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21-PAGE PET SPECIAL Ente? Dyas eure) ea Pere teuea sy Sera Re rd at your place aa URC Lm el Um NEL) Ua M Uae Rw meet ash) | ; Paes - aX) beat AN pee N ac FAST WAYS to get kerb appeal : erica ci BLOCK OUT THE ial NEIGHBOURS WITH A PRIVACY SCREEN © EASY RETAINING WALL Never miss a parcel delivery again! INSTALL YOUR OWN PARCEL DELIVERY BOX AT HOME NEAR YOUR DOOR OR FENCE FOR DELIVERIES BY ALL COURIERS. AVAILABLE IN < » OPTIONAL MAILBOX THREE COLOURS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Removable lid can be replaced with a Pakman mailbox for regular mail. CONVENIENT SECURE < PARCEL CHUTE Accepts most packages INTEGRATED TRACKING including large A3 boxes. ‘TECHNOLOGY Register your parcel PAKMAN PREFERRED < BEEEEEEEEEE box oniine, NUMBERS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY eric being comer the unique 20 barcode on the door for proof of delivery. You receive confirmation of delivery by email or SMS. message SECURE PARCEL « DELIVERY DOOR With 3-way locking system (ideal for delivery of large fragile parcels lke wine bottles) Yop aweelosd-BrercoyautlworekeCstd > RESETTABLE COMBINATION Lock How it works... REGISTER YOUR \ PARCEL DELIVERY BOX Register your parcel box online and record your Unique MyLocate serial number, combination lock code and delivery preferences to receive email or INSTALL FREESTANDING ©. OR BUILT-IN Your Parcel Delivery 80x can be located in various positions. Install near your front door, the fence line with an optional mailbox or wall mount into a wooden, brick or concrete rendered fence. GO SHOPPING ONLINE When making a purchase add delivery instructions to advise the courier to use the Pakman Parcel Box ‘and provide the code for the combination lock so they can access the secure storage area, COURIER DELIVERS PARCEL Upon delivery, participating couriers can scan the MyLocate barcode to confirm your address and Identity the code to access the secure storage area when delivering larger parcels. YOU RECEIVE DELIVERY NOTIFICATION When participating couriers scan the unique MyLocate barcode on the dear, you receive confirmation of delivery by email or SMS message as recorded in your preferences when registering ‘ x CONVENIENT SECURE a PARCEL DELIVERY Pakman Parcel Delivery Boxes are a convenient way to securely accept delivery of items when you're not ‘at home. Safe and secure parcel delivery 1st time. Never miss an online parcel delivery again! © Cia Easy upgrades to mate the front fof your home stand out Paint tools to save time and etfort fon decorating projects, RAISING CHOOKS Add a coop to the backyard CANINE COTTAGE Build dog house DIV INSTALL A PET DOOR Give animals outdoor aceess PET CARE FOR PEANUTS Clever ways o save money ANIMAL INSURANCE Choose the best poliey URBAN BIRDHOUSES An art project to protect wildlife ONLINE INSPIRATION Paint a room with virtual colour EXPERT PAINT APPLICATION Use the right tools forthe job DESIGNER LIGHTING Give your exterior a warm glow 60 WARDROBE ORGANISER Customise a closet with easy tomake plywood boxes 64 MODULAR STORAGE Plan your wardrobe to maximise storage space Couples who fight over DIY FRAME AND HANG A DOOR ita doorjamb like a profesional (CHOOSE THE RIGHT HINGE Selet the best one forthe door +100 PRIVACY SCREEN Build a timber slated fence to bring seclusion to your yard 1106 EASY-BUILD RAISED BED Ade visual depth with a hassle-free retaining wall as | Garden MODERN MARVEL A reto-inspired family home 14 THIS MONTH Get busy with autumn planting and garden maintenance 18 SPRING SHOWCASE. Plant bls in autumn foe looming seasonal display 22 SOW SWEET PEAS. Get seeds i the ground now to enjoy sieet scents in late winter 206 TABLETOP GARDENS ‘Create miniature landscapes Im pots for compact spaces 28 TOP 10. GARDENING TOOLS Splash a ite cash on these atfordable yard:care essentials 24 EASTER CRAFT Make garden-themed decorations for the holidays Stylized Detection Products Maximum Protection (aioli el CMa a LaTe| Carbon Monoxide Alarms for the DIY enthusiast. rsd coping chickens seems wo be K avery popular pastime among Handyman teaders and building 2 chook coop is one of the most downloaded projects on our website 1 youre tempted by the ices of Fresh eges everyday, we've covered al the basics in our gud, from page 16. At home we have four chooks. They ae plain old Isa Browns, but these have uch mote personality than ou last ‘ones. They nun over to greet us, then squat down so we can pick them up, When we clipped these chooks! ‘wings they still managed to fy over the fence. wasnt such a big deal uni they started to desteoy the garden, ‘Now, finaly we have them ‘contained and the only thing we have to worry aout is locking up ‘the coop at night to deter foxes. Online paint tools In the past Ihave made the mistake of picking a colou, having it mixed up and painting the entice room before realising | was unappy with the shade Issue a huge waste of ‘ime, etfort and money Having read the story on page 42, ‘next time I'l yo online and use the clever oom simulators and calevlaters to get a clear picture of what Ie will ook like hefore even lifting a brush, ‘Changing seasons [Now that autumn Is officially here, there's plenty todo inthe garden. This isthe ideal time to plant ‘lowering bulbs in preparation for an explosion of eoloural blooms rest spring. We have tips an hows to design your own display, on page There's also a guide to the essential ‘arden tool for green thumbs and ‘how to care for them, trom page 128, ‘And if you need inspiration for your Faster decorations, check out ‘ou easy ieason page 134 Enjoy ee issue ! MANAGING EDITOR LEE DASHIELL. THIS ISSUE Congratulations tothe lucky winners af our Lockwood and Rain Harvesting competitions from the January 2014 issue Lockwood Leanne Brae, VIC Tanlee Jones, NSW Steve Bumbal, WA Liss Robbins, VIC Kartee Amor NSW Kevin Kelly, LD Matthew Stevens, VIC Rain Harvesting John Bennett, WA TinaKelsey, OL Bob Ksighin, VIC Monique Brawn, WA Emma Pusekar, TAS Patricia Hark, VIC Jen Borowik, ACT Kylie Turner, Lo Maritena Marst Curt Pant, NSW SHOW US YOUR DIY & WIN DO MAKE SURE thatthe subj centred, well tnd in focus. [DONT TAKE SHOTS from oddangles, intow resolution ar with shaky hands, We ove secing what you are working en fand sharing it with ather readers, But we often receive photos that are too smallto publish. you're sending ina praleet, please make sure your photos have: mA ie sizeof at east IMB image size 2000 x 1000 pixels ormere. Take your photograph in good lightand tryatew shotsat diferent times ofthe ay. you are photographing a single item, place it an clean background. Visit handyman.net.auto upload Nangymannatausesiane — ea SUCTION YOU CAN TRUST Handyman Ta ScotchBlue’ Painter's Tapes” Wat you cont ante happen DN 0), ae at | HANDY Kick bad style to the kerb and make the front of your house stand out from the crowd ASHLEIGH PERRIOTT © Aluminium Profiles & Sheets ” Galvanised Steel Profiles & Joiners © Mini Ripple Iron a Slotted Steel Connect-It altemative to the traditional welcome mat, tra tren plece of wall art instead Designer doormats Let the yliss KC Patterned Colr Nt abou $1, serve both a eerily Available at Bun N IN GS www.metalmate.com.au Connect anaymannatau eine 9 sTHIS ISSUE Se LS The Polyfilla range allows you to easily choose the right filler for the right task. aT eR Ta NMC ele icant Bal Wlasg Metalshield range, f lable in more than the Metalshield POLYFILLA® READY TO USE ~ FILLER RANGE Poi Torn between alove Limber and ‘the Mimosa Day Bed With Cushion, $398, I's crafted from Stensandship Council cered THIS ISSUE Se Par the ue ecurity guard ano about ntaders? Keep maa tom your house with Ballant Sten LED in ity Sensor Lights 125 ach one as far energy-saving Dsinan ahimint, ely ad All the room you need without the need for room Grand entrance From Australi’ most tusted iconic brand comes the work's slimmest reacting elotnesine, comes with enough line space tehang an entre ty was, cucing bod Shes ad nen retracts into a slek, claret wal- mounted o tii thar shimmer han the woth ofa cred Caravelle 438 2 4.0r line uni, the Hils Sim Relracting Gltheaine is ‘as beautiful as itis practical. Spice up your font entrance ‘with a Sandleford Emon Wall ‘Mount Mailbox, about $45. Availabe in bright orange or sed st stands out ina crowd, and the galvanised ste! casing and i lockable fot door means your rma wil be protected Ie comes with all the fasteners rede fora simple set-up. Availableat BUNNINGS BUYER’S Simplify your next big decorating job with this round-up of inexpensive painting tools and accessories ASHLEIGH PERRIOTT ‘STUART SCOTT r | Good quality paintbrushes should Last lifetime but cleaning them is often chore. ‘that can leave brushes sti For fower drips andbetter Cut corners the right way with 1 Monarch Paint Ege Trimmer, ‘$6. Arubber handle ensures comfortable gripand contrat ‘Thebase should be no higher ‘than tummy height so thatthe animal can passthrough east Also consider the ality of your pel Anoldarthltc dog oraverwelght catwor't use the entry ifitrequires an energetie climb ot Leap ath Fy @ Install the pet door eS Set the pet hole baseline Use a sprit level to mark the base ‘estou ine while the door stil ‘Mark the door centre Find the centte ofthe door on the baseline, Measure and mark 115mm to in position on its binges. This will either sie fora 280mm wide door censure the pet door appears plumb, TIP Ifa template is provided with the ‘even ifthe door isnot, Remove the pet door, attach i atthe desired eight door and place it on a par of ‘om the line with masking tape. Mark sstwharses, Check the line height ‘he deiling points anal ut lines. Cut out the door hole Drill clearance holes Dailla 10mm diameter hole in one comer ofthe rectangle, making sure ‘the hole fs kept on the inside of the Fines fora neat finish, Position the Sand the edges sing 120 grit paper then positon the outer sce ofthe pet oot. Swing the fap in both directions te check movement and adjust if blade ofa figs inthe starter hole and, staying ust to the inside ofthe marked lines, cutout the shape ‘needed, Matk te postion ofthe four fastening bots, drilling 4mm clearance noes at each attaciament point 20 21 Autain Mandyman ‘Sketch the door cutout Postion a st square oe bilder’s square on the L1Smm comer sett ‘marks and draw two vertical lines, 2o5mmin length, perpendicular to the ‘ends ofthe horizontal baseline. Draw the top horizontal Hine to complete the door rectangle 1 be cut out Secure the pet door Paine all cut surfaces to protect the timber then position both the internal and external components tightly against the door Insert the fastening bolts and secure the wwe halves Re-hang the door and begin training your pet to enjoy its new freedom, ‘Whatever typeof door you have, there'sa pet entrance ‘at Bunnings to sult al fury trends, arge and small, HartmanPet Door fr Siding Doors, $185. plus Electronic plus Magnetic Pet Door, $4. Colla Key, about 7, Petzptue Dog Petzplue cat Dear, $82. $50, Dulux Design Metallic Dulux® Design Metalic” paint contains real metol pigment so the finish cellecs light lite uncoated metal. Get a luxurious sheen by eppiying with a brush, oller or spray; or experiment wih opplicotion echniques to replicate brushed metal finishes. For more interiors inspiration, vs Dulux.com.au Colour consuliancy Call 13 25 25 ee eis Seals out water Works on wet, oily and dirty surfaces Pet care for peanuts Don't spend a fortune, try these clever ideas using items found at home Cook up an eggy treat a Snipa small tee branch to put {in your bird's cage. I’ be able to use tas a perch tosee what's going, fon, and will aso peck itto sharpen As beak, arb in the bed When your pet's beds between washes remove odours by sprinkling twit bcaraonate of soda, then ett sitforan hour. ke off the bicarta Meet Modular. Base Units I > q ‘ < 4 Plus Accessories Use tights to clean a tank Save an old pair of nylon thts to Make a simple leaning solation rmakea glass tank oraquariim sparkle of ene part white vinegar to one part, ‘without using harsh chemicals, wate, Dip te tights in and wipe the Remove the resident reptiles or ish, sides and base ofthe tank the water and any’ ornaments and grave, seneh the tight into a hall Rinse the tights to remove algae and repeat with the vinegar solution and use them as you woulda sponge. until the tank is clan and streak-fee Uses combas a belly sratcher for your dog or cat. Fingernalls will do thejob, too, but pets seem {olove the fel of fine-toothed a comb gigging into their ur WMT renovation SRC ii For the perfect pant finish, stare with the best preparation. Get everything you need hanced to you on a plate with Rocket. Sanding te a TT RTL Add about a thied ofa soft banana ‘Amostall pets, including dogs.cats, _ortelet rolls aside tokeep them to 1 cupsor dy dog food. Slice rabbits, mie and