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Position and Value of Family and Moral Norms of Family from the Point
of View of Quran
Salimeh Rahbar Islami*
Graduated of Master of Divinity, Qur'an and Hadith Studeis Branch, Qur'an and Hadith Sciences University (Pardis-e Tehran), Tehran, Iran.

Mahdi Motia
Assistant Professor, Q,uran and hadith Sciences Department, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Isfahan University, Iran.
*Corresponding author: sri_2000@yahoo.com



Ignorance Norm
Islamic Norm
Mutual Right

At the beginning, Islam showed the power of transforming ignorance norms to Islamic norms in the family environment
and truly proved that this power would be remaining all the time. Ignorance has repeated and converted into modern
forms. Family is the main infrastructure for organizing the human perfection.
The current research introduces some examples from what has happened in family life transformation together with
documents from Quran, interpretations, hadithes, and the history with the aim of being a pattern of prosperity for
peoples life in the world.
In this essay, researches among the ignorance times books, the first decade of Islam, and also analyzing all parts of
Quran relating to ignorance norms and criticism of them are used by using the method of applying logics of Quranic life.
The aim of having Islamic ideology in family life, the need for respecting women, considering mental and spiritual facts
about women, compensating the mutual efforts of men and women, need to change tribal zeal and fervor into ethic norms
and also clan-centered into family-oriented culture and consistency of life with division of responsibilities between
husband and wife, are of the most important results of this research.



Wise God creates man for eternity and spiritual evolution (worship). This scanning of the right path has three layers: A) Evolution of life within the
individual, B) evolution within the family, C) Evolution of life within the community
Without these three areas will stagnate in development activities and do not try to remove one of the three _ an excuse to become more active in the
retaliated remove it. In other words, do not take the grade point average; For example, someone could be that mean the two activities will be
completed and a score of zero to compensate in other areas. If you submit to God's Spirit exist in three domains show.
This paper presents the value and status of the family from the perspective of the Qur'an and the comment will be paying commentators what is the
role of the Holy Quran in the era of Islam has become the norm of those times and in all times to ethical norms have been studied.... In past centuries
a comprehensive book independent of the family has not written, and all related topics, books in the mean time commentary and Ahadith mentioned.
For example, shiaiiequipment [5] in two volumes to the issues of marriage, its principles, ways to strengthen the bond, pest life, family rights, thanks
to the marriage (children) and divorce issues are discussed. In all religious books such as refinement, Estebsar, Bihar al-Anwar, brightness,
Dameshqiehetc., traditions and history topics related to family life in the verses are explained.In Imam Sajjad's right letter [11] section of the Nahj
alBalaghe [27]; some family issues come in various forms. Women's magazines in the last fifty years, some of the family issues presented and before
the victory of the Islamic Revolution, some of the entries are in conflict with Islamic teachings was that some great characters like Allameh martyr
Motahari began to answer some of them (such as Woman's Day magazine). The Book of Women's Rights [19], the family lives In the Quran [10],
Paradise Family [18], to explore the issue of women and their families from the examples mentioned.
The question of the necessity of family, because that is seen psychological theories of the family, mostly derived from Western science and it doesnt
have the Islamic foundation and also Islam the lack of theorizing. In the field of family and obsolescence or lack of family issues and lack of
application in the modern family life and accused; and it's true picture of how healthy family is not Muslim family; Because of this study with regard
to this issue that the desired pattern through the verses of the Quran and Cultural Anthropology Methods of extraction and society.
The main research question is: Is Islam a problem in the the spiritual evolution of the human family is valued? As a subset of this question, several
other questions: (1) What is the mechanism of processing of the Quran to family issues? (2) What is the pattern for family issues in Quran?
This paper aims to marry in ignorance of the ignorant and the norms governing the pay period and examples of alternative norms of God and the
wisdom of Islam are: prevailing ideological bonds linking the couple, sanctions hurt the woman, who looked at the issue logically, love and gifts to
divorced women, ethnic zeal of Islam in the moral norm, the family charity, the division of tasks between men and women.
Islams capabilities in the beginning of Islam and conversion norms in the thought and behavior stubborn and ignorant-that-familiar violence showed
that this power is reserved for ever.
This paper tracks the theoretical and practical mostly of view is the view of the Qur'an. Benefit for the stated purpose of the interpretation of the Holy


