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Opposition Congress for Democratic

Change draws line from Cape Mount
senatorial candidate complaint to
Supreme Court

President Must follow New Years

Days message with concrete action,
visible steps to unite Liberia











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If the supreme court which is supposed to be the final arbiter of justice can become the one
to start investigating first, than we will go nowhere, I dont think it is good for our democracy
and I think it is a wrong precedent, I think and I want to reemphasize that I think the
precedent is wrong, it is a very bad precedent for our emerging democracy and it is important
that we allow people to exhaust the laid down processes House Speaker Alex Tyler


News Analysis- pg.9

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Abundant Life Chapel, Making a

Difference in the Lives of Children Without
Parents Due to Deadly Disease


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Monday, January 5, 2015

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is that Coleman appears to be leaning toward supporting Nagbe and

has been avoiding overtures from his party to enter the fray.
That leaves Jallah, head of the influential Committee on Internal
Affairs and Governance who is being courted and supported by a
Senate bloc boasting what one source says, comprising16 Senators
who are poised to tip Jallah as their candidate in the coming days.
Supporters of Nagbe point to the potential geographical dominance
of the Western Belt comprising President Sirleaf, Speaker Tyler and
a possible Pro Temp from the area as a key negative against having
Jallah as their candidate.
But a Senator from the Jallah bloc told FrontPageAfrica Sunday
that the argument is not holding among the majority. It is not
working with the majority. Everybodys pushing Armah because
he is straight forward and not easily compromised. The rest of the
people are the same yes sir people which we do not want and they
do not have the majority to pull it off.
Regarding the likelihood that Coleman who is said to be part of
the bloc supporting Jallah tipping his backing to Nagbe, the source
said, Coleman hands are tied on the matter because he could lose a
lot of support on other issues and with Senators who aligned with
him in the past. Coleman will not get the kind of support we have
been giving him, his hands are tied, the Senator who spoke on
condition of anonymity because the plan is still in the making.
The source added that senators are keen to ensure that whoever is
elected will have an open and independent mind. Findley was not
in the interest of the Senate, his main goal was for the president,
to agree on everything. He was not objective; we cannot remove
Findley and put the same kind of people there. It is left with us to
find someone who will work with integrity. So everyone can see
that were credible. We cannot have a pro temp that is too much in
bed with the presidency. Were not saying anti-president but at least
one with an independent mind, the source said. Armah is a person
who has always stood his ground, he can work with everybody and
has everybodys interest at heart.

Rodney D. Sieh,


ith Cllr. Varney Sherman, chair of Liberias

ruling Unity Party, all but resigned to bowing out
of contention for the coveted Senate leadership
position, Senator Joseph Nagbe(APD, Sinoe County)
and Senator Armah Z. Jallah(NPP, Gbarpolu) appear to be the two
leading contenders for the post expected to be vacated in the wake
of the recent defeat of Pro Temp Gbezohnga Findley(Independent,
Grand Bassa).
Senator Jewel Howard Taylor(NPP, Bong) appears uncertain about
contesting although some sources say she is opting instead for the
powerful Ways, Means and Finance committee leadership also
being eyed by Senator Edward B. Dagoseh( Unity Party, Grand
Cape Mount County).
As we conclude our consultations, we will find out but Im not
sure at this point if thats what I would be doing, the Senator told
reporters Saturday after she was certificated as the victor in the
Bong County Senatorial race.
Senator Taylor hinted that the build up to the elections is a bit
contentious. It will be up to the 30 Senators to decide who replaces
Findley. Thats a decision that will be taken by 30 members of
the Liberian Senate. Right now deliberations are going on but there
is a little bit too much infighting and I think if something belongs
to someone, it wouldnt be that difficult. So maybe in the next
few weeks we will get together and begin to talk about what will
happen. I can just say I will be the Jewel Howard that I have been
and I will work hard in whatever position I find myself.
Senator Dan Morias(NPP, Maryland) is also said to be weighing
his options and his aides are not so sure he is definite not running.
As it stands, the leadership battle could boil down to Nagbe, a
southeasterner and Jallah from the Western belt, already fielding a
speaker in Alex Jeneka Tyler(Unity Party, Bomi) and the President
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf(Bomi) prompting some political and
legislative observers to raise questions about likelihood that the
presidency and the legislative leadership will be dominated by the
Western Belt.
In the backdrop of what many anticipated would be a Sherman
candidacy derailed by an argument against giving mantle to a
newcomer, many see the race now likely to be both Jallah and
Nagbes to lose but deliberations in the coming days could offer a
clearer picture on who will most likely get the edge.
Shermans aides say he all but give up his quest due to the perception
that hidden forces were pushing for him not to contest.
Allegations Fly Over Sherman Omission
Sherman was one of three newly-elected Senators not allowed to
participate in the certification of the National Elections Commission
last Saturday due to a petition filed before the Supreme Court by Dr.
Fodee Kromah, one of the contestants for the senatorial seat of the
But Nathaniel McGill, Secretary General and Acting Chairman of
the CDC told FPA on Saturday the Party has no idea on how Mr.
Kromah went to the supreme court, the party has no knowledge of
the decision, the party has never seen Mr. Kromah since the election,
we are not aware. Said McGill I do not know the basis of his
compliant, the party will invite him for him to say why he went to
court without courtesy to the party. He is a partisan; he should have
contacted the party. If you want your case to get ground it should
be led by a party, going alone, there is likelihood you can lose your

The most pressing issue for now though remains

the geographical complications looming heavily on
the leadership of the Senate with only two possible
conclusions: The Western Belt fortifying its hold
on the leadership of the Executive and Legislative
branches or the Southeastern belt making a move for
a high stakes political play in hopes of tipping the
balance of power in Liberias fragile democracy.
case, because you will not have the privilege from a strong party
like the CDC
Darius Dillon, a former legislative aide to both Senator Taylor and
former Speaker Edwin Melvin Snowe said the partys standard
bearer President Sirleaf did a disservice to Sherman and accused
Sirleaf of being behind the plot to keep Sherman out of the race.
She has effectively made him a lame duck Chairman of the 'Ruling
Unity Party' and left him running an empty 'vessel'. She did not stop
there.... during the just ended Special Senatorial Election, she only
did not support him in Grand Cape Mount County, she is said to
have undermined him and even supported another person against
him so as to ensure he did not win.
The issue is even more complicated with the candidacy of Nagbe,
a southeasterner who some are already suggesting could be another
Findley whose close ties to the Executive Branch put the Senate
under immense scrutiny regarding its independence from the
executive branch.
That theory is said to be the driving force behind the opposition
Congress for Democratic Change pushing their prominent Senator
Peter Coleman(CDC, Grand Kru County) another Southeasterner
into the mix in a bid to offset the rapidly growing influence of
Senator Nagbe.
Not Handpicked by President Sirleaf, Senator Nagbe Says
Football legend George Weah who has also ruled himself out of the
running is said to be aggressively pressing Coleman, who heads the
Senate Committee on Health, to throw his hat in the race.
But Senator Nagbe, in an interview with FrontPageAfrica Sunday
dismissed the suggestion alluding that he will be another Findley
but confirmed that he is in the race to win.
That is false, that is not true at all. I dont know how will somebody
feel as a lawmaker that you must wear gloves for a fight with
another branch of government like the judiciary or the executive.
Taking a stab at his critics, the senator said on the contrary he has
been one of the most vocal lawmaker in the Senate in the last few
years. I am one of the critical voices against government policies.
I spoke against the civil servants salary issue, the former Minister
of Health, Dr. Walter Gwenigale and a host of others. So how can
someone say I am handpicked by the president? Besides, whatever
a Senator does, he will have to be advised by the senate. It is the
senate that will authorize, not one person.
Senator Nagbe explained that positions in the legislature are based
on seniority and currently he is the most senior senator in the
senate. I am the most senior senator with immense experience and
training in parliamentary work abroad.
Sources: CDC Flirting With Coleman Candidacy
The sticking point for many within the CDC, according to sources

Sherman Influence Still Looms

Nagbe, a counselor at law, who chairs the Senate Committee on
Judiciary, has not hidden his desire to contest and was quoted last
week as saying that the Senate is in desperate need of someone who
commands respect among his colleagues; and garners long years of
governmental and Legislative experience.
But even with Cllr. Sherman out of the race, his influence looms large.
The ruling party chairman reportedly had as for the certification last
Saturday, eight senators under his belt. That number, sources say
has been cut to seven with Senator Prince Johnson(Independent,
Nimba) poised to throw his weight behind Senator Nagbe in part
due to the support he received from the president during the justended senatorial elections which gave him a second nine-year term
as Senator.
One option also in play is the future of Speaker Tyler, whose
leadership is said to be on the ropes with his colleagues said to
lobbying heavily to oust him in the first quarter of the New Year.
For the immediate future, the Senate race appears poised for what
many believe would be a hard fought race pitting Liberias western
belt against the southeastern belt. But more importantly, the
intricacies and dynamics of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering has
all the makings of a political plot filled with intrigue. Whichever
way the saga ends, the senate which has historically settled on
electing a person from a small party appears to be on course with a
serving of Jallah and Nagbe.
That regional balance is an issue people are looking at and this
is why most senators believe this is my time, Senator Nagbe told
FrontPageAfrica Sunday.
Rule Says Full Seating Required for Voting
For the foreseeable future however, the outcome of these elections
could offer a gauging point of how the last few weeks and months
of the Sirleaf presidency would end.
But first, thirty senators will have to be seated for any voting to take
place, at least according to Chapter 5, Rule 14, Section I of the Senate
guidelines which states: On the first day of the Regular Session
following a general and Presidential election, the Secretary of the
Senate, or in his/her absence, the Assistant Secretary of the Senate,
whose term shall not expire until his/her successor is elected, shall
call the Senate to order, conduct devotions, and announce to the
senators present that the Senate is without a President Pro-Tempore
to serve for a term of six years. The President Pro-Tempore shall be
elected by a simple majority of the duly seated Senators. Election
of the President Pro-Tempore shall be held and the Secretary of the
Senate shall then administer the oath of office and appoint a Special
Committee which shall escort the President Pro-Tempore to his/
her seat.
With three Senators on hold, voting for the Pro Temp will have
to await the outcome of a Supreme Court ruling Monday over
whether there is any validity to claims against Sherman and others.
An overturn of those election results would mark an unprecedented
first in Liberias political history. For southeasterners the choice
could be Dr. Peter Coleman or Cllr. Joseph Nagbe. All now hinges
on whether George Weah can convince Coleman to enter the race
for Pro Temp. The most pressing issue for now though remains the
geographical complications looming heavily on the leadership of
the Senate with only two possible conclusions: The Western Belt
fortifying its hold on the leadership of the Executive and Legislative
branches or the Southeastern belt making a move for a high stakes
political play in hopes of tipping the balance of power in Liberias
fragile democracy.

Monday, January 5, 2015

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The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it ~ George Orwell
George K Fahnbulleh,, Contributing Writer

President Must follow New Years Days message

with concrete action, visible steps to unite Liberia

USHERING IN THE NEW YEAR last week, President Ellen JohnsonSirleaf made a rallying cry to Liberians to reconcile, discard old habits,
grievances and differences and begin afresh.
THE MESSSAGE for many has been lost in translation owing to what
many perceive from past experiences that the President has scored low
marks in the court of public opinion when it comes to delivering on
many of her professed statements and pronouncements in the past.
STARTING IN JANUARY 2006 when the then newly-minted Sirleaf
sat on top of the world at her inauguration with a string of stinging
declarations Corruption pledging to rid the country of what she
described as the debilitating cancer of corruption.
SAID SIRLEAF: Corruption erodes faith in government because of
the mismanagement and misapplication of public resources. It weakens
accountability, transparency and justice. Corruption short changes and
undermines key decision and policy making processes. It stifles private
investments which create jobs and assures support from our partners.
Corruption is a national cancer that creates hostility, distrust, and anger.
Throughout the campaign, I assured our people that, if elected, we
would wage war against corruption regardless of where it exists, or by
whom it is practiced. Today, I renew this pledge. Corruption, under my
Administration, will be the major public enemy.
We will confront it. We will fight it. Any member of my Administration
who sees this affirmation as mere posturing, or yet another attempt by
yet another Liberian leader to play to the gallery on this grave issue
should think twice. Anyone who desires to challenge us in this regard
will do so at his or her personal disadvantage.
HISTORY SINCE those words have proven to the contrary. The
mechanics of change in auditing, concessions and procurement and of
late anti-corruption have all become victims of a system that encourages
corrupt officials to discredit their work and leave them struggling for
identity and purpose in a post-war nation lacking precision in the fight
against graft.
IN HER 2006 INAUGUARAL address, Sirleaf acknowledged that
while issues of accountability, and transparency were key to Liberias
post-war resurgence, it would be difficult to reawaken peoples faith
in government if the urgent and imperative issues of post-conflict
reconstruction are not addressed.
fixes to national reconciliation and healing, Sirleaf urged the nation
to reconcile and heal with deliberate and purposeful commitment, as
she pledged her personal involvement in the work of reconciling and
healing our country.
BUT DESPITE those strong words, reconciliation has been one of the
neglected areas of the Sirleaf administration in the past eight years.
Particularly, many were taken aback last week amid reports that
members of the ruling Unity Partys youths were reportedly driven
away from the Presidents farm residence in Bomi County by aides to
the president who accused the youths of not voting for the Presidents
son and for making derogatory remarks about Robert Sirleaf during the
height of the just-ended senatorial elections.
WHAT BAFFLES US is that many of those so-called members of the
presidents inner circle are bent on using the same tactics, the same
methods and falling into the same missteps that has the president in
the bad books of many who voted for her in 2005 and re-elected her
in 2011.
SADLY, TIME is not on the Presidents side to reconcile the country
which makes it extremely important that she does all she can to
addressing the pressing disunity within her ranks and especially within
the party on whose back she rode to attain state power.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, perceptions in various parts of the country
suggesting that the President is favoring a candidate outside her own
party for the Senate President Pro Temp position does not bode well
for her quest to tackle the burning issue of reconciliation in post-war
TWO HIGH-PROFILE Liberians, Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee
the football legend George Weah have both had stings at heading the
herculean reconciliation commission with mixed results. Both have
cited lack of support and seriousness on the part of the government as a
key reason why they stepped aside from the post.
NOW REPORTS ARE SURFACING that the presidency is set to tap
yet another reconciliation czar.
THE APPOINTMENT, FPA has learned will coincide in the expected
visit of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to Liberia later this month
in a bid to showcase the governments readiness to address what is
undoubtedly the single-most important issue needed to be address in
post-war Liberia today.
THIS TIME around we hope that the government will approach this