guinea pigs. enjoy occupied and relive ther bo mash tor stir ieinto the pellets. ee Coe ere ‘Not only does tad variety and Een RETA bic ofhiathy swcetness, wich eee ttn ee eee nt most dogs seem to low, hat banana «am also help settle a dog’ stomach Aspoonful of cheddar Therese reason towreste your dogo tne groundtotryand give him metic, llyou needs Strong lavoure cedar cheese Gratensmall amount armitin Your hands andra int bal with thepil nie. it shou ge down n ater of scons Carrots for canines you have ever been on adie, youl know all about carrying around peeled buby carrots to satisfy a hunger pang, “The good news is that cogs generally love aw carrots, to. They're A ‘sweet and healty enough to make Et eT) them a regular pa ofa dost bathtime place of biscuits or other teats. See CR Soe a Ray BUNNINGS COR Oe ee Ue MC oe er ee Ue eo tyne thy es Cyclone ) ) s ye I MESH Extra strength insect screening for today's homes Available at BUNNINGS Biers Animal insurance Protect your pet and your wallet by knowing what to look for when choosing a policy ASHLEIGH PERRIOTT ANIMALS o ILLNESS 0 aa GOLDEN WEY ar es WIN $5,000 ULTRA STRONG, FAST GRAB CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE 0 ‘These unusuatlooking bird hoxes, wshich have popped up in two suburbs ‘on opposite sides of London, ate part of series of art installations called Spontaneous Clty by conceptual artists Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joeson. The alm of che project isto provide 1 home for birds and insects while raising awareness ofthe eultural and ecological importance of green spaces in urban areas The hand-made boxes, whieh have been installed in Islington and ‘Chelsea, are designed to reflect the surrounding archtectute, mostly 2 combination of Georgian townhouses and 1960s apartments, Each installation featores hundreds of plywood boxes of various sizes, The boxes are sccured tothe trees using a complex system of trong, rubber bars that allow the trees to continue to grow unhindered The project has been developed from the artists’ previous creation Super Kingelom, a series of impressive bird houses designed to resemble the palaces of dictators, Dulux’ Metalshield® Dulux Metalshield” is a range of premium products that has a long standing history in the refurbishment, protection and decoration of metal surfaces. The Dulux® Metalshield® range provides excellent resistance to chalking, fading and ensures metal surfaces maintain a higher gloss level over time. The Dulux? Metalshield® range has the perfect product for all of your project needs. The Dulux® Metalshield® range is available in three easy to use ranges: Ultimate: Dulux® Metalshield® PREMIUM. jor gloss and colour | surfaces. Perfect 1ces ond gates, Convenience: Dulux? Metalshield® EPOXY ENAMEL www. dulux.com.av /products/metalshield _ Online. inspiration Ditch the swatches and use the latest technology to choose the right paint colour for your interior spaces SITASIMONS. a im | " 4 — = L ® Colour palette : En | | || a | ee | | SEREE SLSR BE Bee 20h 2 Autain Handyman “ 3. Stimulating Sunshine yellows. 20h 2 Autain Handyman 2. Calming Preerrert sts) PERV cnet pare a Look to the light ¥ Togetthe best results from these online tools, understand how the light works in the room tobe painted ‘common reason tobe wary af ‘choosing colours the fear that while ‘you may love the calourin the in, it right look very diferent onthe wal ur perception of calor depends ontight determines how mur So the neutral sh ks stylish and sophisticated in your ining area might appear grey and dingy in your hallway N = NORTH-FACING rooms EAST-FACINGrooms are havethe warmest light bright and sunny in the fora good portion ofthe mornings 0 the ight fay andwarmarcost——_willgetrom warmer to colours wil wor cooler by late afternoon, SOUTH-FACING roomshave WEST-FACING rooms are limited light that remains brightest and sunnestin even throughout the dy, 50 the afternoons, changing same{rommorning tonight. the da progresses. FINALL FOR WORK... ONE PAIR OF | { GLASSES... C5 |e Ff Take a picture ‘Once you have figured out the pattems of light in the room, you «an use the technology available to make the whole experience creative pleasure. Step one isto take adecent photograph of the room to be painted Ifa furnished room, clea away clutter but keep the ey pieces in place Using the Colour Wal, you can create schemes by choosing 2 single colour that appeats then letting the calculator suggest the res britshpaints.corn.au Thisisa great tool to experiment with if youre never sure what goes with what, or how te create impact with contrast. There isa DIV-inspiration biog with severat categories Take the shot in good matueal light i possible, and if not, switch fn the artificial ightin ‘would normally be used, Try to take the shot from ‘the widest angle showing a good expanse of wall and flooring ach ofthe big thee paint Create a free account and upload ‘The My ColourStery tool allows that ever indoors, outdoors, ‘companies, Datu, Taubmans photos of your rooms to select youtouplosdaselectionofimages trond, preparation an tips, and British Paints all have options from afullrange of colours you love, from beach holidays or anda small image gallery. toupload a photo and overlay (tavsmans.com aul Family get-togethers to bush walks s it with thousands of colours, The image galleries include ‘Thetoateollates a colour story, ~~ matched to their own bran the section whereyou select Picking out the prominent hues. ach site has a paint ealeulator ‘8 Taubman’s room and view tin Ws a great way to visualise the to help you work out exactly hose varius afferent ealours. colours you are truly raven to, much you will need forthe fo, Just Landed! = New Air Compressor Range by Ozito. _ Ccompite all the elements, na matter how bigor smal with Dutue’s My Project too dulue.com aul Start with your eas, then work ‘utthe colours, typeof pant, how tmuch, and even where to buy i 7 a ‘MyCoalour Visualiser is part of the My Project process, Here you Lplaad photos of your rooms and try every colour yu tik, mixing and matching as you please Create a scrapbook of images, colours and inspiration and bring lt ‘these parts together into one vision, ts roe and easy to navigate but youdo have toregister and create an account Helpis at handwith short, 2 consumer helpline phone number. 1 Autalin Nandan = | EES eR ET DECORATE Top five decorating blogs @nouzz base means teres something Claiming wo have more than for everyone on this site 15 millon images, this sites amacimentiherany.com. = a great place o star when you are ae ae] ooking for inspiration and ideas. (OTHE DESIGN FILES ey a Thehouss are American but ——‘Thetaglne aust sour = = there isa huge variety of designs. design blo bul this labour of love Be mw ‘Use the function that ets you save founded by Mefburian Lacy Feagins < Pe yeu favourite pictures and yo soon in 2008 snow popula the word over. > = barrow down you personal style Teshowcares thebestof design houszcam imal ts forms from architecture and interiors oat caf, grape Surf and select © vécore design and lustaton. Thee ae many teson the nternet__This hugely popular design rescue Regular features on the ste Include thatoferhelpfulaids to ease che was founded eight years ago by US Australian homes every Wednesy, pmoces of panting a home journals Holly Becker, and oss ana ncerviews with alented local sdvice from interior decorators, averages 100,000 readers a day cxeaive people every Fay stylists, pain specialists, and blogs Amazing images of homes fom all thedeaigiles.neh documenting people's owen decorating over the world are just the beginning, adventures provide reat inspiration as There ae ideas, tips and advice galore, © ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL THINGS Heesoutoundupof the tp five Ssafia sam Aasgner Anna Sapo was B R H decorating Bogs ad four vel pp tsa in 2006 nape you ‘otincloded inthis lists Pinteres, © APARTMENT THERAPY tolivea bright and colour fe were you can view collections that” Noshortlit would be complete surrounded by the things you love people fom all over the world pin’ without the Behemoth of inerors Tanking back to he shop Will biodegrade into soll over a 2 year period tDimeriors and homes boards bogs, Apartment Pherapy Back Sia, in Brisbane, the blog 100% Bio-degradable | Suitable forall paints ‘Check out the Handyman board ounded by two brothers in takes inal er exeative implies fom 2 pints com/yhaniman 2008, the blog aims to help people fond, rave fam, fabric and owes Teste to oin. tbe sue fo clear ‘make thee spaces beautiful and may wel shape yours oo yourscheduleforat asta week when organised and healthy” Frequent absolaeautifuthings youbgin asies highly addictive, updates with a loblcontbution _blagana.camau ei : Change our world, one brush stroke at a time! Pen Peed 2ZUNNINGS ps Alo Deed wis ere Me et) cere) ene) raat & tins SUN SEEKER, $7.49 PAINTMYWALL, $4.49 _COLOURSNAP STUDI PAINT TESTER, FREE ILITE VERSION FREE) (ITE VERSION FREE) FREE Another upload-and-paint This Australian-designed __Uploadyour own phates —«‘TheappoftheAmerican app, but his eneallows app shows the solar pathas oraccess otherimages _paintcompanySherwin_youtotakea photo of wellasafiatview compass on the net and overlay Willams, this's full of great anactual shadecf paint andamapview, Never be themwith thousands of ‘features incloding colour yoke, mateh it then Indoubt about the sunlight colours, Simple touse matching, paint palette compare paint in rts ineachroom again, ‘with ots of clever tips ‘generator and much more. diferent light conditions, h lj eed ed 5 Expert paint application Use quality tools and professional techniques for the smoothest finish Using a paintbrush Brushes are made from natural bristle, he right equipment mals all PAINT THE WALLS starting at synthetic lament ora biend ofboth I ‘the difference fora professional che edges and doing all the comers, NATURAL bristles aremadeofanimal tired hand results from nanging result when painting aroom, with abrush, Then wse a role, hae thats sofe and porous al best ‘onto the brush incorrectly Large areas are more easily covered beginning, from the top of the wall used for ol-based paint. Avoid acrylic Hold the handle between with rollers or spray applicators, while in square-metre sections and lapping ni asthebristles soakitup and turn limp, thumband forefinger, fingertips brushes are best around edges and an into the wet edge ofthe previous one. SYNTHETICFILAMENTS are best resting atthe top. Dip half the ‘comers trim and woodwork You ean cover aout two walls an for use.n acrylic paints as they bristles in aint nen wipe on the hour with awl, taking less than ‘ep thelr shape in moisture Side af the ean to remove excess. Order of application day to paint the ceiling and walls (Quality laments are tapered to PENCIL GRIP for control and Finish one wal ata time to prevent PAINT THE TRIM using abaush ‘bend gradually sith appliation precisa when using Long sash streaks. When takinga break, clean Work along the skirting boards, then HANDLES made of unvarnshed brushes. Hold with your thumb brushes and wolles or caver in plasti._do the door and the window feames, Limber are most comfortable because and index finger pinching the START AT THE TOP and uses brush Apply a strip of low-tack masking the grain rales in contact with water handle Uke a pencil te paint cornices or where the ceiling tape along the wall and use a trim F fr sweat to improve the rip HANDSHAKE GRIP is for wide meets the wall aint the cing with cutter fora clean line : (CLEAN UP by wiping brushes on handles. Hold the handle with a tlle tating away from the main Pt masking tape on the floor E newspaper and rinse away acrylic your hand spanningit thumb ‘window and working towards the along the tim to cut a line across ‘ Monarch brushes for windows an pint in wateror soak oiLbased paint = on the topside tke 8 handshake, light to avoid painting in shadow. the base ofthe skirting ‘rom about $14, austbrush. In turpentine then rinse in water. > 50x68 231 Autain Nandan Handmannetausrri is 1 f Baaleecys Wallpapering made Quick; simply paste the wall foul mem ot Easy; peels off when you fancy a change ee aren) Pacone SS pre eo Bas Pd LU/cshelswe- me qeyiorg eee een Cee eee ners Pen enter ee rias emerete stn ‘one between 230/and 270mm wide. ‘The nap is the ple length. Choose Penge eens eee ee net Ce nes Pee ene rte ee ets FOAM appliesa seamless finish for rcs) Cand ents A eee ete brush to apply paint around the nd inte corners of the wall with overlapping strok START NEAR THE CEILING rolling upwards, drawing large M about a ee aenn eas teen esd eee ects CoN nea Seria Perera =) Ce eo below the ceiling, Randomly strips paint acrass it with even strokes, finishing in one direction. dovin, tapping into the wet edge OVERLAPTHE STROKES while Falling back over the painted area ith tight