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With bread all

sorrows are less
Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote








Who we are

Philosophy of the bakery

CEO Statement

Experts in whole grain

Tasty, healthy, fast and fresh

Looking into the bakeries of the future

Competitive power with bread

Lantmnnen Unibake
Bakery Report 2011

Printed in 3,000 copies.

March 2011

International scope

Editor: Monica Klepp Bjerrum,

Lantmnnen Unibake.
Local parts edited in local units.

Design: Datagraf
Print: Datagraf AS

Bakery Report

Who we are
3,894 Employees 18 Countries 26 Bakeries 733 mEuro turnover 2010
83 Bakery lines 400,000 Tonnes of bread each year

Part of the
Lantmnnen Group

The Lantmnnen Unibake

Corporate Structure


CEO: Bent Pultz Larsen

President & Group CEO

Strategy & Business
Development, R&D

Legal affairs



Support Functions



Owned by
Lantmnnen Unibake is owned by
Swedish Lantmnnen, which is one of the
Nordic areas largest Groups within food, energy
and agriculture. The Group, owned by 37,000
Swedish farmers, focuses on R&D
and sustainable development to be a
strong and long-term partner, taking
responsibility for the entire chain
from field to fork.

Frozen Bread Business

Fresh Bread Business

Production Denmark

United Kingdom


Sales offices Spain


Bakehouse, UK

South Africa
Partly owner Japan

Estonia (Leibur)

Bakery Report

The Executive Management Team (from left): Magnus Krook (Division Director Germany),
Peder Christensen (Chief Operations Officer), Brian Guldbrandt (Chief Business Officer),
Stine Aare Jensen (Chief Financial Officer), Bent Pultz Larsen (Chief Executive Officer), Peter
Hermes (Chief Commercial Officer), Erik F. Nielsen (Chief Strategy Officer, Vice President)

Lantmnnen Unibake is a leading

international bakery group with
expertise in frozen and fresh bakery
products for foodservice and retail.
We solve tomorrows challenges in
the bakery business and set new
standards for possibilities with bread.
All based on a desire to bake pleasure
into peoples lives.
Our aim is to make bread a profit
able business for our customers
through high quality products and
superior solutions.
What we do
From our 26 bakeries mainly situ
ated in Europe and supplemented
by overseas production in USA we
offer a full range of bakery products
for in-store bakeries, service stations,
restaurants, cafs, hotels, coffee
shops, canteens, retail chains, cater
ing and food service companies.

All products are based on ancient

baking traditions and a strong phi
losophy about trustworthy raw ma
terials, world class food safety and
the optimal baking conditions to
create high quality bread.
The assortment covers all meals
around the clock comprising Danish
pastry, croissants, fast food bread,
soft dough products and all types of
bread and consumer-packed bread
for retail. 75 % of our turnover is
sold for bake-off ready to be baked
and freshly served at the customers.
We do it The Unibake Way
Lantmnnen Unibake has developed
into a large, international bakery
group, taking responsibility and get
ting things done with a straightfor
ward and uncomplicated attitude.
We call it The Unibake Way, which
means that

1. We keep our promises

To our customers, employees, own
ers, suppliers and the world around
2. We keep it simple
Our attitude is uncomplicated and
so are our solutions.
3. We are entrepreneurs
With individual commitment, local
initiatives and global cooperation we
make new ideas come alive.

Since Bent Pultz Larsen got this

kayak as a present from the staff for
his 60th birthday it has been a favourite
hobby for the busy CEO. A wonderful
trip around the bay an early summer
morning is the best time for reflection.
It is even better than golf,
says Bent Pultz Larsen.

