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Written and edited by Joe Pettigrew

The information contained in Best Ways to Make Money on Listia and its complementary
resources are meant to serve as a comprehensive collection of time-tested and proven strategies
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For anyone that may have any concerns that the links in this publication might contain affiliate
links, then I am sad to inform you that yes they do, in fact I tried to monetize every link in this
eBook but it just wasnt possible, but rest assured I am still working on a way to achieve this.
Please understand that this does nothing to water down the value of the information within this
eBook, this is an eBook about internet marketing, and I am a marketer and author of this

Table of contents
Table of contents
The advantage that Listia offers over eBay and Amazon
The advantage that eBay offers over Listia and Amazon
The advantage that Amazon offers over Listia and eBay
Good Listing practices when listing on Listia
Finding things that sell best, and offer good margins on Listia
Some selling points and what to sell on Listia
Summarizing this method with Listia
Turning your listia points into cash
The big secret that turns the internet into your own personal ATM machine
Other ways of using this method to make money online
Thinking outside the box
Making your living on the internet
Other resources for learning
Shameless self-promotion
My other products

In this eBook you will learn a method of how you can make hundreds of dollars a
week. You quite possibly might make a lot more than a few hundred dollars a
week with this method; I personally developed this system but never really
worked it up more than a few hundred dollars a week. At this level I was putting
in a few hours a day into this method. You could make more doing this but it
would require more time every day.
Unlike a lot of stuff you purchase online claiming to show you how to make
money, wont work or the author doesnt explain everything, leaving some critical
information out. You wont find that with this product, this product really will do
what I claim it will do. You just have to implement what you learn, it is not really
difficult to implement. The idea is fairly simple. But it will require you to do some
I did my best to articulate what you have to do in order to make this method work
for you. And I think I covered every question you might have regarding this
method. So if there is something not clear to you, then I would suggest you go
over the section of the eBook that addresss the things youre not sure on. Also
there always is the possibility that I may have missed something or not made a
statement very clear. I welcome any questions you might have, as I want this to
work for you. So if you need any help just drop me a message at
In this eBook I will be showing you a series of methods that were developed to
leverage the use of various websites in an effort to make hundreds of dollars a
week, buying, selling and trading on these sites. One of the main sites that we are
going to be using is listia.com, if you are not a member of Listia.com then please
follow this link Listia membership, if youre not a member become a member of
Amazon.com , same for eBay.com and paypal.com.

A very important thing to remember is to be very careful not to break any of the
terms and conditions of the sites listed. Such negligence can kill your little gold
mine in a hurry. This may seem unnecessary but with so much internet fraud,
these sites are a bit fanatical and would rather shut you down than taking a
chance that you might be involved in fraudulent activity.
Just for quick clarification, Listia for those not familiar with this website is a
community of people that trade their stuff, by giving their items away in exchange
for Listia points. These points are then used to bid with on other auctions that
have items they want. The winner is the person that bids the largest amount of
points for a particular auction. It is in a lot of ways similar to eBay but instead of
cash they use a points system.
I am sure most of you are familiar with eBay which is a huge auction site where
people can auction their items to the highest bidder for cash or just sell their
items without the auction option. As well you can purchase items from this
website at really competitive prices.
Amazon is a website where you can buy items much like you do on eBay but
without the auction. Also your ability to sell items on Amazon is tightly controlled
by Amazon. But buying from them has its advantages.
The three sites Listia, Amazon and eBay are all venues for buying and selling items
online. Each has their own unique way of supplying their services. It is in these
unique differences between the websites that we are going to leverage in order
to make hundreds of dollars a week.

