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has Been Developed By Dr.Siddareddy Eswara Reddy Professor of

Horticulture with the assistance of

Dr.T.Subbarami Reddy, Member of Parliament.


The Australia Post came with a postal stamp depicting the innovation
along side of Royal Exhibition Building, Australia .

The Pedal operated coconut de husker is a simple device that efficiently and conveniently de
husks coconuts to get rid off labour problems and also to enhance the productivity. This machine
is extremely beneficial for coconut traders and house holds.
Anybody involved in growing and selling coconuts would vouchsafe for the fact that de husking
them is certainly one of the more tedious part of the job felt that too. Problems usually faced by
coconut de huskers are:
1) It became increasingly difficult to get people to de husk nuts
2) Injuries sustained by de huskers to their hands and other parts of their body were very
3) It is more time consuming
4) Productivity gets affected.
Origin of Idea
While involved with the State plan project on Coconut in srikakulam Dist as a Senior Scientist
(Horticulture) ,I felt that there must be some way of making coconut de husking less time and
labour consuming. This search for a solution became a passion for me. I would spend all my
leisure time thinking about probable designs and mechanisms. I used to go to the weekly markets
near Visakhapatnam where the villagers come to sell their coconuts. I began to make frequent
trips as I started spending more time there to pursue my ideas.
With the same tenacity that I often showed while playing computer games, continued to focus on
my ideas of devising a pedal operated coconut-de husking machine. Over the last 6 years,
between 2007 2012, I have good experience in all aspects of de husking coconut.
I devoted eight months to the problem of developing a pedal operated de husker.
Developing the Innovation
Initially I developed a model during 2007,where one blade would be inserted inside the husk of
the nut and the other blade would help in the process of peeling. Dr.T.Subbarami

Reddy, Member of Parliament evinced a keen interest and offered some suggestions
to improve it as the entire process was time consuming and I switched to a two-blade model.
Efficiency increased and I decided to standardize this model I got fitted the cylindrical metal
rod with two sharp blades at the tip of the rod. The blades were of an inch long and placed one
inch apart at the bottom. The open and close mechanism of the blades would husk the coconuts
easily. A lever was attached to the foot pedal to operate the machine with foot.


The Product
A low price, low operational and low maintenance cost offering for coconut traders, coconut
shop owners using coconut as their raw material and house holds to obtain the finished coconut
based products i.e. to all those who de husk the coconuts in a large amount mostly in the
Southern region and other parts of India. This product will be a great help to de huskers who
have been seeking better options then the conventional manual ways for de husking coconuts.
This will increase efficiency and productivity. Risk factor and health problems as injuries in
hands and other parts of the body are minimized. This product is easy to use and effort required
as compared to the conventional manual way of de husking is very less.
Features and Benefits
Fast and efficient De husks approximately 120-140 nuts per hour. At 8 hr per day
operation, production of 960 to 1120 nuts per day per unit is feasible.
Duration of operation - 24-hr/day Operation providing full production with minimal

Portable - Great for use in indoor or field.

Safe and reliable.
Robust Construction
Low Maintenance - daily oil the levers Blade sharpening is not necessary - they should
last for years.
Easy and efficient - Easy to Operate
Reduces Bodily Harm - Compared to the old manual methods, the unit eliminates
repetitive strain, gnarled hands, not to mention cuts from machetes and spikes.
Reduces Down Time - All of the above adds up to greatly reduced downtime.
Women Employment This innovation can provide opportunity for the women
employment as they can work in the coconut industries.
Coconuts are grown in other parts of the world but the maximum growth from countries other
than India are from Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand
Hence, if marketed properly, this product can gain considerable ground in the foreign market.
Internal strengths
- Its a new and unique invention in its own field.
- It has very low operating cost.
-It is a very low cost machine
- It requires minimal of maintenance.
- Doesnt require any sort of repairing for a long period.
- Saves effort & time.
- High productivity.
- Less labour consuming.

Impact of this innovation on workers who de husk millions of coconuts manually all over
the world can be tremendous. Along with a greater share of increased productivity,
there is a chance for higher income being given to workers. Involvement of women is
appreciable but whether opportunities for them will arise only when piece rate wages go
down, is an issue that needs further exploration.