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book 78

Playback (Pictures)
1: Although the Camcorder is correctly connected
to a TV, playback images cannot be seen.
The playback images are vertical.
Have you selected video input on the TV?
Please read the operating instructions of your
TV and select the channel that matches the
input terminals used for the connection.
Is the [TV ASPECT] setting correct? Change
the setting to match the aspect ratio of the TV.
[SETUP] >> [TV ASPECT] >> [16:9] or [4:3].
2: Mosaic-pattern noise appears on images
during cue or review playback.
This phenomenon is characteristic of digital
video systems. It is not a malfunction.
3: Horizontal stripes appear on images during
cue and review playback.
Horizontal stripes may appear depending on
the scene, but this is not a malfunction.
4: Playback picture is not clear.
Are the heads of the Camcorder dirty? If the
heads are dirty, playback image cannot be
clear. Clean the heads by using the head
cleaner for digital video (optional). (-80-)
If the terminal for the Multi cable is soiled,
noises may appear on the screen. Wipe the soil
off the terminal with a soft cloth, and then
connect the cable to the A/V terminal.
Is a picture containing a copyright protection
signal (copy guard) being recorded? When a
protected picture is played back by the
Camcorder, mosaic-like patterns appear on the
1: Recorded pictures are not clear.
Have you set [BASIC] >> [PICT.QUALITY] >>
]? If recording is done with it set to [
pictures with fine details may include a
mosaic-like pattern. Set [PICT.QUALITY] >>
]. (-34-)
2: A file recorded on a card cannot be deleted.
Is the file locked? Locked files cannot be
deleted. (-52-)
For the SD Memory Card, if its write protect
switch is set to [LOCK], then deletion is
disabled. (-22-)
3: Photoshot playback images do not look
The picture may be damaged. In order to
prevent the loss of image data, backing up on a
a personal computer is recommended.


4: Even if a card is formatted, it cannot be

Either the Camcorder or the card may be
damaged. Please consult a dealer. Use an SD
Memory Card from 8 MB to 2 GB with this unit.
5: During playback, [UNPLAYABLE CARD] is
The image was either recorded in a different
format, or data is damaged.
1: The indication disappears, the screen is
frozen, or no operation can be performed.
Turn off the power to the Camcorder. If the
power cannot be turned off, press the [RESET]
button, or detach the battery or AC adaptor and
then reattach it. After that, turn on the power
again. If normal operation is still not restored,
detach the power connected, and consult the
dealer who you purchased the Camcorder
2: PUSH THE RESET SWITCH is displayed.
An irregularity in the Camcorder has been
automatically detected. Remove the cassette
or the card for data protection and then press
the [RESET] button with the boss A. The
Camcorder will be activated.


If you do not press the [RESET] button, the
power to the Camcorder is turned off
automatically about 1 minute later.
Even after you press the [RESET] button, the
indication may still appear repeatedly. If so, the
Camcorder needs repair. Detach the power
connected, and consult the dealer who you
purchased the Camcorder from. Do not attempt
to repair the unit by yourself.
3: Even if connected by the USB cable, the
Camcorder is not recognized by the PC.
Is the USB driver installed?
4: When the USB cable is disconnected, an
error message will appear on PC.
To disconnect the USB cable safely, doubleclick the [ ] icon in the task tray and follow the
instructions on the screen.