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Fire Safe Nickel Aluminium Bronze Valves

Hobbs Valve are proud to announce on 29th July 2010 we were awarded the Lloyds Register Inspection
Certificate for Fire Safe Nickel Aluminium Bronze Valves.
As a result of this accreditation being awarded Hobbs Valve can once again offer an innovative solution to such
applications as onshore and offshore fire mains service with excellent corrosion resistance.
The BS EN ISO 10497:2004 (2010) standard is a performance accredited standard that identifies the ability of
the valve to perform under extreme temperatures during a 30 minute burn period.
The overall purpose of this standard is to ensure the valve is able to perform during a fire, providing an ability
of the plant or process to be controlled preventing possible catastrophic events to unfold.
Due to our innovative design and high quality of materials used Hobbs time and time again pass the Lloyds fire
test with flying colours.
Copies of our Lloyds Inspection Certificate are available upon request.
Please feel free to contact our sales team to discuss our new Fire Safe Nickel Aluminium Bronze Triple Off-Set
Butterfly Valves.
Hobbs Valve continually strives to be at the forefront of Triple Off-Set Technology and always provide our
customers with Tomorrows Valve Today

Aker Solutions rate Hobbs Valve Perfect

The Hobbs Double Block & Bleed Valve was chosen by Aker Solutions and BP as the product to provide the
solution; it is with this contract Hobbs Valve was able to illustrate once again the success of our TVT range
along with the impeccable Hobbs customer service.
Not ever using this form of Triple Offset before for high pressure gas, Aker Solutions and BP quite rightly
requested 100% Visual and Witness Inspection to which Aker Solutions Niels Voien Senior Valve and Piping
Engineer responded; All Perfect!

Niels also commented in an official email;

We would like to express our satisfaction with the quality of the product, and the service level provided by
Hobbs Valve throughout the process, for our order of dual flanged double isolation and bleed valves for the BP
Skarv Project. We visited Hobbs Valves premises for our final inspection and we noticed the works were very
clean and well organised. Of particular interest was the strict material type segregation, and accurate material
traceability. The level of HSE awareness is also very high, and the HP gas test facilities were well organised and
safe against possible accidents.

Hobbs Valve provide the solution yet again

Hobbs Valve can now offer our TVT range of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves suitable for Fire Safe Certified
confirming the pressure-containing capability of a valve during and after a fire in line with the international
standard ISO 10497:2010 as witnessed by Lloyds register.