read with the utmost amount of shame and disgust, the recent 17
(seventeen) page missive, by a national security operative of the
Government of Liberia, Grant Solomon, against the former Justice
Minister of Liberia, Christiana Tah.
Three months after Madame Tah resigned from the Sirleaf government,
the government is still undertaking an intense effort to discredit her. To
me, it is evident the President and her National Security Team feel the
need to impeach her credibility, to preempt and discredit anything she
may say about her time in government.
I have included in this paper, an extensive bibliography, to demonstrate
to the security researcher that when you write a 17 page document, you
should include information which can be verified.
The manner of Madame Tahs resignation, and the insight it provided into
the Presidents actions in obstructing investigations (GIAHYUE), was
unlike any other resignation in this government.
That fear was evident and confirmed in a letter to Madame Tah by the
National Security Council, in which the government believed it was
necessary to admonish Madame Tah, a lawyer, of her obligation not to
divulge state secrets.
Ironically, the people demanding she maintain secrecy, are now spreading
gossip, not only about the workings of the Ministry of Justice, under Tah,
but about her place of birth, her family life.
There are so many things that are disgusting and false about this piece,
it is difficult to even begin to organize my thoughts. Some of the things
that jump out at the reader, are not only the venom and vitriol in the letter,
but the pettiness.
The piece does not simply deal with Madame Tahs tenure at the Ministry
of Justice, but delves into her personal life and attacks her marriage and
her children. This is something low class people do. Mr. Solomon writes:
She is married to Dr. Tah, a gynecologist, and almost twenty years
her senior. The union is blessed with two children, a young lad, of less
significance to society, and a budding young lady who is a caricature of
her mothers dual personality.
How is the age difference in a persons marriage the concern of the
national security agency? Mr. Solomon refers to Madam Tahs son, who
autistic as a young lad, of less significance to society. Thankfully,
the young man is a citizen of a country, America, which values all of its
citizens, even the ones with disabilities.
What kind of human beings, let alone a President, and her National
Security Team, attacks an autistic child to go after his mother?
Solomon goes on to say of Tahs daughter a budding young lady who is a
caricature of her mothers dual personality. This young lady has excelled
with multiple degrees from some of the top universities in the world.
Although Mr. Solomon states Tah has the following academic credentials:
Masters in Sociology / Corrections Kent State University
LLB Law Degree Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law
LLM Law Degree Yale Law School
He attempts to diminish her credentials by suggesting she graduated
from the Grimes Law School with a 2.1 GPA, when in fact she graduated
Magna Cum Laude.
According to the Yale Law School website Applicants for the LL.M.
program must have completed their law degree at an accredited U.S. law
school or a non-U.S. law school with substantially equivalent standards,
and must have a strong record of academic accomplishment.
We are to be convinced that a person with a 2.1 GPA met the strong
record of academic accomplishment required by Yale Law School.
This leaves one to wonder, why are these people so insecure that they seek
to diminish the accomplishment of others.
It also begs the question: why would the President would appoint a person
of such low academic standing as Justice Minister?
The answer to the first question can be found in the Presidents
autobiography, This Child Will Be Great. The foreword of the book
She holds a masters in public administration from Harvard University,
a B.A. in accounting from Madison Business College, and a certificate
in economics from the University of Colorado, in addition to honorary
doctorates from nine universities in the United States and Africa. President
Sirleaf lives in Monrovia, Liberia.
This is a woman who has been able to con the world that she is a Harvard
trained economist over the past 12 years, when in fact, she has a 2 year
degree from Madison Business College , described in Wikipedia as:
Madison Business College was the name of a business college in
Madison, Wisconsin, founded in 1858. It was also known as Northwestern
Business College and School of Shorthand, Capital City Commercial
College, Madison College, Madison Junior College, and Madison Junior
Business College; it closed on September 22, 1998.
She was able, through her work with the Government of Liberia, to parlay
that 2 year degree into a 9 credit certificate program designed specifically
for people from third world countries, by Harvard. Lawrence Summers,
the former US treasury secretary, is a Harvard trained economist.
It is also noteworthy that this president has managed to drive out of
her government just about every woman of qualification and substance
including Antoinette Sayeh and Olubanke King-Akerele. Imagine a
woman president who despises competent women; quite the contradiction.
The NSA robs Korean Businessmen
What seems to strike a raw nerve with the President and her entire

National Security Team, was the public disclosure by Madame Tah, of the
Presidents refusal for the Ministry of Justice to investigate allegations of
robbery against agents of the National Security Agency made by Korean
Madame Tahs allusion to this incident, in her resignation statement, so
irked the President, that New York Times writer, cum Sirleaf biographer
, Helene Cooper attempted to cast aspersions and derision on it, in her
October 30, 2014 article. Ms. Cooper wrote:
Ms. Tah, used her resignation news conference to accuse Ms. Johnson
Sirleaf of trying to block a corruption investigation into Liberias National
Security Agency, which is headed by another of the presidents sons. Ms.
Johnson Sirleaf denied the charge; it was the same son, Fumbah Sirleaf,
who helped American agents pull off West Africas largest drug bust in
The crime was initially reported on extensively by the National Chronicle,
in a series of articles:
In Alleged Organized Crime Gold, Diamond Deal:NSA,
Lebanese National Rob Koreans Of US$284,000
After Sharing Korean Businessmens US$284,300: NSA Aids
Lebanese Man To Escape
On August 14, 2014, officers of the Police Support Unit (PSU) barricaded
and tear-gassed the offices of the National Chronicle, seized computers
and arrested its editor, Phillibert Browne. On September 9, 2013, the
Police Director, Christian Massaquoi barred Mr. Browne from traveling.
This raid was ordered directly by the President of Liberia, bypassing the
Ministry of Justice.
The Ministry of Justices attempts to take hold of the investigation were
thwarted by the Executive Mansion. In a letter dated July, 11, 2014
The Deputy Minister of Justice for Administration and Public Safety,
Wheatonia Y. Dixon Barnes wrote:
"We are indeed very concerned about the legal implication this issue poses
to the Government of Liberia (GOL), and the potential negative impact
it may have on investors. In this connection, therefore, we advise that
you forward this matter to the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) for a thorough
investigation in conjunction with the NSA. To protect the integrity of the
process, we further advise that the amount in question be deposited into an
escrow account until the legality of this issue is determined. Additionally,
we request that you stay all forms of investigation with respect to this case
pending our joint sitting."
Those instructions were never carried out, even though the by law the
Director of the National Security Agency is required to report to the
President through the Ministry of Justice on all Matters affecting the
work of the Agency, as circumstances may require or as directed by the
President. The law further requires the Ministry of Justice to issue
orders and regulations with the approval of the president with regards to
the performance of such additional function as circumstances may dictate
for securing the safety of the State. The National Security can give no
account of the money, seized by its agents.
Solomon, who claims he is a security researcher has obviously never
heard of the internet. He tries to pin the dismissal of Deputy Minister
Barnes on Madam Tah, when the Executive Mansion website, on
September 13, 2014, posted a list of three deputy Ministers from Justice
who were dismissed by the President being out of the country without an
excuse. Why concoct a fantastical lie, when the information is readily
The fact is the President dismissed three of Minister Tahs Deputies even
after Minister Tah submitted medical excuses and pleaded in person for
mercy for the three Ministers. The real target of the dismissals at Justice
was Wheatonia Barnes, because of the instructions she gave Fumba
Sirleaf noted above. The President could not stomach the idea that any
person would instruct her son to hold on to evidence of a crime. The other
two ministers were simply collateral damage.
Are we supposed to believe that 5 rogue agents, seized nearly $250,000
dollars and that money was never turned over to the authorities within
the agency?
Madame Tahs assertions were vindicated when the Special Independent
Committee set up by the President, to bypass the Ministry of Justice, and
to investigate accusations of money laundering, counterfeiting, illegal
arrest, and conspiracy to defraud the Korean businessmen made 3
findings and recommendations, which were:
Appropriate administrative actions be taken against the
operatives of the National Security Agency (five in all) who were directly
involved with the arrest of the Korean and Sierra Leonean nationals
The operatives of the National Security Agency (five in all)
who were directly involved with the arrest of the Korean and Sierra
Leonean nationals, and their co-conspirators (two who do not work with
the NSA) be handed over to the Ministry of Justice for prosecution in
order to clear the name and image of the National Security Agency.
The Government of Liberia refunds to the Korean nationals the
full amount of US$247, 500, which they withdrew from the International
Bank of Liberia (IBLL) on July 8, 2014, and which they proceeded with
directly to the City King Hotel, immediately thereafter, and were arrested
shortly after their arrival.Liberian Observer 11/10/2014

matter with urgency, precision and provide the support needed to make
it work.
TOO MANY LIBERIANS have died, scores of others have been crippled
and yet we find that many are still struggling to atone with their past.
RECONCILIAITON MUST be treated with care as we continue our
journey to post-war stability.

THIS IS NO time for anyone to be proud, no time for anyone to take

their eye off the ball; no time for any close aide or kitchen Cabinet folks
to stand in the way of the bigger picture; and no time for anyone to play
lip service to this all important issue standing in the way of Liberias past
and its future as it struggles to complete its journey from war to peace.

please read full commentary online:

Monday, January 5, 2015

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Mr. Jay Wehtee Wion, your analysis is on point, yet one of the UP titans is a
crook, but, from known facts, that description doesnt fit Counselor Varney
Sherman. He tried to help a down - on - luck friend from Cape Mount who
brought a Danish swain to him. Obviously, he took this foreigner at his
word, and tried to assist get an honorary consulship which were a dime
and dozens in poor countries looking for investments representatives. The
guy paid finders fee which is a regular practice everywhere; that wasnt
corruption, and didnt rise to the level of crookedness.
President Sirleaf is paying millions abroad for PR, and she is the one
who causes confusion. Like someone said last year: Dont waste your
time defending that old lady; she never intended to rebuild Liberia, and
has nothing to offer the nation except to find avenues to escape without
being disgraced for selling the country for a song. The fact remains that
regardless of how repugnant Mrs. Sirleaf was perceived before 2005; if
she had used the Liberian peoples benefit of doubt to positive outcomes,
reconciliation, stability and peace wouldve been realities today, not
distant aspirations.
The percentage of votes between Sherman and opponents far exceed
5-10 % points, which is the acceptable percentage of recount etc. It does
not warrant the interference of the Supreme Court. This just another
interference by the Sirleaf cabal. And senators, you should not allowed
the presidency to dictate who your next leaders should be, if you do
then you are doom. The same goes for the house as you guys need new
leadership too. Any one of you who is found carrying water for presidency
is compromising the independence of the upper house and should be very
ashamed. Stop trying to deny the respective constituencies of every duly
elected Senator. It is about equal access and equal representation and
these are also implied constitutionally rights. There are no need for this
uncalled for delay. The S. Court has no fish to fry in this oil. It is that of
the NEC, which has shamefully failed in some ways in deal with some
outstanding issues of this past elections and running away. We are not
in the mood of going backward and remember this " delay = denial''.
Some things to ponder nationally. The people Cape Mount County are
quarantined full, equal representation and access period. Stop your games
and your stupid ploys.
This is no news it was expected and accepted in todays Liberia.This is the
norm . While I remain optimistic about the future, it is important come
2017 eligible voters remember the painful 12 years endured. From top to
bottom all 3 branches of government they must all go Liberia requires
energetic, creative, passionate leadership, young vibrant individuals with
the vision to lead Liberia into the 21st century. Yes we can Liberians its
OK to accept change for the better.
Our comments yesterday on a Dec. 29, 2014 FrontPageAfricas perceptive
editorial about Looking toward an Ebola - Free 2015 was presciently
as follows:
We loudly echo the New Years wish of FPA, and also pray in the spirit
of national concord and stability that 2015 will end tension/ crisis free,
because there is a perception among the majority, whove become cynical
by endless failures of governance, that all political confusions are stoked
by the government to divert attention from its refusal in responding to
their just and reasonable demand.
Predictably, an overly activist Supreme Court now puts a stay order on
the certification of Counselor Varney Shermans victory in Cape Mount.
From FPAs well thought - out analysis of the very public UP - favorite
son - Robert Sirleaf election feud, the instigator of this new elevation
of the political temperature is President Sirleaf. No wonder the majority
poor believes that her govt. masks inability to deliver on promises with
carefully crafted cascading crises.
pleebocollins25 (signed in using yahoo)
The hand of Michaivelli at work. This is probably one of the best
individuals who is qualified to be a senator and of course th Supreme
Court, who really have no idea of what they should be doing , are now
treading dangerous waters. The Supreme Court is the court of last resort
when the lower courts have tried the case, but now it seem the Supreme
Court has become judge, jury, court clerk, messenger and delivery of
justice. You see what happens when we have rejects as our Supreme Court
justices. They can be bought at any price by the hand underneath.


