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Atheist vs.

Atheist: Why do you believe in god?
Christian: Because god has revealed himself clearly through creation.
Atheist: But if we look at nature closely we see evidence for evolution, not design.
Christian: Evolution is just an excuse to deny the existence of God. The bible tells us god created
everything in six 24-hour days 6,000 years ago.
Atheist: How can you believe the bible? Its just an anthology of ancient mythological explanations to
natural events.
Christian: Because the bible is gods word.
Atheist: How do you know that?
Christian: Because 2nd Timothy 3:16 says, All Scripture is given by inspiration of God.
Atheist: How can you be sure there aren't any mistakes in the bible?
Christian: The bible is infallible. In John 17:17, Jesus tells us gods word is truth.
Atheist: What makes the bible infallible? Aren't there lots of contradictions? Wouldn't many mistakes
have crept in over the years of production and translation?
Christian: God has promised to preserve his word throughout all generations.
Atheist: Youre going round in circles. Youre using circular reason which is a logical fallacy.
Christian: I am very well aware of that.
Atheist: ...
Christian: Christianity isn't rational at all. Im not going to try to prove anything to you. I would just
like to ask you a few questions, if I may. Youre an atheist, right?
Atheist: Correct.
Christian: So you believe god doesn't exist and everything came from nothing?
Atheist: Well no, I believe that we don't know how everything happened before the Big Bang. But on
the other hand, I believe god doesn't exist because there is no evidence to support his existence.
Christian: Well, why do you believe all this?
Atheist: Well, theres evidence to support my beliefs, but none to support your beliefs.

Christian: Why do you believe the evidence?
Atheist: Well, it comes from reliable sources. The evidence is just a common fact of knowledge
which scientists have presented to us.
Christian: Why do you believe the scientist's explanation of the evidence?
Atheist: I believe them because it is the most rational explanation of what happened and it has the
most scientific support, and also it is in alignment with the evidence.
Christian: So you ultimately decide whats true?
Atheist: No, science does.
Christian: So let me get this straight. You believe god doesn't exist because there is no evidence to
support his existence? And you believe the evidence because its true? Tell me, are you always right?
Atheist: Of course not. Everyone makes mistakes. But the evidence isn't individualistic, it is widely
accepted as fact, but people still reject what is in plain sight and in front of them.
Christian: Thats where you and I differ. I dont rely on evidence to determine the truth; I rely on the
bible, and the bible is always right.
Atheist: I cannot argue with someone who refuses evidence and uses circular reasoning to 'prove'
their claim.
Christian: I just require faith without evidence..
Atheist: That is where you and I differ. I require evidence.

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