Discussion plan

The purpose of marriage in pre-Islamic period, faithful spouses and sexual needs, but also looking to provide services to female and female to male
continued to support the generation and looked social and economic coverage. The objective of the family, continuing generation interactive services
that both sides (men and women) to each other. In fact, at a family before the revelation of the Quran, the service was mutual. She had a range of


Position and Value of Family and Moral Norms of Family from the Point of View of Quran
International Journal of Economy, Management and Social Sciences Vol(4), No (1), January, 2015.

services for men and women a range of services for women. In fact, marriages and families, staff and contractual services and is similar to a system
of moral norms for tribal people not make sense: The marriage of their fellow believers,
Spouse of loyalty, friendship and trade relations away from the ongoing, non-abused women go through divorce and frequent and not clear
assignment of women after divorce, social identity, giving them harassment of women through a variety of divorce and the other norm like "Ayla"
and "Zahar" and had sexual intercourse and multiple women, and illicit relations between the classes of society there. [26]
With the advent of Islam would become the norm, bespoke these ethical norms. Among these cases have been investigated in the following verses:
2.1 Protect the faith and morals forbade intermarriage with pagan and unclean
Among the issues that the normal component of the contract at the time was the marriage of people of different tribes and each individual who felt
that their tribe would come to a bountiful Personal and individual attention to his tribe. In an age of ignorance and polygamy were not enough men to
a husband or wife living to be done or political purpose it was intended. When a person has held the Presidency of the tribe and the tribe itself was
an attempt to the various tribes wife and groom through the relationship of different tribes communicate or that are intended to increase child
generation, most have multiple marriages was [29]. The marriages that were made for political purposes, services, reproduction, and the ethical issues
such as faith, morality, personal characteristics, and ... was not significant. So God conventional norms of marriage regardless of criteria based on
morals and ethical norms that are to be converted consider faith in marriage.
Among the verses that show the issue Baqara / 221, Momtaheneh / 10, Noor / 3 Noor / 26, Maedeh / 5, Nisa / 25, Baqara / 221 that a few items are
mentioned below:
According to the interpretation of the verse [30] is expressed as:
A. In this verse Allah has prohibited marriage with pagans even features a wonderful person to bring them and particular ethnic group or tribe,
or a strong and beautiful; For proof of marriage in Islam is not the faith of the nobility and other morphological characteristics.
B. appearance of the verse that says: ( ) wants
only to marry men and women to boycott the heathen; neither marries people
of the book.
C. other point is that the interpretation of the verse is placed in the marriage of faith is not the benefits of other credit criteria. It also
apparently means "Aim" believing maid is in contrast Horeh (free woman), and people that slavery was common at the time humiliated
Bondswomen tolerated, and that evil came to marry them, but if he do not berate them, so it's bound to be faithful maid In the verse, but not
awe-bound idolaters, although said he saw the maid humiliated, they were to abstain from marriage, the reason is that it will: woman
believing maid is better than women, although the polytheists, even though it is free, and with the descent of property, and other benefits
that normally pleasant man.
Explanation: So God forbid marriages between Muslims and pagans have many material benefits Contractual norms that aim at providing services in
a family-only and ethical issues, including ethical norms, the priority of faith to believe in no matter In the condition of marriage has become.
