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The Newsletter for the State of New Jersey

Soror Mary B. Wright,

January 2015

Volume 5, Issue 3

International President
Soror Janet Y. Bivins, Esq.,

Atlantic Regional Director

Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq.,

New Jersey State Director

Building on the Principles of Zeta
While Blazing New Paths!

Inside this issue:


Parliamentary Corner

NEF News


A Word from the Social

Action Chair

Amicae State President

Youth Corner

NJ Chapter News

Leadership Training


Important Dates


S t a t e o f N ew J e r s ey

Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq.

New Jersey State Director
325 East Jimmie Leeds Road
Suite 7 PMB 144
Galloway, NJ 08205
Phone: (609) 748-1470
Website: www.zphibnj.org
E-mail: NJStateDir@aol.com

Message from the State Director

Celebra onCon nues!!!
Welcome to 2015 Sorors and Amicae. I am very excited as we begin our countdown to Centennial! Please plan to attend the events scheduled for New Jersey's Founders' Day weekend - see page 3. The RSVP deadline for our Meet
and Greet with the National First Anti-Basileus was December 31 so I hope
that you have responded and will be in attendance!
Please remember the community service component and bring hats, gloves and
scarves to assist those in need. An email with details was sent to all Basilei on
December 9.
As we celebrate 95 years, please focus on reclaiming our inactive members. Sorors, please see Z-Lessons on page 2 for a refresher on the guidelines
for reclaiming Zetas. Let's also get ready to support our each other as our
chapters and auxiliaries sponsor luncheons, dinners and other events. See page
14 for a complete listing. Finally, Sorors please plan to attend our State Executive Board meeting. Details are on page 13.
I look forward to fellowshipping with you in a few weeks. I pray for traveling
mercies for those of us attending the National Executive Board Meeting in
Houston. Gina

Monthly Embellishment & Training for
the Sorors of New Jersey

January 2015

Building on the Principles of Zeta

While Blazing New Paths!

Soror Mary B. Wright, International President

Soror Janet Y. Bivins, Esq., Atlantic Regional Director
Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq., New Jersey State Director

Operation Reclamation
Greetings, Sorors and Happy New Year! I pray that everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday! As we
plan to honor the founding of Zeta, let's focus on reclaiming our inactive members. Please ensure that your
chapter has someone who is focusing on reclamation, and be sure to reach out to State Reclamation Chairs
Adrienne Goldsboro, Alexis Maisonet and Bridget Lewis-Burgess at njstatereclamation@gmail.com for tips
and guidance.
The procedure for processing the financial obligations of reclaimed Sorors is outlined below. Please be sure
to invite inactive Sorors to our Founders' Day Observance so that they can see the Blue and White from
the State of New Jersey in action.
The reclamation process is governed by Article II , Section 9 of Zetas By-Laws, Transfer of Membership. See also
National Handbook sections titled Transfer of Membership and Finances.
1. A transfer reference will be issued to a Soror upon written request for transfer to a another chapter. The transfer
card and required fees should be mailed to HQ by the chapter where the Soror seeks affiliation.
2. The National assessment for a reclaimed soror is $250 (Graduate)/$175 (Undergraduate) except from Jan. 16 to
March 31 of each year, when the fee is $200 (Graduate/Undergraduate). Transfer fee = $5.00. Please remember
that anyone that has been unfinancial for the last two years must pay the $75 assessment fee.
3. The transfer card tells the new chapter that the Soror was a member in good standing. Good standing refers to
both financial standing and the absence of charges for MIP or other violations.
4. If a Sorors former chapter is inactive or if she unknown to that chapter because of a long absence, she must go
before a notary public and swear that she was in good standing when she left the former chapter. This notarized
statement, along with written approval from the State and Regional Directors where the former chapter is located,
may be used in lieu of the transfer card.
5. A Soror must be financial on all levels (National, Regional, State and Local) before she can be transferred. If she
is unfinancial, she must reinstate with Nationals and pay all obligations, including transfer fees, before she can
6. Chapters are to exercise their own discretion, within constitutional guidelines, as to how often a financial Soror
may transfer from a local chapter to another chapter of close proximity within the same region.
7. The local chapter has the right to determine its local reinstatement fee, separate and apart from the National fees.

