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IANT Youth: 2014 Year in Review

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To Our Fellow Brothers and Sisters:
IANT Youth (Islamic Association of North Texas Youth) was officially started in May of
2010 to cater to the growing needs of the youth community in Richardson, TX and the surrounding
North Texas areas. Brothers and sisters who are attending school anywhere from middle school to
the college or university level require nourishment for the soul and body that can only be found in
a vibrant and strong community.
The IANT Youth intends to create an accessible, youthful, and Islamically appropriate
atmosphere for all youth throughout North Texas. We will continue to adapt and grow to create a
fun, energizing, and refreshing youth culture one that creates, strengthens, and motivates the
future leaders of the United States of America, and the world.
IANT Youth had a busy season in 2014, especially before and during this past summer.
We initiated the year with our well-received Family Fun Night at Main Event in February,
something that we would repeat later in November with EPIC and MAS Youth. We also saw rise
to the finalization of our Lovestruck trilogy with Lovestruck III: #nofilter in May. Psychologist
Haleh Banani took to the stage to discuss the numerous taboo issues associated with the topic
and how to best address them.
Nevertheless, the highlight of our entire year would be the first ever DFW Youth
Conference, National Muslim League. A collaboration of all five major DFW Youth Groups, we
had over 800 attendees, numerous sponsors, and local/international speakers in attendance. We
fostered an amazingly intellectual and social atmosphere that resonates with our attendees,
volunteers, and planners to this day.
In fact, we carry this enthusiasm over as we plan for our next conference set to take place
in March/April of 2015, as well as the collaborative atmosphere fostered amongst the different
youth groups as we continue to work together. This camaraderie is most noticeable in the
increasing amounts of activities that MAS Youth and IANT Youth are hosting together, as well as
the formation of the DFW Youth Group Initiative - a legal entity with the purpose to unite the
major DFW Youth groups together to work together for the sake of our community.
In addition to all five groups forming closer relationships, IANT Youth and MAS in
particular have made it a point to create closer bonds and work together more often. Facilitated by
their close proximity and valuable sharing of resources, we have seen much success with this new
venture, Alhamdulillah, such as with our extremely popular Night of the Unseen Qiyam in late
October and our Feeding Our Neighbors program at Masjid Al-Islam.
In late June, we threw a hearty welcome for our new Imam, Shpendim Nadzaku. Attended
by over 500 individuals, we had numerous keynote speakers including members of our Youth
council and other divisions of IANT. We formally welcomed him to our community, and prayed
for him to serve as a beacon of hope for us and the Ummah as a whole, InshAllah.

IANT Youth: 2014 Year in Review

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Following this, in July during Ramadan, IANT Youth hosted over four different social and
spiritual activities to keep our community engaged during this precious time. Of course, we
brought back our famous All-Nighter, and had close to 100 youth in attendance, as well as NFL
All-Star Hussain Abdullah who delivered powerful and moving words. Aside from this, we hosted
our annual Suhoor in addition to three workshops for Salah, Athaan, and Dua, instructed by Sheikh
Gyasi McKinzie, Imam Shpendim, and Sister Dunia Shuaib, respectively. We ended the summer
with our Back 2 School Bash, inviting youth from across the Metroplex to join us in starting the
school year on a positive and energetic note.
Aside from our larger activities, we also laid down a roadmap to revolutionizing IANT
Youth. This began with the complete redesign of our website and then changes in IANT Youths
structure in general. This year, we were pleased to expand our council to over four subcommittees
and altered our leadership structure to include a Co-Lead, Sister Zainab Halipoto. With our
increased man/womanpower, diversity, and spirit, we are confident we have a bright future ahead
of us InshAllah. We also have many more improvements and surprises to come, so stay tuned!
As we move forward, we ask for your prayers and support. On behalf of the entire IANT
Youth council, I can say that the support and encouragement we have received is incredible. Thank
you for all you have done to promote our mission, aid in our efforts, and support the IANT Youth.
In addition, a heartfelt thanks to the current members of the IANT Youth Council that work
tirelessly and with dedication. May Allah (SWT) accept our efforts and scintillate them with his
mercy, InshAllah.
To stay in contact, you may sign up for our monthly newsletter
(http://www.iantyouth.org/newsletter), Like us on Facebook (www.fb.com/iantyouth), and
Follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/@IANTYouth)
Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your continued support and attention.

Shayan Gaziani and Zainab Halipoto

Islamic Association of North Texas Youth (IANT Youth)