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Agenda for First Impressions/Assimilation Study Group

Wed., April 9, 2008

5:30 p.m.
Location – FCWC

A. . . . . .”Let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us. We
do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from
start to finish. . . . .”

B. Prayer time (Requests included)

C. Moments of Truth surveys - _________________will compile these

results and have for April 23rd meeting.

D. Report from Laura on visit to Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta,


E. Discard “Core Values” and “Obstacles and Vision” pages given to you at
last meeting. We will be focusing on the two-page document from the
Strategic Planning Committee beginning with the new Mission
Statement: Reaching out to every family with the hope of Jesus. . .
.equipping them to live as dynamic followers of Him. …

F. Discussion – Any nuggets from handout taken from First Impressions

Book .

By April 20th, please e-mail Laura your comments and suggestions

concerning possible proposals based on information learned by you
so far. Reminder: these need to be culturally relevant, seeker
friendly, family focused, and encouraging.
Laura will compile these results and have ready for April 23rd

G. Revisit concerns brought up at our March 26th meeting:

1. Check-in procedure for children (hear findings from Carma)
 Why is the check-in process important?
 How can the check-in process be simplified or more friendly?
 How can the check-in process be consistent?
2. Bulletin:
 How can it be improved to encourage assimilation?
 Does it need to be changed weekly? Could it be made out once a
 How could the format be changed?
 What would it include?

3. Greeters and Welcome Center: (Hear findings from Tom)

 Is the existing team plan acceptable? If not, could it be
“tweaked” or does a new plan need to be developed?
 How is the team trained now? How could the training
be improved?
 How important is it for the greeters and the people stationed at the
Welcome Center to have the spiritual gifts of hospitality,
encouragement, and/or ??????
 How do we propose to get more people involved?
 Do we need a job description for greeters?

H. Tour the church both inside and outside – Each person should make
notes to bring back to April 23rd meeting.

I. See attached document concerning Core Values.

J. Prayer requests and closing prayer

K. Next meeting is Wednesday, April 23 at 5:30 p.m.

at FCWC.

Core Value Thoughts to Ponder

Concerning First Impressions
(Refer to Core Values from Strategic Planning Committee)

Core Value #1:

When guests come to our church, do they grasp the importance we
place on personally knowing Jesus?
 Is it in the bulletin via classes offered, types of “activities”?
 Are Bible made available to guests?
 Is there written information about Next Steps readily and easily
available to guests?
 Is Next Steps talked about from the pulpit every Sunday?
 Is there easy access to Next Steps room?

Core Value #2:

 When guests come to our church do they hear in each message
about Christ’s transforming power based on Biblical teachings?
 Do we need to make the same Bibles available to all and state
the page number where Scripture is found?
 Is it obvious to guests that “we as a body” are different?

Core Value #3:

When guests come to our church does he/she know we are a House
of Prayer?
 How many times do we pray during a service? Is this a valid
 Do we need a Prayer Chapel?

Core Value #4:

 When guests come to our church can they easily access
information about small groups?
 Do we put an emphasis on the importance of doing life
 Could we have a Welcome Card where guests would have an
opportunity to “tell us about their experience at FCWC”?
 Is there anything about our service or our facility that could be
distracting to our guests?

Core Value #5:

This seems to relate to Assimilation more than First Impressions.
Core Value #6:

Does a guest see, feel, hear, smell, and taste that all that we are at
FCWC glorifies Jesus and relates to today’s culture.
 Taste and smell – coffee bar. . . .
 Hear – praise songs heard in parking lot and during service;
gospel message
 Touch – handshake, hug, comfortable seating
 Sight - Landscaping and exterior of church as well as interior
(decorating and signs)

Suggestions and questions:

1. Do guests know they can buy gourmet coffee in the youth area?
2. Do guests know they can get coffee and cookies/muffins in
coffee bar in lobby?
3. Could we name the coffee bar in the lobby – Higher Grounds
Café? Could that name be painted in black letters on the
“pipes” above the area?
4. Is there a need for the track lighting in the lobby?
5. Could someone take over the “basket of supplies” in the ladies
restroom so Sue doesn’t have that responsibility?
6. Could there be ONE person appointed to oversee the décor of
the lobby? Could that person create a five-year plan to be
approved by the board?
7. Is there a solution to our Name Tag situation?