pressure to smooth and always slighty avertaps the previous tinuing across the wall "AR THE FLOOR without ‘AROUND SKIRTING, frames and ‘rim, apply horizontal strokes. ath the paint Using a spray e The quickest way to apply paint to ‘wall ot ceiling is with a spray gun, A high-volume low-pressure walls as it produces less overspray And doesot waste pant A light, portable turbine carried with a shoulder strap generates the nr rues eae oes aie pressure for spraying and is connected to the gun by flexible hose ‘standard gon has various settings for accurate targeting fora more broad Srketnsnd onan rans Sere ae vege ee a - so Prepare tesutce ath ending = SECURE ESPRAY ATTACIMENT cue cmpaumoneaa Tinwranytnvcwductosrn onescuppacestenrdiers Goran ibooartcreyoesort TW Olutiheascrcgta antoteapayed Uoesieetsel femmolcurer turn Roettent activins Teena maces satan iracropsecoverfaorty eg 2Sinm rom hr al ecacloancer stigemd ‘bal depuriicoaisal 54 seh 231 Attain Mandan Wagner Flexo 5851-spray Paint Sprayer, Available at BUNNIN Unb NGS there's mo r Finish de, then hold th i Tecraureseumeytnimaanaut, — CLEANITIRST /\ \ swhorses and remove al the ‘ensure smoath paint aahesion. sing heavy-duty household wane, scrub the entire d rerneve oy smu ‘wo at the top, and drive Mé rl] = UWI door rests entirely onthe screws before fing any hoes. 8 ll Vaucluse Entrance sor Hume SavoyEntrance —_Humeiluston Entrance ‘With Duracote, Door with lear Glas, With Clear Glass, they ieee 2040xE20xcomm. StI, 200041200 eA, $64, Z040% 820 mm S86. BTR Oo , 7 Be . ee aa “ae a ee amen \ - a 2% ot ¥ y n. Za oa b ~ ae. ae TEISCRAPE AND SAND flaking paint wth EDREPAIR ANY FLAWS sing spackling EJAPPLY APRIMER tothe surface using SAND THE DOOR after priming EDPAINTTHE D00R usingafoam rater ETREHANG THE DOOR when the paint scraper then andthe edgessmoath compound fil sallow holes, scratches roller When dry, shine aight on the and fling using 180 grit paper and teaveld brush marks. Fdgearoundpanels is dry. Hi'san Interior door, watt least with 180 grt paper the house was built and dents\ess than 3mm deep. For door tocheck for any missed laws. Cover © a sanding sponge fr shaped areas. and windows with brush, then apply two two daysbeore closing it to provent belore 1970, checkthe paint fortead with deeper has, sea putty knife to apply them with mere spackling compound, = Brush ar vacuum, then wipe doen casts of paint with 100 oF 150mm roller sticking. Foran exterior doar, cover the testing it, rom hardware stores an epory two-part file or timber filler, sand and reprime these areas, witha damp cloth to remove dust. Sand between coats with 180 grt paper. weather stripping with painter's tape. Designer lighting Give your entryway a warm glow with the latest in exterior globes «an provide a much needed sense ‘of comfort 35 we ee the pinch of ‘the seasonal change Carel selection of outdoor tights sets the tone fr the welcome your home offers to you and your guests Now is also a good time to boost hhome security as daylight saving ends and a welbit house is powertul deterrent to burglars Select the right light ‘Once you've decided on the style and tone you want to create, the next step Is tosolect the best typeof light for ‘each section of the yard frm both aesthetic and security perspective For front pathways, bulbs hung on poles or embedded in the ground ‘work well, Wallemounted lights are sultable for narrow driveways, of ‘an be installed on the house facade ‘or above the garage door for extra [guidance on a dark night Spotlights work particularly wellas foliage accent hidden in hedges, or as focused lighting for seeurity at the front door Philips MRIG7W Osram SWLED Dimmable LED, $30, Superstar Daylight, Save energy and money To keep the cos of electricity bills down and lower your impaet on the tenvironment at the same time, choose lighting for your exterior. LED bulb ate lower voltage, using alittle as one-third ofthe energy of other globe types, and wil ast much longer. Another geeat energy-saving ‘option for the outdoors is to Install solar-powered lights, which store up energy during the day o be released at night, When opecating your outdoor lights, connect the network toa timer or install ‘motion sensors so the lights ‘only funetion when someone approaches the house , tes TromBunnings. $18, {rom Bunnings. Copper Corbett Up tight, $38. Kingston Copper Hooded Exterior Wall se WARDROBE ORGANISER Stack simple plywood boxes to customise a closet and add storage compartments DIY ‘es your wardrobe resemble an untidy op shop, with Insufficient space to store all your clothes? The easy answer isto install alarger one, but if space is tight, eha’s not always an option ‘We've devised a simple system that’s easy on the pocket, quick to Dull and can be customised tot neatly into any space, large or small Making a jig ‘The key to this box system thatthe large boxistwiceastallas he small box, an the height of each box is ‘equa totic ts wth This provides versatility asthe boxes canbe combined in dozens of ferent configurations that al ign a scamce ae 60 se 20 Asean Mandan In just a weekend you ean bile several plywood boxes and install them as convenient wardrobe storage Contigure the boxes to tthe size of the area and add stainless steel rods in between to creat hanging space Materials for the two large and 1S smaller boxes that make up this wardrobe organiser cost about $460, plus $16 forthe hanging rods. To make the system work, you need Lets of box parts that have ‘been cut to exact identical lengths. ‘This canbe achieved using aj that ean also be used for making bookcases, cabinets or shelves, Take your time assembling the First secure the saw guide tothe saw carriage with screws, then un your saw against the guide totrim the carriage. When youmount the carriage on theralls, which are made o pine, use a bullder's square tomake sure the carriages perpendicular ta the alls Secure shims underneath the carriage onthe rails s0the plywood can alide under itwith ease ‘Working with plywood ‘We used 1mm thick CD plywood Dpecause itis strong, ean be secured with serews and has simple grain and warm colour that finishes well 4 2400 x 1200 x 19mm sheet of plywood costs about $75, with five ‘needed to build these boxes, Ifyou don’t have a ute or trae, have the sheets cut lengthieays into '380mm wide pieces then prepare the panels DIY using ou ig anda cieculae saw with a straightedge guide For acurate cuts, measure from the front and back ofthe blade to the Exige ofthe has plate to ensure the blade is running paraliel toi ‘Check the blade is set at 90° to the hase plate with a try square. Use 4140-tooth carbide blade tor clean cuts and set the saw depth so it ust grazes the jig base or you'll cu it in half. > e?¢ T Sontax 1Omm Keyless Right Angle Dri Atachment, $15. sontax.com.au ‘TIME 204yS SKILLINTERMEDIATE \ DIY $460 TOOLS CIRCULAR SA BISCUIT JOINER, TRON, DRILL, “ BUILD a Cut the boxes Assemble the jig and postion across 4 par of sawhorses, Secure the carriage and shims tothe ais and clamp the ‘top block atthe required distance, ‘Cut the parts othe eotrect with ‘then slide beneath the carriage to the stop block and eet to length, ag twee Assemble the boxes Apply adhesive t the slot, inser the biscuits then position the top, ‘nase and cleats between the sides, clamping each box, Use a builder's square to check each box for squat, wipe off any excess adhesive and leave to dey for atleast an howe Apply the veneer edging Toston ironon veneer edge strip ‘oll visible plywood exges, moving ‘hot ion back and forth to melt the adhesive and secure the edging, Trim ‘he veneer overhang using fine toothed file held at a steep downward angle then sand! with 120 get paper | eke eS Join the boxes ‘Align the boxes toe joined and clamp together Use right angles dil ‘tuck to dil four 2mm pilot hoes to depth of 30mm about SOmm frm euch comer, Secure the boxes with serews or use sleeve connectors after ring Sm clearance holes. ‘Cut the biscuit slots Mark corresponding biscuit positions om adjacent board ends and faces and use a bse to cut size 20sots i the ‘iP Clamp a suppott board lush seth the edge to lp stop the biscuit joiner rocking as you cut the fee slots, ‘Wall-mount the boxes Make a ledger to support the boxes by cutting two 50 x 19mm plywoed strips to length, Join them at right {angles and postion 200mm from the floor. Secure to the wall then pesitian boxes on the ledger and secure tothe studs with serews through the cleats Ty ees @ Wardrobe organiser Inessremets inn Ais, = 2 fuse ap el Ry | ox 3 eam Cs Seeoseus AipnsPLIWOODD Forked 0 tego Seba ecco 2 Farvieuwrd —ateand ‘Tata aoreaene 2 Pato fad Yeoh rato 3 ae ae Tm eo ores Tophose azesatay 2 Gan wen Pee and. need a moulding option Saale) a) install and pain’ Select from the Woodhouse Edgeline® range of products to esata tits eer) Ersoy aniee ainenee een rn) arent Preernneeene en ine ry een (meyers ert SSelemastiaeteetn > CT sstnso > f BuniniiNcs Ete fewitet:s Modular storage Free up space in the bedroom by adding a customised wardrobe Swansea cy conned ut te he om ‘oe alt varie yes DP secsacrneny [ned or bat pecs cof furniture ike dressers and tallboys ‘A modular wardrobe ‘works well in an alcove tomake use of an awkward space | they ean also be J instaed along the walls ofan unused corner of - ——— = | a room to ereate the fee! | Include plenty of hanging sierage ofa walkin wardrobe, vstoredin the wardrobe, teprevent clothes being crushed audding a sense of laxory. 66 se 201 Asean Mandan Planning a wardrobe ‘Te Redford Modular Range, available at Bunnings, allows you to customise your wardrobe layout around what is to be stored, whether it clothes, linen or shoes ‘Before purchasing a wardrobe, Figure out wat its contents wil be and determine how much space is required foreach type of tem In general, hanging storage Is best located up high with drawers positioned lower dew, ‘Consider incorporating shelving Into your design to display accesories and provide some contrast Include a wire basket drawer to beep shoes neatly in ome place Decorative baskets or tbs can be used on shelves for flexible storage of smaller tems, Stagger the baskets foran eye-catching effect a place them on higher shelves 1o hold belongings that don’ need to be accessed every dy, Mirrored cabinet docts provide am important dul funetion in a bedroom, as well as increasing the ‘overall sense of space in the room and freeing up the walls HandmannetauseRioie 68 » Painting must-haves » Natural lighting » Outdoor maintenance a natty ane Saw Horse 2908 wth ‘ffort using Cabot 5 ‘a Rouge Living Black Acacia Deck Hand, $2498. E Lamp, $128 when painting ‘and Skirting Brush, $11.16 using the Monarch range of edsing shes, rom $1173 withthe a ws scion = eo | 3 metal and painted on your exteriors ‘Advanced Skylight Syste surfaces with Dulux Metalsield with Dulux Weathersheld with the Monarch Trade €3mm ound or $255 for sa Multipurpose Spraypacks, $1695. Render Refresh, $66.90, Wall Brush, $14.88 Modern marvel Acontemporary take on a retro architectural style creates a distinctive family home \woR0s DANIEL BUTKOVICH A modern steel st ‘creation, the ru andl timber setting was ideal their dream ofa spacious modern hhome witha katy outlook. Defining the style ‘Wanting something diferent from their home stat of California that ts characterised by lange expanses ‘of glass framed by preabricated steel thetic our design ‘we would be introducing something from back home, says Melissa. > MandmannetauseRiie 69 EAA SNe) Ets SLVAONSY Bringing the outside in Aiter living in Los Angeles, Melissa and Dan wore ready for a treechange The block they chose allowed thers to incorporate the surounding ‘environment asa design feature The property is packed with tees and boulders that have been left unspoilt for decades and isa far ery from Hollywood's concrete jungle, where we could go for days on end without seeing a single bed” says Dan Almost every wall inthe house is ‘occupied by massive glass doors, white clerestory windows are found on every ‘other wall, This fills the home with ‘natural light and provides a greater connection with the surroundings. Inthe living 100m, siding doors allow to of the walls to be opened almost entirely to access the lage rear patio and wraparound deck The patio ite isa semicenclosed ‘utdoor room, and the seamless ‘connection between these areas creates a sizeable space ideal for entertaining or simply relaxing Someparts of the house are elevated Retro on a budget Iman elfort to prevent the furniture ‘competing with the look ofthe house, Melissa carefully sought out tems to sult thelr modern take on the mid-entary tye 'm inspired by people who manage to make spaces beautiful without spending a lot of money tvho don’ averfurnish and knove when the house icone, says Melisa ‘Applying this mindset, she filled the house almost entcely A year of scouring classifieds