Volume 5, Issue 3

Page 3


For our Founders' Day Z-Hope initiative we will be collecting winter outerwear items to be donated to a
homeless shelter. We are asking that chapters and auxiliaries donate hats, scarves/mittens, earmuffs, leg
warmers, etc. for this cause. The point scale for these items will be as follows, please use the National ZHope Forms for this initiative and use the code W2S10 for Women/Spirit (Meeting the Basic Needs) :
20 items=25 points
40 items=50 points
*Please note that an attached glove, hat and scarf set counts as 3 items, not 1 .
60 items=75 points
80 items=100 points

Bring all items to the Meet and Greet Reception at the Bridgewater Marriott on January 17th. The collection time will be 4:00pm to 5:00pm, only; National Z-Hope forms will be available at the site as well.

Graduate Chapters, please advise your undergraduate chapters and auxiliaries.

the reception at NJStateReclamation@gmail.com by 12/31.
- Submitted by Sorors Tetterton and Stansbury

Remember to RSVP for

The Zeta Call

Page 4

Parliamentary Corner
The difference between Lay on the table and Postponement of Consideration
-Submitted by Titessa Smith

We often move to table, when we actually want to postpone consideration. Below are the definitions for both
terms. Become familiar with the proper use of each.
Lay on the table: to table is a proposal to enable an assembly, by majority vote and without debate, to lay a
pending question aside temporarily when something else of immediate urgency has arisen or when something
else needs to be addressed. Per RONR, this action is rarely needed and therefore seldom in order.
Postpone Consideration: this is a proposal to suspend consideration of a pending motion when more information is needed or there is another circumstance that warrants consideration of the matter at a later time or
meeting named in the motion. (See RONR 11th ed. pp. 209-18; RONR in Brief p. 118-19, p. 127)
Next month, I will go more into depth regarding the process for removing an item from the table. If you have
ideas or parliamentary items you want addressed, please email me at njphylacter@gmail.com

Meet Your State Officer

Soror Titessa D. Smith is the currently serving her second term as Parliamentarian and the
chair of the Bylaws committee for the State of New Jersey. She is a graduate of Rowan University Bachelors degree in Law and Justice. She is currently employed by the State of New
Jersey Judiciary as a Senior Probation Officer in Gloucester County, and is a member of the
Probation Officers Association of New Jersey (PANJ) in which she currently serves as Business Manager statewide and Vice President of Local 108.
Soror Smith became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. on April 11, 1999 via
Ravishing Rho Theta Chapter of Rowan University. Upon her inception, she has gone on to
serve as Undergraduate President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Soror Smith transferred into Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter in December 2002. Her current leadership experience
includes being Basileus of her chapter and Undergraduate Advisor of Rho Theta Chapter.

Leaders become great, not because of their power,

but because of their ability to empower others.
-John C. Maxwell

Volume 5, Issue 3

Page 5

National Education Foundation News

Happy New School Year!
The 2014-2015 school year is officially underway as students across the nation returned to classrooms and campuses with enthusiasm and excitement for what this new year will bring. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. supports students of
all ages as they begin another year of learning. We pray for their protection as they travel from their homes to the halls
of education. We support teachers in their quest to impart relevant and rigorous knowledge. We promote Scholarship
First! by investing in their future. Zeta's National Educational Foundation (Z-NEF) announces the opening of the
SCHOLARSHIP/FELLOWSHIP application period for High School Seniors, Undergraduate and Graduate students, September 1, 2014 to February 1, 2015 deadline. NEW application form and detailed instructions are available
from the following websites: www.ZPBNEF1975.org or link from www.ZPHIB1920.org Only Completed Applications
will be considered, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Best wishes for a successful School Year!
Soror Bibliana L. Bovery, M.A.
National Second Anti-Basileus
Instagram/Twitter: @scholarshipfirst
Soror Alice J. Garrett, Ed.D.
Chair, NEF Board of Managers

Tips from the Z-HOPE Coordinator

Remember to report programs as a chapter family. If a graduate chapter sponsors Undergraduates, Amicae,
or Youth Auxiliaries and do not report their programs, the sponsored groups will not receive the credit.

Reports are due on the 5th of each month to the state coordinators unless otherwise stated. It is recommended that sponsored groups submit their programs and verification information to the sponsoring graduate chapter by the 1st of each month to give the graduate chapter coordinator time to compile the information.

Please be sure each program has a Z-Hope Code to receive proper credit, this includes all sponsored group
programs as well. Z-Hope codes can be found starting on page 7 of the Z-Hope Toolkit.