Bakery Report

on the right
The second year of a recession tends
to be difficult to handle. By com
parison, the first year is easy, when
everybody is focused on change, and
it seems rational to pull the brake.
The second year is different, and
2010 was a second year.
Focused on the business and tuned
in on the signals from the market,
we have been leading Lantmnnen
Unibake through the recession and
into a future, which offers a wide
range of possible scenarios. Some
times it feels like all known parameters have suddenly been turned
upside-down. The prices of raw
materials fluctuate dramatically, ex
change rates undermine the profit,
families change their values and their
buying habits. And all this makes
me conclude that we have never seen
more potential opportunities for
the watchful and the skillful than
right now. The flipside of the coin
is the huge challenges looming, and
generally it is fair to say that it has
become harder to earn a profit by
making bread.

2010 was a reasonable year

We have done quite well in 2010
under the given circumstances. We
are not fully satisfied with the result,
but nevertheless we have come quite
close to our goals.
During the year we have acquired
two new companies to our business.
As part of the internationalization
of our bakery structure we have in
vested in a fast food bakery in Hun
gary, reinforcing our position in the
Central European market. The new
bakery in Hungary secures us an
ideal production platform and direct
access to a well-established sales and
distribution network throughout the
Central-European region.
In 2010 we also became the majority shareholder in Bakehouse, UKs
leading supplier of sweet and sa
voury pastries and specialty breads.
With Bakehouse we got emerging
businesses in Australia and South
Africa. The acquisition made the UK
our biggest market. >

Despite the difficult

market situation we
are happy to note that
we have succeeded
in increasing the
market share in
several important
markets and

New bakery structure
being implemented
The fierce competition and the
fluctuating exchange rates make it
more important than ever to bake
our bread and pastry close to the
customers. Therefore we have started
a major restructuring of our baking
facilities to bring us closer to the
most important markets. In England
we are close to opening a brand new
bakery featuring all the modern pro
cess technology that will enable us
to deliver locally produced Danish
pastry to the British market.
The new baking capacity in the UK
means that we will close down the
Fristrup-bakery in Denmark and
move the majority of the produc
tion to the new bakery in Bedford.
Furthermore, we have closed down
the bakery in Glostrup, Denmark,
moving the production of fast food
products to Finland, Germany and
2010 has been characterized by a
number of internal development pro
jects. First and foremost we are in the
process of implementing an interna
tional ERP system that will connect
all business units and support our
philosophy of ONE Unibake. Fur
thermore, we have carried out LEAD
projects in 11 bakeries and the rest of
our sites are planned for 2011.
Market development step by step
The financial crisis and the ensuing
recession have resulted in changing
consumer habits and new require
ments from the customers. Con
sumers are increasingly acting as
professional buyers, planning their
shopping in detail, and making stra
tegic choices. Consumers prefer the
same high quality as ever, but wait
to buy the products until they get a
discount. Hard discount stores are

sprouting everywhere, and downtrading to cheaper goods is also a

significant trend.
B2B customers bear the brunt in
the crisis-ridden market. A decrease
in travelling in almost all markets
and the conversion into discount
are general trends. Customers are
cutting down inventories, investing
in efficient logistics solutions and re
ducing the number of suppliers.
The market for bread is impacted
by the recession. However, bake-off
in particular is expected to grow
in the future. Traditional fast food
is stagnant at the moment but ex
pected to grow when the Eastern
European countries are back on their
feet, and new fast food products like
sandwiches and savouries are also ex
pected to grow.

quickly to important trends and

changes in the market. Flexibility is
our trade mark, and I am sure that
this special ability will make us one
of the winners in the bakery busi
ness. We are investing in the right
development projects, which will
make us even stronger and more
customer-driven, and my greatest
worry is whether we will be able to
invest enough to match the demands
of the markets.
Last year we initiated our ONE
Unibake strategy to create an even
stronger and more united bakery

