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Political Economy: Reflection

The Pakistani militia is one of the most interfering institutions in Pakistans politics. Ever since
the first army coup executed by Iskander Mirza the military has kept its feet well planted within
the soil of Pakistans political scene. Monitoring the many on-goings within our country closely
with the many Presidents and Prime Ministers.
However, our militia is not as saint-like as they claim to be. Since the past few decades it has
been involved in corruption and strengthening their own standing financially rather than focusing
on the defense of the country they claim to be protecting. A whole chunk of the countrys budget
goes into the militarys pocket out of which majority goes into the pockets of the officers sitting
at the top in the hierarchy.
The bags full of money that are dumped into the pockets of militia are a completely different sort
of capital and is called Milbus. Basically it works as fulfilling the wants of these men
strengthening their stand in politics and our Government. But it is not recorded and is not part of
the military budget.
They extract what they want for fulfilling their means and extend a friendly hand when need be
only when an exchange of benefits is taking place. They take care of their own interests and of
the corruption being conducted by the high tier economic exploitations. They have thrive in
totalitarian systems because they are able to extract as much as they want without being noticed
by the greater masses and are able to keep their activities hidden by referring to this Milbus as
their internal economy.
This form of ruling and extraction of resources for personal needs is a result of the peculiar
nature of precapitalist politicoeconomic system (Siddiqa. A, 2007). And the historian

Eric Hobsbawm described this sort of political economy very eloquently by stating that it is
where assets are gathered for influence and power rather than for the derivation of capital.
This form of militia is predatorial and not at all beneficial for the development and furthering of
an underdeveloped government and country such as Pakistan. This only leads to further
deterioration of the already unstable infrastructure and leads to corruption on the minutest levels
of the food chain.
It does not aid in the extradition of corruption rather it enhances it because the corruption has
become so deep-rooted within the main-frame of our government that it has become impossible
to nit-pick any one place that is at fault and has helped put the military in power and let them
gain control of the civilian government of Pakistan to such a horrendous extent.
Furthermore the officers in the army which are not as well connected and are at the lowest of
stations do not get the benefits equally causing a trickle-down effect. Meaning when the officers
at the top are down with the money they pass it on down and then it goes on and on till there is a
very small amount left for those who are actually in need of the financial stability that our higher
authority Militia is so keenly living off.