In the Byzavy interpreted as follows: God says, believing slave (is better than an idolater) is free or Mamluk; because all people are God's servant and
slave [8].
Analysis: What the finer points, cleared the doubts, doubts that tells the girl, the girl is, whether believer or non-believer. In response, the slave of
Allah says even free. It can be said that although the girl has limits, however, if the faith is in danger, but the sacrifice will not be a slave to this noble
In this verse Allah has allowed Muslims non-Muslims can marry a chaste and virtuous Book provided they pay their dowries and themselves chaste
and not secretly love. With regard to what history books including [2] about the secret friend said, the secret love between men and women was
common and it was not bad.
Explanation: The virtuous of men and women in marriage and family is important and the moral norm that replaces the conventional norm.
ShaykhTusi, after quoting the words of the book of your choice of partner states: "In our opinion (permanent contract) is not permitted for women
because of the verse from the book of Baqara / 221 andMomtaheneh / 10. When it was found, the interpretation; there are two interpretation and
justification: first, that the purpose of the book is that Muslim women. Second is the purpose of temporary marriage, or adoption of a slave. [33].
The question of the legitimacy of interpreting samples marry chaste women of the People of the Book know the difference between Shiite clerics.
Analysis: Since the couple are the two pillars of life and in their skirts and with complete relaxation, children are shaped, and the dispute over the
right of Muslim faith, Muslim, Christian or Jew, Mohammedan, between husband and wife are both definitely keep belief cannot be optimal think of
your spiritual development and education of children are united neophyte. According to the opinion of ShaykhTusi is closer to the truth.
Explanation of this verse is the same as the previous verse. Working with adultery or pagan believers have no right to marry.
2.2 Sanctioned abuse of women
Ignorance is the norm among women harassment agreement and a variety of types such as divorce like Zhar and Ayla, divorce and frequent recourse
to the intention of taking dowry, closely with women during menstruation and in the seizing the property of an orphan daughters of men as wives, as
they have been. Worse than a divorce, divorces age of ignorance is like the two as "Ayla" and "Zhar" famous. In the Ayla men often harass women,
Mykhvrdh swear that he has not slept Bella lifelong task and keep him uncomfortable dynamics is and in the Koran and Islamic law it is taken out of
the deadlock and deadlock immediately. Polygamy is also extremely no limits. The unrestrained sexual time with the harnesses and sex determination
suspended and almost gives up. The Quranlimits unlimited and despotic men at the age of ignorance that many divorced women each time before
the end of the special time, referring to the woman annoyed thereby. [7]
With the advent of Islam, women abuse their God-given norms of the moral norms including sanctions for such Ayla divorce and Zahar, determine
and specify the assignment twice Revocable divorce, women after divorce and lack of libertinism and abuse of women during menstruation, the
prohibition of abuse of women, orphans, turned in this part of the research obtained In the the Qur'an: Baqara / 229, Baqara / 230 Baqara / 231Baqara / 222 Baqara / 226, parties / 4, Nisa / 20, Nisa / 21, Nisa / 19, Nisa / 127, An-Nisa verse 130, which is below the reference are:
According to the interpretation of the verse [30] on it must be said for the "abstention known" that maintain a female, as appropriate, and to keep
persecution and that's always a woman to divorce her and took away some of the near completion of the women go out, all women are abused and
non-famous sparingly. But apparently means "involving women beneficence" is that separation, and not leave him free, in the sense that the woman