The advantage that Listia offers over eBay and

Listia offers a great advantage in selling items on their site as compared to selling
on eBay or Amazon. This advantage is the dollar value you can get for certain
items you list on their site. As a rule it takes 1,500 Listia points to equal the value
of $1 cash. This is the dollar value I place on my listia points. For every 1,500 I look
at them as $1 in value. Some people say 1,000 to the $1, but this has not been my
experience, but then again I am not using my points to purchase anything on
Listia except amazon gift cards, which seem to have a higher perceived value then
other items on Listia.
The fact that Listia uses a point system instead of cash creates an atmosphere of a
barter system. What makes the barter system so great is one mans garbage is
another mans gold. What I mean by this is each one of us has a different valuation
on certain items then someone else. Or example a $1 bill has the same value to a
man living in the far north as it does to a person that lives in a desert. But if we
had a block of ice it would not have any value to the man living in the far north,
but would have substantial value to the man living in the desert.
Because of many factors we all place a different value on items. Because of the
demographics of the people that use Listia certain items have a very high
perceived value than others! This means that you could potentially sell an item
you paid $4 for, and auction it off on Listia for as much as 24,000 Listia points.
That is a dollar value of $16, based on my valuation of 1,500 points to the dollar.
This only applies for certain items; the trick is to find those items that give you a
high return on your investment, the larger the margins the better. I will be
showing you what items to auction and the links to where you can purchase
them. One of the key points about Listia is the fact that they auction off many
Amazon gift cards every day. This fact is the key to using the method described in
this eBook.

The advantage that eBay offers over Listia and

The advantage with eBay over other venues is eBay is a giant and has millions of
potential buyers looking for something they want to purchase. They deal in cash,
and have some incredible deals on some items. It is an environment where even
the poorest of salesman can sell something. The fact that it is an auction
environment creates impulse buying and bidding wars.
The sad thing with eBay is it is losing a lot of the things that made their site a
great place for the average Joe to go and sell his stuff. With the many changes
that have taken place with listing cost and the many selling restrictions placed on
new sellers, not to mention the paranoia of internet fraud they suffer from, due
to certain countries that have taken it upon themselves to police the internet.

The advantage that Amazon offers over Listia

and eBay
When it comes to using this method of making money on the internet, Amazon
lends itself so eloquently, it is almost like Listia and Amazon were made for each
other. Amazon acts sort of like a drop shipper; it will allow you the purchaser to
send items to multiple addresses, and sometimes to other countries, depending
on the seller. Amazon will let you use your Amazon gift cards the same as cash for
your purchases. You can keep adding gift cards to your overall balance and let it
accumulate. Your balance of amazon gift card credits never expires.
The other great thing about Amazon is that you can get some amazing deals on
their site. The biggest thing I like about Amazon is their marketplace is as big and
as competitive as eBay if not more. But the best thing about Amazon is that a lot
of their products have free shipping, in most cases you have to be making a
purchase of $35 and more, but not always. There are thousands of smaller priced
items less than $5 and are listing as free shipping.
This may not seem like a big deal at first but the fact is, in my country it cost me a
minimum of $6 to send a small packet to anyone anywhere in the world, and $17
to send the same small packet with tracking. I can buy and ship an item from
Amazon for a fraction of what it would cost me to pay for the shipping in my
country. In fact it cost me $1.20 for a stamp to send a letter to the United States. I
can buy some novelty items on Amazon and have it sent with tracking for less
than the cost of a stamp in Canada.
Now there are some downsides to some of what I mention here. A lot of the
sellers that are listing things on Amazon at these super low prices and free
shipping are Chinese sellers; items can often take an extremely long time to be
delivered. This can be a problem when listing these items on Listia because most
people that win things on Listia inspect to receive their items overnight.