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The Editor,

his is worth a script for one of these popular Liberian and

African Movies with its twist and turns between Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf and Varney Sherman. All the characters and
their roles are in place, so start the cameras rolling.

The Plot:
Who gets the last laugh in this unfolding drama between former allies
now turned bitter enemies? For now, Ellen seems to have the edge but
don't count Varney out, not yet for it is going to be a bitter and bloody
political fight between the two from now to 2017.
I have written many times over on these FPA pages that the National
Elections Commission, NEC and the Supreme Court are both
extensions of Ellen's ruling dis-Unity Party. The feud between the
two is no secret. Like Ellen, Varney too is plays dirty. Remember
the undercover journalist from Denmark who made the tantalizing
corruption laced documentary, The Ambassador? Sherman, as
Chairman of the dis-Unity Party took the first bait of corruption
money the journalist would dole in the tune of $150,000.00, some
of it allegedly ended up in the pockets of then Foreign Ministers and
others before the President could sign the journalist's certificate as a
Liberian Diplomat/Honorary Consul General.
On tape, Varney the lawyer and Chairman of the ruling dis-Unity
Party introduced the undercover journalist as "my friend" to two
former Foreign Ministers, Akerele King and Gayeah McIntosh, while
recommending the guy for the position of Consul General. Some
$30,000.00-plus already deposited into Varney's bank account, which
Varney would later say was his "success fees" for getting his "friend"
the job. The same friend Varney would call a "crook" when the movie
came out. Ellen later sent Former Foreign Minister, Dr. Gayeah
McIntosh to ECOWAS as Vice President.
A shameless President Sirleaf and Company would later say they were
suing the journalist/Ambassador. The movie was shown in New York,
Europe and in Australia. Did anyone in the Liberian Foreign Ministry
or government care to check Varney's recommended "friend's"
background? With $150,000.00 to burn to test the corrupt nature of the
Liberian government, who would care to doubt the ruling dis-Unity
Party's Chairman's claim about his friendship with the undercover
journalist with a hidden camera documenting everything?
Remember also when Ellen made the "mistake" of picking Varney to
be the National Orator during the July 26 Independence Day program
in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, Varney's home? There,
Varney, in speaking truth to power, took no prisoners and plunged
the poisonous political knife into Ellen's chest, from which Ellen has
not fully recovered and is therefore bent on this score settling with
See why Ellen and the dis-Unity Party would not endorse their
National Chairman in the just ended senatorial race, but rather Ellen
went with incumbent Abe Massalley of Charles Taylor's National
Patriotic Party? See how politics can make such strange bedfellows?
But this too is Liberia.
Therefore Ellen must do what her support for Massalley could not
deliver, victory. Hence, the Supreme Court must step in as it takes
orders from Ellen to frustrate Varney. Mind you, Varney will later take
his seat in the Senate seat, but not until the new President Pro Temp

is chosen, most likely a stooge of Ellen. This is why the Court must
sidestep the NEC to delay Varney from being seated to seek the Pro
Temp powerful position. Ellen still wants to wield her influence in the
new Senate where her party does not have a majority.
But the lawyer that Varney is, watch how Varney will go after Ellen to
unearth the corrupt bills she pushed through the Senate for passage.
The fight that send the sparks flying will be when Varney and George
Weah probe the questionable passage of last month's offshore oil
Block16, and who authorized the $31,000.00 as hush-hush money for
each senator? Who gets the last laugh? I bet my money on Varney.
This lame duck president is trying to hang on to dear life as the boat
is taking water and about to sink. We are all spectators in this game of
cat and mouse between President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Senatorelect, lawyer Varney Sherman.
This Liberian movie is still in production ......yor wait my people.
We will finish production in 2017 or before. It all depends on what
happens from now on....
Jerry Wehtee Wion
Journalist and Political Commentator,
Washington, DC, USA


The Editor,

llr. Varney Sherman may not be one of the best guys in

town, but he has bent backwards over to serve and please
Madam Sirleaf. Cllr. Sherman and other Members of the
then Liberia Action Party practically obliterated the name
of the Late Jackson F. Doe from our political history when they joined
ranks to dissolve the Liberia Action Party (LAP) and merged it into
the Unity Party. Today LAP is no more.... all because of Madam
Cllr. Sherman did not stop there. During the 2011 Presidential and
General Elections, Cllr. Sherman did ALL he could to ensure Madam
Sirleaf's reelection. He spent his money, he used all his energies and
other available resources for said purpose. He was front and wholly
involved; he campaigned and even ensure she won Cape Mount
County... his stronghold. This is an open secret.
After all he did, what did she do? She shut the 'doors' on him. He
did not matter to her anymore. She has done everything to reduce
him to a political 'nobody'. She has effectively made him a limb duck
Chairman of the 'Ruling Unity Party' and left him running an empty
She did not stop there.... during the just ended Special Senatorial
Election, she only did not support him in Grand Cape Mount County,
she is said to have undermined him and even supported another
person against him so as to ensure he did not win.
What did Cllr. Sherman do so much to Madam Sirleaf for her to
reward him with such conscienceless ingratitude?
Interestingly, this Madam Sirleaf had the nerve to mention the word
RECONCILIATION in her "New Year's Day Message"... when, on
the very New Year's Day she reportedly refused to welcome or shake
hands with some Youths of her Unity Party who did not support her
son during his recent senatorial bid.
My understanding is folks like Medina Wesseh, Musa Bility, Harry
Greaves and a host of others have been 'cut off'.... all for the same
reasons. Why?????
Credible information available to me says a mass dismissal (in the
name of "RESCHUFFLE") is in the making. This action would be her
way of retaliating against some of those she suspects did not support
her 'choices' during the just concluded Senatorial Election.
This is indeed SAD!
Abraham Darius Dillon,


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Wade C. L. Williams, News Desk Chief, wade.; 0880664793
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Monday, January 5, 2015

n the wake of series
of recent Stay Orders
from the Supreme Court
political processes and creating
uneasiness amongst politicians
and political activities, there
is a growing discontent from
officials of other branches of
Government and even within
the ranks and files of the court
against the numerous decisions
by high Court which is gradually
developing into political strains.
It all started with more than
a week of Stay Order on
the holding of the Special
Senatorial election, halting all
political activities, demoralizing
Liberians who were already in
the zeal for politics, a decision
from the Supreme Court which
perhaps might have impacted
the low turnout during the
December 20 senatorial election.
When Liberians who have been
quiet for several months due to
the outbreak of the deadly Ebola
virus finally left their homes to
engage in political rallies, the
court halted the process with a
writ of prohibition and following
weeks of delay in political
campaigning, the court at the
end decided that the process
should go ahead, leaving only a
week for political campaigning.
The highly anticipated senatorial
election nearly lost flavor as a
consequence of the Supreme
Court Stay Order which grew
out of a writ of prohibition filed
by some Liberians and political
parties against the National
Elections Commission.
High court strikes Senators
With the memory of the Stay
Order against the senatorial
election still fresh on the
minds of Liberians, the high
Court acting on three separate
complaints from candidates
who participated in the election
placed a hold on the certification
of three candidates including
Cllr. Varney G. Sherman of
Grand Cape Mount, Morris
Saytumah of Bomi and Jim
Tornonlah of Margibi County.
The Congress for Democratic
Change (CDC), the political
party of one of the complaints,
Dr. Fodee Kromah from Grand
Cape has declared that it is not
aware of any complaint by its
candidate to the Supreme Court.
Dr. Kromah should be aware
that he is a party candidate,
even though he is a Liberian and
has his right but any complaint

to the court should be to the

knowledge of the political
party he represented during
the election but in his case, we
are not aware as a party of any
complaint by our contestant,
CDC Secretary general and
Acting Chairman Nathaniel
McGill told FrontPageAfrica.
Proceeding wrongly
The outcry against the action of
the Supreme Court continues
and it caught the heart of
the head of the first branch
of government, House of
Representatives Speaker J. Alex
Tyler when he declared that the
court is proceeding wrongly.
The Supreme Court Stay
order was not known to many
Liberians ahead of Saturdays
certification as they gathered to
witness the certification of 15
newly elected senators before
NEC Chairman Jerome G.
Korkoyah disclosed that only
12 of the 15 were qualified to
receive certificates due to the
high Court mandate.
Speaker Tyler did not hide his
disagreement when he expressed
disappointment over the decision
of Court, cautioning the court to
focus on legal and constitutional
issues and leave political issues
with politicians.
Recent developments from
our sister branch needs to be
discussed if Democracy must
grow, we do understand that the
court is part of the democracy
that we all have been yearning
for but it is equally important to
say here that political questions
must be left with politicians
while constitutional and legal
questions be left with the court
said Speaker Tyler
Court setting wrong Precedent
In an exclusive interview with
reporters shortly after the
official certification program,
Speaker Tyler further elaborated
his stance against the Supreme
Court decision, expressing that
the court is setting the wrong
The Speaker argues that as per
the law, electoral issues should
be left with the NEC to handle
and individuals not satisfied with
the outcome of NECs decision
can go to the Supreme Court for
further redress.
There are laid down procedures
and processes by law, the
National Elections Commission
has the authority to investigate
complaints coming out of
elections, what we said was
at the end of those processes
parties that are not satisfied can


go to the supreme court, said

the Speaker.
The head of the Legislature
who is an Attorney At-Law
proposed a legal argument
that the involvement of the
Supreme Court in such issues as
complaint from individuals will
force the high court into looking
at evidence when it should not
be doing so as per law.
If the supreme court which is
supposed to be the final arbiter
of justice can become the one to
start investigating first, than we
will go nowhere, I dont think it
is good for our democracy and I
think it is a wrong precedent, I
think and I want to reemphasize
that, I think the precedent is
wrong, it is a very bad precedent
for our emerging democracy
and it is important that we allow
people to exhaust the laid down
processes, he stated.
In a strong expression, the
Speaker said he and others
cannot continue to allow the
Supreme Court to set the wrong
Said Speaker Tyler We cannot
allow the Supreme Court to
continue or set the wrong
precedent and I maintain that
and if the bench wants me to
explain further, I will do that
because of the interest of the
He is calling on the Supreme
Court to speedily look into
the matter. I hope they will
speedily look at the issues laid
before them but I am quite aware
that the Supreme Court cannot
take evidence so if they start to
investigate, than they will have
to look at evidence.
Decision ignores the law
also expressed that as citizen
of Liberia and a lawyer, it is a
strange indicating saying that
the decision by the Supreme
Court ignores the law.
Said Chairman Korkoyah It
is strange indeed, because I
absolutely see no reason why
prohibition will prevent the
certification of the senators
elect, I see no reason. I am
disappointed because in my
profession as a lawyer; I have
learned to respect the decision
of the court, so I had to do so.
But when decision flow from
court that has the potential to
ignore the law that appears
to be something outside of
the law than as a lawyer I get
The NEW Chairman said some
Liberians see the decision by the

court as an attempt to undermine

the court of NEC
As a citizen, I do not believe
that there is basis to stop these
people because the law is clear.
The law is very clear that in the
event of a protest from election,
the protest does not operate as
a stay, the law further provides
remedy. Why you stop the
people, the court should explain
that, I think people should not
play with the political stability
of our country in this manner.
Some candidates matter have
been heard and dismissed the
people who are complaining
now have failed to complain
to the commission Chairman
Korkoyah further said.
Contempt for Speaker Tyler?
The head of the Liberia National
Bar Association, the umbrella
organization for all lawyers, Cllr.
Theoliphus Gould has described
the statement by Speaker Tyler
against the Supreme Court as
contemptuous in nature.
I am surprise by trainee Tyler
to question the wisdom of the
Supreme Court. He has no
capacity to do that and he should
realize that he can be held in
contempt of the court, said Cllr.
The head of the Bar Association
expressed that the Speaker
should be held in contempt by
the Supreme Court.
Said Cllr. Gould He should be
held in contempt because he
has no place in questioning the
wisdom of the Supreme Court.
I hope the Supreme Court will
warn him never to do that.
Cllr. Gould contends that the
Supreme Court does not create a
case but rather citizens and party
litigants petition the court on
issues and the court looks into
those issues.
The outbursts by the Speaker and
NEC chairman signal that many
Liberians including stakeholders
are getting weary of the
persistent decisions by the court
on political issues even though
Chief Justice Korkpor recently
stated that the court does not rule
on political doctrine.
Speaking on the writ of
prohibition against the senatorial
election, the Chief Justice said
The Supreme Court cannot rule
on political doctrine we discuss
issues that are judiciable though
we are concern of the virus in
the country; all we can do is to
request the National Elections
commission to put in measures
that will minimize the spread of
the deadly Ebola virus.
But two associate justices of the
full bench namely Justice Philip
Banks and Justice Kabina Janeh
in different view differed with
the majority on grounds that the
issues brought to the court is
not political as the citizens see
the court as the final arbiter of
Justice Janeh said we are 3 to
2 on the bench, but the majority
spoke for the entire court and
despite of their opinion we have
our rights to oppose what they
said, this does not meant that the
bench is divided.
While Justice Banks said he
believed that there are limitations
imposed on the two political
branches of the government
and that holding a narrow
interpretation as the majority
opinion ignore the rights granted
the people of Liberia by the
Constitution, defeats the intent
and purpose of Article 2 of the
Liberian Constitution.