Salimeh Rahbar Islami *, Mahdi Motia


International Journal of Economy, Management and Social Sciences Vol(4), No (1), January, 2015.

twice divorced after being sentenced to be if she wanted to look In the them, not strap him to a place, but a couple In the others, does not refer to
some sings, but this is more obvious, the third divorce.
And it is described in the "restrict" the binding constraint "famous" and "involving" the binding constraint "charity" has the subtle grace of
abandoning the women known to be formed that is not enough, because you may say as long as you can divorce his wife I release you so much
dowry and they got back to me, he is satisfied, and the formation divorce probably will be popular with the public opinion, divorce is famous, and he
knows it is wrong and bad, so stipulated and therefore not popular enough here is another constraint, and the judgment to be bound by the charity.
And if In the this verse, the listed products, and not In the next verse, verse for those who wanted to pursueto the legislation of the loss of women's to
be compensated for the loss of her divorce and one woman's life benefits that the married life is taken away from him when he asked Muslim women
from both sides see the damage.
Explanation: In the pre-Islamic period for persecute men and women who have given their dowries were taking over divorced women were and
again, they see their task not specified not set them free, and not as good as they lived, because the moral issues of the ruling clan bespoke and norms
such as the persecution of women because of financial issues prevail and Allah is twice limited reversionary divorced after the two men must specify
the assignment of women to and his release ad does not refer Competence and devotion to his or her life. [15] In fact, the norm ordered bespoke
ethical became the norm.
According to the interpretation of the verse [30] stated: Muslim women in the middle of the period in question has adopted, all the way down in the
intensification of Jewish adopted, among Christians have taken absolute negligence, and the median is that women get from men when not near the
blood drainage as women menstruate and not Jews in general withdraw and place them cut their food, sleep, or as Christians do not have any
judgment about women menstruate during or act like a bunch of ignorant Arabs used during copulation to count Desirable Women.
Tabarsi the word more likely to be cited in the the following verse and third preferred: 1 impurity, 2 bloods, 3 hurt [31]
Analysis: It seems that the pressure on women to be bowing and prostration, Allah's Prayer during the period, thus removing the steering wheel to
avoid her at this time issued exacerbated during periods of weakness not to stress, it is better ( )to recognize the abuse.
According to the interpretation of the verse [30] The meaning of the verse is: If you have some you divorce your wives, and marry another woman in
his place, the dowry which Ay do not take anything after his divorced wife had given during her marriage dowry, property, although it is too high,
and what you want without their consent than what we have very small.
In the another interpretation [3] states: in ignorance era every man who will the new woman in ignorance, a woman who was with him was accused
of immoral acts to get him to a deal and from the time that he is sealed away in marriage to a man and his carefree reach. So God forbid it.
Explanation: At the time of ignorance, when I was traveling with his wife and marry someone else was willing to compensate for the dowry is paid,
his wife was accused of indecent behavior and he was hard to have is a back Mehr and her husband to marry another woman to spend it [7].
Therefore it becomes clear interpretation of the verse and cultural analysis the issue of taking dowry harassment of women is a God norm bespoke
men accuse women who lived with them for a while to reclaim the dowry, not to practice it turned into a moral norm.
2.3 Restrict the number and explain their assignment after a few
Ignorance of the number of divorced women and wife found dead in a year and within a year she would not marry to determine whether pregnant or
not, and also due to the relative lack of mixing was done. Allah people will be short this time, some divorce after three months, some four months
and ten days after the death of his wife [29].
And about the wisdom of keeping should say that some of the water and the male's sperm is mixed, and the installation is not corrupt, (and if it turns
out to be a divorced woman is pregnant with her first husband, not the carrier is removed, and it was not clear if those were not necessary for the
child, the child which of the husband are available) the of course, this philosophy does not need to be present in all cases, including establishing laws
and ordinances of the circuit is always dominant interests and wisdom, not the wisdom of the public (as a result of infertility if the woman was the
absolute need to keep some cherished) [30].
Allah also ordered that after the divorce, and run up to the task for some women, as well as specify or refer them to continue to live well or let them
down and they do not unduly delay has violated their rights and their rights are not infringed. [7] with the order of God's moral norm becomes the
norm contract.
Verses in Qur'an in this part of the research results: Baqara / 228, and 231 and 232 and the divorce / 2, which has been mentioned in several verses in
the following:
Explanation: This is ignorance of the woman's actions after the divorce, held a number their rights were infringed and that it will hurt them [7]; If the
Quran says if you want to keep women in their lives to do it well and keep the abuse they are or if you do not want to live with them and let them
free. [30]
AbulfotuhRazi narrates the following verse of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) mentioned that the Prophet said: , who is Muslim,
damage or guile With him, is accused of God's mercy falls [27].
Allah wrong with this command is the default norm for some time to keep women within their rights, their task to identify the moral norm, sometime
later, convert.
2.4 Determine the dowry and gifts for divorced women
In the era of ignorance Types such as marriage married there on dowry ,Concubine,marriage with a captive and a slave, Maqt, Khadn, exchanged,
Astbza, Rahat, Shghar, flag, in all these cases except marriage based on love and the concubine, the dowry was not related to women and Islam is the
only marriage stamped approved by [15]
Allah decreed that for divorced women of various kinds, which are discussed below. Compensate for deficiencies accrues after the divorce and
dowry gifts with this command, the default is no dowry and gifts to women with normal absolute moral norm dower and gifts to the women turned to
them for redress.
Analysis: Islam is obligatory in the all cases, the law does not force her; Many accomplish assigned tasks to the conscientious person has. Gift
obligatory question if it can be written cut and heart, sometimes with a little gift to heal; Commands such as oil for smoother working of the
industrial system. Sometimes a small gift shortens a long-standing grudge against and return to a reasonable compromise.