night resulted in a house filled with interesting finds and eclectic treasure, many of which Melissa restored or updated herself Mic-century modernist pieces are found scatered throughout, including an Fero Saarinen Tulip-style ‘outdoor setting on the patio and matching rocking chair inside very pee has is own story such as the 1960s French standing lamp ‘hat occupies the living area. After : : Caneel Pree ee scqulting it fom fs original owner ‘who broaght i home trom Paes half a century ago, Melissa revamped the brass lamp with a coat of black paint ‘The living room is completed by the retto sideboard and the only splurge purchase, a down-filled sofa “The overall effec isan edgy designer look that i sil waem and Inviting sno wonder that this s Dan's favourite room in the house ove spending lazy Saturday ‘morning lying on the sofa with my wife and litte boy” he says, > n Simple elegance ‘The Goublesived master bedroom s sparsely furnished with a timber be an exquisite Mloor-to-celing linen Curtains, andi divide! rom the ensuite by glssanbite cabinet The bedroom i bathed in natural Light and slaty outlook makes it Melisa’ favourite room inthe house ‘very morning we wake up at exe evel with the bids she sa, The minimals: theme continues in the bathroom, where white cabinet i palred witha vintage miror and raised sink on a floating wall unit. White tiles ‘Carved into the slope of the With black grout complete the look. block, the rock-walled sanctuary ‘Meliss and Dan's three yearold allows him to practise his saxophone son, Boston, hasan unusual bunk bed ‘without disturbing anyone upsats Im is room witha staircase rather ‘Whale their dream home's than a lade, allosing easy access, “complete for now, the Brosens have The lower bunk has abun 2 few more additions planned bookshelf and doubles a a sofa Dan hopes to tr the man eave The bed was another Gumtree find into a muse and photography stl, Beneath the house, Dan has while Melissa wants to puta swing and Have yourenavated your hme, r has this tary sien you ideas fer your next «reated his own man cave, literal Yimbing wal in Boston’ playroom Een ae a eat wan cave erally ‘Avoid undue stress, While you're stiLin he planning stage, vst homesource.com aufor advice and referrals torelisbletradies, This will reduce thelikelinood of endless rows MandmonnetaesPhitiote 77 8 by the time Mark and Monica had ‘completed their bathroom as stage ‘one of thee renovation project, they were stil ood-humoured about the ‘experience, but adit there had been, many spats along the way. On communication ‘he doesn't follow the res. Tike to do things methodically, according to alist MONICA SAYS “Wie come to the same solution but have an argument 10 {et there, Renovating highlights personality diferenees. He docs things by the book, I ge stuck i. About the planning stage ‘Hound it impossible to vinualise the end rests, SHESAYS "can pictte an idea and designed the bathroom on computer. We mapped out the room with masking tape to literally make flor plan. That's when he got it Sticking to a budget Tel the options fist, and [can watt for sale: SSHESAYS ‘e's bit tight and ‘thinks Pm frivolous with cash! she likes it, she impolse-buys without comparing.” SHE SAYS He takes too long and Pec Reeser err nc Doing research ‘We travelled allover to find the perfec batheoom fittings and it wore us aut didn’t care about ties but she knew exactly what she wanted, I dia lot of, “How about this?” Tehink [was patient SHE SAYS ‘He was very patient, but you have to be Tes are permanent. You can easily change tap, but you can't change tiles” Shopping for a toilet “We sat on alot of tots. 1 tll think loo is just aloo. Tenly wanted i to lock good SHE SAYS I wanted function. There {sa lotto consider, such a the lazing, and how easy i to clean, Buying fittings "We spent four hours in. showroom, lost interest SHE SAYS cared too much and didnt realise nad such strong ‘opinions about taps and tiles Any love lost? “There's nothing amusing aout renovating, We pu pressire fm ourselves, but thankfully we do SHE SAYS twas something we oul create together. But we have pt ehe kitchen on hold For DIY renavatars Kate and Chad, the end result was wortha ite pain along the way ‘Sometimes the constant planning of every detaltfelt more Uke needless procrastination SHE SAYS We'd have arguments when took too ong planning. He ‘was impatient to make it happen, | woul drive home from work, dreaming of knacking out SHE SAYS Ta worry there would be nothing af the house, js Chad there witha sledgehammer: vanity’ shape Just wanted tin SHESAYS "| wished that e'dhala more wit the deals, The vanity affects the look of he bathroom, ANY LOVE LosT? SHE SAYS The secretieto tet ‘each ather do what they do best He's a doer, ma planner: ‘Wien you see what you've achieve, its so rewarding, HINGING ON QUALITY, STYLE & DESIGN ° Meee teeter Re Rie eerie eee eet reer teeta team NIN LCZ in qualty and fnish for your home nr CRE RRA Re hae aT FRAME AND HANG A DOOR Get professional results the easy way with our tips and tricks for installing a new doorway hen doing renovation foradding an extension, itoften becomes necessary to replace a daoe and jamb ot install 4 nev one from scratch. amb kts are available from Porta ‘Mouldings (porta.com.au) fora ite 48 $26 fora primed pine set, and DIY Installation isa lot easier if you apply few clever tricks to speed up the jo. Tf the walls are out of phamb or the Aoors aren't eve, you will need to correct these problems frst or the {door won't open and shut propety. ‘Once the jamb is secured in Position, you may need to trim the door to size before cutting hoxsings forthe hinges and hanging the door. Usea dail with & holesaw and spade bit to bore the holes forthe lockset and latch, then finish by securing the achitraves. Bosch 16.4V Cordless Ori, $99 including 80 Abn Araan Handyman ae cat Pack the jamb Instead of standing the doorjamb in position while you insert wedges ‘behind the hinge se, secure shims In the door opening frst ‘Measure the width ofthe doorway ‘opening to calculate the thickness ‘of the shims you will ned, Usually the opening allows for «4 gap of about 10mm on exch sie of the doorjamh. Ifthe opening isextra Allow for flooring New flooring always looks best itfits neatly under the doarjamb, otherwise you'll have to cut around the intreate shapes of beth the stiles andthe arciteaves. ‘Save yoursel! time and trouble by cutting off the base of tne jamb betore the flooring i installed. Measure the thickness ofthe floor covering and calculate how longthe stiles wil need to be to clear it practical, use an offeut ol the setual tloring a spacer under each site as youinstal it ide, you can use smaller wedges boy temporarily securing offeus of 12mm plywood at each of the hinge locations, then adling wedges or shims to plumb the jamb. Position the shims atthe top and base hinge locations using a long spin level, ora straightecge with 8 shorter level, then add the centre shims ifa third hinge is needed, > ‘while the jamb is being secured. EAA SNe) Ets eens Doorway openings in stud walls that are out of plumb can make ‘oor instalation problematic. ‘song as the base of the wall isntockedinby flooring the ‘olution is simply tonudge the base plates on both sles ofthe ‘pening back to plums. ‘Youwillneedto cut the nats ‘securing the base plates using 4 reciprocating mor osellating tool, then move the walls into position usinga sledgehammer. Tr Once the walle are plumb, reattach the base plates tothe Jolst by skcew-screwing n place. (© CHECK FOR PLUMB andi ‘either side is more than about ‘Tmm out of plumb, adjust the wall before you install the door. #. Fe em (NUDGE THE WALL backto plumb using sledgehammer, Using ofeutsaf 90% 45mm timber toprotect the plasterboard, MandmannstowiPnic iets 81 Se pe Iya NO MEASURING REQUIRED Everything you need for installing locksets, latches, deadbolts and hinges. Dd INNINGS Bette House the hinges Internal doors ate usually fitted ‘with two loose-pin butt hinges and external doors with theee faxed-pin butt hinges To house the hinges, fist mark their postions on the edge of the door, sally 100mm from the top fn 150mm from the base, plus one in the centee for an external doo ‘Next postion an apen hinge at these marks, drawing a square line across each end of the hinge then marking the width and depth of the hinge housing requlted. TP Usea marking gauge to scribe the depth tine on the door Wwe Pare out the waste ‘Turn the chisel so the bevel side is facing up and hold the blade about 50mm from the end. Apply firm, even pressure withthe other hand to pare ‘out the waste, Fish by timing, hack the edges to the hinge outlines 01d houses often have sloping floors, but even newer houses can settle in unexpected ways ‘Afloar that’s not quite level, will make it dificult to get an even space between the top ofthe door and th jamb head. The solution isto calculate how {far outof level the floors then trim the high-side stile to compensate, "PTals is particularly important ithe doors being installed over existing flooring, and the jambs have oft tightly to the floor. - A. <1 Make fluted cuts UUsea hammer and 25mm chisel to-ut vertical lines Imm inside the hinge outline, With the chisel’ bevel facing down, hold the handle at 45" angle to make a series of lose ‘uted cuts at each hinge housing jecure the hinges heck that each hinge fits snusly, ‘hen dil pilot hoes towards the back fof the screw holes in the hinge so the serews wil pull the hinge tight Into the housing. Secure the hinges asing the supplied screws, > ‘ eS (© POSITION A SPIRIT LEVEL across the opening and pack under one side {orfind how much you need ta trim, SLVAONSY Faster housings I yu're na confident about your areingeiaus Ryobiproducte that make iting the hinges and tockst a breeze eyebi com. “he Dor hinge Instalation vt 25 fall standard oars and canmake square or roundes tebates between 7Sand 125mm st mark the setts clamp thejg onthe door and rst ot the “ou can alo ithe ockset Installation Kt, $0. Position the the supplied hoesaws to bore the Iockset and atch hoes Installation Kt stat cuts a pertectrebate forthe atch platen seconds wth just afew Bi non so fie S © CUTTHE STILE on the high side bby marking a cuttine then trimming the timber using 2 Japanese-style pull saw orsimitarfne-tooth tok. MandymanneteAPhi oie Securing a new door or eplacing an old one often involves slightly reducing the height of the door provide clearance ove carpet oF ‘other flooring surfaces. Teonly Sena or les needs 4 be trimmed, this can easly he done by positioning the door on a pair of sawhorse and shaving dawn the base witha power planer or belt sander Sometimes the doors 10mm to ‘move, in which ease the fastest st method to trim itis to the waste using.aelcular saw Always seal the base ofthe door ater trimming to length Set the blade depth Release the saw’s baseplate contr lever then position the door on a pair of savorses and place the saw on the doo adjusting the base plate until the blade teeth will cut about Smm deeper than the door thickness. ‘Screws are better for securing the hinge jamb tothe studs because nits can work loose, You can also replace a short hinge serew with ‘longer screw to reinforce the Dinge-side sitet necessary To avlé having to use timber filler to hide nator serew heads, simply rive the fastener through the hinge housing offsetting sit ‘won't ebstruct the hinge screws Use self-driling screws or drt pilot holes te make it easier to secure the jam tothe studs. Mark the cut line Apply masking tape around the base of the door, wrapping over the cut line to minimise any timber breakout then use a combination saquae set to the requiced depth omark the cut line on the tape, ‘Trim the edge Attach the rip fence and check is alignment by starting the saw and advancing it ust far enough to nick the edge. Adjust the fence if necessary then continue cutting. Remove the ‘ape, sand lightly and seal the eu an Locate screwsin the housing 2 they. behiddenhen the hinge iesecured, Evenif the door and jamb have been installed withthe utmost care, the house ean settle over time and problems can creep in FREE THE LEADING EDGE of ‘door that catches inthe jam justas it's aboutto close, by Planing the edge ofthe aten side stighty off square. Thiswill ensure thatthe edge that reaches th jamb first is lightly shorter than the edge that follows, enabling the door to swing freely into the jamb without eating ENSURE PROPER LATCHING ‘on adoor that iting the {ateh-sde stop and preventing the batt from engaging property. The stop plece ona jamb is ‘secured tothe main part, unless the jamb is acne-plece design where the stops formed by rebatinga singe piece of timber: the jamb has a separate ‘stop it can simply be tapped over with 2 hammer, or pred aff and reinstalled in better position, (Ona rebated jamb, trim the ‘edge ofthe stop using