Page 5

Opposition Congress for Democratic Change
draws line from Cape Mount senatorial
candidate complaint to Supreme Court


n Saturday the certification of the Chairman of the

ruling Unity Party, Cllr. Varney Sherman as Senator of
Grand Cape Mount County was aborted due to a stay
order from the Supreme Court of Liberia growing out
of a petition to the high court by Dr. Fodee Kromah, one of the
contestants for the senatorial seat of the county.
While the petition is expected to be heard by the Supreme Court
today, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) on whose
ticket Dr. Kromah contested the senatorial election has declared
that it is not aware of any complaint from its contestant but Dr.
Kromah has told FrontPageAfrica that the CDC was served a copy
of his complaint.
Nathaniel McGill, Secretary General and Acting Chairman of the
CDC told FPA on Saturday The Party has no idea on how Mr.
Kromah went to the supreme court, the party has no knowledge
of the decision, the party has never seen Mr. Kromah since the
election, we are not aware.
McGill said as Chairman of the party, if any of his candidates had
dissatisfaction over election matters, he should have been notified
to enable the party defend the candidate in court, something he
said candidate Kromah failed to do.
Said McGill I do not know the basis of his compliant, the party
will invite him for him to say why he went to court without
courtesy to the party. He is a partisan; he should have contacted
the party. If you want your case to get ground it should be led by
a party, going alone, there is likelihood you can lose your case,
because you will not have the privilege from a strong party like
the CDC
CDC cannot go to court
The CDC Secretary general confirming whether the party will be
in court to stand by its partisan said The first thing he went to
court without the party consent, he should have come to the party
first before proceeding, the party is not aware and cannot go to
According to McGill partisan Kromah has never visited the party
headquarters neither has he called him as Chairman of the party
since the end of the senatorial election.
He disclosed that the CDC is aware of a complaint from the party
candidate in Margibi County, where he said the party wrote the
magistrate in Margibi outlining its complaint.
McGill also said candidate Bhofal Chambers of Maryland County
has filled a compliant with the Board of Commissioners of NEC
and the complaint is being investigated.
The CDC official commended the National Elections Commission
for what he termed the transparent conduct of the senatorial
Said McGill NEC chairman has been very transparent, hope that
he will continue to do so, I have not seen any bias on his part.
The party appreciates the role of the chairman of NEC; he has
been very transparent in handling these issues, McGill declared.
I served Party
Meanwhile, Dr. Kromah has told FPA that he served the CDC a
copy of his complaint.
The case is in court and I do not want to say anything about it. I
served the party a copy of my complaint, said Dr. Kromah.
Dr. Kromah said his complaint relates to election irregularities
during the senatorial election.
I sent a compliant of election irregularities to NEC and CDC was
served a copy, he further said.
Cllr. Sherman won the Grand Cape Mounty senate with 13, 651
votes representing 61.7% while Dr. Kromah managed runners-up
with 3,431 votes representing 15.5 percent.
Dr. Kromah managed a distant second with a margin of 10,220
votes between him and Cllr. Sherman.
The Supreme Court is expected to hear Dr. Kromahs petition

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Monday, January 5, 2015

President Sirleaf Names Two-Month Old Girl





resident Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf participated in
the naming ceremony
of a two-month old
baby girl recently.
The child was born unto the
union of Jefferson S. Mansaray
and Aminata Fofana of Clara
Town, Bushrod Island on
2014, the same day President
Sirleaf celebrates her birth
anniversary. Mr. Mansaray
hails from Grand Cape Mount
County while Miss Fofana
hails from Lofa County.
According to an Executive
Mansion release, the child was

he Former Secretary General of Dugbe River Union of

Liberia, Mr. Aaron J. Manneh has congratulated Sinoe
County Senator-Elect Hon. J. Milton Teahjay for his
preferment to the countys higher post in the first branch
of government, while urging also him to ensure complete and
unconditional clearance for his stewardship in Sinoe County.
The prominent Sinoean told his Senator-elect Hon. J.Milton
Teahjay that the Sinoe County citizens and residents have chosen
him, amongst others to mainly help bring about sustainable peace
and unity, infrastructural, social, economic, political development
and growth in the county.
He urged Hon. Teahjay to strive to begin clearing his name of
corrupt charges levied against him as Superintendent of Sinoe
County and also prioritize the supreme interests of Sinoe County
instead of further enriching himself as business as usual.
Mr. Manneh, a former Assistant Minister for Administration at
the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said he was joining his voice with
those citizens of Sinoe who are expressing reservations on your
senatorial win in Sinoe County in the midst of public cries of an
alleged indictment of county development funds hanging over
your head.
Mr. Manneh, a former Liberia National Police Officer observed
that those who seek the high office of the county as senator and
Superintendent must be free of all blemishes and their records
must not be tainted.
The people of Sinoe deserved better than electing you in the midst
of controversial of financial improprieties. I am equally calling
on you sir, to ensure that there is complete and unconditional
clearance of your stewardship as former Superintendent of
Sinoe County, averred Mr. Manneh who is eyeing the post of
Superintendent of Sinoe County.
He further urged Mr. Teahjah to do an honorable thing for himself
and all democratic minded individual of Sinoe County and the
world to free himself of such alleged indictment charges prior to
taking seat to that distinguished body of the Honorable Members
of the Liberian Senate.
Mr. Manneh observed that Mr. Milton Teahjah has fallen short
of the glory of the good elements of democracy which point to
accountability and transparency in government and so he cannot
be honored as senator until he seeks legal remedy to clear himself
of those charges and to remove such negative clouds.
According him, the slogan "you kill my pa or ma I will vote
for you" cannot hold water in Sinoe County, adding that those
responsible for keeping the County under-development while
developing their status and farms against the overall development
goal of all sectors of the county must be opposed.
The former Minister said that this cannot and must not work
in Sinoe County this time around because such behaviors have
been contributing largely to the backwardness of the county for
decades on the part of the past and current leaders who always in
the habit of SIGNING NO to the development of Sinoe County.

named by President Sirleaf as

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Mansary
at the request of her parents.
The Liberian leader wished
little Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Mansaray a blessed childhood

and life filled with love, care

and the fear of God. She
prayed that God will grant the
parents the passion to love
and effectively care for her
namesake. God has blessed

you both with this little angel

and it is my hope and prayer
that you will care for her and
bring her up in the things of
God, President Sirleaf urged.
President Sirleaf prayed that
her namesake will follow her
good examples and grow up
to become one of Liberias
most powerful and productive
women and be a true
representative of the dreams,
hope and aspirations of her
The parents informed the
Liberian President that they
decided to name the child
in her honor due to their
personal love and admiration
for the President and the
wonderful leadership she has
and continues to provide for
Madam President, I love
you so much and was very
instrumental in your election
in 2005 and 2011 and hold no
regret for my decision. My
love for you, couple with the
fact that my daughter shares
the same birthday with you,
we decided to name her in
her honor, Mr. Mansaray
He thanked President Sirleaf
for accepting to perform the
naming ceremony and for
sharing the same name with
their beloved and cherished


NECs Board of Commissioners Pay Special Visit to President Sirleaf;

Presents Final Results of the 2014 Special Senatorial Election

Commissioners of the
National Elections
Commission (NEC)
led by its Chairman, Cllr.
Jerome Kokoyah recently paid
a special visit to President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
According to an Executive
Mansion release, the visit was
aimed at briefing the Liberian
President on the outcome of
the 2014 Special Senatorial
Election and to formally
present to her the results. The
meeting took place in the
temporary office of President
Sirleaf at the Foreign Ministry

on Tuesday, December 30.

Chairman Kokoyah was
Weedor, Davidetta Brown
Lassana, Sam Joe and the
Executive Director, Lamin
The NEC Chairman, on behalf
of his colleagues, thanked
President Sirleaf for accepting
to meet with the Board of
briefed her on the overall
electoral process and formally
presented the outcome of
the elections. Cllr. Kokoyah
stressed that the NEC was

pleased and satisfied with

of the independence of the
Madam President, let me
personally thank you for
respecting and protecting the
independence of the National
Election Commission. You
promised just that when you
appointed me along with
other Commissioners and I
am pleased that you kept your
word. You absolutely respected
our independence and there
was no interference. This is a
real boost to our democracy
and we owe it to you and
the Government of Liberia,

Chairman Kokoyah said.

He commended the Ministries
of Finance and Development
Planning, Health, Justice and
the various security parastatals
for the various roles they
played in the conduct of a free,
fair, transparent, safe, peaceful,
In response, President Sirleaf
thanked the NEC for efficiently
and effectively managing the
Special Senatorial Election
The Liberian leader expressed
serious concern about the low
voter turnout and stressed that
government was still trying to
find out what was responsible.
She stressed that it was
important for the NEC to do
a critical reflection on the
process and find out what

could be done much better next
time especially as the country
moves toward the general and
presidential elections in 2017.
My government remains
committed to giving the
NEC its independence and to
completely avoid interference
in any form and kind. I am
also glad that the NEC could
basically conduct the 2014
Special Senatorial Elections
on its own without the usual
deeply involved international
partners. This is a reflection
of growth and maturity of our
democracy and real hope for
the future, she stressed.

Monday, January 5, 2015

ROOM ON 2014

resident Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf recently met
with Women Situation
Room of the 2014
Special Senatorial Elections and
shared information and reflected
on the just ended electoral
process, their role and findings.
The delegation was led by the
head of the Women Situation
Room, Cllr. Yvette ChessonWreh.
According to an Executive
Mansion release, President
Sirleaf thanked the Women
Situation Room for the service
rendered the country relative to
the electoral process and added
that their contribution was
crucial to the overall success of
the Special Senatorial Election.
She pointed out that the elections
may not have been perfect
due to the different issues and
circumstances but stressed that it
was held and was successful.
President Sirleaf recognized
the rights of those who have
expressed grievances about
the process and hope that they
remain within the confines of the
We had a single woman
elected during the elections
and so we need to do more to
support women and enhance
their interest to participate and
support women candidates in
electoral processes. The year
2017 is crucial for women and
elections and the work to be done
must start now, she pointed out.
Speaking earlier, Cllr. Yvette
Chesson-Wreh briefed President
Sirleaf on the different activities
of the Women Situation Room
during the just ended electoral
process. We engaged the
denounced violence, sent out
Elections Observers and helped
address issues as they unfolded,
she informed the President.
Making interventions, other
members of the delegation lifted
issues such as the difficulty of
some voters to locate voting
centers, late start of voting in
some places, complaints from
some candidate about the process
as issues that must be corrected
in future elections. They frowned
on the low turnout of voters
which they put at 25percent and
low womens participation put at
just over 2 percent.
Key members of the delegation
included Sister Mary Laurene
Associations President Lusu
Sloan, Madam Theresa Leigh
Beysolow, among others.






hirty orphans began

their New Year's Day
with smiles when they
became beneficiaries
of a supply of assorted food and
non-food items and cash from
the United Liberia Association in
Belgium (ULAB).
The Belgium based Liberian
delivered the supplies that
included several bags of rice,
flour, sugar, and gallons of oil,

boxes of quaker oats, butter,

clorax, and other disinfectants,
among others, to the Love A
Child Orphanage Home located
on the Robertsfield Highway
outside Monrovia.
Ms Kronyanh said the donation
was the group's noble gesture
towards the needy children of
Liberia which ULAB hopes and
prays to continue.
"Ebola has tested the love
and strength of West Africa
and Liberia; therefore, it is
incumbent upon us to pick the


first stone in rebuilding this

nation for the betterment of our
people, particularly the children
of this nation Liberia", she stated
in her brief remarks.


She then called on other

Liberians, irrespective of their
locations, to stand in solidarity
with each other, adding, "We
should work tirelessly to ensure

Page 7

that our peace is strengthened by

our actions."
Both Mr Albert Wreh and Mrs.
Rebecca Wreh, founders of the
orphanage, thanked and praised
ULAB for their continual support
to her group as she received the
donated items and cash. "God
will continue to bless the work
of your hands", they stated.
The presentation is ULAB
Christmas, New Year and Ebola
donation to the orphanage home
and is the second successive time
the group has identified with the
Teta Kollie who is the first
registered orphan of the home,
on behalf of all the orphans,
prayed God's replenishment of
the resources used in doublefold.
Earlier, Isaac Yeah, also based
in Europe who accompanied
Ms. Kronyanh to the donation
ceremony, rained praises on Mrs.
Wreh for the good manner in
which she continues to maintain
the orphanage with specific
emphasis on the impressive
hygienic condition of the
facilities of the orphanage.
He also stressed the need
for Liberians the world over
to replicate similar gestures
towards the needy in the country,
particularly during this time of
the Ebola crisis in Liberia.
The Love A Child Orphanage
is one of the well known
orphanages in the country that
has been catering to dozens of
orphans since its establishment
in 1998.