Position and Value of Family and Moral Norms of Family from the Point of View of Quran
International Journal of Economy, Management and Social Sciences Vol(4), No (1), January, 2015.

Verses in Qur'an in this part of the research results: Baqara / 228, and 231 and 232, divorce / 2, which has been mentioned in several verses in the
In this verse Allah says: It is obligatory upon you that ye do divorce his wife, while the stamp during her marriage contract did not specify something
to give her something that people Bpsndd norm. [30]
Explanation: In determining the amount as gifts to women is a ethical norms God is the norm rather than the default of a provision giving a gift to
women after divorce, and has been encouraging.
This order is a moral order to Motaqyn in all types of divorce, the woman's gift to compensate for the heartbreak and hardships of the men paid. [30]
ShaykhTusi whether this verse by verse is abrogated or not, there are two possible Dhd.ama verse saying assigning eating two at a time sink if
preferred [33].
Explanation: This command ethical norms bespoke gift giving divorced women, it has turned into a moral norm.
2.5 Marriage prohibited in times of ignorance and lawful in Islam
Allah a number of marriages that were performed In the pre-Islamic period declared unlawful and the norm of moral norm prohibiting their marriage
contract marriage with incest as Mother, daughter, sister, aunt, daughter, sister, brother, and together the two sisters ... and also marrying the father
and marry married women, transformed. [15]
Verses in Qur'an in this part of the research obtained by: Nisa / 22, 23 and 24, Ahzab / 37, which have been referred to in the following verse:
In the pre-Islamic period, marriage was discouraged by absolute stepson and adopted son of Islam since the guy does not know, this decree abolished
the ban on marrying the absolute norm contract of marriage with her stepson turned into a solvent (see MakaremShirazi, vol 17, p 322).
Analysis: Though some foolish and People familiar with the great Prophet, Rasool have charged that he had an interest in his aunt Zainab Girl and so,
after divorcing Zaid (adopted son of Prophet) gave him his marriage but the more serious question of the law of God is the fear of being charged.
Adopted son, the boy would not be true, although tenderness and kindness and support to reach his peak.
2.6 Ethnic zeal to become a moral norm
In the era of ignorance Zeal and fervor of the dominant ethnic group or tribe to tribe and family name actually existed. In the only tribal and ethnic
zeal that their needs were important and which were at the head of the tribe of their fathers and brothers and sons and the women had no place in it,
non-tribal people, other people like the poor, the orphan, and the captive girl ... and fixes them it was not needed. After the advent of Islam, rather
than the zeal Allah, the moral norms that govern the tribal people tribe also needs to meet the needs of orphans, the poor, the bondwoman and slaves
and pay and share their inheritance, charitable, charity, coexist with them and knowing they are brothers and sisters and marry a Muslim slave and
slave-to be advised [23]
Verses in Qur'an in this part of the research obtained by: Baqara / 83, 177, 215 220 and 221; Nisa / 8 and 25, which is mentioned in several verses in
the following:
Explanation: In this verse, parents and relatives after Charity, the charity to the needy, is recommended. In fact, ethnic zeal has turned into a moral
norm and recommended that instead of humans only supports tribal people and their own parents; in addition, it should also support the poor and
orphans and take them.
Explanation: This verse of his own charity to orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and the beggars on the side of the property to the charity of
relatives spoken. In fact, ethnic zeal has turned into a moral norm.
Explanation: entry stating that the Applicants charity, parents, relatives and the orphans and the poor and the wayfarer; in fact, after parents and
relatives, the orphans and the poor speaking and ethnic zeal to become the ethical norm.
2.7 Conversion of tribal culture to culture, family-oriented
In the pre-Islamic period, the family does not exist, but all things are rotated around the tribe. In the tribe, the men were responsible for the core and
its head. Basically, the marriage was not valid with other tribes. They did not care about her, to comfort women killed and there was no retaliatory
and in the most cases are not hereditary respect for women. They were very proud of their ancestry because the tribe was driven life. The tribal
system has also inherited her mother to the son; the mother should be removed from the clan. My female cousin was also part of the property. The
tribe of the sons of the tribe was actually meant to be a father, brothers, sons, brothers, etc. So girls should serve the tribe and the tribe is given to the
The original title name a Subtitle E In the family.
Verses in Qur'an in this part of the research obtained by: Baqara / 83 and 180, Criterion / 54, Noor 61 / Ahzab / 6, Nisa / 33, which has been referred
to a verse in the following:
2.8 Kindness in Family
In the verse spoke of the family's charity Allah is the first charity to parents who are part of a larger family and close relatives is vexed about. (The
concept of the family include: 1-Nuclear family and the couple's first child, 2-parent families, older couples and 3, and the relative affinity [28]
Allah described the concept of segregation and restricted to the tribe of the family and close relatives embracing the parent to close kindness,
knowledge is preferred. Tribal culture has become so central to the culture of family-oriented.
In the interpreting the verse [30] states: Note that In the verse observed is that In the class that would have vexed them, has met the first of the class
mentioned the charity is more important to him than all the other classes, and other classes mentioned, that the charity is more deserving than the
other classes, parents first mentioned, it seems every other floor of E. deserve more, because parents are the main root and the person relying on it,
and a bud being grown on the two buses, so that two of the closest relatives to humans. After parents, other relatives mentioned, and next of kin, in
the median Aqrba, have an orphan front, since the grasp orphans, and no one who extracts the head of affairs, and they deserve more for charity.

