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Management System

Ver 1.2




Date: 05-Mar-2014

Help Doc Ver 1.2

Time sheet management system (TSMS) is the standardized system for all HCL to capture the time spent
in various activities (from the standardized list of activities) and is mandatory for all third party
Features of the TSMS made available for TP contractors is given as below

Third-party contractors will have to fill the total number of hours in TSMS under the appropriate
All the details filled needs to approve by Reporting Manager (RM); they can approve/ refer back
the hours submitted by TP contractor.
In case of Non Compliance, reminder will be sent to TP with a copy to Reporting Manager (RM).
Missing approval mailer will be sent to the approver once in a day for all the approvals pending.

Dos and Donts:

Do ensure that you are mapped to your project in TSMS.

Do Fill TSMS regularly, preferably every day and under Project activities.
Do ensure it is approved by your RM by the end of the month.
Do not ignore the Non Compliance mailers.
If you are mapped to a project, Do not fill Time under Organization Activities

Process Flow

Resource Assignation

PM to assign resources to the project code from Resource Assignation System (RAS)

Task Selection
Resource assigned can select the tasks that are required under the project

Update Efforts
Assigned resources can start filling timesheet against the respective tasks in the project

Bill Efforts
RM to monitor compliance of TSMS efforts updated
RM can utilize Approve Efforts option to monitor compliance

Help Doc Ver 1.2

How to enter Time in Time Sheet Management System (TSMS)
1. Login to Myhcl (url www.myhcl.com) with the user name, password and domain details
available with you. In case you do not have any of the details please see Section A
2. In Case you have a Page that Show TARMAC declaration, Please see section B
3. Once you login, follow this path - My transactions - CommonMy Time sheet (TSMS) or search
with Keyword as TSMS in the Search Tab.

4. Click on My time sheet on the landing page of TSMS and check in using the pop up. In case the
area is grayed out for you to fill in Time, Please see Section C
5. Click on Select phase and activities and choose activities from project assigned and Save &
Proceed to time entry

Help Doc Ver 1.2

6. Fill time entry and submit for approval for manager to approve.

7. Click on Project Assignation Details to check the PMs mapped to the projects and allocation
percentage of that project.
8. Please enable popup in you system to receive all the notifications in case project is not assigned.
9. Status of time entry approval/ pending approval/ Refer back can be downloaded through
TSMSReport--Time sheet data report.

Help Doc Ver 1.2

Section A
User Name Not Available: Write a mail to gsditsupport@hcl.com with the following details Name | SAP
ID | Alternate Email id
Password Not Available: Write a mail to gsditsupport@hcl.com with the following details Name | SAP ID
| Alternate Email id | User Name
Domain Not Available: Write a mail to gsditsupport@hcl.com with the following details Name | SAP ID |
Alternate Email id | User Name
Any other Login error: Write a mail to gsditsupport@hcl.com with the screen shot of the error

Section B
In case of TARMAC error, you need to fill in the details as below
Desktop/Laptop allocated by HCL Please fill in the details by selecting HCL under the section
Software compliance managed by and use Software compliance help for any help

Desktop/Laptop allocated by Client Please fill in the details by selecting Client under the section
Software compliance managed by and selects the client from the drop down and submit

Help Doc Ver 1.2

Once submitted, please click on Myhcl link on top bar to reach to Home page
Section C
a. Log in to PM Smart and Navigate to My Work->Timesheet->Current Week.
b. Select the project name in the filter and fill timesheet for assigned activities.
c. After filling the timesheet click on Save and then route button.

POCs to reach when facing issues

a. Myhcl Login gsditsupport@hcl.com and Escalation - Amit Kumar Jain - <amit.jain@hcl.com>;
Sanjay Jani <sanjayjani@hcl.com>

For India based contractors

HCL Tech/HCL ISD Users can call IT Service Desk 24 x 7 on below numbers
India Toll Free

Other Contact Numbers*


+91 (120) 677-9450, +91 (120) 409-8023

24X7 IT Service Desk

(Dial from India only)
*Other Contact Numbers are not Toll Free

For contractors based in Geographies other than India

GEO/AXON User can call IT Global Service Desk 24 x 7 on below numbers
Australia (Melbourne)

Toll Free Number

Toll Number

Office Extension

1800 196 606

+61 2 8081 5878




+1 408 328 7500

7500 (HCL)

+1 201 680 7028

7028 (Exchange Place)

Help Doc Ver 1.2

China (North)

10800 714 1650

China (South)

10800 140 1636

Hong Kong

0800 180 3994








+91 120 468 3150


005 3116 1164




1800 815 549

+ 603 8991 8080


New Zealand

0800 452 360






800 101 2521

South Africa

0800 983 819

United Kingdom

0800 016 3820



+44 (0) 1784 480846


b. TSMS Technical errors

Same as above and Escalation - Anjali.Manocha@hcl.com ;
c. Finance Payment process Finance POC you have been in touch with
d. PM Smart errors PMO of the project
e. Any escalation regarding the above Swetha V (swetha.v@hcl.com)

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