Liberian Group Ready to turn Yekepa to Yollywood

hen Archie C. Weah, a

student of A.M.E.U left
Monrovia for Yekepa,
he carried with him one
dreamrecruit youths and start a movie
production companythat was in January
2014. Barely one year after his arrival in

Yekepa (Yollywood), Archies dreams

have started to unfold. Archida Movie
Production and Entertainment Group
has been formed, and already the group
has two movies to its credit. Thanks to
a group of dedicated youths in Yekepa,
the chanced meeting with ArcelorMittal

Resident Communications Manager, Jerry

Mwagbe, and a year of hard work. the group is
on its way to create a niche for itself in Liberias
evolving movie industry.
Archie Weah had starred in some local movies
and had some years of experience acting and codirecting some short films. At the beginning of
2014, I felt the need to be more adventurous, and
so I decided to go to Yekepa and test the waters.
Shortly after his arrival in Yekepa, the first task
at hand was to recruit would be actors. It was a
tough job recruiting personnel, because many of
the youths who were willing to join the effort had
no acting experience or training. Excited by the
chance to be part of a movie, the first meeting was
held on March 15 with 12 persons in attendance.
Archies initial efforts were scaffolded, when
Jerry Mwagbe, a manager at ArcelorMittal and
patron of the arts visited the groups rehearsal.
After watching the group rehearsed, he pledged
his support and started working with the group.
Shortly thereafter, Mwagbe was unanimously
selected to serve as Interim President. According
to Mwagbe, the group lacked funds, equipment
and rehearsal space, thus making the task
herculean. In April, the group managed to raise
its own funds by securing a contract to dramatize
messages for ArcelorMittal Health and Safety
Day. With the assistance of Mwagbe, the group
successfully implemented the contract and got
some seed money.
While the group wanted to move ahead with
the filming of its first movie, The Heart is not
so Smart, Mwagbe differed and encouraged
the group to do more rehearsals, complete the
registration of the group and raise more funds
to cover production costs. This became a major
source of disagreement between the group and
me. I felt they were not ready for production, but
the youths were determined and insisted. So, I
decided to give in.
The equipment and logistics were major
challenges. There was no financial support for
the set design and costumes, and the recruited
actors were not delivering. Against these odds,
filming for Heart is not so Smart began in June.

However, it became evident

that some of the concerns the
President had raised made sense,
and the decision was made
to hold off the production of
Heart is not so Smart, which
was an urban movie that dealt
with a universal theme and had
many financial and logistical
requirements. Instead, the group
focused on producing Seghyi
Kingdom, which have a village
setting and lesser financial and
logistical requirements.
Seghyi Kingdom, is the story
of a kingdom in which evil
was the order of the day. The
kingdom had draconian laws that
targeted youths, and provided
no opportunities for youth
development. As a result the
youths had constant running with
the elders and traditions of the
land. The major plot surrounds
the triumph of good (represented
by Pastor Mehn) over evil
(represented by the age-old
traditions). The subplot of the
movie deals with the young
prince who also challenges
traditions by opting to find
his own bride and refused the
princess his father had selected
for him. The themetradition
vs. modernity comes alive in this
movie from various aspects.
The group admits that this
film may not be a professional
production but represents a first
drop in the bucket. The group is
calling on film lovers and other
lovers of the arts to provide
any support by purchasing their
films and donating professional
cameras and lighting. The group
is expected to release Heart is
not So Smart later this year.

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Monrovia he just ended special

candidates but it was a
moody scene at the headquarter
of the National Elections
commission; when three seats at
the certification of winners of the
program were seen empty due
to an order from the Supreme
Court on the certification of
three candidates based on
complaints filed by their rivals in
the election.
According to the chairman of the
National Election commission,
commission received an order
from the chamber justice Philip
A.Z. Banks on grounds that the
certifications of three senators
elect should not be done.
The program was intended
to certificate 15 senators, we
received the first order at night
from the justice in chamber
Philip Banks and this morning
we received two more orders,
so we wouldnt certificate Cllr.
Varney Sherman of Grand Cape
Mount County, Morris Saytuma
of Bomi, and Jim Tornolah of
Margibi County, on the strength
of the order from the court
we will not be certificating
these senators, NEC regret the
inconveniences caused to them
and their families, but thats law
and we must live with it. He
In the contested counties,
Saytumah of the ruling Unity
Party was declared the winner
with 8,093 for 47.2% ahead of
incumbent Senator Lahai G.
Lansanah of NPP who has so
far got 6276 votes 36.6% of the
provisional vote cast.
In Grand Cape Mount County,
the ruling Unity Party candidate,
Varney G. Sherman captured
13,651 votes totaling 61.7%
defeating Fodee Kromah of the
CDC who won 3,431 votes for
15.5%, signaling the end for the
incumbent Abel M. Massalay of
In Margibi, the incumbent
Senator Clarice Jah in Margibi
County bid the Senate farewell
after losing out to Womba Jim
Tornonlah of PUP who, after
100% precinct reporting won
7,893 votes for 30.5% ahead of
CDC candidate, Ansu Sonii with
6,640 votes 25.7%
Cllr. Korkoyah before awarding
the 12 candidates pointed out
elections have been seen as
trhe best means through which
change of leadership can be
effected in a democracy.
Elections are important because
it gives power to the people to
choose their leaders to make
decision on their behalf he
The NEC Chairman said
international and local partners
on the peaceful conducting of
the special senatorial elections
under difficult circumstances.
could not have been possible
without the support and timely
provision of the needed funding
to commission and the NEC
is grateful to Government and
people of Liberia especially Hon.
Amara Konneh and the Ministry
of Finance and Development
Planning for providing the
needed resources for the
conduct of the elections, we
also commend our international
partners for their support.
He added that the NEC remains
committed and mindful of its



Monday, January 5, 2015



obligations and executing of its

mandate in conducting elections
including chieftaincy elections
as required under section 2.9(g)
of the New Elections law of
Voters turn out low
The head of the NEC consented
that the commission can not shy
from the fact that voter turnout
during the elections was less
than desired.
Cllr. Korkoya said even though
legislative and by-elections
are often marred by low voter
turnout, the commission will
begin to take necessary actions
to increase voter participation
through the conduct of robust

Civic voter education activities

axcross the country to achieve
this the commission intends
to expand its civic education
campaign nationwide and calls
on government and partners to
support its initiative.
It can be recalled the just ended
special senatorial elections had
a low voter turnout due to what
many voters said was due to
the poor performances of their
Senators-elect Cautioned
Cllr. Korkoya said the NEC
certification to the candidates is a
testimony of the power that was
transferred to them by the people
of Liberia when they went to the

polls on December 20, 2014.

The power that has been
entrusted to you by the people
comes with a great deal of
expectation and responsibility,
expectation to change their living
conditions by the laws you make
and the programs you undertake.
Responsibility in the sense that
each passing day you need to be
reminded that there are people
out there who are counting on
you to move their lives forward,
you cannot afford to disappoint
their trust.
Names of those who were
certificated by the NEC include
Jewel Howard Taylor of Bong
County, Daniel Nateehn of
Gbarpolu, Johnathan Kaipay of
Grand Bassa County, Dennis

Marshall of Grand Gedeh, Albert

Chie of Grand Kru, Stephen
Zargo of Lofa Gbleh-bo Brown
of Maryland, George Weah of
Montsearrado, Prince Johnson of
Nimba Francis Paye of Rivercess
Commany Wesseh of River Gee
and Milton Teahjay of Sinoe
The grounds of the NEC were
also seen with several supporters
and sympathizers of senators
holding placards and women
group jubilating in their cultural
style for the only female Senator
Jewel Howard Taylor.
The program brought together
several dignitaries including
Amara Konneh, Vice President
Ambassador Joseph Boakai,

House Speaker Alex Tyler, and

Deputy Chief of mission of the
US Embassy Sheila Paskman
among others.
Also speaking at the program
Deputy Chief of mission of the
US Embassy, Sheila Paskman
said elections are the bedrock of
a nations democracy and free
and fair elections are the sign of
mature democracy.
The fact that the NEC and the
people of Liberia can carry out a
free and fair elections in a very
difficult time really speaks well
for Liberia as they walk the path
of democracy, let me also remind
that democracy is something that
we need to work on continuously
and its duty of every citizens to
take responsibility of the wrong

Monday, January 5, 2015


government and to make sure a

democracy stays alive, we have
tremendous sign of the people of
she added.
For their part, a representative of
the senators, Atty Jewel Howard
Taylor said though it was a

difficult year but the senators

commend the National Elections
Commission for its work as it
was a great challenge for them.
We thanked the NEC for the
conducting of the elections with
their work it has proving that
they love Liberia and remain

committed in conducting a free,

fair, and transparent elections.
She said
The Bong County Senator also
commended the campaign team
of the senators elect for working
with them for the victory.
Senator Howard also called on

those who did not win to accept

the results as the country have
won and not one Liberian.
For those who have lost Liberia
have not loss and the result
must be accepted, our priority
as senators is to the Republic
of Liberia, which is to work

Page 9

and then the NEC board. A

decision of the board can be
put forth to the supreme court
if the complaining party is not
satisfied. However in this case,
the process was skipped to the
high court without going through
the required process.
The icing of certification of
the three candidates is the first
time in Liberias history that
elected officials have had their
certifications iced.
Cllr. Theophillus Gould told
reporters after the ceremony that
Speaker Tyler was out of line to
question the wisdom of the high
court regarding the placing of the
certification on hold. Surprised
at Tyler to question the wisdom
o fth supreme court. It puts him
in contempt of the supreme
court. He should be held in
contempt because he has no
place to question the wisdom of
the supreme court. You cannot
question the wisdom of the
supreme court and Alex Tyler
is in the wrong and I am very
In late December, the Supreme
Court itself had distanced itself
from the political process when
in a 3-2 opinion marred by
dissent from two members of
the bench, Chief Justice Francis
Korkpor, opined that the court
is not a political branch, thus
the issue before this court is
political making it impossible
for the court to hear the petition.
"Wherefore and in view of the
foregoing, the majority of the
honorable Supreme Court bench
hereby quashed and denied the
writ of the prohibition and the
stay order on the pending special
senatorial election is hereby
Explained Chief Justice Korkpor:
"This court is not a political
branch and the issue before this
court is political and we cannot
hear this petition.
In a related development, Senator
elect and football legend George
Manneh Weah has ruled himself
out of the race for the Pro Temp,
saying he is not opting to contest.
Im watching, observing and
whoever wins the pro temp will
be deserving and do the work of
the Liberian people.
According to legislative sources,
the Executive Mansion is
pushing another friendly Senate
pro temp candidate in person of
Joseph Nagbe of Sinoe County.
Sources have hinted FPA that
senators who were considered
favorites including Cllr. Varney
Sherman, Senator Jewel H.
Taylor and others have all
relinquished their ambitions
leaving the race between
Senators Nagbe and Armah J.
Jallah of Gbarpolu County.
One senior legislative source
indicated that President Sirleaf is
in support of Senator Nagbe and
her action is creating uneasiness
amongst the senators with the
supporters of Senator Jallah
accusing her of interference in
the politics of the Legislature.
Speaker Alex Tyler and Bomi
County Senator elect Morris
Saytumah are said to all be
lobbyists in the Senate pro Temp
race. Tyler, a long time ally to
Sherman is himself on the verge
of controversy with members of
the lower
house unhappy over
together to ensure that the aims reports of bribery in the recently
and objective of the people come Block 16 passage and what some
say is his alliance with Saytumah
to pass.
According to the Election laws and the executive to interfere in
of Liberia, if a candidate is the pro temp elections.
aggrieved he or she has the first
line of complaint, followed by
an appeal to the hearing officer

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Monday, January 5, 2015



Who causes Korkoya to be embarrassed at Saturdays certification program?
Danesius Marteh,

under section 2.9(g) of the new

elections law of 1986, he said.
attorney Nathan P. Garbie, NEC
director of programs, as head
of a technical committee that
will formulate the necessary
mechanisms for the conduct of
chieftaincy elections.

