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Pawan Sharma

Recent RBI committees

Committee on



Capacity Building in Banks and non-Banks

Sep 2014

Shri G Gopalakrishna

Implementation of Counter-cyclical Capital Buffer

July 2014

Shri B. Mahapatra

Data and Information Management in the RBI

July 2014

Shri D.K.Mohanty

To Review Governance of Boards of Banks in India

May 2014

Dr. P.J.Nayak

Working Group on Resolution Regime for Financial Institutions

May 2014

Shri Anand Sinha

Report of the GIRO Advisory Group

April 2014

Prof. Umesh Bellur

Report of the Group on Enabling PKI in Payment System


April 2014

Dr Anil Kumar Sharma

Report of the Working Group on Pricing of Credit

April 2014

Shri Anand Sinha

Report of the Committee on Financial Benchmarks

Feb 2014

Shri P. Vijaya Bhaskar

Report of the Technical Committee on Mobile Banking

Febr 2014

Mr. B Sambamurthy

To Revise and Strengthen the Monetary Policy Framework

Jan 2014

Dr. Urjit Patel

Comprehensive Financial Services for Small Businesses and

Low Income Households


Dr. Nachiket Mor

Draft Report of the Committee on Financial Benchmarks

Jan 2014

Shri P. Vijaya Bhaskar

Committee to review the form of presentation of the Balance

Sheet and Profit and Loss Account

June 2013

Shri Y. H. Malegam

To Study the Feasibility of Implementation of GIRO Based

Payment System in India

May 2013

Shri G. Padmanabhan

Licensing of New Urban Co-Operative Banks

Sept 2011

Shri Y.H. Malegam

Issues and Concerns in the NBFC Sector

Aug 2011

Usha Thorat

Customer Service in Banks

Aug 2011

M. Damodaran

Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR)

Oct 2009

Shri Deepak Mohanty

To Review Lead Bank Scheme

Aug 2009

Usha Thorat

To Review the Business Correspondent Model

Aug 2009

Shri P Vijaya Bhaskar Rao

Estimation of Savings and Investment

Mar 2009

Dr. C. Rangarajan

Technology Up gradation of Regional Rural Banks

Aug 2008

Shri G. Srinivasan

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Pawan Sharma

Important RBI Committees in News :

1. G. Padmanabhan Committee implementation of Bharat Bill Payment System (BPPS)
2. Nachiket Mor Committee for small and payments bank
3. Nachiket Mor Committee permits NBFCs to work as Business Correspondents of banks.
4. B. Sambamurthy Committee panel favours single mobile banking app on all SIMs.
5. Bimal Jalan panel to scrutinize applications for new bank licenses.
6. K U.B. Rao the idea of setting up Bullion Bank or Bullion Corporation of India
7. Arvind Mayaram Committee for giving clear definitions to (FDI) and (FII)
8. Suma Verma Committee - to update, and revise the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006
9. A.Vaidyanathan Task Force on Revival of Co-operative Credit Institutions
10.N.H.Siddiqui Working Group for setting up Credit Information Bureau in india
11. C.Ramachandran Committee Advisory Committee on Ways and Means Advances to State Governments
12. Dr.Y.V.Reddy Committee The Standing Committee on International Financial Standards and Codes
13. Raghuram Rajan Committee Recomendation on development index
14. Dr. Y.V. Reddy Committee New Monetary Aggregates
15. Dr.A.S.Ganguly Working Group on Flow of Credit to SSI Sector:
16.K.M. Chandrashekhar Committee Rationalization of investment routes & monitoring of Foreign Portfolio Investment
17.Urjit Patel Committee Recommended Consumer Price Index (CPI) formula

Other Important Committees in news :

1. B N Srikrishna Committee Separate state of Telengana Issue
2. Shivraj V Patil Committee Report on 2 G Scam
3. V K Shunglu Committee CWG Scam
4. BK Chaturvedi Committee S Band Scam
5. Parthasarathi Shome Committee for Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC)
6. Kirit Parikh panel on fuel pricing (Diesel )
7. Mukul Mudgal Committee member panel to probe IPL spot-fixing
8. K.K. Mehrotra Committee to inquire gas leakage in Bhilai Steel Plant.
9. M P Bezbaruah to suggest suitable remedial measures to address concerns regarding security of people from North East.
10. Vijay Kelkar Committee appointed by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry to prepare a road map to make
India self-sufficient in oil and natural gas by 2030.
11. Vishnu Sahay Committee look probe into the Muzaffarnagar communal violence.
12. Justice A.P. Shah Committee : to head panel on road safety
13. Anil Kaushal Committee to examine the recommendations made by the TRAI on pricing of Spectrum.
14. Arvind Mayaram Pane report on the alleged irregularities at the National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL)

Important Committees (Old)

A C Shah Committee

Non Banking Financial Company

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Abid Hussain Committee

Development Of Capital Markets

B Sivaraman Committee

Instititional Credit For Agricultural & Rural (NABARD)

Bhagwati Committee


Bhagwati Committee

Public Welfare

C Rao Committee

Agricultural Policy

Chatalier Committee

Finance To Small Scale Industry

Cook Committee(On Behalf of BIS-

Capital Adequacy of Banks

Pawan Sharma

Under Basel Committee )

Dharia Committee

Public distribution system

DR Gadgil committee

Agricultural finance

Dutta committee

Industrial licensing

Gadgil committee (1969)

Lead Banking system

Goiporia committee

Customer Service in banks

Hathi committee

Soiled banknotes

Hazari committee (1967)

Industrial policy

Khanna committee

Non performing assets

L K Jha committee

Indirect Taxes

Mahalanobis committee

Income distribution

Marathe committee

Licensing of new banks

ML dantwala committee

Regional Rural banks

Mrs. KS Shere committee

Electronic Fund Transfer

M V Nair committee

Priority Sector Lending

Narsimaham committee

Financial system ( Reduction CRR & SLR)

P Selvam committee

Non performing assets of banks

Raja chelliah committee

Tax reforms

Rajamannar committee

Centre-state fiscal relationships

Rajamannar committee

Changes in banking laws, bouncing of cheques etc.

RK Hajare committee

Differential Interest Sector

Shome committee


SS Tarapore committee

Capital account convertibility

Tandon committee

Industrial sickness

Tandon committee

Working Capital Term Loan

Thingalaya committee

Restructuring of RRB

Vaghul committee

Mutual fund scheme

Wanchoo committee

Direct Taxes

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