The people in Lantmnnen Unibake

are great, and we are a good family. I
enjoy the spirit and the enthusiasm
of the organization, and I am confi
dent that our ambitious strategy will
bring us safely into the future. All of
Despite the difficult market situation it to remain the customers preferred
we are happy to note that we have
supplier and one-point of contact.
succeeded in increasing the market
share in several important markets
Bent Pultz Larsen
and segments.
CEO Lantmnnen Unibake
I would like to highlight the pro
gress and good results in Russia and
Poland, which support our decision
to invest in Hungary. Despite the re
cession in the UK the future in this
important market looks good with
our new set-up. Our activities in the
US develop according to plan with a
lot of promising opportunities. During 2010 we divested our business
units in Japan and Korea to focus
our business in Europe and North
America. However, we still sell a lot
of products to Asia through new co
operation constellations.
A promising outlook
I am an optimist as regards the
future. We do our best to keep our
eyes wide open to be able to react

Bakery Report


Net Sales














Sweden 11%
Wheat Bread 32%
UK 16%

Norway 10%
Belgium 6%

Fast Food 29%

Germany 5%

Other 9%
Croissants 8%
Danish Pastry 11%

USA 6%
Denmark 29%
Rye Bread 11%

Fresh 25%

Poland 6%
Rest 11%

Frozen 75%



Tasty, healthy,
fast and fresh
Arjan de Boer
Trendsspotter from
Shoot my Food

The trick is to make

it easy for the consumer to handle
a freshly baked
croissant, a cup
of coffee and a
mobile telephone at
the same time on
the way to work.

Arjan de Boer from the trend agency

Shoot my Food, publishing the Food
Inspiration Magazine, travels around
the world to map the most recent
developments in the eating habits of
consumers. With his camera and his
notebook he roams the streets of cities
worldwide, visiting fast food restau
rants, gas stations, and hotels to track
down what is important to consumers
right now. All over Europe the devel
opment in consumer trends seem to
be similar. But what do they look like?
Sustainable food
According to Arjan de Boer the
younger generations in particular are
concerned about the sustainability of
their food. They care about the impact
of food production on climate and
natural resources. They are concerned
about the increasing number of people
that the planet has to feed. They want
to have confidence in the companies
that produce the food they eat; they
are concerned about animal welfare
and child labour. In other words, they
expect sustainability in the whole value
chain from cradle to grave.
Slow food served fast
Consumers are tired of unhealthy
fast food. On the other hand they
have less and less time.

Apparently a paradox, but the

situation opens new opportunities,
says Arjan de Boer. The art is to
put effort into the preparation and
then make it easy for people to enjoy
the meal on the go. He underlines
the small things that can make the
whole difference.
A high-quality napkin, big
enough to avoid crumbs from the
bread all over the car. All-in-one
solutions for breakfast, which more
and more people take on the way to
work so that it is easy to handle a
freshly baked croissant, some fruit
and a cup of good coffee at the same

Bakery Report


Fresh, healthy
and tasty products
elegantly presented
appeal to women

time. Therefore the packaging is so

important. When you buy a quick
meal it has to be like receiving a gift,
premium quality and care inside and
outside, says Arjan de Boer.
The concept of slow food also
comprises a desire for healthier
products. High nutritional value,
few empty calories and few ad
ditives. This is why whole grain
products are on the rise across
Europe. Baked with white wheat
and with the right mix of flour,
whole grain bread is fast becoming
a favourite among health-conscious
consumers, even in countries that

do not have a strong tradition for

whole grain.
The feminine gas station
While more and more customers
at the gas stations are women, the
ambience and assortment of the gas
stations still mostly appeal to men.
Consequently, women flee the gas
stations as quickly as possible, leav
ing a lot of lost opportunities be
Fresh, healthy, and tasty prod
ucts, elegantly presented appeal to
women. Shopping at gas stations is
very much based on impulse, and

traditional fast food does not ap

peal to women. On the other hand,
freshly baked bread is a winner
among the women, says Arjan de
He also studied trends at hotels.
What he sees is an increasing de
mand for self-service.
- Hotel guests want to eat, where
and when it suits them. It is ok if
you have to do something yourself
to fix a snack or a light meal if you
arrive late if the assortment and
facilities are clean and inviting, and
the food on offering is fresh and
delicate, says Arjan de Boer.