Salimeh Rahbar Islami *, Mahdi Motia


International Journal of Economy, Management and Social Sciences Vol(4), No (1), January, 2015.

Explanation: This verse is a priority within the family and says charity first, parents and close relatives respect. In fact, the charity not to mention
Tribe and the tribe is limited to the family, the parents and close relatives are known. The reason that in the verse does not mention of charity to the
spouse or children seems to be the sign of one of the couples and their children as the nuclear family and the relatives and parents are advised and the
importance of respect for parents, spouses than other family members.
2.9 Divisions of tasks between men and women in the family
Allah coordination responsibilities for women and men in the family have been defined, as for the wife's duty of obedience, and obedience to the
husband, for men, the task of providing living expenses and put that in the following verse is checked.
Therefore God changes the norm inequalities between men and women so they have turned to the same norm.
According to the interpretation of the verse [30]; As the cost of living is up to man due to the above reason men need to understand is that the affairs
of life, Allah has given him a household Director expression ([or vote]), Just as she rests her duties in accordance with the specification laid
mentioned in verse like that woman must obey her husband and to her family of humbleness, in the absence of her husband of evil protect property
and maintain his dignity and honor. Then God says if a woman has to obey her husband and the honor and dignity of his brief, he will step to correct
him; the preaching of the woman, if no effective force to punish her career, and if it did not work.
Also, in the interpretation of the sample [21] states:
That the man as the head of household is because of the qualities in the a man such preference on the strength of his thinking and emotions affect (the
photo woman who benefit from the power of the rich emotions more) and having more stamina and physical strength, one would think that Maps and
plans, and the latter to defend the privacy of our families. In addition to her commitment to women and children than the costs of living, seal and
decent living and pay his wife and son, gives him the right to assume the duty of care to him.
And stated: It is found, however, that entrusting the job to men not because of their personality and not because of high scores in the other world,
because it only depends on Virtue and righteousness, as a deputy of the head of the human personality may in the many aspects, but most entrusted to
him by the Vice President to oversee the work, which is the more appropriate.
In the following sentence also refers to the fact that since the first episode says: "The care of the differences in terms of the creation Allah, the good
of mankind placed between them" in the last part says, "and heads for the menIn the obligations under charity and tax payments against women and
families are responsible.
And also another interpretation [32] states:
Men, have raised to the women Affairs, through the bounty that Allah given to men in terms of intellect and wisdom, intelligence and perception
women and moved by what Spend...