a router with straight cutting bit. Cut ‘away the ends, where the router won't reach, using a 25mm chisel. Round the edges with 150 grt abrasive paper before painting eee ee Ee possibilities, For over forty years we have built our reputation ee el ee ee eee ed eee rete eee eee cient With our smart, design-savvy range we invite you to create harmonious living environments that reflect your individuality eee aes eee ads ieee can ‘Open your world to the smart style of Gainsborough. Assemble the jamb Cut the jam head and stiles to length, making the sti Hang the door hinges to the door then tat 90° tothe jamb. Use a p arto lft the doce until the hinges with the and base hinges using ‘check for smooth opening and cli ‘hen dive the remaining sews iN Fit the lockset ‘the latch into the fatch hole the lateh plat fe, tensile the spindle through the latch. Attach the ‘ylinder assembly into postion, secu with the supplied sere Shim the hinge side Mark the hinge positions on the 3c pe king with shhims, Secure the sims with adhesive and brads behind the hinge positions Bore the lockset hole Use the supplied template to mark the postion ofthe lockset and latch thoes, Drill a Smm pilot hole-on the or face then use a mm holes to bore from one side until the twist bit exis. Finish horing the face hoe fom the other side to prevent breakout, | » 1 T Add the striker plate c and mark where the he stile, Position scommiadate the cure the striker plate Secure the jamb Attach the hinge sil to the stud nails through the hinge housing lunder the latch stile ntl the be level then positio or, wedging the lateh stile rance all round Drill the latch hole 3mm trie bi to ll 2 pil hole atthe marked latch positon inte the lockset hoe, Follow le bit to eel the On the edge ofthe door, ‘mack around the latch plate and chise Secure the trim a brad nailer, reinforcing the mites vith PVA adhesive and panel pins alls Luo Minimal Cost, Minimal Effort, Maximum Effect Pee eee er) Create a new look with Prestige’s new range of cabinet knobs and handles. — Fe BUNNINGS , Ae tale) © LANE 100% 38 2.5mm Satin [Chrome Architectural utt Hinges, about $20 paiftesture button ips on fed pinstorsecurity on external doors. 1 “Choose the right hinge ‘The tenath ofthe hinge that you choose {or hanging a doors determined by the Wid, thickness and height ofthe door: For the average 2040x 820mm 2 iternaldoor that i 220 35mm thick, 1,1 sso 5mm tong loose-pin but hinges {Fo FOr long nor-mortise hinges. For the average 2040 x 820mm entrance g oor thats 280 38mm thick, use three 100mmtongfixed-pn butt hinges: Y, Weve selected range of Lane and zenith hinges om TW Protine ltworotine.com.au) © ZENITH 100. 100mm Primecoat Broad Butt Hinge, about $6 each,is suitable fr painting and is extra wide to-allow the door to swing fully open. LANE 100471 «2.5mm Staines, Steel Non Mortis Hinge, about $8 each, ‘seasytofitas no rebatingls needed, Used primarilyoninternaldoors. @ | ZENITH 100 75mm Zine Plates Butt Hinge, about $2 gaeh, has atoose pin Sultale for injeFnal doors. Quick, easy oor remoya or repair or painting LTENITH 100mm Zine Plated Rising Butt Hinges, about $9 pai, raise the door to late diferent{lagr levels. Lttand right hhand opening options are avaiable with. / some protection bgglst corrosion ZENITH 1004 75mm slid brass bal-tipped loose-pin Broad Butt Hinges, about $36 pal, are very Arable, though they tarnish overtime, = LANE 100%78.x2.5mm Satin, Stainjess Steel Butt Hinge, $7 each, offers excellent corrosion resistance. “STENITH 100% 75mm Florentine Bronze » BultHingé about S2each nasatined pf = ZENITH 90mm Chrome Ptaed Radius ust ; rao dark poner coste Aindiloalch dor rntre ut of [ffi erection agastcoresion, : Hinge, about $4 each, has curved earners {and loose pin{or interna use Curved y rebates are mare time-consuming io cut (8 Abe Asralan Mandan MandmannatauseRiie 89 a RU Na ain) ay Lea Tsao al | N Everyone has a different reason for joining the Army Reserve, whether it's overseas deployment, fitness, helping people or the tax free pay. But the one unanimous motivation is the pride you feel by giving something back to your community, your country. So if you've got what it takes to step up, EMAIL CPTNSW@DFR.COM.AU, CALL 13 19 01 OR VISIT DEFENCEJOBS.GOV.AU/ARMYRESERVE DO a ULL a AC Uae a Mea fe ee es COT ey-aaare) CLAMPS, CRAMP AND VICES Put the squeeze on any DIY undertaking with our in-depth guide to these workshop staples %*HOLD IT ‘The one thingy bbesureyou'lnesdto do with tually every DIY projectiskeepitstill ang stab while youwork on it ‘Owning a good collection of clampsanda: ike having a crew of rellable helpers ‘on standby tohold something for you, says Handyman Techaleat _subeditor Gun Arvidss Andou wil be rewarded with years ofreliable serviceif you buy the best quality you can afford. “My dd i stil using the same (G-clamps he's had since Iwas three years eg, ana they work as smoothly rnowasthey ever di says Gun. a LONG-RANGE CLAMPS Cee eee! *F-CLAMP er ee eee Beis *PIPE CLAMP ‘These are usualy supplied asa set of clamp heads compatible with standard 12mm stet pipe ‘The fixed head winds onto the threaded end ofthe pipe with ‘handle toturn the spindle and push ajaw that moves along the pipe. ZA ‘The movable head is jaw 4 rmauntedona collar that can slide ~ I freely along thepipe,withacuteh tthe assembly bows up, addextraclamps mechanism tolockit againstthe pipe, ' PUMA, tapping nwedses I needed %*SASH CLAMP Similar to an oversized F-clamp, a sash clamp has afixedjaw and spindle assembly atone end, and 2 second jaw that slides along ail that has a T-shaped cross-section This makes it more rigid and gives a fiat surface for edge-taminating *DON’T CRAMP Less sali than aG-lamp but with vith a pina nervats along te al YOUR STYLE more each anF-lamphasa sor that correspond the length! the Inprectice the word tramp’ has rrangementtoaspindlewith sind, zo in effect the clamping imo fallen auto! favour andthe | aswel shoe doing the clamping action spans the etre ral. vague tmaorty of Overs are familiar against an opposing frame wit withthe terms that deserbe the The liference that the arms Siferentypes af tots, suchas are straight instead of ounded, F-clampsor bar clamps. and mounted ona ralwhich makes Thismeans amore detaled them reaemble he eter F Pipe clamps and sash clamps are both usefl when janing narrow boards edge-to-ede nto alarger panel. Use dowels explanation about the mechanism ‘One arms permanenly tached or biscuits and PVA adhesive to secure the boards ta one another, then apn shims or wedges ta correct any bowing, tach clamp ses to exert force atthe endothe awit the ther isnot really necessary. an se towards or away from t To avoid overcompicting to sit the sie of the workplece same word for bth categories. movable arm locks aginst the al > *G-CLAMP “ie About as smple asa clampcan et thi comprises roughly oe J Eemiccutar tel rame with aaheavy-sauge threaded spindle that is wound rough one end, making it ‘Arrange the boards so the grain Postion pie etampsar sash clampson Mark up dowel holes or biscult sets look tke theater G when open, patternematchas muchas possible. alt level surface paling masking then apply PVAadhesive and ingert “he spindle has a deeshaped 1 you can postion he boards the tape protect them rom drips ot the fasteners radualy tighten the swivel shoe maunted at one end curve ofthe endrain faces upand adhesive. Positionlengts of timber clamps until adhesive ores aut then which moves towards or away from then down on alternating boards, toactasbufersbelween the jaws and use astee ruta check or ary the top arm ofthe as tis turned marking the algnment with chalk, the boards then align the marks, towing, tapping in shims W needed, > with atornmy bar atthe ether end 92 seh 231 Aubin Mandan ondymanet aussie 98 ONE -HANDED %*SPRING CLAMPS Similar to oversize bulldog clips, theseare about as simple as camps ‘get. They comprise apairot springloaded meta ar plastic handles that pivot to open the jes when squeezed together. They ae best for thin workpieces ‘suchas plywood or MOF and use spring tension to exert ore. CLAMPS epee nC et ent *BAR CLAMPS The ultimate all-rounder, bar clamps are fast and easy teuse, griptightly and usualy have large jaw faces with butters that wort damage the timber. Thay are operated by squeszing neat ae 2 fixed jaw atthe end A smaller trigger eaten canbe pressed to release the bar and lett side freely. “TIP Some models even feature an interlocking function that allows them tobe used as. temporary vee. %*USE CLAMPS AS SPREADERS Some clamps havea re rable jaw allowing them tobe used to apply outward pressure from the inside fan assembly or frame. Reverse clamps, also called spreaders, are perfect fr helding CLEVER CLAMPING epee reer ts cere ve etry ‘hing in position when the outside of a workpiece is irregularly shaped or inaccessible, They can also be sed for gentlyjacking apart timber frames to crack dowel jints when restoring ald furniture. een PROTECT THE WORKPIECE ‘Always position small feu of timaer,plywoed or MOF between ‘workpiece and the jaws ofa clamp. Buffers spread the camp's force over a wider area, which helps with the even distribution of adhesive, TIP Make asetof butters drilling holes inserapsof Smm plywood and suing in small neodymium magnets, valabe fom specialist suppers. fe *LOCKING CLAMPS Applying point forceina similar way tohandy clamps, there are closely related toocking pliers suchas Vise-Grips The tension and opening with is normaly adjusted by turning a knurled serew, then the mechanical strength ofthe steel frame lds the workpieces with considerable force once the handles are squeezed tegether inte the locked position, *HANDY CLAMPS Like a hyd f spring clamps and bar clamps, these are squeezed shut by hand and held bya ratchet Pressing the trigger releases the pressure. This type of tool usually has a wide pincer action anda small footprint, makingit useful for holding items with an irregular edge that may ‘obstruct other types of clams. *CLAMP CORNERS Tomake DIV braces, et the factory corners from 3 900 x 600 19mm plywood HandiPanel then use PVA adhesive and 30mm x09 serene to faminate them. Use F-clamps to hold the braces firmly in opposite corners of bookcase, cabinet, frame or similar ‘assombly for perfectly square jeints, *HELPING HANDS Larger building jobs canbe tought you don’t have anether person to give you hand from ime to time ‘Atew clamps andtimber ofeuts cansave the day. The keys to picture how the other person would hold things for you then emulate tat support using mechanical helpers *EXTEND PIPE CLAMPS 1 your pps clampsaren't quite long eneugh or ajob, just extend them. Remove the movable head, wind ‘threaded counting onto the end of the pipe andattacha secandlength af pipe then replace the head. TIP This won't work if youve cut the Pipe to size, uniess the fixed head can be clutched onto unthreaded pipe, > 98 % ce ee eee eres Perea eee %*CORNER CLAMP “Typical ight-duty corner clamps have a pai of spindle assemblies atrightangles to each and also feature arigh-angted frame to hold two mitred pieces af timber in precize alignment. ‘They typically have swivel shoes witha reasonably large surface area to avold damaging intricately shaped moulding, ae walla a generous span to accommodate wide pioces of timber aie eee ren tien atprecs *FOUR-WAY SPEED CLAMP Wy \e Anall-in-one solutionfor small picture frames, this comprises four threaded rods with L-shaped corner blocks that are tightened againat the frame with threaded collars ‘clever design features that the cllars are alten eross-diled, %*HEAVY-DUTY FRAMING CLAMP Heavy-duty framing clamps are avallablein both external versions ‘that worlgjust like light-duty corner ‘lamps, and aso with an internal type action that uses a single spindle to push arightangled Block against the matching ramet grin the timber ‘TIP Some types even feature a swivel head that allows them to clamp workpieces of eiferent thicknesses. INTERNAL ‘CORNER CLAMP allowing them to stide along the rods ata alight diagonal, and the tread nly engages with the rad when they pply pressure against theL-blocks. * WOODWORKING BENCH VICE ‘Awoodworking vce has wide, NlatJaw faces that ae normally pre-¢rilled so plywood or timber butferscan be secured, ining the metal witha surtace that wan't mark or damage the workpiece, Woodworking vices are recessed into a workbench so the fixed jaw finishes flush withthe side, allowing long piaces of imber tobe supported along the fll length ofthe bench your benehtop hasa skirt or {2 framework along the edge, simply install the vie behind it ¥ %*ENGINEER’S VICE Anenginser'svice doesn'thaveto_mountedon rotating base that allows them to swivel through 3409 0 they ean ‘rip the workpiece atthe optimat ange. "Ananviliseften machined int the ‘as the name suggests, hae sold construction and narrow, knurled jaws designed for back