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Konan (, Konan) was a kunoichi from Amegakure and a member of Akatsuki.

She was partnered

with Nagato, and was the only member to call him by his name. After Nagato's death, she defected from
the organisation and became the leader of Amegakure before her own death.

When she was young, Konan's family was killed during the Second Shinobi World War, and she
was left to fend for herself.[4] Some time later, Yahiko found her, and the two worked together to
survive. Not long after that, Konan went for a walk and found a young, dying Nagato and his
dog, Chibi. She rescued him and brought him back to their hideout. Gradually the three became
best friends. They eventually encountered the Sannin, who gave them some food. Konan
impressed them by making an elaborate flower out of the paper wrappers left behind as a sign of
gratitude. When Orochimaru suggested to kill them so they would not have to suffer the horrors
of war, Jiraiya instead opted to stay and teach the three how to look after themselves.
After Jiraiya taught them ninjutsu and was confident they could take care of themselves, he left
them on their own. Before leaving, Jiraiya tells Konan that she will be very beautiful when she
grows up and to come and see him when she turns eighteen.[5] During their time with Jiraiya, he
made a defence system (seeing as that the hideout they all shared at the time was vulnerable to
being targeted for enemy attacks) composed of four planks, each with one red side and one white
(the white side also had a frog picture on it), attached to a part of a wall of the hideout they
shared at the time with a string and a nail, each one above one of their names, which he called
"Hop-In" planks. Nagato's, Yahiko's and Konan's were one wall and Jiraiya's was on a wall
opposite. The purpose of the planks were that when they were in the hideout, they turn their
planks to the red side and they leave, they flip their plank to the white side, so when a plank's on
the red side and the person's not in the hideout, it means they could have been captured by the
enemy and when a plank's on the white side and it appears that the person's in the hideout, it
could mean that an enemy has transformed into said person and has infiltrated the hideout, along
with a trapdoor hidden among the floorboards leading to a hidden room and emergency escape
route he left just in case.[6]

Konan as part of the original Akatsuki.

Over time, the three formed the Akatsuki and became renowned for their strength and
effectiveness, with news of their actions even reaching Jiraiya. When their group became too big,
they were forced to find another hideout, and leave their current one where they once lived with
Jiraiya. When they were about to leave and flip over their "Hop-In" planks, a ninja squad
attacked the hideout creating an explosion which resulted in a hole in the roof which they used to
infiltrate the hideout. Yahiko (after Konan flipped her plank and just before he was about to flip
his), noticed the attack in time and used the escape route just before ninja entered the hideout. It
is also implied that over time Konan began to develop romantic feelings for Yahiko.[7]

At some point in time, the orphans encountered Tobi who proclaimed that he was Madara
Uchiha and Zetsu. She listened on in the background as Tobi told them his motives for
approaching them and later walked away from the pair as Yahiko was wary of them.[8]

Konan as Hanz's hostage.

Hanz, the then leader of Ame, feared that Akatsuki would overthrow him. As such, he and
Konohagakure's Danz Shimura deceived the group into meeting with them about an allegiance
for peace. When Nagato and Yahiko went to meet with them, they kidnapped Konan and ordered
Nagato to kill Yahiko in exchange for her life. Konan cried out for them to flee without her, but
they refused to leave her behind. Although Nagato was paralysed in shock by the order, Yahiko
stabbed himself with the kunai in Nagato's hand. Nagato saved Konan afterwards, who would
thereafter accompany him wherever he went. Finally accepting Tobi's offer, the two joined with
him to reform Akatsuki and create their ideal world.

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