Jerome George Korkoya

t was more than an

error when Jerome George
Korkoya mounted the
podium to deliver a statement
and certificate winners of the
special senatorial elections on
January 3.
Before reading from his prepared
speech, Cllr. Korkoya, chairman
of the National Elections
Commission (NEC), announced
that Varney Sherman of Grand
Cape Mount, Morris Saytumah
of Bomi and Jim Tornolah of
Margibi Counties wouldnt be
certificated due to a stay order
from Supreme Court justice in
chamber Philip A. Z. Banks, III.
Cllr. Sherman didnt attend
the program while Tornolah
had to leave upon receiving
his writ and Cllr. Saytumah sat

next to Montserrado County

Representative Edwin Snowe
in the segment reserved for
lawmakers and invited guests.
Following that announcement,
Korkoya turned to his prepared
texts and began reading but there
was an air of silence when the
NEC boss couldnt find page
three of his statement.
In the words of a renowned
stateswoman, Jeane Kirkpatrick,
ambassador to the United Nation,
elections are the, elections are
the, he twice repeated while
desperately shuffling the papers
to find the connecting link at
a program broadcast live on
UNMIL Radio 91.5 FM and
ELBC 99.9 FM.
When it was obvious that the page
with the rest of the quotation was

James Fromoyan
missing, Korkoyah said: Who
caused this embarrassment.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry
I cant find page three of my
speech. Somebody took it from
the file. So Ill have to continue
without page three.
embarrassed even as he read
from the remaining pages and
presented certificates to the 12
In bits and pieces of the speech,
Korkoyah said NEC continues to
receive words of commendation
from Liberians and foreigners
for successfully and peacefully
conducting the elections under
difficult circumstances.
The successful conduct of the
senatorial election couldnt
have been possible without the
support and timely provision


of the needed funding to the

commission; for this, the
commission is grateful to
the government and people
of Liberia, particularly Hon.
Amara Konneh and the Ministry
of Finance and Development
Planning family for providing
the needed funding to support the
electoral process, the outcome
for which we now celebrate.
The commission also wishes to
acknowledge the level of support
it received from its international
partners, including USAID,
AU and IFES. As we celebrate
the gains of the special senatorial
remains mindful of its obligation
to fully execute its mandate to
conduct all elections including
chieftaincy election as required




He said voters turnout was less

than desired, which NEC cant
shy away, but announced plans to
encourage voters participation.
Even though legislative and
by-elections are often marred
by low voter turnout, the
commission will begin to take
the necessary actions to increase
voter participation through the
conduct of robust CVE [civic
and voter education] activities
across the country. To achieve
this, the commission intends
to expand its civic education
campaign nationwide and calls
on government and partners to
support this initiative, he added.
The peoples power
Turing to the senators-elect,
with two re-elected, Korkoyah
reminded them that power is
inherent in the people.
The certificates we are
issuing to you today is a
testimony of the power that was
transferred to you by the people
of Liberia when they went to the
polls on December 20, 2014. The
power that has been entrusted to
you by the people comes with
a great deal of expectation and
Expectation to change their
living conditions by the laws
you make and the programs you
undertake. Responsibility in the

sense that each passing day you

need to be reminded that there
are people out there who are
counting on you to move their
lives forward. You cannot afford
to disappoint their trust. I thank
you! he concluded.
The highlight of the program
was neither comments from
Vice President Joseph Boakai,
who praised the growth and
maturity of democracy in Liberia
where losers openly concede
defeats and congratulate winners
nor Finance & Development
Konneh, who said Liberians
should be proud that the conduct
of the elections was financed
by taxpayers money but it was
Korkoyas infamous schoolboys
And it draws comparison to
James Fromoyan, who signed
letters he didnt proofread in the
run-up to the November 8, 2011
run-off presidential election.
The then NEC chairman
signed an October 25, 2011
communication to the Unity Party
and Congress for Democratic
Change (CDC), notifying them
about their qualification for the
run-off election but swapped the
figures they accumulated.
The situation, which reinforced
the CDCs claims of foul play in
the electoral process, led to the
dismissal of Bobby Livingstone
as director of outreach and public
affairs while deputy director
Nathan Mulbah was suspended
for six months without pay and
Fromoyan eventually resigned.
Interestingly, Fromoyan and his
two sons were in the conference
hall named in his honour when
Korkoyah was fumbling over his
It remains to be seen whether
Korkoya will shuffle the pecking
order in his clerical staff in order
to save face on a disgusting
embarrassment and blows the
final whistle on the funny game
of speech tempering at NEC.



Monroviahe outbreak of the

deadly Ebola Virus
in the country and
attempt to fight it is
an effort that continues to be
exerted by the government and
its international partners.
As more experts from around
the world continues to arrive in
the country to help government
in this direction, another
international partner, called the
International Organization For
Immigration (IOM) says it is
also helping to fight the Ebola
IOM was established in
1951 and is leading intergovernmental organization in
the field of migration.
The IOMs action on migration
health is organized around four
pillars, monitoring migration
health,enable conducive policy
and legal frameworks on
migration health, strengthen
migration friendly health

Kennedy L. Yangian 0777296781

systems, facilitate partnership

networks and multi-country
frameworks on migration

A day to the new year, the Chief
of Mission of IOMSortino

Salvatore told FrontPageafrica

that the organization is working
with other key partners
including WHO, Ministry
of Health, Armed Forces of
Liberia (AFL) United States
to construct ETU in three
counties, Cape Mount, Bomi
and Grand Bassa Counties.
He stated that besides the
construction of ETUs the
organization is involved in
providing logistics as well as
training for the staff to manage
future ETUs in the country
In Grand Cape Mount County
where there have been reports
of new cases of Ebola,
Salvatore indicated that there is
still some hotspot in the county
that needs

There is still some hotspot in
Cape Mount, which requires
concentration, but we need

some level of awareness, said

IOM Chief of Mission indicated
that the organization is working
with several communities in
the three counties as well as
health centers in order to fight
the virus and promised more
support in terms of logistics.
He stated that the reason
that the IOM is responding
to the Ebola crisis is due to
grave nature and the threat
the epidemic had posed to the
lives of Liberians and foreign
The IOM Chief of Mission
said besides the Ebola fight the
organization would be working
with the government to tackle
child trafficking.
FrontPageafrica, the Project
Coordinator of IOM, Andrew
Lind called on Liberians to

report to the nearest ETU

whenever they experience
signs and symptoms of Ebola.
He stated that even if Liberia
is declared Ebola-free there
is a need to ensure that other
countries that borders the
country is also free to prevent
future outbreaks.
Our ultimate goal in working
in this direction is to ensure
that all our migration processes
are safe, Lind stated.
He praised Liberians for being
very receptive in their approach
and added the country is a great
place to work.
The IOM Project Coordinator
stated the best way to save the
country from further spread of
the epidemic is for everyone
to abide by the preventive

Monday, January 5, 2015

hristmas has come

and gone but it
came a bit early
Hospital and Island Clinic Ebola
Treatment Unit (ETU) in the
Borough of New Kru Town as
the New Kru Town Association
in the Americas (NKTAA) made
a big donation to the two health
Redemption was given 22 bags
of rice (25 kilos) and seven
containers of cooking oil (the
three gallons) while Island
Clinic received 18 bags of rice
and five containers of cooking
oil respectively.
On behalf of the New Kru Town
Association in the Americas,
they asked me to present this
Christmas gift of 22 bags of rice
and seven gallons of Argo oil
to the Redemption Hospital,
said Thomas Chie on behalf of
NKTAA president Eric Daniels
on December 23.
administrator Dominic Rennie
thanked the NKTAA for the kind
gesture on behalf of the staff and
This is a clear indication that
the New Kru Town Association
in the Americas has not
forgotten Redemption Hospital.
Redemption Hospital has been in
service for a very long time and
has been serving the people of
New Kru Town with the people
adjacent in other counties.
It is important that we all are
Liberians and we feel very proud
when people of such, who have
travelled far, will think about
us in this kind of difficult time.
We believe that this gesture is
something that everyone should
emulate. We want to remain
resolute to the services that we
are going to give to the people of
We feel as one family and
we believe that we should
continue this good practice.
So, the medical director, Dr.
Mohammed Sackor, is not
around this morning. He has
worked here for a very long
time as well. And I am sure if
he too was here he would have
rained praises on the people of
New Kru Town, said Rennie,
who promised to distribute the
rice to the employees as their
The Ebola virus disease, which
started in Voinjama, Lofa
County last March, soon spread
like wildfire to Montserrado
and other counties in August,
forcing President Ellen JohnsonSirleaf to suspend all schools,
give nonessential civil servants
compulsory leaves and close
some border points.



Page 11




NKTAA identifies with Redemption and Island Clinic ETU

Danesius Marteh,

Redemption, which receives

transferred cases from Bomi,
Grand Cape Mount and
Gbarpolu Counties, was also
hit by the virus that killed at
least six staff, including Esther
The health crisis forced the
hospital to turn into an Ebola
holding center but Rennie said

things are beginning to return to

We have [had] the outpatient
department opened since the
crisis and serving the populace.
We are expecting to open fully.
What happened that held us
from opening is that we had to
host the Ebola holding center in
the interim when there was no

place to carry people.

When the island clinic was
supposed to be opened, we had
to intervene. So because of that
we had a lot of contaminated
stuff in the inpatient department
where we designated as a holding
[center] but we have gone far
now. We have cleared the place.
We are painting and renovating

some of the major parts of the

hospital, he disclosed.
The Island Clinic ETU has been
a major boost in the fight against
the virus.
Six ambulances were packed
with 24 suspected Ebola
patients on standby as the
opening ceremony for the 120bed facility, constructed by

the government with technical

support from the World Health
Organization, was ongoing on
September 21, 2014.
And logistician Morris Freeman
said some of the cases came
from New Kru Town.
I want to thank you people very
much for what you have done.
You are doing this because of
humanity. And if you people
werent going to feel for our
people you werent going to
make this donation for the New
Kru Town people. Basically, we
have been receiving New Kru
Town people and most of them
have been getting well, he said.
And Freeman admits things have
substantially improved since the
exposed the already weak health
Basically, all of us can see
the depreciation into the health
sector while we are fighting
Ebola. On the island, we have
dealt with a lot of cases and have
put out a lot of survivors. And as
we can see, we have less [fewer]
patients and things are going
down, he revealed.
This is not the first time the
NKTAA, which was established
in 2005, have identified with
their community.
NKTAA consists of persons,
who were either born or lived
in the Borough of New Kru
Town in Liberia, and want to
help address challenging needs
such as education, medical and
transportation back home.


the reopening of
In Patient Facility
(IPF) at the James David
Jr. Hospital (JDJ), Neezoe,
Paynesville in early December.
The IPF is admitting children
under 5 suffering from severe
with medical complications.
The EVD epidemic has caused
increased economic hardship in
Liberia and exposes a number of
people to food deprivation and
insecurity thus making it difficult
for parents to provide the daily
required diet for their children.
Since the beginning of the Ebola

outbreak, no hospital has been

taking care of children with
severe acute malnutrition. The
JDJ IPF is the first one to re-open
in Montserrado County. Since the
programs reopening, 6 patients
have been tested and admitted in
the IPF of whom 2 were treated,
recovered and transferred to the
Out-Patient Therapeutic Feeding
Program (OTP), 1 expired and
3 are currently undergoing
In a statement, Dr. Yatta SackieWapoe, Medical Director of
the JDJ Medical Health Center,
applauds ACF for the partnership
built to helping government
restore basic health care delivery
to the Liberian people. She

encourages mothers to report

cases of malnutrition to the IPF
or the nearest health center in an
effort to save the lives of their
children. Mothers are afraid
to bring the children to the IPF
because they are scared they will
be taken to an Ebola Treatment
Unit (ETU), said Doris Harmon,
IPF focal person, Malnutrition
is not Ebola. This is why JDJ
ensures a proper triage at the
hospital which allows safe
medical care and proper referral
to an ETU in case a patient is
suspected of Ebola.
At James David Jr Hospital where
children health care promotion
is strategic, Action Contre la
Faim is implementing Nutrition,

programs. Between July and
November 2014, ACF has
supported the Liberian Ministry
of Health in the treatment of
558 children with severe acute
malnutrition in its 7 out-patient
feeding therapeutic programs
(OTPs) in Montserrado County.
ACF has been working in
Liberia for the past 20 years.
The organization is currently
running a three and half year
food security program which
was in progress prior to the EVD
epidemic in Liberia; in addition
to WASH activities in partnership
with the local NGO, Ground
Water Exploration Inc. (GWEI),

and support to the MoHSW for

the integration of Management
for Acute Malnutrition into the
national nutrition protocol.
Currently, ACF supports 7 Outpatient feeding Therapeutic
Programs (OTP) and 1 In Patient
Facility (IPF) in Montserrado
County. ACF has been following
more than 4,709 out-patient
therapeutic malnutrition cases
of whom more than 1,000 have
recovered to full weight. In the
coming weeks, ACF will train
in partnership with UNICEF
and the MoHSW more than
200 health workers to the new
nutrition protocol in an Ebola
context in 4 other counties: Lofa,
Nimba, Bong and Margibi.

ACF joined the government in the

fight against Ebola in July, 2014
and is presently implementing
activities in the fight against
Ebola: Contact-tracing, Mental
Health (psycho-social support)
and health promotion (WASH)
in Montserrado, Bomi and
Grand Cape Mount Counties.
ACF trained and empowered
some three hundred and thirtyfour Liberians to work with the
Ministry of Health and Social
Welfares (MoHSW) Ebola
contact-tracing, data analysis,
supervision, and monitoring
activities. In addition, ACF has
hired 16 international and 121
national humanitarian workers.