Competitive power

with bread

The smell of freshly baked bread attracts people and makes them buy more. It is all about
offering the right choice during the day and combining it with knowhow of what makes the
difference for your specific business. With our service concept we make tailormade solutions
for each customer with focus on baking, merchandising, sales and boosting profit. We
have solid experience with creating business results for our customers in almost all sales

Baking results with

in-store bakeries
An active in-store-bakery creates
atmosphere and life in any shop.
With the pleasant smell of freshly
baked bread and pastry the senses are
stimulated towards impulse buying.
By combining the optimal product
assortment and professional product
presentation we help customers in
crease sales in the bakery category by
up to 25%. For this reason even the
discount sector has started to show
interest in running their own mini
bakeries in the shops. At the mo
ment we are developing an in-store
concept for discount shops, bringing
the nice smell into the shops with a
limited number of resources.
Baking results at gas stations
Gas stations in general are in a fan
tastic development. An increasingly
part of their earnings comes from the
food business, and bakery is a key
strategic product category to attract

the consumers. People arrive not

only to buy gas but also for a quick
snack or meal or for food to bring
home. A freshly baked assortment
for every meal during the day in
creases impulse sales and cross sales.
We consult and teach gas stations
how to organize, run and expose the
food & drink sections to get optimal
turnover. It is clear how a softening
of the traditional masculine environ
ment makes a big difference and also
welcomes the female segment to the
shop. Healthy sandwiches, indulgent
snacks and good coffee combined
with traditional fast food makes the

Baking results in
the fast food business
Fast food is one of our key compe
tencies with a market leader position
in several countries. No other com
panies can offer such a big variation
of products and so many possibilities.
In burger buns we cover everything
from the classic and basic bun to
the gourmet experience. The same
goes for hotdog buns, sandwiches,
etc. With all baking technologies inhouse and a strong set-up with fast
food bakeries around our company
we are able to adjust almost any
parameter in the products: shapes,
sizes, ingredients, fibres, grain, spices,
packagings, toppings, looks and or
ganic or conventional products. We
also make products for special events
or branding activities.

Bakery Report


Hot news

News that makes everyday life a little

easier and more tasteful.
A range of healthy personalities
The Hatting retail assortment in Denmark and Norway has been given a boost from a new range of
organic whole grain bread developed in cooperation with leading nutrition experts. The mix of new
Hatting products and well-known favorites loaded
with fibres and whole grain have attracted new

Why not bake the taste of Mexico
directly into the bread? EXTRA Taco
from Korvbrdsbagarn is a great success on the Swedish market, where
the combination of cumin, garlic and
chili gives an intense sensation of taste.
EXTRA Taco is one example of how
premium products within the fast food
category grow and take new directions
enhancing the possibilities within this
classic assortment.

segments and consumers to the supermarkets

freezer with great success.

new shoppers
with pastry
Three new, tailor-made pastries from Lantmnnen
Unibake are now available at one of the UKs major
retail chains. The products were carefully developed to appeal to a broad segment and to attract
new shoppers to the category. We have worked
with appearance, exciting flavor combinations and
shape. 30% of the growth our customer experienced in the Danish pastry category last year was
attributed to the launch of these new products.

Rye bread
in disguise
All the healthy characteristics of rye bread, but soft and
mild like sandwich bread. Now there is no excuse to skip
the recommended daily intake of fibers and whole
grain. With the new sandwich bread sold to consumers
in Denmark and Sweden we have succeeded in developing a rye bread full of fibers while at the same time
fulfilling the preferences of the consumers. Simply the
perfect bread!



of the bakery
Most people have an opinion
about the quality of bread.
That is good. We are happy
when people are interested
in good bakery products,
since it is our passion.
Please join us on a journey
into the philosophy behind
our products together with
five specialists.

