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AM 2014, as it comes to a close, has proven to be a year filled with change as weve
said goodbye to dear friends and communities and hello to the new relationships
and adventures God has planned for us. It
was filled with moments of rejoicing when
the Duvenhages announced a baby on the
way, Tessa became a wife, new camping
relationships in communities like Claastroom and Prince Albert were a success,
and new doors have opened in unreached
communities like Zoar. 2014 was a year
marked with challenges that we saw God
overcome. Challenges like a distance split
amongst our staff as some were in Transkei,
others were in Cape town. Things like allowing God to close doors to communities that
we have grown to love like Hout Bay Harbor,
saying goodbye to our dear friends,
colleagues and mentors, the Nunleys, and
also watching and partaking in the a difficult healing and sanctification process of so
many within JAM and in the communities
weve worked in. As a staff, we have come

to realize just how much we need God to

daily equip us as we continue to face new
obstacles and challenges that make us rely
on His wisdom ever more.
But we are also rejoicing. For we have
seen God work in a mighty and beautiful
way, whether through amazing partnerships weve watched grow and develop, or
individual relationships in the communities
weve worked in for years who are finally
coming to realize the truth of Gods word.
For the first time, our Valley Church family
joined us on an outreach to Transkei and we
have been so blessed to see that relationship blossom. Our relationship with Westside and so many other American churches
have only grown stronger and we have also
been blessed to watch God reassure us of
those strong relationships despite hardships.
Our partnered outreaches with our American friends either to Transkei or the teams
who have partnered with us in Cape Town
have been truly of breath of life into our
ministry and as individuals. Our JAM Year

students have only blossomed into amazing young leaders fully capable of impacting their communities and we are only too
eager to see where God will take them and
how they will share their training. Weve
watched them grow into a character that
so much resembles that of Our Jesus and
weve also watched them step up into new

roles of leadership whether that be speaking in front of crowd, leading a bible study,
leading worship, facilitating a small group,
or even learning independent living. All in
all, God has been so present and so good to
us this past year. Thank you so much for all
of your continued support and we eagerly
await what God has for us in 2015!

2014 TiMeline

Paul Roos, Paarl
Gimnasium, Cape
Academy, Eversdal


FeB 27-MArCh 8: The

SouTh CArolinA
TeAM ArriveS

MAY 30-June 3:
WelCoMe SuMer

Our partners and friends

from the Christ Church
Episcopal School in South
Carolina join us for
Cape Town outreaches


FeB 3: WelCoMe
All neW JAM
All the new students
arrived at Apostle to
start the year.
Duvenhages leave
for the transkei


Our JAM interns arrive

at Apostle to start
their internship


MArCh 3:
River of Life
Pre-school opens
in Bambisana,

MArCh 11-17:
FirST ouTreACh
To CAliTzdorP
Our JAM team
headed to Calitzdorp
for the first outreach
of the year

MArCh 29-APril 4:
Our JAM team and partners from????



June 28-JulY 19:

The JAM team partnered with Stellenberg
Church to reach out
to Mavhuza, Prince
Albert, and Calitzdorp.
The JAM team also
partnered with both
Valley church and Stellenberg church for an
outreach to Transkei.

June 29: GoodBYe nunleYS!

Our dear friends and
colleagues for 4 years,
the Nunleys leave to
go back to the States.

noveMBer 12-16: JAM

leAderShiP SuMMiT

AuGuST 12:
BYe inTernS!

Ministry leaders from all over

the country join us on Apostle
Battery for a Leadership Conference on the Heart of a Leader.

Our JAM summer

interns leave to go
back to the States



JulY 24-AuGuST 8:
MAdS TriP To TrAnSKei WiTh WeSTSide
FAMilY ChurCh.
The JAM team partnered with
Westside family trip for an
outreach to Port Elizabeth,
Alexandria and Transkei on
Music, Art, Drama, Dance and



oCToBer 1-8: 2nd

KBv ouTreACh.
The JAM team went to
Koue Bokkeveld once
again for an outreach

oCToBer 10-12:
WeeKend AWAY
The JAM staff spent a
weekend, dreaming,
planning and fellowshipping with the JAM

oCToBer 31-noveMBer 9: PrinCe AlBerT

CAMPinG ouTreACh.
The JAM team went to Prince
Albert at the De Haus farm
for various leadership and
character camps



deCeMBer 2: lAST dAY

WiTh The Sir loWrYS
KidS And A ChriSTMAS
JAM says goodbye to the Sir
Lowrys kids and throw a Christmas party for them with sweets,
presents and the Christmas Story

deCeMBer 10-15:
deCeMBer CAMP!
Leaders from various communities join us for a spiritual
camp for students from Zoar