Please use the new National Z-Hope Reporting Form, which includes the special initiatives, for all submissions. The NJ State Reporting Form will no longer be used or accepted.

Send all reports to both state coordinators at njzhopcoor@gmail.com and njzhopeasst@gmail.com. Photos
should be send directly to Soror Lawhorn, the state publications coordinator.

Questions, comments and report submissions sent to the state coordinators via email should receive a response or acknowledgement within 24 hours.

One week before reports are due, sorors can call Soror Tetterton after 6pm to get additional assistance for
report submissions if needed.

Points are assigned by the regional z-hope coordinator which is why it's important to have ALL information filled out in the matrix and the national reporting form including the z-hope codes.
- Submitted by Kimberly Tetterton

Zeta Call

Page 6

Social Action Tips

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. is non-partisan and we support education on legislation via advocacy with partner
organizations, while understanding that we do not all have the same political background and ideology. Our social action serves to promote legislation and public policies that will provide solutions to the many challenges people face in areas such as health care, social injustice, economic viability, education, employment and civil rights.
Zeta women Inform, Consult, Involve, Collaborate and Empower!

1. Zetas Social Action Goals:

Prepare Sorors and Auxiliaries for political and community leadership

Ensure members are educated on current events and political issues that affect our communities, and grassroots organizing
Sample Tips:


Develop your annual civic engagement plan so that it meshes well with chapter programs and community needs.
Stay informed regarding pending legislation and pertinent issues, especially around our state focus area of March of
Dimes advocacy #MaternalChildHealth e-alerts and sign up here: http://www.marchofdimes.org/advocacy.aspx
Keep detailed records of your government relations activities and submit reports with embedded photos by the 5th of
each month.
Combine your civic engagement efforts with other grassroots organizations; Work smarter, not harder.
Contact ZPhiBNJSocialAction@gmail.com for more information and join our monthly chat and chew discussions

2. Sample Social Action Checklist:

Chapter and/or auxiliary organized or attended forums to educate the community/chapter on key issues
around March of Dimes advocacy
Chapter and/or auxiliary held the related Z-HOPE program Election Night Counts or Know Your Candidates
Chapter and/or auxiliary has participated in local, state and national Zeta Day on the Hill type of events
Chapter and/or auxiliary has testified or participated in local or state public hearings and held meet the candidates events, we invite all candidates, not just one, when doing educational election programs
Chapter and/or auxiliary has educated the community on legislation or lobbied legislators on our legislative
priorities of elder care, bullying, prenatal MOD care, DV or poverty, school breakfast, gun violence, combating voter suppression, financial literacy, gender equity, racial profiling, etc.
Chapter and/or auxiliary partners with other organizations such as the NAACP, League of Women Voters,
MOD, ACS, YWCA, etc., to more effectively communicate with the government, educate the community on
legislation or issues or mobilize the community for change or action.

3. Quick Tips For Your 5 Pearl Program Points:

Sign up for listservs and social media for elected, share through social media and use #SOcialACTion and/
or the official designated hash tag provided for the specific event
Review the Legislative Priorities and Agenda of the national organization
Stay abreast of local issues in government
Add a political component to programs and use the awareness month tip calendar in the social action chair
toolkit as a resource:
How Crowded is My Bed-video of elected officials discussing sex education
March of Dimes event-add a summary of the newborn screening political data and bills to
your remarks or registration table bill
Community event---invite elected official (or all candidates) to bring remarks

Page 7

Volume 5, Issue 3

Social Action Tips - contd

4. Model Chapter Program:
Congratulations to Gamma Nu Zeta for a progressive #SOcialACTion
#Zetas4Justice social media campaign around the #WeekOfOutrage and
#NationalDayofResistance. On Thanksgiving, we released our state-wide statement on the lack of police indictments and the need for justice. The chapter participated in #BlackLivesMatter protests and represented our sweet Zeta well as
seen in their news clips, etc. The deaths of our Black men and women impact our
state-focus on #MaternalChildHealth. Details on our 5 step implementation plan
and how to be involved can be found on our state website and our International
#GetEngaged Social Action Initiatives will be announced December 22, 2014.
Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter members Soror Ashley, Marrero, V. Smith, and
Cobourne are #ZetasForJustice and took #SOcialACTion to the Streets, as they
protested in front of the Camden Federal Courthouse for #BlackLivesMatters on
Friday, December 12th. They were also featured on CBSPhilly News and
NJ.Com. Great Job Sorors!