ofthe ice, orthe sleeve aver the sipping metal workpieces, Many-are spindle maybe flat fo the seme purpose, *BAND CLAMP ‘Another system that uses four Lblocks to apply pressure tothe entireframein one goisaband.clamp. This uses a aylonor steel band that can be slid through the lamp unit ‘he blocks fit round te frame. The band's then locked off and ‘spindle mechanism is used to apply tension tothe band, compressing ‘he mitred ints tighty together ‘Attaching an engineer's vce Ia simple matter of bolting it ont a benchtop, but woodworking vices should be secured so the fixed aw is flush with he edge ofthe bench, Choose fasteners tft the pre-diled holes the jaw faces and bat lugs. ae SETS Ay ce EEE PRINTS a Clampa leceaf timber intheviceand Cut plywood butters tofitthe aw aces Clamp the vce in postion and use acjusttuniltnetopofthejawsare andsecurewith screws, Use aligsawto a twist bittodril four clearance flushwiththe Benchtop. Measure from cuta recessin the edge ofthe Bench so holes through the benchtop and ‘theunderside ofthetenchtothe top thefixedawTinishes lush then check spacer. Usea spade bit tocreate afthebott logs and cut 3 200*100mm thatthe vice fits snugly and use afle or recesses forthe bolt heads then spacer ofthe same thickness, chisel tocnlarge therecess it needed, secure ith cupheod bolts. > ondymanet susie 97 BUYING ‘CRAMPS [classic design withan |-beam section for extra strength, this, sturdy workshop all-rounder features a throat depth of 75mm. inRecord 150mm 6-Clamp, at $20. rwin.comaw CLAMPS ‘This four-pack of 150mm Qulek Grip ‘clamps features easy one-handed ‘operation, soft, protective pads and clamping force of up to 7g, Irwin Quick rip Four Piece Mini Clamp set, $30. vices For precision work such as scale models or electronics, this inl vice with chrome plated handle clamps ‘onto the edge ofa table or bench —. GUIDE fi ‘With protective capsand a soft-grip handle, this tolls comfortable and simple touse, plus itcomes ‘with atfetime guarantee, “Trojan 200mm F-lamp, about $20. trolantots.comau - Simple, sturdy, and witha power clamping action for sucha lightweight tool, his elamp features a maximum ‘opening with of 50mm. Trojan 140% Spring Clam, about $6 —h Pre-ied castiron clamping plates, fey installation and chrome-plated guide rds, spindle and handle make this an outstanding vie forthe pee Cratright 175mm Woodworking vi ee UNNS aA ‘A family company’ AUST OWNED Proudly Australian Family g Cee : en Owned since 1948 ¥ Give your lawn a ; good shake with Munns Golf Course Green Granulated Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser ‘The backbone ofthis clamp is 232 drm T-bar, plus it features castironheads, 3 chrome-plated spindle and captive pin. Crattright 900mm about $20, trom Bunn : GULFCQURSEGREN | se ‘pena toa massive 00mm wide wit varieties including Zameen SOW eee | Bafa and on fare Fe! , instant turf after 1 month of laying x = The Ea. y SO ey For more tips on way 28 lawn care visit your lawn ¢ # Wwww.munns.com.au Yersalite and powerful this vie has Can be used on all aw aratating head with dedicated pipe jaws and 2 swivelling base to grip ‘workpieces trom any angle Irwin 125mm Multipurpose Vice $107. ith swivel pads onthe jas to hole irregularly shaped workpieces, this Available at 2.5kq NET coverage 100 Bun N In GS tmezoays \Y svohivennute | DIY $815 ‘TooLS CIRCULAR SAW, / i arenes 100 wooaLnNO PRIVACY SCREEN Take a weekend to make a freestanding fence from slatted timber to shield the yard from view all ave spending time ‘outdoors, but without fence or hedge the yard can feel quite exposed. Brick walls ean have an oppressive effect, especially on a small block of land, so this airy sereen is the deal ‘compromise, Keeping the yard secluded without being an obstacle te cool breezes or sunshine Maul trom treated pin, e's 33600mm long and about 2100mm tallat the highest point. You can ‘easly adapt the length and height screen oman existing deck, The fur posts that support the structure ae rough-sawn HA treated pine, which can be concreted directly Ingo the ground. The remaining timber ‘components are all cut to length fom 3 rougher header treated pine A smooth finish on the cladding hides the rougher surface ofthe posts and also makes it easier t paint, ‘Cat the pickets and picket eap slong the gran trom 90 x 45mm treated pine using a tables oF iulae saw with a fence sted. Remember to sel all the eut surfaces of treated pine with preservative il-based paint ‘or treated pine sealing agent. To make finishing eas, prime and apply atleast one coat of finish after the timber is cut to length, ‘then apply the second coat once the structures complete Before starting the construction, ‘check with your local eouneil incase building approval is required. Dial 1100 oF visit 1100.¢om au to make underground ables or pipes cunning through the post, hole locations. a sloping site, keep the tails eve and ext the bases ofthe pickets so they are parallel with the groand, > Cyclone 200mm Post Hole Auger, about S79. the Clean al surfaces dust anddet tren paltal component prio eset aing ast priming lawcseen el Before aang theft cost altnaiand srw J headin an exterior SN» A fire ilar and snd ‘i 80 gr per. Traine ptt tie etre istlation ving srl rater sed ti bos ccowARDLY LEAF DuluxWeathershield Exterior Acryi, ‘om $47 for AL dulue com OUTDOOR ¥ ; i | ij i oma “ ' | iM ; (SE m 4 Cut the housings Dig the post holes Complete the framework Mark the top curve Camp the four horizontal calls Use a circular sane to make a series Lay the sraightes rail on the Position the front post cladding Secure temporary blocks tothe togetheraeross a pair of sawhorses of 35mm deep relief cuts between ground and adjust to precisely ‘overlapping the posts and pi posts and rails at the right eight then then use a square to mark the post che marked post setout lines. Using indicate the screen's postion. then secure with serews, Overlap the with a helper, bend the top capi housings, and the picket positions sharp 25mm chisel and hammer, Driven pegs to hold it in positon, front rails to mirtr the back rails a curve, Mark cut lines on the po at-bimm spacings. Trim both ends pate out the waste material then then mack the post hole locations tind secure with screws Usea circular TIP Temporarily secure the cap to ofthe rail to ensure theres 150mm smooth the base of each housing ig 600mm deep holes, 200mm sa to-cut Simm off the comer atthe blocks with screws to holdit ‘overhang past the outside posts ‘witha small block plane in diameter, at each location. 45° on both ends of the rails, while you mack the curve US GOLDEN WY arte © Vuh Aluminium screen Ityouwant mere privacy but dont have the time t build a screen from serateh, buy one that's readymade instead. Protector Aluminium Easy Screen comesina slatand-groove Concrete the posts ‘Add the back cladding Attach the pickets Trim the posts styleandis imate to assemble Replace the rll over the holes, Tosition the back post cladding Cur the picket cap to length “Transfer the marked tines to (protectoraiuminium.com.al hand agains the pegs. Add Kim against each post with 20mm of and secure tothe inside edges of the othe side of the pets then use ‘ade rom powdercoated fof gravel othe base ofeach hole for ovethangoon either sie, Secure with the post cladding with screws. sciteular saw and handsaw to cut the aluminium, iteames nthree drainage then postion the pestsin offset screws at 200mm centres, Position the pickets aecording to posts fom both sides. Centee the top styles, Pricesstart rom $216 for theirhowsings.Usea sprit evel to Clamp the back ails 300mm andthe setouton the rll, butting ‘ap on the posts and secure with £31220x 810mm pane. avilable plumb the posts, then brae them 400mm above ground level, then hem against the picket cap, then screws into the posts and cladding, ym Bunnings Special Orders. > and concrete into positon, secure with srews secure with screws to the rls then notch the coners on the top cap, OUTDOOR 106 SoS af Gi He Treated Pine Roush Sawn Cenireposts 3000. 18050 He Treated Pine Rougher Header Psteladding 2100 190.35, Herizontatrails 2400090045 Picks 1800x4345 Picket caps 886 43x45 Topcap 4200 190% 35 @ Privacy screen ‘measurements in mm wortzonTaLrai, oto" Duter posts, Dicket op cap, ickets| Staniess stool decking screws, mm x83 Galvanised bute serews, 10 x 1g Galvanised bugle screws, mmx tg Horizontal ris Topeap ‘Screen the deck you have an exposed deck that makes private szatherings fet like neighbourhood events, this screen can be easily adapted to solve the problem, Decks usually have a single perimeter jist ‘thatthe sane thickness asthe centre post, $0 In mast eases you can easly remove an existing nal, notch the decking and straddle the perimeter joist withthe pos lading, ‘race the perimeter joist with blocking to a least the second and third joist back to reinforce it Using ‘aachscrews to secure the end posts oan existing rail o house wall will also help to stabilise the screen Deck sizes vary widely, so to enclose an entire side youl need to work out the numberof posts and thei spacing, as well asthe best finished height for ‘the screen. Keep post spacing between 900 and 200mm if posible and make the height in ‘proportion to the overall spac, ‘4.2100 tall sere would Hook to high om smaller deck, so reduce ttto between 1500 and 800m to maintain complete ‘overwhelming the decking area, @ Deck-mounted screen ‘measurements in mm Ceenery pepe tie 20 21 Autain Mandyman Easy ceiling makeover I your bathroom or kitchen ceiling has condensation mould or flaking plaster, here's the perfect solution. Beautiful, white high gloss Panelseape PVC Ceiling Panels just slot together in a tight. flush, mould free, almost invisible join to make a continuous waterproof ceiling. Simply glue the lightweight panels straight over {your existing ceiling or timber frame. Your Panelscape ceiling will always [ook new. No painting, is ever required. Panelscape is available through hardware and plumbing outlets for about $24 per square metre in sizes 250mm wide x 1.8M and 2.4M in length x ‘5mm thick, Fora free brochure and sample please phone (03) 9460 8000 or email info@handihome.com.au. www.handihome.com.au. EASY-BUILD RAISED BED Make wall construction a breeze by using interlocking concrete blocks ‘eine a backyard space and add than using regular bricks, as there is visual depth by constructing no need for mortar to bind the layers, raised planter bed in font of The blocks ae aiden a 100mm back fence or boundary wall Easy to footing of compacted roadhase with ‘maintain, eased beds are useful in 30mm thick dy bed of sand and gardens with poor soll or drainage. cement spread over i This planter was built using blocks are positioned on the lying, three courses of Versawall splitfaced bed toa set steingline for precise ccncrete locks and topped with alignment, just 5 bricklaying ‘matching capstones, from Adbet Corner blocs allow for peetecly ‘Masonry (adbrimasoney.com au) square angles and fish capping means Building with these interlocking the wall can double asa garden seat blocks i far simpler and quicker Cutblocks to fitas needed and mitre the corner of che capping using a wet bricks, available from equipment bre shops for about $110 a day: These hollow 400200 215mm of about 200mm wll add further blocks stack together for easy DIY support nd increase solidity. construction af retaining walls, ‘Seek council appraval ane garden steps and planter beds professional advice I you wish Versawallblocks canbe built te Build any higher than 800mm. toa maximum unreinfarced height i of 80mm, They are available in three colours and fit together ith tongue-and-groove ints ‘Asthowallis bul, lhe hallow careswith gravel recycled rant the be pots and give them a new home BS tee yh 7 “Ne et behind the wallwithgravaltaawidth "trem Bunnings Special Orders. inthe garden bed, backfilling with soil ehen watering in well. > 106 seh 21¢Atain Handyman Nondymanet aus coie 107 OUTDOOR Dig the trench Setup a stringline with timber pegs in each corner to lay ont the planter ed, then remove turf fom the area, Dig trench 300mm deep to alew for 100mm ofroadbase plus 30mm of sand and cement mix while also ‘ensuring the blocks ae half buried. Lay the first course Position the fist block ata comer con top ofthe screeds mix, using the ssringline asa guide. Continue laying ‘oes until the Hest cours is ished then il the hollow cores with gavel and baekfil behind the blocks to 4 ith ofa east 200m. Prepare the wall footing Spread 100mm of roadbase along, the hase ofthe trench using a square {compactor at least twiee or until the reaxdbase feels slid underfoot TIP Plate compactors can be hired fer abou $65 a day Build the planter (Continue laying blocks on top ofthe course below, locking the end ‘ofeach block into the end of the next. Start ata comer and maintain a brick bond patteen, filing the