Mette Kann, Corporate Quality

Director, Lantmnnen Unibake

Much can go wrong

in a bakery
This is why food safety has the highest priority at Lantmnnen Unibake. Through decades
we have refined and developed our routines
and systems to fulfill the strictest requirements from customers around the world.
At our bakeries we manage the ingredients
carefully, we keep the bakeries clean and
tidy, we control all processes in every detail,
and we run our business with extraordinary
high levels of hygiene. All suppliers have
to sign our Supplier Code
of Conduct. We have
quality managers in all
bakeries, who make
sure that production is
carried out according
to our standards every
day. Furthermore, we
develop our quality and
food safety procedures on
a continuous basis to even
higher standards.

Palle Kjr Pedersen, Innovation Manager, Lantmnnen Unibake Denmark

Every product starts in the artisan bakery

Every new bread or pastry product has been created by a passionate baker who loves his craft. With
professional pride, creativity, expertise and pure craftsmanship we develop every detail of the products:
the crust, the crumb, the shape, the colour, the smell, the taste, the texture. We make everything from
scratch, and it always starts in our artisan bakery. Here we develop thousands of new bread and pastry
types every year. Only the very best are transferred to the bakery lines, where we apply the exact same
care and principles only in larger scale. It is extremely rewarding when our experiments result in a flow of
thousands of perfect copies from the bakery lines.

Bakery Report


Anders Frberg,
Service Concept Consultant,
Lantmnnen Unibake

convenience the
key to good results
When I travel around the world teaching baking techniques, decoration and presentation
of the Unibake products, I am proud of the
quality that Unibake represents. We make the
same products millions of times, and even so
they always have the same look, taste and
shape. The customers can trust us
to provide the quality they expect
when they open a carton from
Unibake. Convenience is important elements in the development process. Uniform baking
times and baking temperatures
for most of the products make
it easy, and decoration glazing
and syrup included with
the pastries that is
quality to me.

Peder Christensen, Chief Operations Officer,

Lantmnnen Unibake

Bake off means fresh

Good bread is made from good ingredients. It is as simple as that.
We can only bake our high quality products when we work with
high quality ingredients. Our requirements to quality, taste and baking characteristics are so high that only the very best ingredients
make it to the bakery. We quick-freeze the products straight
from the oven, before the ageing process in the bread sets
in. This is the key to completely fresh products, ready
for bake off when the customers want a delicious bite.
Bake off offers the opportunity to bake around the clock,
adjusted to sales and demands so that the products are
always freshly baked.

Piet Van Beveren, R&D and Quality Director, Lantmnnen Unibake Benelux

Sensing the dough means everything

In the bakery all physical circumstances affect the quality of the bread: the weather, the humidity, the
flour, the quality of the ingredients, the machinery and the temperature. No robots can ever do this
work. Our bakers constantly adjust the baking process with expertise and precision according to the
circumstances. There is a human being behind every product, assisted by modern technology to monitor, measure, scan and transport the thousands of products that flow from our bakeries every day.


Experts in

whole grain
Tina Lindelv
Innovation Manager,
Lantmnnen Schulstad

Tina Lindelv is Innovation Manager in our fresh bread division,

Schulstad in Denmark. She has
worked with innovation and product development for 10 years and
is one of our key experts in whole
grain. During the years she has
seen the bread market develop and
many trends come and go.

The whole grain trend has been

around for several years and seems
to be growing stronger. From our
dialogue with the customers we see
a clear trend towards healthy bread
types with whole grain. This is very
positive due to the proven health
benefits of the fibre, vitamins and
minerals that characterize whole
grain, says Tina Lindelv.

Focus on natural health and taste

Lantmnnen Unibake has highly
specialized competences in utilizing
whole grain and other raw materials
for maximum health and taste.

Among other things, Lantmnnen

Unibake cooperates with the grain
mills to develop new ways of grind
ing and to create new combinations
of grain types.

Whole grain is not just one thing.

We constantly develop new bread
types, which would never have been
recognized as whole grain just a few
years ago. We can do this because
we can combine the raw materials
so that the bread achieves the right
nutritional balance, while preserving
the premium taste, says Tina.