Good Listing practices when listing on Listia

It is a good idea to be as honest and forthright as you can be when listing your
items on Listia. This is why it is crucial to make it crystal clear in your auctions,
that the items you are listing from Amazon are being drop shipped and not in
your immediate possession, and that it could take anywhere from 16 to 28
business days for the item to get to them. One of the main questions you will get
regarding your auctions on Listia is did you mail my item yet and when?, Do
you have a tracking number for my item?, What size is it It is best to address
these questions when writing your Listing if applicable. Always try and give as
many details and information as possible about the items you list.
Always provide lots of quality pictures of items you list. If for some reason you are
unable to take a good quality picture of your item then get some stock pictures of
your items. Now some people really get their face in a knot if you list stock photos
of your items. And there again in your listing, state up front you are using stock
Some people say, by not using your own photos that you take yourself that you
are hurting your auction because of a lack of credibility. Others wont bid on your
items because you could be possibly scamming them. This has not been my
experience I am sure I have lost a few bidders due to this issue, but I can
guarantee I lost a lot more bidders by not having a good quality picture depicting
what my item really looks like. A poor quality picture can just destroy your
So in your listing if you intend on using stock images be sure to tell your bidders
that you are using stock photos and in a very polite way suggest that this auction
might not be the auction for them to bid on, because of the undo stress it might
cause them waiting for their item to arrive. Not to mention the undo stress they
will give you with their worrying over the item.
The most important thing when listing on Listia is to be honest, kind and bite your
lip till it bleeds when dealing with your customers. If you can do this then you will
do well.

Here are a few pointers I would like to give you when listing stuff on Listia. You
need to stick with items that give you high margins, remembering that $1 equals
1,500 Listia points. So if you pay $3 for an item you need to make a minimum of
4,500 points when you auction it on Listia. If you consistently lose money on this
item then it is time to find another item and stop listing this item. The other thing
you could do is set your minimum bid for the item to at least 4,500 points. Then
the worst case is no one bids on your item, but at least you not losing anymore.
The other thing to not do is to list things worth over $6 in value, because there is
a lot of fraud on Listia in the way of people winning on your auction and not
having any intention of giving you their Listia points. They will start a dispute
claiming not to have received their item. And if you are living in a country were
tracking is many times more than the value of the items, it will be impossible to
prove to Listia that you did in fact send the item in question.
I have found the rate of fraud to be around 5% at the time of my writing this. The
thing to remember is 95% of the people on Listia are honest. It is the other 5%
that you have to deal with very carefully. This means never give feedback to
anyone until they give you feedback first. This offers you a certain amount of
protection because these agitators and thieves dont want bad feedback ether
and are going to be cautious about yours.
The other thing is dont start a dispute even though you know these guys are
trying to rip you off, Look at it like the cost of doing business. You dont want to
involve Listia. If you have someone start a dispute give them their credits back as
fast as possible and always bite your tongue, and be as apologetic and
understanding as you can. After you have given them their credits back, if you feel
that these people were genuinely trying to rip you off, then block that user from
your auctions, thats one jackass you wont have to deal with again.
You have to try and not get into battles with these trolls that go around trying to
ruin your auction; they will make comments on your auctions like You can buy
this ring on eBay for $2 heres the link. You will get them; there are a handful
people on Listia for whatever reasons get a certain amount of pleasure trying to
ruin your auctions. In a Nutshell always be professional.

Finding things that sell best, offering good

margins on Listia
I am not going to go through a lot of how you find the best items that give you big
margins on listia, because in all honesty it was a matter of trial and error. And the
idea of this eBook was to tell you in a few easy steps where you get your items,
where you sell your items and where you convert your investment back into more
cash then you started with. I will say that I spent a lot of money and lost a lot of
money, and made a lot of money figuring out what works and what doesnt.
So for those of you that want to find their own products without using the ones I
suggest that do work. Heres a system for finding items on your own, keep in mind
that females represent the largest portion of membership on Listia. So over the
years I have come to realize that most females like jewelry a lot. Needless to say
jewelry is a hot seller on Listia. Now jewelry is one of the greatest things for listing
on a site like listia because people have such huge misconceived idea about the
valuation of jewelry.
I am going to tell you a little story about Jewelry, the only real value it has, is what
people think it is worth. The truth of the matter is most jewelry isnt worth very
much at all, but people dont know this. The only jewelry that is worth anything is
jewelry that contains some precious metals such as gold or platinum. Most
gemstones dont have very much value at all. The only stones that have any real
value are good quality diamonds and this is only because of the diamond cartels
that artificially inflate the value of diamonds worldwide.
People have very high valuations on precious gems. Most jewelry stores are
charging people for jewelry containing lab created jewels that are completely
flawless and have perfect clarity, and for all intense purposes are better than their
natural counterparts. These gems are not worth very much money. A good
example of this, I can buy a gold ring with no stone in the setting for say $300,
then go out and buy an 18ct natural lightning ridge black opal stone for an
additional $300 and set the stone into the ring setting, and Bingo I got a ring
worth $7,000.