hollow cores ‘with gravel and backfilling behind euch course as it’ a, Pit down with a plate Screed the dry mix Prepare a dry mix of sx pars sand to.one pat cement then spread this over the roadbase. Spread the ‘mix 30mm deep and teve with ausereed. Use a pitt level to check the mix is perfectly tat and level, front wo back and tte ight ‘Secure the capping Apply construction adesve the underside ofthe capping and Along the top course ofthe blocks, Ack! the capping an pus oven ay to bed Atthe corners, messute and rmatk ites onto capping pies then cut with wet rks Creating a floral hedge Use lomering shrubs or hedging plants in raised bed tescreena fence or allt taemsand lossy lage MuRRAYA CAMELLIA ey ee Sad Retaining Wall EASY SCREEN-IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 1 BUY IT * 2CUTIT © 3FIXIT Here is a quality fence and screen solution. Get your DIY adjustable or fixed Easy Screen from the fencing aisle or see the Special Orders desk for a tailored solution. www.protectoraluminium.com.au PROTECTOR BURININIGS Handyman BUYER’S GUIDE Take the DIY option for your home improvement projects by choosing the best tools and equipment from our market round-up Ea we, > Mould & moisture “f > For cracks, dents cond holes % > Easy to sand Renn eet ae Te For classifieds DG Oetiker) creating space your way enc rela) i el pte filler A multi-purpose filler for patching, levelling and filling wood flooring, trims, plaster and concrete. Range of sizes from 500g to 20Kg Dries hard, can be drilled sawn and sanded No shrinking or cracking V Hardwearing 1 Unlimited shel tite, just ed water and mix as needed 1 Value for money lable at leading hardware & paint stores. | .aanewswaterputty.com.au PETE SLUR ga ecm e10) 1B) HOT. pocket DEVIL cas ToRCH « Proven to kill 98.9% of germs ‘Three fresh scents: Lemon, Lavender and Vanilla ” a6 ‘Available ct aa BUNININGS 2 = we Be Si EY IET Caen Keerel For more interiors inspiration, eed BUYER'S GUIDE Poa Csa eee Cesesco rnc Pieces tse cre Lys Practical. Adaptable. Affordable. = " woww.rcr.com.au KILL TERMITES THE EASY WAY GR OCU eRe eS RM CST) mectitbes Cu Adi 7X9 pe Et 7 Finally, a complete “DIY” TERMITE treatment. No more pest controllers: needed. As easy as 1-2-3, Install Superway Termite Baiting Stations around your property & inspect for activity very 2-3 weeks : Termite ating I ® As soon asthe Baiting Stations become = caters AA active, apply the Termite treatment to new avaiable the Station uperay cornet J ~all us now ® Termite colony destroyed - re-use Baiting Station FOR A FREE INFORMATION PACK, ‘SEE CONTACT DETAILS BELOW: SAN www.superway.com.au 1300 302 938 Ee ing spring arden showcase using buts, see page 118 PLANT syecct peas now for spectacular display trom late winter, on page 122. "= PREPARE for the season ‘with the top 10 tools every gardener needs, se ge 128 SDECORATE for Easter with these easy gardeminspiced projets, fom page 134 PS THIS MONTH Autumn is one of the busiest times. of the year in the garden for both planting and maintenance DPR 20% Ausra anya Sow nov For colour from carly winter, plant seeds of these lowers now ‘= CALENDULA ‘= FORGET-ME-NoT = IMPATIENS INARIA = NEMOPHILA Grow now For fresh food in weeks, get these vies and greens in the ground se LeTrTuce = MUSTARD = RADISH se SPINACH = TURNIP, Har Pick the vegies that were planted in ‘simmer to ase in auton soups. ‘= BROCCOLI Top read Get stick no arcening wth Sony Mon areca, $90) are ase pe foc ec vl Rae epee era ae ttastated bok eta hart plane rune Bee naar tae Eee ere aes Ce ea es Dice tdier i oi Cire Rae Ted epee te camera! Autumn n care Give grass alittle TLC before winter sf into see it thtough the cold months fora lush lawn next spring For ealthy tur year round, Apel isan important month in the len ‘age calendar, Now is the time to apply Fertiliser, zap weeds and patch bald spots. S= RAKE up auturnn eaves to prevent them from shading the le, SSDETHATCH the lawn by running a metal ake over the turf to remove ‘old grass and mulch buikt-up. S=MOW less often and rase the height ‘ofthe blades letting grass grow taller S AERATE the lain using & garden fork for small areas, or hire a lawn core for the day to doa large backyard, FEED grass witha slow-release fertiliser to boost growth before winter SS WATER grass in the early morning nd only ehen needed, to help stop the spread of fungal diseases, [SPRAY common weeds with «herbicide o remove by hand. S REPAIR bald patches in the lawn by laying new tur, sowing grass seed or usinga patch product. > eo eae Sb Pe Haneymannatau a cois 115 Tosave time and money when filling the garden with blooms In spring plan ahead for seasonal colour and sow seeds nov, Pansies and violas star flowering fromwintarandare deal for both be.) fe) a Pa Zz id containers and hanging baskets Cineraria cornflower, (bella and paper daisy are all good choices to graw trom seed in autumn. ay, hllyhocks: can reach two metres tall and look great mass-planted against a wall To grow, sow seeds in trays and keep the mix moist, Transplant into Promote maximum growth before things slow down in winter and encourage new-seas0n blooms, BOOST aquatic plants with Fora dramatic di APPLY fertiliser formulated specially for autumn lawns. soil improved with organic matter, Kalahari Recah witha fertiliser such asYates Thrive Flower + Fruit yates.com.aul Stake holyhocks fer support, water from the base to prevent rust disease and watch for snail, ings in seaweed “Take semripe cuttings fom shrubs such as bude, hydrangea, lavender and bos, witha heel of older wood atached, pot them up and leave to take root ~~ ey Fypne ie NATURAL BEAUTY® back vines and remave old wood Finest quality seedlings growth from hydrangeas TRIM smal-leafed topiary such Dem mee eS stem above of ark protruding from oa ai ene a aaa a meerenimeer. Floriana knows your garden is important to you. That's why we only grow seedlings that celebrate ‘het tau ariogip] pce eRe Ut patipctce a stem of spring wares DPM © Cay od of oder wood on the To stimulate root CLIP ove lavender bushes tthe eae fe eee | A Gs ane oe ee ee lL A Cee mL Cd _ available only from Bunnings PMS IN ex UNNI 416 se 014 Austratan Kandy PAA A Re OE Rn Ne 8 Spring showcase Design and plant a brilliant display of bulbs that is timed to burst into bloom as winter winds down tun i the time of year to get busy planting spring flowering bul such 3s ‘crocuses, daffodils and tli Sour them in large groups in beds and bordets, gzow them in containers ‘or naturals them in the lasen. H you like to pu them in vases, Hine them out in generous rows to make cutting case, ‘Choose bulbs according tothe local climate, as diferent varieties have differen needs, Tn warm climate zones, hacdy bulls may not get the cold winter dormancy they need, so doa bit of research before you go shopping for bulbs and ask your loeal nursery bout the bes types fr your are, ‘You can buy bulbs from garden centres or online specialist supplies ‘A good way to find out what grows ‘wel in your garden i to buy a packet ‘of mixed bulbs and plant them al, Bulbs shoul fel heavy, not light ‘or died out, and fem when squeezed ‘gently. They should also be fee of hich, Sot spots and decay WORDS ARTEMIS GOUROS Plan a display Plant clusters forthe best show, iiving more pace ta species that ‘multiply lke grape hyacinths. ‘Mix them with low pereanias annuals or groundcovers, o help hide any yellowing leaves late on. To naturals, scatter champs in the lawn. Try bluebell, sas and resis, lor datfodils and nares in cool zones # Seasonal storage Tender, ummer-flowering bulbs areunsbltowihstond fest and inst be overwintered indoors Thess include ubeousbepeia, slat, carats and dation. Lit the bubs rom the sl then storethominegp cartons wring Ethene ofeach one nthe i Keep the carton ina cool and ey spt such asthe garage TP Eggcartoneaeideatouse for storage as they hve ventilation holes thathetprever retand migew. Drop handfuls of bal from waist Flght and plant them where thy fll using a slim trowel er bu plant. 1P So that bulbs absorb the nutrients they need to lower next year, let the foliage die down before mowing, > 19 To sow a spring bed dig planting hole Large encugh fora group of bulbs ‘or use a slim rowel to make anindvidual hole for each bulb, ara © POSITION THE BULBS with thelr pointy end upwards and at the correct depth forthe variety. planting in a etump, space bulbs atleast thet own width apart © COVER THE BULBS with soit, working carefully so you don't knock them over. Firm the surtace with the back ofa rake and mark the set so you dort dig up th bus by accent 120 ops rs oo et t it The right depth When planting bulbs, the general guidelines to measure = from tiptobese and dig hele wo or tree tines deeper. There are exception tothe rule, suchas Nppeastrums Use the chat below and for best ests plant a ite deoper nit sony sc andes deep in hey ey. 2cycamen Ea strlower = doh In the garden Daffodils and other bulbs that like to gota head start on spring, such as ealy crocuses jonguil and dvart iss, ate sown atthe stat of autumn, Tulipsand hyacinths need to go Drip irrigation isa good ies as ‘bulbs left to sit in moist will ot Water frequently during dry spells even after the Bowers have faded, 38 the growing cycle doesn’t end until the leaves turn yellow and die. in the ground in mid to late autumn, FEED at planting and fowering 4 Freesia For the best results, trea the spring time with bulb food. Apply liquid 5. Grape Hyacinth bloomers annual, using fresh bulbs fertiliser rogularty after Nowering 6: Dato each year. The exceptions ate the ddeep-panted ones, which can be left until the plants de down. DEADHEAD flowers when they fase Im order to conserve the energy ofthe bulbs forthe following year's display. Leave the follage to yellow and dry so the bulb is nourished for the next season Gently poll the leaves from the plant, but i they don't come away ‘easily i's too soon, 1 Hippeastrum Ea. Snow!lake otip 10.tiliam ln the ground fora few years SOW bulbs in beds or pots in an open sunny position in well-deained se {Use bulb potting mix in poss and Improve the soi in beds with compost Space the bulbs 100 to 200mm apart accotding to siz, or plant them in pots tn staggered layers 40mm apar, WATER when the shoots emerge then regularly asthe plants grow When in bloom, water from the bse to avoid damaging the blossoms, 1a Pye Cet A 63) Jota scented spring dip, you Te bestvactesorthat sweet In very warm zones, walt unt OW swee eas ant yopacswet pas un peasertavete heim type so. May sow ain ery col las tha ong stems and pet fo seed paca with nuns her nouns tea, 3 aed pe blooms they area garden classic ‘Old Fashioned Mixed’ and “Old Spice Inspring asa summer annual The botanical name for sweet peas Mixed or yo forthe be and purple Sweet peas can go directly into Get planting now to fill the garden with fragrant flowers is Lathyrusodoratus and theyve been lowering ‘Matucana’ sweet pas, ‘the ground but will needa tel przed since their discovery on an lor txpee to climb, as hey can on long stems for a showstopping spring display island nea Sicily circa 1700, Easy sowing 10W to two mets tl The English hogan breeding these The tradtonal Hime The dna varieties hardy annuals inthe 1800s when to plant this cottage ‘ange from 300mm WoRDS ARTEMIS GoUROS they became poplar ascut lowers, ganden favoutte ta im and can be fad those sit peas aze what wes Australias \ grown i borders now call heoom varletes St Pateick’s Day Se containers with ‘Newbrecding programs have om 17 March, but tele oF no suppor, ‘reated bigger and brighter blooms any time in mid depending on size, Dbut the modern hybrids aren't to late autumn TIP Try/Jet et’ always as highly perfumed as the will do to ensure in bess an Cup ‘okbfashioned cultivars, blooms from late winter. sm hasketsor pots. > ‘Sweet pea seeds may germinate mare easily fthey are left to absort moisture overnight ‘= POSITION THE SEEDS between ‘wo layers of damp tissue paper then leave them ina plastic container and by the morning they should have doubled in size. |= SOW THE SEEDS immediately, isearding ay that dnt swell 122 poh 21a Handyman MandmonnstusPni. ote 123 16 Sweet pea seeds a lange, easy to handle and can be sown ditectly into garden beds or containers, with mos lowering from 12 weeks Trthey get too wet after planting, ‘he seeds may fal to germinate so water the Soil the day before sowing, GGet the seeds in the ground while the soil is still damp then don’t water atin about 10 days, uni eaves app ‘SOW sweet pea seeds 10mm deep or aceording to the packet instructions. Choose a sunny postion with ‘well-drained soil, adding wellzotted ‘manure or compost before planting. They lke slightly alkaline soit with a pH level of 6 to 7.5 butt is too low, about 5, add dolomite WATER well during the growing season and keep an eye-on moisture levels in dry weather, using a soaker hose so flowering