Monday, January 5, 2015

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QuarduGbondi Ebola Task Force official raises alarm

A. Macaulay Sombai,


Emanuel Lionel Shaw III, passed away on Saturday December 20th, 2014 in Johannesburg, South
Africa at the age of 41. He was born on December 24th, 1972 in Monrovia, Liberia. He was a
graduate of Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia, U.S.A. and Virginia Polytechnic Institute &
State University, where he obtained a B.Sc. in Business (Finance & Management). Lionel, as he was
affectionately called, moved to South Africa in 1997, where he resided up to the date of his demise.
In 2003 he married Candice Bentley of South Africa, and together they had three children: Saweaga
(11), Imani (7) and Amaru (6).
Lionel dedicated his life to his family and his business and creative pursuits. He was a lifelong
student of all things spiritual and the evolution of the soul. He was a man of many talents and
applied them to modelling, photography, music and other business endeavours. At the time of his
death, Lionel worked as a Business Analyst with an IT firm in Johannesburg, and was the Founder
and Managing Director of the luxury fragrance brand, Menelik. A unique soul, Lionel was always
smiling and optimistic, and he treasured his friendships. He will be greatly missed.
He is survived by his three children and their mother Candice; his parents, Marcia Greaves Shaw
and Emanuel L. Shaw II; his siblings, nieces and nephews, and the Shaw, Cooper, Greaves, and Hall

Monroviahe chairman of the

QuardouGboni District
Ebola task Force in
Lofa County said the
economic situation in thecounty
is bad and is calling on the
government and the International
community to quickly move in
and help to bring the situation
under control.
Seyeh S. Dulleh said every part
of his county especially in his
district that is considered as
the epicenter of the Ebola virus
is difficult and that all of the
crops planted during the farming
season before the out break of
the virus did not yield much.

SaidDulleh: As I speak to you,

a cup of peanut that used to be
sold for $25 to 30 LD in Lofa
County is now sold for $120
LD, all because the outbreak of
the virus. The Ebola outbreak
could not allow our people to
get back to their farms in order
to properly manage their corps.
Farming is the main source of
living for the people ofLofa
County, but Dulleh said
everyone is now in a state of
dilemma because of the setback
caused by the outbreak. He said
if the proper mechanism is not
put in place, there would be an
economic disaster in Lofa.
Dullehsaid that there has been

no report of any suspected or

confirmedcase of the virus in his
district for the past six weeks.
He said that citizens of the Lofa
are all working together in the
fight against the disease and they
have put aside their religious and
traditional practices in order to
stand against the virus and kick
it out of their county and country
at large.
Even though the high death rate
caused by the Ebola virus has
gone down completely in our
district and county, we are still
talking to our people to always
take the necessary precautions,
he said. We all know that since
the outbreak of the disease,
people from our towns and
district suffered the highest
death rate and we dont want
such calamity to be repeated on
our people.
Dulleh called on the government
of Liberia, Non Governmental
Organizations (NGOs) and
citizens from his district and
county to quickly come to the
aid of citizens with farming
materials, in order to help them
get back on their feet.
Dulleh extended thank to citizens
of Lofa for the effort they all
applied in the fight against the
Ebola virus in the county.


African Dream Academy Launches Community Entry Program
Stephen D. Kollie, FPA Staff writer/0776329124


Memorial Service
Doves Funeral Home,
Braamfontein, Johannesburg
11:00 a.m.


All Souls Inter-Denominational Church
Lashibi Funeral Home
Accra, Ghana
6:30 p.m.


Memorial Service
Episcopal Church of the Ascension
205 South Summit Avenue
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
1:00 p.m.


Funeral Service
Faith Presbyterian
Shiashie, East Legon
Accra, Ghana
10:00 a.m.

Gethsemane Memorial
Shiashie, East Legon
Accra, Ghana
12:30 p.m.

Event Haven
Trade Fair
Accra, Ghana
2:00 p.m.


Emanuel L. Shaw II, Accra: +233 24 069 1764 (text messages only)
Marcia Shaw, Johannesburg: +27 82 684 4151; Accra: +233 24 069 2167
Elma Shaw, Kigali: +250 786 881 681; Accra: +233 24 069 1808
Lamelle Shaw, Accra: +233 24 069 1292
Eunese Shaw, Johannesburg: +27 82 369 9659; Accra: +233 24 069 1857
Tributes may be sent to:
Rooms have been reserved at substantial discounts at the hotels listed below.
Please state discount code when booking: LIONEL SHAW FUNERAL
Movenpick Ambassador Hotel. Tel: +233 30 261 1000
African Regent Hotel. Tel: +233 28 911 5922
Best Western Hotel. Tel: +233 30 221 6570
Airport View Hotel. Tel: +233 30 276 9594

s the government
against the deadly Ebola virus
continue to make significant
progress in Liberia, the African
Dream Academy (ADA) has
launched what it calls the
community entry program gear
towards increasing access to
hand washing facilities in several
communities in Monrovia.
Speaking at the launch of the
program recently, the Chief
Executive Officer of the African
Dream Academy Rev. Samuel
Enders disclosed that many
people lack hand washing
buckets in their homes perhaps
due to compliancy or lack of
resources to purchase them.

He told FrontPage Africa that his

organization would be placing
huge hand washing buckets at
every taxi or bus stops where
passengers can be able to wash
their hands. It is not that you
are not clean. But we just want
to say we all must work hard
to kick Ebola out of Liberia.
This is a way of continuing
the government effort and also
continuing the efforts of many
organizations working in the
country, he said.
According to Rev. Enders every
area where the buckets will be
stationed there will be a home
responsible for its upkeep,
adding that the project is a
community initiative which will
involve all community members
in the area.
Said Rev. Enders: Everything I

do is most of a community based.

Each home is responsible for
that bucket but we will provide
the chlorine and the soap that is
needed to place in that bucket.
The ADA Boss noted that
about twenty-four intersections
including ELWA junction, Rock
hill, tower hill, thinkers village
and several other places are
expected to benefit from the
community entry program.
The shared mission of the
African Dream Academy, Inc.
(ADA) and the African Dream
Academy Foundation (ADAF)
is to reduce African poverty and
foster sustainable development
children through education" to
realize dreams of a better life.

Monday, January 5, 2015


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Monroviaorty-one children who
have had either one of
their parents snatched
away by the deadly
Ebola virus, now have a safe and
favorable place to stay. At the
Taffi Dollar Children Welfare
Center run by the Abundant Life
Chapel located at the top of Disco
Hill overlooking the Robertsfield
Highway, James A. Garmonyou
and three of his siblings have
found refuge, after losing both
of their parents to the deadly
disease. James and his siblings
join many other children with
heartrending stories about the
horrors and loss they sustained
as a result of an epidemic that
has killed thousands of people
in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra
Leone. Dressed in a blue and
white Dallas Cowboys shirt,
James recounts how his parents
contracted the disease and died
because they tried to help one
family. He said his father who
was a prelate was called in to
offer final prayers over the mortal
remains of Marthaline Williams,
the same pregnant woman the
late Thomas Eric Duncan tried
to help before transporting the
deadly virus to the United States
of America.
Around 6am, they called my
father who was bishop of our
church, to come and pray over
Mathalines dead body, he said.
My father asked them whether
they were sure their daughter
did not die from Ebola and they
said yes. They gave him a false
certificate from Eman Clinic in
72nd. They bought a casket and
put the body inside and when my
father went to pray he came in
contact with the virus.
James told FrontPageAfrica that
after his father performed the
Christian rituals and the woman
was buried; he went home
and started feeling signs and
symptoms of Ebola. He said after
his father became ill, he (father)
was taken to an Ebola Treatment
Unit and died four days later.
When he died, our mother
started to get sick and died on
the October 23. When she died
the Ebola people quarantined us
for forty-two days and we had no
food to eat.

Commission on Higher Education Director General long Corruption tale

Prior to the Ebola war here, we already had twelve children here. Presently we have ten that are not Ebola related. We have 51 children
here, the rest of the 41 are Ebola related; children orphaned by Ebola. Rev. Wilmot Yalateh, Pastor, Abundant Life Chapel
Wade C. L. Williams,

Rescued by the church

James said life became very
difficult after their parents died
and though members of their
family helped them for a while,
the burden of caring for four
orphaned kids during Ebola was
very difficult to bear.
But he says at the welfare center,
life for them is better as the
church has given them the best
facilities. The Ebola orphan said
he and his siblings are catered to
properly and though they think
about their parents most of the
time, the church has made the
pain bearable.
Pastor says we must all be
educated because if we are
educated, we will be better
people in the future. I like it here.
I feel safe here, he said.
Rev. Wilmot Yalateh is pastor
of the Abundant Life Chapel
that has given hope and a place
of rescue to these children. He
said the Home was opened in
2010 as a welfare center for less
fortunate children. Rev. Yalateh
said in 2010 the Creflo Dollar
Ministries and the Abundant Life
Chapel undertook a collaborative
project that saw the construction
of the facility, which cost he put
at US$ 550,000. He said when
the Ebola outbreak started and
the need arose for a place to

help children left behind due to

the death of one or both of their
parents, the facility became a
living miracle.
During the peak of the Ebola
epidemic, the Church on
August 9, 2014, started going
around helping people that were
quarantined due to the death of
their relatives from Ebola, he
Most of the time these people
food and so we moved in and
provided food and medication.
We ministered to about 23
homes including the Dolo Town
area. When the Ebola situation
ceased down, we discovered that
there were one hundred and fifty
orphans in the Dolos Town area

He said the need for help was

overwhelming and relatives of
orphans who affiliated with the
church appealed to the church
to open its facilities to Ebola
orphans and that is how their
doors were opened.
Most of the aunts and uncles
that were taking care of these
children said they did not have
the means and time to care for
them, he said.
Since we already had the
facility, we thought it an
opportunity; so we invited the
family to come to have service
with all the children and all the
people we had ministered to and
when they came and saw the
facility, they appealed to us.
He said the facility is home to
fifty-one children most of whom

are orphaned by Ebola. Rev.

Yalateh said the need is huge and
the church has been seeking help
from international donors and
the government but help has not
come. He said they have written
the ministry of health on many
occasions seeking assistance for
the children but the ministry has
played deaf ears to their cry.
Prior to the Ebola war here,
we already had twelve children
here. Presently we have ten that
are not Ebola related. We have
51 children here, the rest of the
41 are Ebola related; children
orphaned by Ebola, he said.
Weve been appealing to the
government and the international
community; Save the Children,
UNICEF, USAID, to come in
and help us with these children
but as of date, no one has really
come in to help except Gender
Ministry. Prior to the Christmas
season they brought us some
food that lasted a day or two for
the kids.
A better life
Rev. Yalateh said he wants the
best for the children and tries as
best as possible to provide for
them, but he will need the help
of all partners in the fight against
the disease to give the children
a future. The facility is built for
one hundred children and Rev.

Yalateh said the church wants to

bring onboard another forty-nine
The church runs a school side by
side the Orphanage and children
were seen in regular classrooms
as the rest of the country is still
waiting for school to reopen.
The children take turns reading
and telling stories and jokes as
the teacher in one of the classes
Great tragedy

at the facility, she said
the environment is like a normal
home, where everyone is part
of this big family. She said the
children go through a hard time
trying to cope without their
parents. The head matron said it
is a difficult thing to go though,
living without ones parents, but
the center is doing everything
possible to make them feel at
What they have gone through is
tragic; I cant really say I know
how they feel because both of my
parents are alive, she said.But
with a mind of empathy I can
talk to them and tell them that it
is going to be ok.
The school has boys and girls
dormitories, each with five
rooms and ten double bunker
beds per room. It has a kitchen,
a large dining hall, chapel, study
hall and laundry room. The
facility has a full functioning
elementary to junior high school
with computer lab, first aid and
medical facility. Children have
three course meals a day and
they watch cable television. The
facility seems to be a model for
care centers for Ebola surviving
children because it brings both
survivors and children who have
never caught the disease under
one roof caring for them and
living in perfect harmony with
each other.

A local child organization launched in Liberia

Henry Karmo (0886522495)


local Child welfare

group established in
Liberia to provide
assistance to children

in need of help and care has

been launched in Monrovia.
The organization referred to as
the Beatrice Care Foundation
was launched Sunday at the

Sinkor United Pentecostal

Church. The organization aims
to help children especially
orphans, who are victims of
the Ebola and other children

in the country whose parents

cannot afford to provide their
basic needs or sponsor their
Mr. Steve Tequah the country

director of the group said,

the vision to establish the
organization came to Madam
Beatrice who resides in the
diaspora during the Ebola crisis.
He saidshe witnessed videos
on the epidemic shown on
international media network and
saw the deplorable conditions
Liberian children are living in.
He said, Beatrice a mother of
three children is a Liberian who
has raised funds to help Liberian
children prosper and live a better
life. He said her dream is to help
those living in extreme poverty.
Tequah said the organization has
generated funds to care for two
hundred children in Montserrado
County.He said during the first
phase, the organization would
provide food, clothing, and
tuition to attend school for the
first time for some of the kids.
On Saturday the organization
donated food items to several
children in Unification town
in the Roberts International

Airport area who lost their

parents to Ebola. The donations
were made in one of the badly
hit places called Dolos Town in
Margibi County.
Tequah said: Children who will
benefit from this program will
be properly checkedto ensure
that they are really in need of
help before they are recruited
into our program.
If we have a case where
children parents can afford some
meal, but cant afford school
fees, we will go in to provide the
school fees, because we dont
want to create stumbling blocks
for people who are very much in
need of help.
He promised that the foundation
will go into communities in
Montserrado County to vet
children and it would be done
with sincerity and without any
interference of people who want
to do it on sympathy or family

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LONDON (Reuters) rime Minister David

Sunday he would like
to bring forward a
planned referendum on Britain's
membership of the European
Union from 2017 if possible.
Under pressure from Eurosceptic
members of his own party and the
rise in popularity of the anti-EU
UK Independence Party, Cameron
has promised to renegotiate
Britain's ties with the 28-nation
bloc and try to claw back powers to
London from Brussels.
He has said he will hold a
referendum in 2017 if his
Conservatives win a national
election in May.
"The referendum must take place
before the end of 2017. If I think
we could do that earlier I would
be delighted. The sooner I can
deliver on this commitment of a
renegotiation and a referendum
... the better ," he told the BBC's
Andrew Marr Show.