Sorry to go on babbling about the price of gems, but it is important that you
understand perceived value. And jewelry provides a perfect example. So when
looking to find a good item to auction on Listia, jewelry is a no brainer. For a nice
pendant or ring on Listia you can inspect to receive in the neighbourhood of
25,000 to 30,000 points for a piece that cost you $5. The items that sell the best
are those items that are made of sterling silver and are stamped 925. And contain
a jewel in the setting.
Now youre likely saying, your nuts Joe, were are you going to find a stamped
sterling silver ring with say a 3ct rainbow topaz stone for $5. Here is where sites
like eBay come in to play. Follow this link $4 ring on eBay
You dont want to list items that cost you over $5 because of the cost of shipping
and the cost of your item, and the cost associated with people claiming they
never got their item. Your margins have to be greater than all your cost or your
losing money. As we can see from this example eBay is a great place to find nice
jewelry for some super prices offering you big margins on listia.
The only downside to getting stuff from eBay and relisting it on Listia is you have
to first purchase your inventory from eBay and then auction it off on Listia once
you have received it. You dont have the drop shipping option like you have with
Amazon. But you can find better deals on eBay.
Here are links to some of the low cost products I found on Amazon that offered
me good margins on Listia, allowing me to often triple my money.
LED faucet end
Solar powered toy car
Universal USB device charging cable
3D Glasses

Some selling points and what to sell on Listia

A few things I would like to mention when selecting items on Amazon to auction
off on Listia, is to stick with smaller priced items that move well on Listia. I see
people list things on Listia all the time that are good items but the way they list
their items, they sabotage their auction right from the start and they dont get
any sales. The biggest thing when you list things on Listia, dont under any
circumstance charge shipping, this is the number one auction killer on Listia. The
second thing is dont put a starting minimum bid on your auctions. I have
researched this extensively and I can tell you with no uncertainty this will defeat
your auctions on Listia every time.
This may not be the cases on other sites were you auction things off, but it is sure
as hell is the case on Listia. Dont do it, because youre wasting your time and the
methods explained in this publication wont work for you. The fact that you are
paying the shipping on the items you list on Listia really dictates what items you
can list and which ones you will lose your shirt on.
Also if you are not living in the USA you have more restrictions on the types of
items you can list and still make a profit. I personally am a Canadian and we have
some of the highest postal rates in the world. This is a huge hurdle, because in
order to send a small packet to the United States with tracking, it cost me over
$17. Needless to say I cant afford to offer tracking on a $4 item.
Other problems with auctioning your items on Listia when living outside the US, is
custom delays, all is not lost if this is your circumstance. I will show you methods
to overcome these problems. But for those of you living in the United States you
have a lot more opportunities in which you can leverage Listia. Besides showing
the things to list on Listia I will show you were you can purchase the best-selling
items at super low prices. I will also show you how to liquidate your Listia points
into real cash.

Summarizing this method using Listia

To simplify and summarize this method into steps
1. We find stuff to list on Listia by searching Amazon and eBay.
2. We then list our items on Listia that offer us good margins.
3. We take our Listia points and convert them to cash.

