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1. How can I check the quality of sand,brick,and aggregateat site without using any labouratory test?

2. Why we use Reinforcement out side of the column not in centre
3. wat is fe full form in fe4l5?
4. many cubic feet in one unit of sand?
5. how to calculate 1:1.5:3 ratio concrete cement, sand, metal and water please give me brief
calculation Sobha-Developers
6. what is mean by "SQP"
7. How to calculate quantity of plum masonry in 1:3:7
8. bar bending schedule?
9. how can i test sand on field in lebortry?.
10. what is mix design of sand cement and and aggrigate of M10 M20 M25..
11. Key is put at the time of casting 1st lift of column to get
12. Detection of a beam & a girder are
13. how Water cement mixing in hopper less mixture machine is better than hopper mixture machine
14. what is the mix proportion for cement soil compressed earth blocks?
15. how to calculate the mix proportion for cement stablised earth soil blocks? sona
16. What is different type of bills?
17. What are the deshuttering time for Salb Beam Column RCC Wall Footing Staircase L&T
18. What are the functions of grout inside tendon ducts?
19. what is thumb rule for calculating the size of ISMB required for a particular length of span
20. Direct chairs over shutter / beside earth is prohibited because of
21. What are the precautions needs during concrete pouring in very hot weather?
22. Slow setting admixture is used in mass concrete because of
23. Spider cracks occur in beam bottom due to
24. Construction joint of beam & slab is provided at
25. Characteristics of a model project are
26. how many 10mm steel are needed in 99sqft room
27. how many rod are needed in 99sqft room .
28. how many bags of cement,sand and Aggregate to p.c.c. of 1:2:4 ratio.
29. Before casting a basement roof slab which is connected with retaining wall surcharge load (i.e. sand
or earth filling) outside the retaining wall is prohibited because of
30. Brick is fire resistant than stone because
31. Machine mix is better than hand mixing to get
32. It needs contour survey before plastering a wall / column & floor tiles setting to get
33. A person becomes tired when ups a stairs because of
34. A person feels comfort when downs a stair because of
35. Rust in Rod is harmful in structure because -
36. Rectangular room is more effective than a square room because
37. The designs required to construct a building are

38. What is the formula to calculate the volume of mortar required for a wall with 1245 blocks with a
stndard size of 440x215x100?
39. how lap length is increased with increase of Grade of steel?
40. why should we use 20mm graded metal only in rcc?why we shouldnot use 40mm metal?
41. any one tell me what is the volumetric ratio and weigh bathing ratio of 6000 psi concrete. plz help
me on this matter.
42. what is the procedure for batching plant calibration??????
43. difference between minor and major bridge.
44. what is the weight of 6000 psi concrete in lb/cft?
45. Okay guys I m new here i wanna ask you that ,if i mix two three larger stones (about 20cm dia)in
concrete for column or footings what actually happens, how the strength of concrete is reduced?
and why it is not allowed?
46. different types of rcc slab
47. cement quantity in 1 M3 pcc
48. which is cover of r.c.c. column,beam and slab
49. how many cement bags are required for 1m^2 plastering area?
50. What is creep ,deflection and shrinkage in concrete, If we have the center line of the Finnish road
level and we want to know what level of pay would have offset the Lhs and Rhus RHS 1,2.5,5
1,2.5,5 m.
51. As per ratio 1:4:7, how can we calculate the quantity of materials for 1 cum of concreate, pls derive
with equation
52. silt%= silt volume/ silt+sand volume is this right?
53. what is the permissible limit of silt contain in sand for rcc work?
54. density of flyash
55. what is the minimum depth of cover required for pipes?
56. how many types of admixters are used for C.C. Road works
57. what is the life span of water proffing plywood for concreteshuttering work ivrcl
58. how many bricks are consumed for 01 Cum of brick work
59. what is the MSL?where is it located?
60. what type of cement are used for fixing of tiles at floor/wall
61. how much tempareture are required to make liquid state of pid leed ivrcl
62. what is the main disadvantage of concrete at environmental point of view. ivrcl
63. how many minimum admixtures are used in water froofing structures
64. which type of foundation are most prefarable in blockcotton soils
65. what is the maximum height of concrete casting.
66. how many type of admixtures for water stored structure?
67. please give the detail design for the soring and shuttering for 8.5m deep excavation in the sandy
soil for 25x10 rectangular streaches
68. How many No of 4" Bricks Get consumed in 9" thick BB Masonary Wall of 1 cu.m.?
69. What is the procedure of concealed plumbing in toilets?
70. What is the percentage of wastage in cement n how to control it?

71. What is the percentage of wastage in steel reinforcement n how to control it?
72. What is the per cu. mt. price of ready mix in Gujarat region.? Neptune
73. Can anybody explain with the help of sketeches that what are 2legged , four legged & 6legged
stirrups and how to calculate cut length of diamond ring(stirrups)?
74. How to find the volume of wood(tree) from its height and circumference.(circumference-6'5" and
height 3'2")??
75. what is the use of bottom reinforcement in Cantilever Beam? McNally
76. You have 3 sand sample of different FM=0.21,FM=0.95,FM=2.90 which one is suitable for
a)plastering on R.C.C b)plastering on masonary wall c)concreting column d)concreting of bored
pile.also justify your answer.
77. what is the cost difference of a same structure when it is constructed with brick masonary and
when it is constructed with block masonary and concrete as a frame structure?
78. what is the cost differene of a same structure when it is constructed with brick masonary, and
when it is constructed with concrete as a frame structure.???
79. how to calculate stirrups length for circular column
80. if mineral admixture add into concrete then what is the differences between full cement concrete
& fly ash added concrete of their SP. Gr.?and for the changes of SP. Gr. what is the changes in
81. 2nd and 4rt angle elevation used in which country ?
82. how can we calculate steel value, depending on load
83. What is high adherence steel bar? I have a general specification which refers to High Adherence
steel bars, coils and meshes to BS EN 10080 and BS 4449 or BS 4483. Is this just general re-bar or is
there something different about it? The spec originated in France.
84. how can we calculate steel value, depending on load
85. step by step procedure to find out the percentage of steel in coloum,beam,slab,footing in detailed
86. plz drive the formula d2/162.162 for the calculation of weight of steel bars????
87. External staircase area outside the independant house includes in plinth area or not?
88. what is the formula to calculate costing of rubble soling and wbm in road works?
89. please describe clear cover in column from stirups to face
90. Which IS code is used for scrap of reinforcement steel?
91. Which is the indian standard code of line out. ? How much tolerance fot 1 mt lenght? Its
92. Which is code is used for measurmenr of reinforcement steel work. Cil
93. i have boiler of 35 tone and wanted dig out foundation is there any body to help me to carry out
calculation for the foundation like
94. can i get hindi version of is codes based on civil engineering?
95. How will you reduce the concrete flow after mixing the concrete
96. waht is the range of compacting factor test result for good concreate?
97. what the length we reduce for 45deg. bend for each side bend of bar.we know the 2d in case of 90
deg. bend.give clarification also?
98. How much steel and concrit required in 1000 square feet slab?

99. one MT of steel for using how much binding wire required?
100. how to calculate the circular beam reinforcement.its a helipad beam. Dia of bar 25 mm. if its
consider any elongation?
101. What is the bowing depth after stressing of PSC Girder of various spans and various dia of
102. why red bricks & cinders used in toilet sunken filling. if coarse aggreate used wat the probelem