Bujumbura (Burundi) (AFP) t least 100 rebels

have been killed
after a cross-border
attack against the
central African nation of Burundi
from the Democratic Republic of
Congo, a top military source told
AFP Sunday.
A general in the Burundian army,
speaking on condition that he
not be named, said the attack by
the unidentified rebel group had
been defeated after five days of
heavy fighting in the border area
north of the capital Bujumbura.
"After five days of non-stop
military operations, the armed
group which attacked Burundi
has been wiped out by our
security forces. In total, we
killed 105 of them and captured
four, out of a total of the 121 who
entered Cibitoke province from
the DRCongo," the general said.
"We also seized a 60mm mortar,
five rocket launchers, machine
guns and more than 100 assault
rifles," he said, adding the
Burundian army had lost two
soldiers. Other military sources
said around 12 soldiers were
killed in the fighting.
There was no further confirmation
of the claim, with army
spokesman Colonel Gaspard
Baratuza declining to comment
officially on the fighting "while
military operations in the area

are still in progress."

A previous toll given on
Wednesday put the toll at 35
dead, including 34 rebels and
one government soldier.
witnesses said the group of
unidentified rebels crossed into
Burundi overnight Monday from
DRCongo's eastern Kivu region,
a chronically unstable and
resource-rich area that is home
to dozens of rebel groups.
Colonel Baratuza said troops had
seized documents allowing the

army to get information on the

size of the force and the identity
of their leaders, but he did not
disclose the identity of the group.
- 'Teach a lesson' Security forces then fought to
prevent the rebels from reaching
the Kibira forest, an area used in
the past by rebel groups as a base
to stage further attacks inside
"The security forces, backed by
the local population, surrounded
the group in Murwi commune,
and chased them without respite,

giving them no time to recover or

sleep," said the military source.
Burundi opposition and civil
society sources said they had
heard reports of rebels being
disarmed and then executed by
shooting or with machetes, with
the killings carried out by the
Imbonerakure, a controversial
youth wing of Burundi's ruling
CNDD-FDD party.
The Burundian military denied
the allegations, but the senior
source acknowledge the security
forces -- which included soldiers

Indonesian officials were
hopeful of a breakthrough
in the operation when they
that ships using sonar had
pinpointed four large pieces of
debris on the sea bed.
The head of Indonesia's search
and rescue agency, Fransiskus
Bambang Soelistyo, told a
news conference in Jakarta
on Sunday that a fifth object
almost 10 meters long had been
But although nine ships from
four countries have converged
on the area, with teams of
divers including seven Russian
experts standing ready, winds

and high waves have meant

progress has been agonizingly
Air Force Lt Col Johnson
Supriadi, speaking at a briefing
for pilots in Pangkalan Bun, the
southern Borneo town where
the search operation is based,
said efforts on Sunday would
be divided between recovering
bodies and locating wreckage
and the all-important cockpit
voice and flight data recorders.
Until investigators can examine
the recorders the cause of the
crash remains unknown, but
the area is known for intense
seasonal storms. BMKG,
agency, has said bad weather
was likely a factor.
"The flight document provided
by the BMKG office shows
conditions for the aircraft at
cruising level on the chosen
route," the agency said in a

source close to the
investigation told Reuters that
radar data appeared to show the
aircraft made an "unbelievably"
steep climb before it crashed,
possibly pushing it beyond the
A320's limits.
The Indonesian captain, a
former air force fighter pilot,
had 6,100 flying hours on
the A320 and the plane last
underwent maintenance in
mid-November, according to
Indonesia AirAsia, 49 percent
owned by Malaysia-based
AirAsia .
The objects that are the main
focus of the search were
located by ships about 90
nautical miles off the coast.
The largest object is around 18





(Reuters) orth Korea was hit
with more sanctions
on Friday designed
to impede access to
the U.S. financial system in the
wake of a cyberattack on Sony
Pictures Entertainment, which
the Obama Administration
has said was supported by the
reclusive country.
The U.S. government named
three entities, including North
Korea's military intelligence
agency, and sanctioned 10
people with links to weapons
sales and proliferation.
Financial sanctions have been
effective in bringing pressure
on Iran and Russia, but they
have had limited impact on
North Korea, which has been
sanctioned by the United States
for more than 50 years.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Rebels Pushed Back at Border, Military Source Says


Nairobi (AFP) he son of Kenya's

leader Raila Odinga
Sunday in his home near
Nairobi, prompting a major
police investigation and minor
unrest in the capital, police and
media reports said.
Police said Fidel Odinga, 41,
who was seen by political
observers as a potential
successor to his father, returned
home on Saturday night after
an evening out drinking with
friends and was found dead in
his bed on Sunday.


(Reuters) ivers tried to reach
sunken wreckage
from a crashed
AirAsia passenger
jet on Sunday but were forced
to return to their ship by
bad weather, as Indonesian
officials said they had detected
a fifth large underwater object
believed to be part of the plane.
agency has said seasonal
contributed to the crash, and
the weather has persistently
hampered efforts to recover
bodies and find the black

box flight recorders that may

explain why the Airbus A320200 plunged into the sea a
week ago.
"The weather is bad. There's
a storm. It's windy," said a
Reuters photographer on board
a search and rescue ship in the
search area off Borneo island.
"Earlier, four divers were
transferred to (Indonesian navy
ship) KRI Banda Aceh but they
canceled the diving because the
sea currents were too strong."
Flight QZ8501 crashed into
the Java Sea last Sunday,
about 40 minutes after taking
off from Indonesia's secondlargest city Surabaya en route
for Singapore. There were no

back from African Union

operations in Somalia -- wanted
to "hit the rebels hard" and "teach
a lesson" to other rebel groups.
Previous attacks in Burundi's
border region have been claimed
by a splinter faction of the
National Liberation Forces
(FNL). The main body of FNL
-- a highly disciplined group
notorious for singing hymns as
they carried out attacks -- signed
a peace deal with the Burundian
government in 2009 and have
since become a political party.
The rebels who still fight on have
claimed a string of attacks in
2014, most recently in October
when they claimed to have
killed six soldiers, and vowed
to "intensify" their raids ahead
of presidential elections in June.
The group, however, have denied
they were behind the latest
Burundi, a small nation in
Africa's Great Lakes region,
emerged in 2006 from a brutal
13-year civil war and its political
climate remains fractious ahead
of the elections when President
Pierre Nkurunziza, in power
since 2005, is expected to run
for a third term in office despite
opponents' claims that that would
violate Burundi's constitution.

meters long.
The suspected wreckage is
lying in water around 30 meters
(100 ft) deep, which experts
say should make it relatively
straightforward to recover if
the rough weather abates.
Efforts to capture images
with remote operated vehicles
(ROVs) were frustrated on
Saturday by poor visibility.
Thirty-one bodies of the
mostly Indonesian passengers
and crew have so far been
recovered, including some still
strapped in their seats. Many
more may be still trapped in the
fuselage of the aircraft. Nine
Indonesian victims have been
The crash was the first fatal
accident suffered by the
AirAsia budget group, whose
Indonesian affiliate flies from
at least 15 destinations across
the sprawling archipelago.
The airline has come under
pressure from Indonesian
suspended its Surabaya to
Singapore operations saying
the carrier only had a license
to fly the route on Mondays,
Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Indonesia AirAsia said it would
co-operate with the transport
ministry whilst it investigates
the license.
A joint statement from
Singapore's civil aviation
authority (CAAS) and Changi
Airport Group said that AirAsia
had the necessary approvals to
operate a daily flight between
Surabaya and Singapore.

Monday, January 5, 2015




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US-based group identifies with former footballer Sayon Davies

he New Kru Town

Association in the
Americas (NKTAA)
have presented what
it calls a Christmas and New
Year package to Sayon Davies.
great, popularly known as
Experience, was a member of
the Liberian national team that
won the six-nation tournament
in 1979 but life has not been
rosy since he came down with
stroke in 2009.
His left side is paralyzed and
his routine journey from his
bedroom to the front view of
his house can take him at least
15 minutes.
Moved by an article on
about his condition, NKTAA
presented three bags of rice (25
kilos), a three-gallon container
of cooking oil and US$200 on
December 23, 2014.
Making the donation on behalf
of NKTAA president Eric
Daniels, Thomas Chea said
the group was shocked to have
learned about the condition of
a man, who brought pride to
New Kru Town.
Chea said it is the NKTAAs
wish that Experience would
speedily recover
and thanked his sister, Doryen
Peters, who has been catering
for him since his ailment.
On behalf of the New
Kru Town Association in
the Americas, they asked
me to present this purse to
Experience Sayon Davies
and some food stuffs. They
have decided to help him as a
former footballer of the Lone
Star [who brought pride to
New Kru Town], Chie said.
thanked the NKTAA for a
great job and for thinking
about him during the festive
I am grateful and thankful
to God for the group and the
fellows that came. Let God
be with them [and] extend my
[seasons] greetings [to all of
them in the USA], he said.
In his playing days, Experience
was an unstoppable express
train in central midfield but
it appears he has smashed
through too many defenses
and the wheels are starting
to come off to the extent that
hes now unable to transfer
knowledge in his wheelchair.
He is, however, positively
upbeat that he will return to
doing what he loves best amid
his slow recovery.
Well, God is there. I got-up
this morning, I walked and
came here with this chair.
Before, they used to hold me
and bring me outside. Today,
I am holding a chair and
walking coming. So I know

Danesius Marteh,

teven Gerrard wants
to win a trophy and
lead Liverpool to a
top-four finish in the
English Premier League before
he leaves his childhood club for
Major League Soccer at the end
of the season.
A day after Gerrard announced
he will leave the club and play
abroad, the long-time captain
confirmed on Saturday he will
go to Major League Soccer,
though he has yet to sign a deal
with an MLS side.


the Lord will do it for me.

Time will come I will walk [by
I will not use a chair by His
grace. I know I will not only
walk but I will jog and go
practice. I will go practice
football. Time will come you
will say Sayon, where are you
coming from? and I will I am

coming from practicing. Here

is God up there, he added.
Asked how he will celebrate
the holidays, Experience said:
I can even eat 14 times a day
because a lot of things are here
for me. I am grateful [to God
and the group]. I thank God
for everything.

[I want to wish them a] Merry

Christmas and prosperous
New Year and we thank God
that Ebola is going away
slowly. We know that one day
it will be a history. We thank
God [for everything].
Experience said he missed
former teammates like Romeo
Cooper and Benedict Mama

Musa Wesseh and hopes to

see them one day.
Meanwhile, James Butty, who
produces and presents the Day
Break Africa news program on
the Voice of America (VOA),
gave US$100 to Experience as
part of his continuous love for
sports on December 31.

t is "impossible" that
Cristiano Ronaldo will
leave Real Madrid for
according to agent Jorge
The big-spending French
champions have been linked
with a mega-money move
for the prolific Portuguese in
recent seasons, with former
sporting director Leonardo
claiming they "did everything
they could" to convince
Ronaldo to move in the past.
Mendes, however, believes
such a transfer is out of the
question and instead believes
the 29-year-old could move
to America once his time at
Santiago Bernabeu is up.

den Hazard "loves"

being at Chelsea and
has no desire to leave,
according to boss Jose
Hazard has been in contract
talks with the Blues since June,
but the Belgian is yet to commit
to a new deal which would make
him the highest-paid player in
the club's history.
After Thursday's shock 5-3
defeat to Tottenham, Mourinho
appeared to cast further
doubt on the future of his star
player, insisting the physical
punishment Hazard takes from
opponents could drive him out
of English football.
Paris Saint-Germain have been
avowed admirers of Hazard for
more than a year but Mourinho
remains confident that the
Belgian harbours no imminent
desire to leave Stamford Bridge.




VOL 9 NO.1



he striker said a part of him remained at the club when he

departed seven years ago as he was unveiled in front of
45,000 fans at the Vicente Calderon
Fernando Torres has expressed his gratitude to Atletico
Madrid for sealing his return to the club and spoken of his desire to
fire them to further success.
The striker departed the Vicente Calderon seven years ago to join
Liverpool but finds himself back at the Spanish capital on a year-anda-half long loan deal from AC Milan.
Torres left Atletico as one of the hottest prospects in European football

but returns bidding to resurrect a career that has nosedived since he

left the Reds for Chelsea in 2011.
The 30-year-old watched from the stands as the Liga champions beat
Levante 3-1 on Saturday and cut the gap between themselves and
leaders Real Madrid to just a point.
Torres was then unveiled to supporters at the stadium on Sunday.
Fans were queueing up for two hours before the event and 45,000
showed up to give their returning hero a thunderous reception as he
was paraded on the pitch.
"Leaving this club was the hardest decision of my career. Seven years

ago I said goodbye and today I am back, it is hard not to be excited,"

he told reporters.
"From the outside I have been excited when the club has won trophies
and suffered when they have suffered defeats.
"I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me to come back
to the club. I left because I needed to grow but now I find a team that
has grown and is competing with the best in the world.
"My dream is to win trophies with Atletico."

Torres could make his second debut in the Copa del Rey round-of-16
clash with city rivals Madrid on Wednesday.



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