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Choose the correct article in each sentence.

1) Did you bring

(a, an, the) umbrella?
2) Are you looking for
(a, an, the) shampoo?
3) I checked
(a, an, the) mailbox again.
4) Can I have
(a, an, the) spoon please?
5) I was born into
(a, an, the) poor family.
6) She will come back in
(a, an, the) hour.
7) Have you been to
(a, an, the) Space Needle Tower in Seattle?
8) I would love to talk to one of
(a, an, the) managers.
9) What
(a, an, the) amazing view!
10) The helicopter landed on
(a, an, the) roof of a building.
) If she left at 4 p.m., she should be here
(with, over, by) now.
2) Go
(with, over, by) there and catch my ball.
(With, Over, By) your determination, you will be able to achieve your dream.
4) I just found it! It was
(with, over, by) the radio on my desk.
5) I knocked him
(with, over, by) accidentally.
6) She was
(with, over, by) me when the accident occurred.
1) I spoke to you (careful, carefully) last time.
2) We talked about it (clear, clearly).
3) I sat on the (comfortable, comfortably) sofa.
4) My dog runs very (fast, faster).
5) Lets install the new program (quick, quickly).
simple present tense
1. My sister

(talk) very fast.

2. My brother and I

(speak) Japanese.

3. They

(live) in Portland.

4. Peter

(work) a lot.

5. Our neighbors
6. We
7. My cousin

(be) very quiet.

(go) to the movies every Friday.
(be) thin.

8. My mother

(clean) the house every Sunday.

9. Robert's cat

(like) to chase birds.

10. I

(love) my boyfriend.

I ________. I didn't hear you come in.

a. was sleeping
b. slept
I ________ to see her twice, but she wasn't home.
a. was coming
b. came
P1: What ________? P2: I was watching TV.
a. did you do
b. were you doing
Robin Hood was a character who ________ from the rich and gave to the poor.
a. stole
b. was stealing
P1: Hey, did you talk to her? P2: Yes, I ________ to her.
a. was talking
b. talked
I ________ home very late last night.
a. came
b. was coming
How long ________ the flu?
a. did you have
b. were you having
P1: ________ a good time in Brazil? P2: Yes, I had a blast!
a. Were you having
b. Did you have
We ________ breakfast when she walked into the room.
a. had
b. were having
Last month I decided to buy a new car, and today I finally ________ it.
a. bought
b. was buying
I ________ when the waitress took my plate.
a. still ate
b. was still eating
Past tense
1. She

me her name. (tell)

2. I

him yesterday. (see)

3. My brother
4. I

me last night. (call)

to speak to my teacher. (want)

5. My parents

me a present. (give)

6. The student

to understand. (try)

7. We

to the concert. (go)

you born in Canada? (be)

9. No, I

born in the United States. (be)

10. They
to the teacher. (speak)
Fill in the blanks with one of the following prepositions: on, in, at.
1. Howard was late again. He never comes
2. I have a lot of things to do
3. We bought these clothes
4. What did you learn
5. Didn't we see you
6. Don't play


work today.
class today?
the Killers concert?

the street! It's dangerous!

7. The most expensive stores are located

Fifth Avenue.

8. If someone is always busily moving around, you can say they're '
9. I didn't like her

first, but we ended up becoming friends.

the go'.

10. I hate standing

line. I'm very impatient.

1. I'm sorry, but my meal is cold, could you please ________ for me?
a. warm it up
b. make it warm
2. After that meal I was quite ________.
a. full
b. complete
3. Whatever you can't finish, you can take home in a ________.
a. box
b. boxes
4. Knives, spoons, and forks = ________.
a. food tools
b. cutlery
5. I ________ steak but the waiter brought me fish.
a. ordered
b. decided
6. In most fancy restaurants, the ________ is usually excellent.
a. service
b. responsibility
7. A restaurant where customers serve themselves is called a ________.
a. buffet
b. kiosk
8. If your waiter/waitress provided good service, you should leave a big ________.
a. tip
b. top
9. McDonald's is a ________ restaurant.
a. fast eat
b. fast food
10. We're not paying together. We are on separate ________.
a. pay
b. checks
. Choose from the following words: towel, dry, waves, surfboard, swim, sand, tan, lifeguard,
sunglasses, cooler.
12. 1. Could you please pass me one of the bottles of water from the
2. I've got

in my shoes. I need to shake.

3. Hey you've already got a

4. Is that shirt wet or

. Don't stay in the sun any longer, or you'll get sunburned.


5. Hand me a
6. The

. I need to dry off.

are too big, and I'm afraid they'll knock me down in I go into the water.

7. I'm going in for a

8. I'd feel safer if there was a


9. Jim's a great surfer, but his

isn't very good.

10. Wear your

or you'll hurt your eyes.

choose the word which best matches the definition:

1. A long stick that one throws as far as possible.
2. An event when an athlete throws a heavy little metal ball as far as possible.
shot put
3. A boxer has to wear these during a boxing match.
4. A tennis player can't play without one of these.
5. What does a basketball player do to score points?
He throws the ball
He shoots the ball

7. The Romanian gymnast performed a very ________________( = hard) routine.

8. A baseball player uses this to swing at a ball.
a helmet
a bat
9. The biathlon ________________ three different sports - swimming, biking, and running.
consists of
10. Without this, you can't make a canoe go faster.
1. The front-left

(burner/fire) doesn't work on that stove.

2. I know a fantastic

(recipe/receipt) for mushroom soup.

3. Pass me the hot sauce. This meal is too

4. What are we going to have for


5. I can't eat that much. Whenever I eat a

6. Don't eat that apple. It's

(heavy/light) meal, I get sleepy.


7. Meat that doesn't have a lot of fat is called

8. Fresh squeezed juice is very

(unfat/lean) meat.


9. In a restaurant, you can order your steak "rare", "medium", or "well

10. I once got food

(poison/poisoning) from eating raw fish.

" (cooked/done).