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Environmental Protection Conservation of the Ecosystem

From recent years up to now, mankinds consciousness has been aroused very strongly about
the need for environmental protection and ecological preservation. Conservation of our ecosystem
probably is the best way to protect the environment. It is extensively vital as the world is moving into a
new era.
As the worlds population grows and natural resources dwindle, the creation of parks, zoos, or
any other protected natural areas is not enough to solve the problem of the destruction of environment
as well as the ecosystem. Nowadays, a big part of all ecosystems on the globe are overexploited and
have entered into a degradation cycle with often unknown consequences. Currently, humans exploit the
tropical forests which are being destroyed at an ever-increasing rate and the loss is incalculable. Also,
they exploit the marine through fishing and practice recreational hunting or for consumption. However,
overexploitation of these ecosystems could result in the extinction of the species which live in these
natural habitats. The hunting and the fishing may be beneficial to humans through consumption;
however, this may lead to the extinction of the species.
The growth of population had also caused many wildlife animals to be forced out of their habitat
for the availability of houses. Because of our selfish behaviors, we had driven out wildlife animals from
their natural habitat in order to satisfy our needs. New homes have also taken over farmlands, which
once served as homes to the wildlife.
Ecosystems can be complex and hard to manage. As such, specific planning is needed in order to
protect them from the different threats that might undermine their existence, but also preserve and
enhance the life of species through a variety of activities. And how should we, humans, combat with
these? The answer a simple one, is through ecosystem maintenance by conservation.
This should be best practiced in cities, since it is the center of commerce and innovation.
Majority of the people live in cities, and it does makes sense that our solution to climate change resides
there too. But still, each and every one of us plays a vital part.
We should start managing the ecosystems well. It is very essential to develop environmental
friendly technologies and renewable energy sources following the principle of conservation. We should
reduce human impact on the main drivers of the destruction. Simply by limiting your use of papers, for
theyve come from trees, or by segregating wastes correctly. Planting trees, abating energy
consumption, lessening online activities like Facebook, preferring biking and walking for transportation,
and practicing the 3Rs is a must! To prevent dire consequences of overexploitation, one potential plan
is the conservation of resources in the ecosystems and the requirement for exploitation licenses.
Preservation of the natural environment is essential for maintaining community sustainability.
Citizens, residents, leaders, kids, or even students could be a part of the change! Lets all have a green
thumb, and start the green revolution!