In the some of these interpretations reason men are considered superior to women and why they are the guardians of women and families. If you look
carefully in the verse Allah of the guardianship of men, is for two reasons:
The second reason is clear, because if a man is responsible for his wife but does not superintendent, feels his wife is hired to work not feeling well.
But it seems that the authors of the analysis are not appropriate. It was as if the Holy Quran: their analysis was correct. But the delicate talent says
that God has distributed among men and women some are gifted and some of the other strengths. In fact, Gods gifts to men are not the reason why
women are superior wisdom of the Qur'an, but to be on financial management and communication with both the home and the outside.
By achieving spiritual perfection of man's intellect and since, according to previous verses In the Quran even one verse cannot be found that men are
the intellectual accomplishments women who fail to arrive (except prophet hood and Imamate). When asked if the reason is different socio-economic
sense, also because of its historical financial as previously mentioned, because at the time of ignorance. Women from the community were very
backward financial income families in the community to tackle the problems of men, but today women are more involved in the community and even
earn money to help the family man so In the this time of economic rationalism issues superiority of men over women is less fulfilling. But because of
the position of women in the family such as child birth and child-rearing, family economic conditions of supply are not alone. (Parsley, 1361, pp 302
So we can say the verse in question because of the grace of men over women is their physical strength to maintain the family.
Analysis: God has given men and women different characteristics to be completed together. Thus, high levels of physical force by giving them to
women, men cannot be for women who are emotionally strong and rational means of achieving spiritual perfection, with men's although
AllamehJafari (former) if eighties sermon of Nahj documenting, understanding men in a theoretical reason is known. Practical wisdom is responsible
for turning on the way to perfection that men and women do not differ in this regard and each according to their properties to perform tasks in their
family. God for men and women in family tasks than the ability to put Men because of physical strength and greater thrift, department of Family and
Economic Issues is responsible for providing the secrets of men's and women's duty and honor. The issue of maintaining dignity and confidentiality
is important in a family man so that the man of God to preach, the anger and punishment. Privacy is extremely important so of marriage in Islam such
ignorance among couples there at the time and privacy, and privacy issues, privacy issues clan was the same couple. Men and also women who were
married or had a baby may be due to stronger desires match the characteristics of specific tribes, etc., have other relationships.



According to the Quran, in the formation of family in Islam, not on belief in God hit enter, hence marriage to idolaters, and foul is banned.
The usual norm in the time of ignorance that harm and harass women, thanks to the revelation of the Quran, became the moral norm.
Women must be protected from sexual intercourse during the period to period (Azy) leave behind. The rights of women and the lack of
dowry after a divorce when a spouse, including divine norms governing Muslims.
With the advent of Islam, Allah is the norm, moral norm bespoke abused women, including divorce, such as sanctions and Zahar and Ayla
determine revocable divorce twice, highlight the assignment of women after divorce and banning harassment of converting women,
Islam on maintaining a dignified life with a husband inthe divorce or release reversionary she lay on it.


Position and Value of Family and Moral Norms of Family from the Point of View of Quran
International Journal of Economy, Management and Social Sciences Vol(4), No (1), January, 2015.

In determining the amount as gifts after divorce, Islamic ethical norms that replace normal fluid was ignorant.
Some of sanctions, including a ban on marrying the wrong time of ignorance divorced stepson were removed.
Misplaced zeal and fervor ignorant and balanced and fit for human dignity was replaced.
The tribe became central to family-oriented culture.
Islam's emphasis on charity for families.
Since the LORD hath divided talents among the servants, men and women, despite commonalities, to suit your particular talents in the field
of family appear. For example, according to the division of talents and the necessity of spending family man, he is the head of the
This research is provided by the Holy Quran in various patterns within the family, and the lights of the family.


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