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SUN The Sun is our sense of self and charts the level of our self-manifestation. The Sun is unity, the prime factor from which all the other planets proceed. It is the origin, the reservoir and the foundation. The Sun represents the father, self and ego among other things. It is the light of the rational mind, honor and status. The Sun shows the kinds of authority, which gives shape to our lives. It is our Sun that helps us outshine others and make a place of our own in society.

A well-placed and powerful Sun gives us strength of will, Perception and

intelligence. It gives us confidence, leadership and the will and strength to achieve our potential, which finally guide us towards our goal.


weak Sun or afflicted Sun makes us indecisive, lack of self esteem and low


vitality. It creates lack of endurance, fear, dependency and Dishonesty. Life

becomes dark and melancholy without any guiding pilot lamp.

SATURN Saturn is the power of darkness and obstruction. It is considered as the great malefic among major planets. It is the planet of darkness and death. Saturn depicts and signifies our limitations and obstructions. It constantly tries to drill into us the futility of momentary happiness generated by the outer world or Maya (illusion). It is often referred as the planet of detachment and renunciation. It is the planet of contraction. It is also the significator of disease, old age and death. Saturn is definitely the check post of our life history where all good deeds and the opposite are accounted for.

A well-placed and powerful Saturn gives self-preservation and a strong survival

instinct. A person blessed with wealth holds his money and may be known as a miser. The same planet when in control of profession and career can make the native very powerful and generally feared. A strong Saturn can make the person

a dangerous opponent, difficult to defeat.

A weak Saturn may cause a life of poverty, lack of self preservation and an

extravagant person. A badly placed Saturn may cause disease with our hearing or

vision. There may be constant hindrance to self- expression and hence delay self- manifestation as well.


YOUR BIRTH CHART: EXPLANATION OF BIRTH CHART: Your Ascendant or Rising Sign as per your natal


Your Ascendant or Rising Sign as per your natal horoscope is Pisces at 23 degrees and 18 minutes approximately.

Your Sun sign as per your Vedic natal horoscope is Cancer at 11 degree 56 minutes. This will correspond to Western zodiac sign Leo.

Your Moon sign as per your Vedic natal horoscope is Sagittarius at 18:00:39 (Degree: Minute: Seconds).


Your Birth Nakshatra (Star) is ‘P. Shad.’ 2 phase, which is the star cluster, number 20 in the 27 star clusters comprising the entire zodiac sign.

Your Sun:

In your natal chart, Sun is the lord of 6 th house and is situated in 5 th house in zodiac sign Cancer. It is however debilitated in the Navamsha chart. This position of Sun is favourable for providing good academic background as well as victory over the opponent or competitors. However, mediocre level strength of Sun would give you mediocre results in its related areas. As Sun is debilitated in

Navamsha chart, so it is responsible for creating ups and downs in effect for enjoying parental bliss in life. At the same time, you may suffer from the ailments of eyes and heart, as Sun is the lord of house of disease. Therefore, the planet Sun is in mixed role for enjoying support in relationship front with family as well as with superiors.

Your Saturn:

In your natal chart, Saturn is the lord of house of income as well as the lord of house of expenditure. It is also situated in the 5 house in Cancer sign. The above said position of Saturn is signifying the fact that it is a supportive planet for you and it will strengthen your financial status. Since Saturn is the lord of both the houses i.e. house of income as well as expenditure, so it would make balance in your income and expenditure. At the same time, Saturn would also help you to acquire education in foreign country. This is because it is placed in the house of education. However, the position of Saturn in the house of children could create some hurdles or delay in gaining progeny bliss. It would also give some health problem related to kidney or urinary infection etc.

Relation between Sun and Saturn in your Birth Chart:


In your birth chart, Sun and Saturn both are placed in the 5 th house in Cancer sign. The relationship of conjunction is formed between the two planets, which is a favorable astrological relation of the two planets. Therefore, whenever the relation will be formed between Sun and Saturn in Dashachakra (the sequence of main periods/sub periods of planets) or in transit, it will be a favorable period for you. It is analyzed that your financial status would get enhanced. In addition, you may also gain good progress and success in foreign land. However, this relationship is not very supportive with respect to your relations with parents. You should always try to maintain a co-operative relationship with them. You were under the influence of the sub period of Saturn in the main period of Sun during the period from June 1993 to May 1994. This period was very supportive for gaining progress and success in academic field. It was also tentative phase for your foreign journey along with financial prosperity of the family. However, in relationship front, the relation with father might have been affected and you might have also faced some health related problems. Even then, the position of planets Sun and Saturn in your horoscope is very favorable for your financial prosperity.

Transit Connection between Sun and Saturn:

In present time, you are under the influence of Shani Dhaiya (2½ years cycle of Saturn) from September 2004 to July 2007. In the Ashtakavarga, Saturn has scored mediocre level strength. The above time span can be considered as a challenging phase to some extent for your financial prosperity, professional life and for family life. This period has been responsible for creating a hectic situation for you. You have to apply much effort in performing daily routine works and responsibilities. However, on 15 th July, Saturn will enter in the sign

Leo. From 16 th August 2007 to 17 th September 2007, a conjunction is being formed between Sun and Saturn. This conjunction can be said to be supportive for you. Your productivity would increase and it may also help in gaining progeny bliss. That period would also be supportive for conception of child. Therefore, you must try to take advantage of the above said conjunction period.

Transit Connection of Saturn with natal Sun:

In your natal chart, Saturn is placed in Cancer sign and Sun makes a transit connection with natal Saturn during the time frame from 16 th July to 16 th August every year. This time period will be effective for providing important changes in your career, financial status and relationship front. Therefore, during the above- mentioned time span, you should try to incorporate all the major career decision or changes every year. Sun is also placed in Cancer sign, where Saturn usually makes a transit connection with natal Sun after the gap of 27 years.

At present, Saturn is transiting through Cancer sign from September 2004 to July 2007. This time frame is effective to provide some major change in your career as well as in your life. The possibility of change in place of living or an important turn in life cannot be ruled out. This period may give a temporary break in professional life or there may be complete change of profession. However, change in any form would be better indication for your future professional life. The analysis indicates that you might have experienced a significant turn in your career front during the period under consideration.

Astrological Remedy:

In your horoscope, the role of Sun is not very favorable in comparison to the role of Saturn. You are recommended to wear Numeric Suyra Yantra for Sun as earliest as possible. This remedy will be supportive for enjoying high order of parental bliss and financial prosperity in life.

In order to derive maximum support from Saturn, you should wear a gemstone Blue Sapphire of 3 to 5 carats in size, mounted on a gold/white gold ring and worn on the middle finger of the left hand. This gem should put first on a Saturday morning, preferably when the Moon is waxing. This gem will be quite beneficial for you in getting overall happiness in life.

In order to know more about the remedies given above, please follow the links provided below:

Blue Sapphire: http://www.cyberastro.com/mystic/gemstore/astrologygembluesapphire.asp

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