Now thanks be to God who always leads privilege to have them as key partners!
us in triumph in Christ, and through us
It give me much joy to know that, through
diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge. Gods grace, weve been able to disciple
(2 Cor.14)
and train young Africans who can reach
their communities for Christ, just like our
his verse came up as I thought about mission statement said.
this year. So much has happened and
Another point to celebrate is Tessa that
the appropriate response is to pause, ac- got married to Daniel Smith! Daniel has alknowledge and thank God for everything. ready been part of the JAM family over the
Here are a just few glimpses of triumph- last few years and we are blessed that it is
or fragrance-stories that I believe will en- officlal now!
courage you.
When it comes to 2015 theres so much
1.) JAM team. This time of the year it is to look forward to. God has blessed us with
always bitter-sweet. Saying good-bye to a the Nunleys for 3 and half years of faithteam that has been such an important part ful service, and now he is providing us with
of our JAM family is never easy. It has been 3 more staff members joining in January
a joy to see this team become solid, mature 2015: Walton and Lianca Kruger who will
and equipped leaders. Their desire to study, be based in Transkei and Nico Prinsloo who
grow and serve has been a great encour- will be on the Cape Town base. We are also
agement. Suzille, Michael, Enslin and Etti- very excited to see God continue to work
enne - we will miss you but know that God through our camps, partnerships and in the
is about to write a new chapter in your life communities he has sent us to.
I would like to end by thanking each of
2.) Camps. Through Gods grace we were our prayer warriors, supporters, partners
able to present 30 camps between our 4 dif- and members of the JAM family for the part
ferent bases this year. It is clear that God youve played in making this year a success!
has camping ministry on his heart. Many May God richly bless you this festive season
young people and kids accepted Christ for and may you experience the gift of Jesus in
the first time, leaders were trained, lives a fresh way this Christmas.
were changed!
3.) Transkei: Mignon and myself had the
privilege of living in Bambisana village,
Transkei, for the biggest part of the year.
n experience this year where I really
Apart from all the valuable lessons weve
saw the JAM vision in action was durlearnt, we were blessed to be part of what ing our July outreach to Mavhuza. There is
God is doing in this beautiful part of our a sangoma (or traditional healer) there with
country. Mignon assisted Pumla in opening whom we have been working for a few
the River of Life Pre-school, we were able years now Mama Trysa. God has been doto pioneer camping- and rugby ministry in ing deep work in Mama Trysas heart, and
Bambisana and were blessed to work with she is now very open to us sharing about
amazing partners, leaders and churches.
Christ, and praying for her. She has told us
4.) Calitzdorp Skype team. Another ex- that she knows God exists because of how
citing new process that started this year was we love her. She does not want to accept
the Skype team in CalitzdorpSkype stands Christ yet though, because she says that her
for Servant, Kingdom, Young People, spirits are troublesome. While we were
Evangelism. 6 young people who have all visiting her during our trip in July, she asked
been involved with JAM in some way or an- us to pray for her because she had problems
other, decided to start doing outreaches in with her hips. One of our team members,
and around Calitzdorp. They were trained Ettienne, prayed for her. When he was done
by JAM in February of this year and men- praying, Mama Trysa looked at him and told
tored by Ds. Van Tonder. It was, and still is, a him, You have power. I have gone to many


other sangomas to get healing, and none

of them could heal me. But you prayed, and
now I am healed. You have power. Ettienne
told her that it is Gods power that healed
her. Through the prayer of one of our team
members, a sangoma experienced the true
power of the One true God, and how He is
more powerful than any other spirit. What
made this experience so wonderful for me
was that God did not do this through one of
us on staff, but He did it through one of our
team members. That is the vision of JAM
for those who we disciple to reach the lost
for Christ, through the guidance and power
of the Holy Spirit. Praise God.

he saw, he thought was worth capturing.