Amica Janice Gilliard

A Message from the State President
July 1, 2014 marked the beginning of my term as the State Amicae President. I have been an
Amicae for the past 19 years in the Princeton/Trenton Auxiliary. In my local Auxiliary I have
chaired several programs and held the offices of Chaplin, Vice President, and President. I am
currently the Regional Amicae Treasurer and now excited to serve Zeta Amicae at the State level.
We currently have 60 active members in the State of New Jersey. It is the two year goal of the
State to charter an Amicae Auxiliary for all twelve of the graduate chapters and to increase the
members by 25%. The State Executive Board is hosting a Founders Day Brunch after the State
Founders Day Church Service on Sunday, January 18. 2015. This will provide the members a
chance to meet and greet Amicae throughout the State. The Board is also busy working on
changing their Constitution to Bylaws as voted on by the Friends at the Boule and planning an Executive Board Meeting in May 2015 hosted by the Zeta Amicae of Atlantic City. Plans are underway for a statewide fundraiser and a
membership drive in September of 2015.

New Jersey Amicae Officers

President, Amica Janice Gillard, Princeton/Trenton
Vice President, Wanda G. Bryant-Ison, Gloucester County
Secretary, Amica Cynthia Bryant, Gloucester County
Treasurer, Amica Patricia Rhodes, Princeton/Trenton
Financial Secretary, Amica Sandra Wilson, Middle/
Southern Middlesex County
Parliamentarian, Amica Cynthia Hicks, Jersey City
Chaplain, Amica Raemona ONeal, Gloucester County
Historian Amica Amber Myrick, Camden

to the New Members
Amica Terisa Miller, Gloucester County, NJ
Amica Mary Chisholm, Gloucester County, NJ
Amica Ismeta Saint Clair, Princeton/Trenton

Amicae are Coming Home Too!

Welcome back Amica Juanita Davis of Atlantic
City, NJ

Page 8

Zealous-Engaged-Talented-Awesome Youth Corner

Zeta Call

Volume 5, Issue 3

Page 9

NJ Chapters at Work

Kwanzaa Workshop with a Social Action Twist

Kwanzaa is a holiday that recognizes the culture of people of African descent. Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26 to January
1 of each year. It is a cultural celebration guided by the Seven Principles that emphasis the unity of our families and communities.
Each day of the weeklong festival is devoted to the celebration of one of these principles. Families and communities come together
dressed in Afro-centric clothes, recite the Principles, light the candles, tell stories, sing songs, make and give handmade gifts.

On Saturday, December 13th, the Zetas and Amicae of Omicron Omicron Zeta
Chapter sponsored a Z-HOPE Workshop called Its Kwanzaa Time. The community
and the youth groups were invited to participate in this informative workshop.
Queen Nur, a local African Storyteller and President of the National Black Storyteller, Inc. led the workshop.
Her workshop was centered around the current community issue of social injustice.
She led a discussion about the killings of Trayon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric
Garner. The audience was given an opportunity to voice their opinions on the grand
jury decisions and the impact the decisions had on them.
She then reviewed the seven principles and
symbols of Kwanzaa as they related to social
injustice. The workshop was centered around
using the principles of Kwanzaa to create a proverb that spoke to that issue. A
proverb is a phrase or saying that gives advice in an obscure way. The phrase gives
some type of message and when first heard it may seem a little odd. Queen Nur
divided the audience into groups and then assigned them a principle that they were
to use to create a proverb that reflected a social change. After sharing their proverb each group then transferred their proverb to kente designed border paper then
frame it. After reviewing the evaluations, the chapter believes that everyone gained
a better understanding of Kwanzaa and how they can apply the principles throughout their daily lives.

Womens Shelter Holiday Party

The Amicae of Gloucester County worked on Saturday Dec 13th, preparing a

full course meal for the men, women and children at the Eleanor Corbett House
in Glassboro. The Eleanor Corbett House is a 54 bed facility providing daily
meals, workshops, tutoring, special events, transportation, and supportive services to families and individuals who are homeless. On Sunday, December 14th
the Amicae brought the prepared meal to the center and served all the residents
and staff. They also provided holiday gifts for all the children. The Zetas of
Omicron Omicron Zeta chapter provided the entertainment and gifts for the
adults at the center. In addition the Zetas provided over 200 toiletry items to the
Shelter to resupply their shelves. Amica Raemona ONeal commented that each
year the Auxiliary looks forward to providing this service that brings a smile to
the faces of the men, women and children living in the facility during the holiday season.
Soror Priscilla Wims-Greene is served some of the
food provided by the Zeta Amicae of Gloucester
County. Also pictured Amicae Lorraine G. Wallace,
Cynthia Bryant, Tamara Osborne and Iona Golden.