isnot restricted WATCH FOR fungal diseases, as they like water but not humidity and ane prone to powdery miles ‘SUPPORT plants with a teepee made ‘of thee bamboo canes, Plant theee ‘seeds atthe hase of each cane, using sot ies to attach the elinging tends (UT sweet peas as they Dower for vases, or snip them as they fade 10 promote further Rowering, but leave some to set seeds for next yea, Invery cold etimates, start seeds indoors. Sweet peas don't like being {ransplanted, s0 grow fom seed in tues and plant them autin spring, Roll newspaper sheets around tallet rats ta make 100mm tong tubes, secure with tape and slide oft ‘The newspaper wilt break down inthe sat ee ar i tc ae Re rei grertarren PACK THE TUBES upright ina seed tray. Use a funnel t fill with petting mix and sow two seedsin each tubeto 10mm deep. Stand the tray ‘water uni the tap ofthe mix is moist POSITION THE TRAY indoors oF ina greenhouse angkeep the sol, ‘moist, When the seedlings have four pairs of Leaves, pinch aut the tps 0 that strong sideshoots devetop. HEIRLOOM sweet pea variety BEARS filly white lowers splashed with maroon or claret FLOWER fragrance is rich q ee LD varety bred in the early 17008 BEARS pink and white bcoloured blooms ever many months FLOWER Fragrances strong MODERN grandifiora type BEARS large, silky, ruffed white looms with mauve edges FLOWER fragrance is rich ORIGINAL sweet pea from Italy BEARS two small purple and claret blossoms an each stem FLOWER fragrance Is intense DWARF variety bred for baskets and seas greundcover BEARS bicoloured pink blooms FLOWER fragrances delicate DESIGNER blend af sweet peas BEARS large blooms in pastol to deep shades of blue and valet FLOWER fragrances sweet rejuvenate your soll In beds with permanent plantings, loosen and aerate the soil with a garden fork. In empty beds, dig the soil to a spade's depth and incorporate lots of organic matter, such ‘as compost or aged manure. Check pH ‘and neutralize acidity by raking in some lime or dolomite _. Vegetables to plant now include Peas, Parsnips, Carrots, ‘Onions, Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale and Spinach. Con. nue making success- ive sowings of quick maturing vegetables such as Asian Greens (Bok Choi, Pak Choi, Mizuna), Lettuce, Radish, Silverbeet and Spring Onion. Many herbs also enjoy the cooler conditions so plant Parsley, Chives, Mint, Oregano and Thyme now. Make sure you plant some Sweet Peas before Anzac Day. Other Winter and ‘Spring flowering seeds to plant now include Alyssum, Calendula, Cosmos, Foxglove, Nemesia, Snapdragon, Poppies and Pansies. Lift and divide overgrown lumping perennials such as Salvia, Dianthus, Phlox, Rudbeckia, Catmint and _ ‘Anamone. Thisis 2 — ‘great way of creat- ing more plants and rejuven- ating those that are losing their vigour. Dig in compost of well rotted manure before replanting. Tohelp you plan your Autumn garden see our website for our new ‘Online Garden Planner and iPhone App! Available b Te Seer ec CRN as ai Tabletop gardens No room for flowerbeds? Here's how to create landscapes in miniature that fit into any outdoor area AND ‘ADAM WOODHAMS arden style i dictated by the fowner and the climate bot the scale depends on the size, with some landscapes measuring in the hectares and others in square metres. For those courtyarl where space is at a premium, a tabletop garden is fun way to green the seene The idea i simple, just pick a low pot or bowl with a wid top, choose plants to repeat the looks and layers found in a fullsize landscape then design and plant away: In ust hours you'll havea landscape in miniature For a miniature landscape, choose a pot or bow with a mouth at Least 400mm acrass and drainage holes inthe base, and use potting mix suited tothe plant types, We used variegated lriop, black mondo grass and Convolvulus Pink Moon PART-FILL THE POT with mix, position the tallest plantin the the plants and firm down the mix Mini landscapes (Choose a pot with a mouth wide enough to spread the plants ext, they don't look crowded as they grow SELECT plants, such as mini mondo gras, that lok lke scaled down versions of larger species PLANT tll, medium and groundeover varieties in layersas you would in areal garden. Put the tales in the centreas 2 tabletop pots seen from al sides. {GROUP plants that have similar requirements, such a those that prefer drier conditions, in one pot SPREAD THE MUL exposed areas of mixta at least 20mm deep, but dant mother the plans, Water plants well before mulching over alt MULCH with fine pebbles or gravel less than 10mm in diameter ADD si the scale and round river pebbles csnaments that suit Fora simple seasonal miniscape, prune adwart Duras to shape, and under planet with small annuals, Pebbles, $11 for Ska, The ancient Japanese garden art of bonsai, where trees and | shrubs ae trained into exquisite miniature forms, evolved from Penjing,a yet more ancient Chinese horticultural artform. Bonsai ecuses on the Inavdual plant, white Pealing is all about creating the Ilusionof landseapesin complete with vers, DECORATE THE SCENE with arge feature pebbles and ornaments tke this tiny cast-iron fairy seulpture, Feed the miniscape regulary. and more, Invest in the essentials to keep the yard tidy without breaking the bank WORDS JECCA BLAKE ah autumn in the at forking out the eash to buy it Wstime toget backin Larger items such as rotary hoes the garden to prepare onees, edge trimmers and tll for the cold weather ah ladders can be hire for per This isthe se c of time, savin twouble of Comp and make her you're just starting out ace an experienced gardener, there are some essential items that every green thumb should own, When toot bec with dire and rus using a bucket fs called clean wa ‘Add oil tothe sand, Brush wich ofthe caked-on dir Italse ensures thatthey're always as possible withawire brush, then inere you can find them, put the tol inthe bucket, movingit Tools should be cleaned regularly up-and downuntilthe abrasive send . re going to get keep them in good working or has removed the tar even, eyrees Pyke (et A £3) Spade vs shovel ‘These two tools are often confused but the aiference isthata spade is used to ig into and break up soil, write a shovel ifor Picking up and moving loose material ‘auch agmuleh or compost Larger spades have reads for your foot to increase pressure when digging, and are availabe with diferent handle lengths Use trowel for small jobs suchas transplanting, digging holes and mixing soil. Buy one thats sturdy ith along blade, but make sures not too broad, “Measute the length ofthe trowel’ blade ane! use that 36a gue when spacing out seeing Rake Rakes are maltipurpese tocks for leveling ground, ‘moving grave or sand, and for gathering up debris ana teaves. (Chaase one witha strong, sender handte and test its weight and balance before buying. Tousearake propertyyou should beable to support at east part ot with your lower hand, Instead of dragging. This ensures the tines have even penetration and makesitesserto evel sl. Wheelbarrow Although quite bulky, wheelbarrow makes ‘moving plans, rocks, sol, compost and ‘mulch quikand easy, so buy one that’s heavy-duty enough for your needs Some modelshave neo wheels, ‘making them easier to handle on uneven ground. When a wheelbarrow reaches the end of ts useful is Fork J A garden forkis very ‘set when working In compacted or rocky soll, digging up deep-rooted semen ONE SMALL STEP FOR KELSO. enc i .-ONE POWERFUL STEP FOR YOU gon easier than a shovel, repurposeftasa garden planter The ine measuerent Our new PowerStep” digging tools allow you to put more power of on should be about ee : : See into digging with safer foot traction. And of course you can still rely A ayades ora bi lager on the traditional Kelso range of wheelbarrows to help clear it away. Trug Trationally Watering can crafted from ‘hand-held watering can timber, the modern in durable plastic or metal tru soften made ta convenient, water-saving way ‘rom plastic sos toirrigat potted plants and newly lightweight, bendable, planted seeds or seedlings. ‘washable and durable ‘good watering can should be Use one for eatying easy tacarry. Most comewith arose 10 weeds and other garden waste 19 the compost heap of rubbish bin ‘They ae also good for moving small quantities of si, compost ‘or mulch around the yatden, of foreartying small hand tools such astrovels and weedes, 20h 221 Autain Mandan that fits over the end ofthe spout 0 the flow is moderated aight shower, which is gentler an plants. ‘Buy one with measurements on the side to make easy to mixup ferblisers such as Seasol. For additional information: Contact Ames True Temper Australia Pty Ltd on (Australia) 1300 367 387 BUILT STRONGER TO LAST LONGER EL REMOVE THE RUBBER BANDS, use 99, then perforate aroundit to dam wide, Make aholein the top tft the [El wrap RUBBER BANDS around raw tablespoons of vinegar andthree cups water. Soak the eggs for 10 minutes, a drying ri. Dry the eggs onthe gia BI STRING UP THE SHELLS by cutting Loop the end of 180mm piece af fine wire thread it with ribbon and tea knot the o9gs and hang on painted branches. ecard Eerrnerenner tats Hetesnarranneinemetiat aie it Roncnntnerereraneten SN SLO) Bo Sead COLO) ae) CR Ses Peas FIRE SAFETY (NSW/VIC/TAS/SA) Pryor Sar G Te DUNO Pen Brno SATURDAY 19 APRIL Crag SOC PG Gan) Ce ere ae See ey Sel COC) Od Sead CUNO) aaa) GARDEN CRAFT SE ea Cs Ga AAC Cyto SUNDAY 13 APRIL PANO ECP Nn SNELL Oa ee Oe Gt Naan) eee Easter craft Bring the outside in with garden-themed decorations you can make DIY to celebrate the holiday WORDS ARTEMIS GOUROS PICTURES SUE FERRIS PROJECTS GEMA BENEITEZ, B luis, Baby chicks, egg hunts ‘low out raw eggs and decorate and parades ate all hallmarks with water-based paints or tood dye, ‘ofa traditional Faster With Wrap them in twine and neste them ‘more outdoor activities than most in abasketof eat grass and flowers as holidays, this isthe time of year for a centrepiece fr your Easter table _garcen-inspred decorations “Make an egg mobile to hang up To give your home an Faster theme indoors or out and ereate ness of all you need is acaeton of eggs and bright, beaded eggs as decorations few bitsand pieces from the pantry TIP For alongs fan raft ase of th ardwave store, use artifical Egg basket centrepiece Make a basket from mm thick balsa, dé a base of 3mm corrugated paste then decorate with twine an fit with real E grass fora ving able decoration. IP Balsa eight, exible wood (ram hardware and hobby stores that isused fr erat £ @curTHE BALsAto atleast QWRAP THE TWINE around the balsa @ POSITION THECAT GRASS inthe {400mm tong, avertapthe ends by basket tent of the ends and secure base ofthe balsa basket, remaving 20mm and secure with staples witha dab of adhesive. Cut outa circle each plant fom the pot fist Tein {TIP Usea 100mm wide basa panel. of corrugated plastic as a base. the cat grass using scissors, 20h 221 Autain Mandan andmannstaw Pri. 138 Dye white eggshellswith food colouring, then string them up using twine or ribbon, adding sik lowers andvintage pletures. PREPARE THE EGGS by using apintomake aholeinthe tp to fit the nozale of a rubber bulb syringe Make a larger hole inthe base. Mo vip THE EGGS ina selution of 10 ‘ops food colouring in hala cup of tapwater witha teaspoon of vinegar Make 2 wire holder fr dipping. ang dyed eg roma picture frame or boxthen ad silk lowers and pictures. INSERT THE SYRINGE into the top hole and squeeze the bul to blow out the egg. Rinse the eggshells in bow! of water them et them dry. a a Bs TWN i Z p= aoa ‘THREAD THE TWINE or ribbon trough the holesin the dry eggs and knot the base end, Secure the fgg tothe mobile using tape. Because you can’t turn OL ye meets ~ f secraamreronemmatcsntsone Ni (See rentnsesie oe 8 net seed and bug beads, whichcan be bought rom craft stores PERGTIECLA aad ees eee ‘the world's best-selling pool safety gate latch. And now the new Nes rokeyotte feck Fer Magnalatch Series 3is safer than ever. eee ann its patented Lst-Motion Technology and imovative magnetic ‘Magnetic latching always i ‘action shuts everytime and stays shut. The lock canbe reheyed engages, can't jam s ‘to match your other door locks. Anda ne visible Lock Indicator Lifetime Warranty is shows whether it's locked ata glance. Trusted fo protect toddlers 1) With aLitetime Warranty, MagnaLatch Series 3 is available for 25 years ‘rom good hardware stores and fencing contractors. To ind out tions sold wordwide PREPARE BLOWN EGGS by DIP EACH EGG nto a bow! filed spplyingclear-dryingadhesive _withbeads and ral it around Allow La set AU Laced tah cle Rig? Meets Australian Standards to-ane side using palntorush Use PVA aratacky craft glue. 196 poh 21a Handyman te dry then appl glue an beads to the other side of each egg www.magnalatch.com.au Fi ey World's most trusted pool safety gate latch. PAST RCT USE THE SAME BATTERY TO POWER OVER TOOLS 43am EMS TST Rs Sy