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Kyrat (Sanskrit: ?????, Tibetan: ?????) is the fictional Himalayan region in Far
Cry 4. It is ruled by a despotic self-appointed king Pagan Min.
The name Kyrat actually seems to have been derived from the real name Kirat. The
Kirata (Sanskrit: ?????) is a generic term in Sanskrit literature for people wh
o lived in the mountains, particularly in the Himalayas of Nepal who are postula
ted to have been "Mongoloid" in origin. Kirata Kingdom in Sanskrit literature an
d Hindu mythology refers to any kingdom of the Kirata people, who were dwellers
mostly in the Himalayas (mostly eastern Himalaya). Presently the Kirat (or Kirat
i, Kiranti or Kirant) people are indigenous ethnic groups of the Himalayas (midhills) extending eastward from Nepal into India, Bangladesh, Burma and beyond.
Kirat Chuli or Tent Peak is a mountain in the Himalayas. It lies on the border b
etween Nepal and India.The first ascent to the summit was made by Ernst Grob, He
rbert Paidar, and Ludwig Schmaderer in 1939. Due to the location of the mountain
of the same name, and Kyrat's overall setting, it is more likely that Kyrat may
be located on Sikkim, a Himalayan state between Nepal and Bhutan, which was an
independent country until it was annexed by India in 1975, similarly to Kyrat's
war, this region is in regional tribal conflicts. The same region is habitated b
y the Kirati people, indigenous ethnic groups of the Himalayas and Tibet.
In the trailer, the people of Kyrat are shown to be speaking Hindi, the lingua f
ranca of the Indian subcontinent (Northern India and Pakistan) even though it wo
uld be more correct for them to be speaking Nepali (the national language of Nep
al) or one of the other main Languages of Nepal which are distinct from Hindi. I
t should be noted however this may be because many Nepalese speak languages rela
ted to Hindi and part of the wider Indo-Aryan languages.
Not much is known about the history of Kyrat, but all that is known is that it w
as a small failed monarchic state. In the 1800s, the British used their sub-Asia
n colony of Kyrat as a staging area for the invasion of India. During that same
time period Kyrat's economy depended largely on gold mining and export continuin
g until it's peak in the 1950's when KAE company faltered. In the 1980's when ci
vil war broke out between ultra-Nationalists and the Royalists Monarchy the CIA
smuggled weapons into Kyrat.
When Pagan Min sought refuge after the fleeing bounties priced on his head in 19
87, he joined the Royalists faction. When Min and the Royalists won the war, Min
betrayed the King and murdered every member of the Royalists family and claimed
the throne to himself. Kyrat was turned into a dictatorship and corrupted exist
ing businesses and outlawed outsiders from coming into the country while Min lef
t Kyrat's affairs to a bunch of lunatic governors.
Kyrat is separated into three distinct regions: the Lowlands, Midlands, and the
Himalayas. The Lowlands is the first region that will be unlocked in the game; i
t is where Banapur, the home of the Golden Path, can be found. The lowlands and
midlands are separated by King's Bridge which cannot be crossed by players initi
ally until progressing through the main campaign. The Midlands is the main regio
n of Kyrat under control by King Pagan Min; both his Royal Palace and Royal Fort
ress can be found in the midlands. The Himalayas region of Kyrat is not in the o
pen-world section of the map,