Turning your listia points into cash

Now here we are selling like troopers on Listia and were getting points flooding
into our Listia account we need to turn those points into cash. This method
requires that you have an Amazon account One of the things that Listia auctions
off, are Amazon gift cards; this is a great way to turn your points into something
almost as good as cash. Amazon gift cards can be redeemed on your Amazon.com
account and are used the same as cash toward purchases that you make on
Amazon, as well as toward shipping cost if there is any.
As stated before I consider $1 worth about 1,500 Listia points, one way we can
liquidate our points is by going to the rewards store on the Listia site and going
directly to the amazon gift cards at the bottom of the page. You bid on these gift
cards. You just have to be careful not to overbid or you will start to lose money.
So for example $1 = 1500 points, a $25 Amazon card is worth no more than
37,500 points, a $15 amazon card is worth no more than 22,500 points, you get
the picture! If you lose the auction on the card because someone bid higher
thats ok, because you will eventually win one at the point value stated, or lower
most times.
At this point I recommend you dont convert all your Amazon gift card money into
real cash, because you can use your amazon gift card money to make purchases
on items that you have successfully auctioned off on Listia. So you need to leave a
flout so this makes the whole system homogenised and your pool of Amazon
points is growing much faster than it is depleting.

Amazon like a drop shipper making your purchases every time you successfully
auction something off on Listia, sending the item you just purchased directly from
Amazon to the winning bidder on Listia.
One way you can get some cash from your Amazon gift card balance requires that
you have a membership with eBay.com , find an item on Amazon that sells for a
higher price on eBay and make an auction for the item on eBay. This can take a bit
of time to find items that sell well on eBay, but you can find them. Things like
computer parts, brand name clothing always sells well. The thing is you dont
have to purchase the item from Amazon until you get a sale for it on eBay. So you
can experiment at no cost to you. Once something sells on eBay and they paid for
it, very important that they paid for it.
You then go and proceed to purchase the item from Amazon and send the item
directly to the winning bidder on eBay. This method requires you to have a PayPal
account, so when you have a successful auction on eBay your cash gos into your
PayPal account and from there into your bank account.
Another way to convert your Listia points into cash is to win Amazon gift cards off
Listia and auction them off on eBay. You will almost always get the face value of
your gift card when you auction it on eBay, often times, you get a lot more than
the face value of the gift card. I have actually received $25 for a $15 amazon gift
card in one auction. For the life of me I dont know why people would even buy
their gift cards off of eBay. Anyone can go to Amazon and buy the gift cards
The only reason that I can come up with why people are buying Amazon gift cards
from eBay instead of Amazon is that you cant pay for your Amazon gift cards with
PayPal on Amazon.com. So those people that want to buy Amazon gift cards with
PayPal are going to eBay and paying higher than the face value of the gift cards.
One point to remember is that in eBays terms they state you may not list virtual
items on eBay.

This would mean you cant list just an auction of a number for your Amazon gift
card; you have to have an actual physical card in your possession. The way to get
around this problem were Listia only gives me a number for the gift card, when I
write the listing for the auction on eBay for the gift card I am auctioning off, I
state in my description that I will send the card out in the mail to the winning
bidder. But if the bidder is in a hurry for the card, (and they always are) I will
message the number to them right away. The ones I message the number to I
know dont care about receiving the physical card, because they already have it.
For the ones that want the physical card I purchase a gift card from amazon for
the amount of the card they won. And have Amazon send the card to their actual
shipping address. I then relist the card I won on Listia back on eBay, or deposit it
into my Amazon account.
There is a third way of liquidating your Listia points into cash and is likely the most
effective way of doing so, giving you a much greater return on your points into
cash. This requires a fair amount of research on your part, but can be very
profitable for your use of time. What you are going to do is a search on Listia for
Collectibles. If you see some interesting items that are going for very few points
and cheap shipping, then start researching to see if this item gets a lot of bids on
eBay for it and that it sells well.
The ways you do this is by doing a search on eBay for the item, if you find one see
how many bids it gets. You can do that by checking off Completed listings on
the left hand side of the window, then click were it says auctions at the top of
the window. You should see all the listings that were completed for the item in
question and how many bids the item received. Also the color of the price tells
you if the item sold or not. Green means it sold, black means it was relisted, red
means it did not sell.
Needless to say you dont bid on Listia items that are poor sellers on eBay. But if
you find one that does sell well on eBay and gives you good margins to make a
profit. Then bid for the item on Listia and once you have the item in your
possession you can auction it off on eBay at a good profit knowing it will sell.