y relationship with God has grown

hugely and ever bigger. JAM has
pushed me to a point where I can influence
the hearts of young people for Christ. I see
now how much I need Christ and how important it is to be in a relationship with Him;
so important that i cannot afford to not rely
on him as my father and everything.
I have grown a lot in so many things but
one thing that I have grown a lot in is His
word and what it is to really push aside my
own interests for the sake of others around
me. The last thing that God taught me is to
be flexible and consider others more than
here have been many times throughout yourself. I have grown a lot in a way of
the year where Ive seen the JAM vision decreasing myself so that He can be inin action. Part of the JAM vision is seeing creased in me.
people from different cultures, communities and backgrounds, coming together and
loving God and each other in unity. As a
ministry team, our hope is that we reflect
his year has really been a good long classthat love and unity in Christ to the world
room session. Why I say that is because
around us. During the last few weeks of Ive learned so much about myself, but most
JAM, I saw this happen in a beautiful way.
important rather about the God I serve. The
During one of our last gatherings as team, picture I painted and how the world prewe went to a shopping mall to eat lunch sented these two things all my life became
together. We spent time reflecting on the clear. Through this ministry that played a
highlights and accomplishments of the year, big part of giving me a lens of better vision,
and also answered silly questions like who I really got to know my God. Now in the
was your first crush?, sing a line from your beginning of the year I was quite shaken
favorite song and show everyone your fa- up and pushed around because of my bevorite dance move. We had a blast. Dur- liefs. I had a hypocrite mindset and had no
ing this time, a stranger stood at the head integrity. I also cant say I have it all under
of our long table, and took a group photo control now or I know everything, but I do
of us. I had assumed that someone on the know my God is life itself. He is so tangible.
team asked him to take a photo of us. Af- I have a lot of peace, magnified compassion
ter taking several photos with his phone, he and this God the whole world will eventuwalked away with the phone in hand. Then ally get to know. I trust Him with my whole
I realized that no one asked him to take a being.
group photo, he took the photo of us on his
own initiative, with his own phone, and then
walked away. It might seem like a funny
thing to do, but I saw something incredibly
ne of the numerous things God taught
beautiful in it. This man, this stranger, saw
me this year was honesty; with myself
something different in us. We were a group and with others. The moment I realized this
of young people, all from different races, was when I came to terms with where I rebackgrounds, colors, and cultures, sharing ally am at during our leadership summit.
in our love for God and love for each other. God shed so much truth to me and brought
We laughed and played together, and our me to an amazing place of honesty during
love must have been evident. This stranger that time. For so long I was striving and trysaw something different in us. And what ing to be in a place that I wasnt all because




of a little lie I had believed to be a truth.

This lie was that I wasnt good enough and I
needed to be better. For years this prideful
ambition built higher and higher in me but
as I came to JAM, God started to demolish
it. He revealed the truth to me which is that
I am nothing and no one without him. HE
makes me something and HE makes me part
of his family. It has nothing to do with me, I
can take no credit for anything. He gets all
the glory and honor! In his grace he taught
me that an honest heart, is a pure heart,
and thats what he wants from me.


ne area where I definitely saw the vision in action this year was our time
in Transkei. Firstly, seeing Prudence and
Phumla, who were previously on our Missionaries in Training team, living out their
calling, was amazing. They have really used

every bit of knowledge and experience

gained during their year at JAM, to make
an impact for Gods Kingdom.
Secondly, I saw it in the training of young
people at camps presented on Bambisana base and one-on-one mentorship with
church youth leaders. It is exciting to believe that God will use the seeds sown in
the hearts of these leaders to create big
trees for His Kingdom.
Lastly, it has been very exciting to see
that this vision is merely forming a small
part of what God is doing on a BIG scale.
He is teaching us that we are much more
effective when we stand together in the
body of Christ. For this reason, seeing our
partnerships with likeminded organisations, yet all with different visions, grow
and deepen has been great. We believe
that we can reach the lost in a much more
effective and holistic way when we work

Hello friends!
We would just like to wish you a very merry Christmas from the JAM family to your
family. We are filled with so much Jabulani and rejoicing not only as we see the year
come to a close and marvel at all that God has done this year. But also, we rejoice
over the coming of our king and the celebration of his birth. May you and your family be truly blessed this Christmas season continuing through all of next year. Our
prayer for you is that you will have much to rejoice over as you look back on all God
has done for you in your life this year and all that He has planned for you in the
future. Praise be to our king! The JAM Team