Amicae Wanda Bryant-Ison, Yolanda

Still and Iona Golden listen to Soror
Priscilla Wims-Greene as she reads
the Christmas Story to the residents.

Zeta Call

Page 10

NJ Chapters at Work- Contd

Capturing the Spirit of the Season

11/27/14 Every year
HOZ volunteers at the
Plainfield Senior Center
in Plainfield, NJ on
Thanksgiving Day. They
serve Thanksgiving meals
to the senior citizens in
the area as well as help
package and distribute
food baskets for them.
This year, HOZ invited
the NPHC of Central NJ
to assist in our volunteer
12/11/14, Some HOZ members, along with fellow Greeks,
attended the Metuchen-Edison Area Branch NAACP panel
discussion regarding Ferguson.

12/12/14 Every year HOZ delivers toiletries to

the residents of the JFK Medical Center Adult Day
Care Program. This year, they delivered over 75
bags of toiletries along with personalized cards to
the residents.

Volume 5, Issue 3

Page 11

NJ Chapters at Work- Contd

The Gamma Nu Zeta chapter family partnered with Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Zeta Rho Sigma Chapter
(Camden, NJ) and Omicron Omicron Zeta Chapter (Gloucester County, NJ) in hosting their annual Division of
Child and Protection and Permanency (DCPP) holiday party at the Wayne Bryant Community Center in
Lawnside, NJ. The chapter wowed the children with treats from the GNZ Candy Buffet and gifts for them to
enjoy. A great time was had by all.

The Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter family spent their Thanksgiving morning serving those less fortunate at
Chestnut Street United Methodist Church in Camden, NJ. The chapter also handed out winter coats and
accessories to help the people in the community brave the upcoming winter season.

Page 12

NJ Chapters at Work- Contd

Zeta Call

Volume 5, Issue 3

Page 13

Expanding NJ Chapters

Sharonda Chambers
Krystal Corbet
Aigner Holmes
Shakeena Marshall
Mushirah Reed
Kara Robinson

Leadership Training

2015 State Executive Board Meeting/Day of Training

April 25, 2015
Features include:

MIP Certification (April 24, 2015)

9 workshops (including a demonstration of
the Burial Ritual, and sessions for graduates
and undergraduates)

Chapter and Soror awards

Chauncey Hotel and Conference Center
Princeton, NJ

Upcoming Chapter Events

Epsilon Xi Zeta
Rho Tau Zeta
Zeta Delta Zeta
Eta Omicron Zeta
Gamma Nu Zeta
Gamma Omicron Zeta
Chi Rho Zeta
Sigma Zeta Zeta
Xi Tau Zeta
Rho Rho Zeta
Omicron Omicron Zeta
Omega Mu Zeta

Z-HOPE Founder's Day Scholarship & Awards Luncheon, &

60 Ann. Celebration
Scholarship Event
Finer Womanhood Luncheon & Fashion Show
Finer Womanhood Luncheon
Finer Womanhood Luncheon
Finer Womanhood Luncheon
Scholarship Luncheon
Finer Woman Scholarship Dinner & Dance
25th Chapter Anniversary
Marlene Kelly Finer Womanhood Scholarship Breakfast
Scholarship Awards Brunch
All White Party Finer Womanhood Event


Key Dates
RSVP deadline for Founders Day Weekend Reception
MIP Certification Registration Deadline
Graduate Basilei Call
National Executive Board Meeting , Houston, TX
01/09 - 11
New Jersey State Founders Day Observance and Reclamation Weekend
01/16 - 01/18/15
(See page 3 of the newsletter for all events)
Military Appreciation Programs are to be included on your matrix for July 1-December 31st and
is due to the state Z-HOPE coordinator
New Jersey State Executive Board Meeting
04/24 - 25/15
ZOL - Washington, DC
07/09 - 11/15

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Newsletter maintained by Soror Kiana Lawhorn, State Publicity and Social Media Coordinator