Traditionally, whole grain bread is

made from wheat and rye, but we
are also considering barley, which
has promising properties when
mixed with other grain types. The
trick is to find the right balance, al
ways keeping the good taste and the
natural health as the core elements,
says Tina Lindelv.

Bakery Report

Pushing the limits

We are constantly testing different
flour combinations and pushing the
limits for how much whole grain we
can use in bread and still keep the
good taste.
Today we can bake whole grain
bread which has almost the same
taste and texture as traditional white
bread. Our Levebrd Fuldkornsbrd
from Lantmnnen Schulstad for
example contains 45 % whole grain,
which is more than most rye bread.
At the same time it offers the characteristic mild taste and the white
crumb that consumers love about
wheat bread, says Tina Lindelv.


We have just launched a revolution within

the rye bread category. Through innovation we have succeeded in developing rye
bread that combines all the healthy qualities of the traditional rye bread with the
soft and airy quality of white bread. We
expect a lot from the new bread which
fulfills the dreams of many consumers
about the perfect bread.

The healthy trend

Increased focus on health has made
whole grain one of the strongest
trends in the bread market. Over
the years, consumers have become
more and more aware of the nutri
tional benefits of whole grain and
today, the demand for whole grain
products is bigger than ever.

whole grain bread

finding its way to
the plates of more
and more consum
ers in countries
where whole
grain is not part of
the tradition.

Alongside the increasing demand

for whole grain, consumers chal
lenge the bread industry to come
up with new, healthy and tasty
products. At Lantmnnen Unibake
we invest a lot of work in develop
ing the whole grain category.

One of the reasons

for the success of
whole grain is
the fact that we
develop new products that meet
the taste of people,
who do not yet have
a tradition for bread
with seeds and the red,
slightly bitter wheat
which is often used
in Scandinavia.

In Scandinavia whole grain has

been an integrated part of the diet
for centuries and its benefits are ac
knowledged. But whole grain is no
longer restricted to Scandinavian
consumers; on the contrary, we see


Looking into

the bakeries
of the future

The requirements to the efficiency of

the bakeries are growing all the time
as are the requirements to the quality
of the products. This means that we
have to constantly develop and refine
our production. Never before have
we been so ambitious as regards our
production facilities, never before have
we invested so much in so many large
projects and never before has the fu
ture looked more promising.
Structured processes with LEAD
LEAD, which is the Lantmnnen
interpretation of Lean, has been im
plemented in nearly all bakeries, and
the rest are planned for 2011. The
implementation of LEAD makes
the bakeries more professional with
more structured work processes. The
employees are deeply involved in the
LEAD projects at their bakeries, and
the active involvement has increased
the motivation in the daily work,
improved the working environment
has also reduced absence due to sick
Besides the normal content of such
projects we have added an extra di
mension, which we call bottleneck
analyses. This is where we work
with process innovation to develop
tailored, intelligent solutions that
make us even better at details. We
investigate the details of the produc
tion and map the areas where we by

adjusting small things can become

even better.

New levels of food safety

Food safety has always enjoyed top
priority in the business model of
Lantmnnen Unibake, and during
2010 the effort in this area became
even more visible with the new strategy. During the year all European
bakeries were BRC certified, and
the goal is to achieve grade A every
where. In 2011 we expect USA on
this level too. Furthermore, we have
defined a number of extra require
ments in our food safety manual,
among other things strict require
ments to safety equipment and ex
tremely high hygiene requirements.
The goal is to implement the food
safety manual in all bakeries before

Transparent supply chain

with new ERP system
During 2010, we have developed
a new all-comprising ERP system
which will enable us to work seam
lessly together across functions and
countries. The purpose of the new
system is to achieve more transpar
Climate from mindset to action
ent processes, especially within the
As part of the Lantmnnen Group
supply chain. The system will be put we have set a goal to reduce our
into operation in the first
CO2 emissions by 33 percent before
2020. To reach this goal we
countries during 2011,
have to focus on reducing
and after that the
the energy consump
By 2020 we
tion of the produc
tion will be
tion and simplifying
rolled out in
will reduce our
the logistics. We are
our business
CO2 emission by
in the process of
units worlddeveloping a CO2
wide. The
toolbox for pro
project will
duction, which all
leverage new
compared to 2009
units will implement.
The climate challenge
within logistics
is complex and we have
as well.


