and his status (Fundamentals of
eats fruits like apples and She also eat bread instead medical health condition. Nursing by Kozier p.
bananas, most of the time. of rice. The mother said she His pre-confinement status 1178) The patient was
She drinks milk 5-8 bottles loss her appetite due to is totally affected. brought to the hospital
a day. uncomfortable feeling. because of cough and
3.Elimination Pattern Bowel Bowel Bowel
Patient defecates two Patient defecates once a There was a change in the
times a day without day but not everyday. Stool frequency, consistency and
experiencing discomforts, is soft, is minimal in amount of stool.
usually morning and amount and is brown in
afternoon. Stool is brown color.
in color and is well-

Bladder Bladder There was a change in the
Patient voids usually 6-8 Patient voids 3-4 times a frequency, and amount
times a day. Urine is day without pain and
yellow in color. No pain discomfort.
when voiding.
4. Activity, Leisure In the morning, Patient Patient activities in the During Patient
and Recreation daily activities include hospitals are nebulizing. confinement in the
Pattern playing with her mother. hospital, there is limitation
in his activities of daily
living and a disruption in
his leisure and recreation
5. Sleep and Rest Patient’s mother puts her Patient’s mother Patient’s sleep and rest “Illness that causes pain or
Pattern baby to sleep giving her complained difficulty of pattern was changed due physical distress can result
bottle of milk and singing sleeping of the patient due to Pneumonia. Presence of in sleep problems. People
some lullabies. The patient to the cough and cough and sputum who are ill require more
does not have usual time unfamiliarization to the contributes a big factor for sleep than normal and the
for sleep. She sleeps for a environment. She doesn’t disturbances of sleep. normal rhythm and
long period of time. feel rested and comfortable. wakefulness is often
disturbed.” (Fundamentals
of Nursing, 7th ed by
Barbara Kozier, et al, p.
1117). There is disruption
of the sleep-wake cycle
because of the patient’s

6. Self-Perception- Patient is playful; she Patient’s mother considered “Events or situations may
Self-Concept Pattern loves being played by her her baby as a holistic change the level of self
parents and the people person. concept over time. Illness
around her. and trauma can also affect
the self-concept.”
(Fundamentals of Nursing
7th ed by Barbara Kozier
p.959 & 962)
7. Coping and Stress When she is anxious The recent hospitalization Due to her condition the According to Folkman and
Tolerance patient wants her mother was not a traumatic patient always want her Lazaruz, coping is “the
to carry her. And wants to experience for the patient. mom beside her. cognitive and behavioral
have a bottled of milk. Though there might be effort to manage specific
changes in the external and/or internal
environment, the people demands that are appraised
around her don’t make her as taxing or exceeding the
feel she’s away from home. resources of the
person”(Fundamentals Of
Nursing by Kozier P.