The big secret that allows you to turn the internet

into your personal ATM
I am probably going to kick myself in the butt for letting this out, But 90% of you
folks reading this eBook wont ever implement what I am showing you here
anyway. This is why most people fail at making money online, because they dont
follow through. Plus it requires a certain mind set. I am giving you the real deal
here; I wish someone had done this for me when I started online 20 years ago.
This method is a really powerful way of finding stuff to list on Listia without
having to purchase any inventory. The truth is you can implement this method
with a lot of sites. Not just Listia. But in an effort of keeping within the scope of
this eBook we will just stick with Listia. Amazon .com is a great site to find stuff to
list on Listia for a couple of reasons; one reason is you can find a lot of novelty
items that are as low as $1 to $4 with free shipping. Novelty items go for a lot of
points on Listia allowing you to often make 3 or 4 times your investment.
So what you do is research on Amazon for some good products to list that are
under $5 and offer free shipping. When you find one list it on Listia then when the
auction matures, go to amazon.com buy the product you just auction off and send
it directly to the winning bidder, right from Amazon. If you made more in Listia
points then the item cost you, (remember 1500 = $1) then you found a good item
and should continue to list more of them on Listia and have 4 or 5 of these ending
each day.
So if for instance you have an item that cost you $2 and it goes on Listia for $6,
(9,000 points) and you have five auctions ending each day, thats $4 clear profit
for each item times 5 a day, this equates to $20 from one Amazon product. I
know thats not a lot of money. But when you have ten different products all
doing this every day, you then have 10 x $20 = $200. It takes about an hour a day
to keep this little system going after you get it all set up.

Other ways of using this method to make

money online
Now you can do this same method with Amazon and eBay, buy from one sell on
the other, only using products that offer you some margins. Here is another thing
to consider, eBay and Amazon are really powerful vehicles for selling stuff bar
none. But theyre not always the cheapest place to buy stuff. I know that
statement might sound a bit off the mark, but it really is true, there are sites that
sometimes have items on sale for 70 percent off.
You just have to make sure that the item youre looking at has a sale that last as
long as the listing period of the site youre selling on. One way you find these
sales is a simple Google search of the item youre looking for with 70% off
beside the item in the search phrase.
A lot of the work in this method is the time taken researching items to sell. Well
why reinvent the wheel. There are literally thousands of sites doing the research
for you, use their data. Some examples that come to mind are forum sites were
people list incredible deals that they found or some crazy coupons with a major
discount on something that turns over good on Amazon or eBay. I have found
sites that specialize in a particular product line and their pretty hard to beat when
they put on a sale.
There are many websites that specialize in scouring the net for you, finding the
absolute best deal on items, PriceGrabber.com , Shopzilla, Shopping.com, to give
you some rough examples. There are sites like http://www.google.com/shopping.
One of my favorite pastimes is finding manufactures that will sell small amounts
of their products. You might ask, How do you find these companies? I ask my
all-knowing friend Google. The art of getting information from Google is learning
to ask the right questions in the right ways.
Well this is getting off topic. I just wanted to point out to you that there are other
venues that you can apply this system to find stuff to list on Amazon, eBay and
Listia in order to make income.

Thinking outside the box

You have to constantly be thinking of how you can leverage the services of one
site to monetize off the services of another site. For example there are hundreds
of sites popping up all over the internet that allow people to offer their services to
others in exchange for cash. Usually these services can range from sending traffic
to your website, making a cover for your eBook, giving you a thousand views to
your website, or writing an article for you. The number of things people will do for
you at a really good price is amazing and endless.
For example you could go to a site like GigBucks which is one such site where you
could sell a service like designing an e-book cover and charge $10 for the service.
When you get a job request for a cover you then go over to fiverr.com it hosts
gigs for most of the categories found on GigBucks. Here you look around and find
someone that designs eBook covers for $5 that has a good feedback history. Get
the details of the job from the person looking for the service on GigBucks and
outsource this job to the person on Fiverr. You make $5 profit for setting up the
This is a lot of work but it gives you an idea of how you leverage situations that
present themselves. Now doing a simple search on our old buddy Google for
something like sites like Fiver.com will bring up a huge selection of similar sites
with different rules and policies that you can leverage against each other. It really
is all about mind set. You can apply this idea with almost any website.
You go to a random website, you ask yourself what are the people that come to
this website looking for. Once you establish what people are looking for. You look
at how you can interact with these websites if not directly maybe indirectly. This
is getting easer then ever nowadays, with all the social interactions sites like
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a host of others. Next you find other websites
that offer what the people were looking for on the first website.
Sort of see where we are going with this, we are looking for ways to capitalize on
one site by outsourcing on other sites offering the same thing.