Bakery Report


Building a new
super-bakery in the UK
The British love Danish pastry and with our new bakery in Bedford we will get state of the
art facilities in this important market. Every corner of the bakery is designed for streamlined
production with climate-friendly solutions and the highest level of food safety.
A team of British bakers have been trained by colleagues from Denmark in how to produce
high quality pastry. It is a completely different thing to work with laminated products than
with bread so transfer of competence is an important part of establishing a new bakery.


We never compromise on
food safety. Our system
is fine-tuned to meet the
expectations from even the
most demanding customers
anywhere in the world.

We work systematically to improve our supplychain in order to minimize our production

costs and optimize our ability
to deliver in any situation.








Talented people
Talent and competence are needed
to lead an international food com
pany with high ambitions like
Lantmannen Unibake. Therefore,
we have made talent management a
priority. Currently we are mapping
the talent potential of the company,
and we are offering international ca
reer paths to the employees. The key
words of the ONE Unibake strategy
as regards HR development are de
velopment, knowledge sharing and

Food safety


We have also made a climate declara

tion for our ten biggest products to
be able to determine where we have
the highest potential for improve

Our production philosophy


made a strict prioritization to go for

results that benefit the environment
as well as the business.





We have an increasingly strong focus on

sustainable practices. Together with the
Lantmnnen Group we develop sustainable solutions to reduce our impact on
the climate and the environment.

All details in the production

process influence the taste
and customer experience.
We constantly optimize
all stages and every little
detail to ensure the best
quality product.


General Manager:
Greg Harnwell
Sales office: Glebe

Lantmnnen Unibake
Sales Manager:
Betrice Fregier
Sales office: Miramas

Lantmnnen Unibake
The Baltics
Sales Manager:
Franceska Kirkila
Sales office: Riga

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Magnus Krook
Bakeries: Verden,
Harrislee, Suhl
Number of employees: 279

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Jean Dinet
Bakeries: Londerzeel,
Mouscron, Brussels

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Mrta Galcz
Bakery: Budapest

Number of employees: 369

Number of employees: 44

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Trine Egsgaard
Bakeries: Hatting,
Holstebro, Hasselager,
Fristrup, Doense
Number of employees: 689

Lantmnnen Schulstad
Division Director:
Carsten Lyngs Thomsen
Bakeries: Pandrup,
Avedre, Viborg
Number of employees: 733

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Trond Aar
Bakery: Langhus
Number of employees: 106

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Jacek Gorecki
Bakery: Nieporet
Number of employees: 190

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Marko Laine
Bakery: Vantaa

Lantmnnen Axa
Division Director:
Grzegorz Stupnicki
Bakery: Poznan

Number of employees: 59

Number of employees: 303

Bakery Report


Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Ekaterina Zaplatina
Bakery: Yegorievsk

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Luis Roca
Sales office: Barcelona

Number of employees: 119

South Africa
National Account
Manager: Monia Parker
Sales office: Montague

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Lasse Gustafsson
Bakeries: rebro, Mantorp
Number of employees: 364

Lantmnnen Unibake
The Netherlands
Commercial Manager:
Hans Van Den Bosch
Sales office: Driebergen

United Kingdom
Managing Director:
Tony Brown
Sales office: Bagshot

Lantmnnen Unibake
United Kingdom
Division Director:
Sren Landtved
Sales company: Bakehouse
Bakeries: Milton Keynes,
Number of employees: 439

Lantmnnen Unibake
Division Director:
Scott Kolinski
Bakery: Florida
Sales office: Chicago
Number of employees: 143


The Baker
He takes the best
from nature, mixes it with
know-how, and adds love
and a little magic.

Bakery Report