Making your living on the internet

You sort of have to let your imagination run free a little bit and let your creativity
come forth. It really is that easy. Well I think I have babbled on here enough, and I
hope that I have given you the key to your freedom from the rigors of the 9 to 5
world most of us share. I would also like to point you in the right direction, if you
would like to learn more about thinking outside the box and how you can
leverage the internet to make a good income online.
If you think you would like to make your living online and learn more about
internet marketing, then I would like to help you out. It has always been my
dream to be my own man, have my own business and work for myself. I always
hated going into a 9 to 5 job feeling like a slave to a system I was trapped in. I
wanted to get paid well if I worked hard, thats not the way it is in the real world.
The truth is the jobs I worked at the hardest; I made the least amount of money.
And the ones were I hardly did anything I made pretty good money.
This 9 to 5 thing just doesnt work for me, this is why right from the beginning of
the internet I seen an opportunity that anyone could make a living online. So here
I was back in the 80s making my first website from raw HTML code. MY site was
for people that wanted to buy and sell and trade their stuff online. It was similar
to listia in its theme but really crude in design. I remember the way I was
advertising was with FFA websites and back then that kind of garbage traffic
actually worked.
My first successful business online failed within a year because of the ever
changing dynamics of the internet. This is why you always have more than one
egg in the basket. You have to use the dynamics of the internet to your
advantage; dont look at change as a bad thing. Change keeps you strong and
looking for solutions, finding something even better. I thank God that my first
business went to hell in a handbag or I would have never learned the things I
know now.

The moral of this story is when a big kid like Google comes and kicks you were it
hurts, get up brush the dirt off and find a big stick. Googles my buddy now, I just
dont try and do too much business with him.

Other resources for learning

Anyways the point of all this babbling is I want to save you time and money, if
you think you would like to try internet marketing as a way of making the money
you need to live, or maybe a bit more. One thing I learned quickly is there are a
lot of people out there that are selling dreams, I call them dream weavers. The
only one that is making any money is the dream weaver.
And the worst part of this crap is that the dream they sell you is that you go
around and sell this dream to some other sucker to sell it to someone else. I
bought a few dreams luckily I didnt have the money to buy too many. Or I would
have had a lot of dreams and not a dime in my pocket. So I want to try and help
you wake up and stop living someone elses dream and start to live your own.
You need to learn, I find videos are a great vehicle to learn from, you seem to get
a higher comprehension rate with this kind of information input. One really great
guy to get some really good free content from this guy that goes by the name
KingHuman on Youtube.com. He definitely demonstrates the ability of thinking
out of the box, and his mind is working all the time. I stumbled onto this character
by accident as I am always looking for new information.
He puts out a tremendous amount of videos that are loaded with some really
good information that a lot of people are charging money for. This guy thinks he is
a genius, and the first time I seen some of his stuff I thought what the ?????. I
have now come to share his conclusion, after watching many of his videos. Some
people are born to be great musicians and we call them genius, some people are
born to paint, we call them genius. KingHuman may not be the most modest of
men, but I have to call it as I see it. KingHuman was born a marketing genius.

I have nothing but respect for someone that is this gifted, and gives so much away
in an effort to help others. You cant help but like this character, he truly is a
genius and he knows it. For you this is a great place to start your learning and if he
recommends something to help you, it very likely will work for you. Here is a link
to his channel on YouTube.

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