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How to use Remote Replication on the


July 2009



What is Remote Replication?

Remote replication is the process of sharing information across the network so as to ensure the consistency between two
different sites, e.g. the storage servers. In other words, it is a kind of data mirroring over distance.

Why do I need Remote Replication?

One of the major benefits of mirroring is that in case of data loss at the primary site, the remote site can be brought online and
continues to work at the exact point of time when the primary site failed. This not only ensures you a complete data backup but
also keeps the system in an operating condition continuously with lease least amount of downtime.

How do I set up a Remote Replication job between two CELVIN NAS Server?
First of all, we need to set up the network environment of each site.

A. Remote Site

Connect the NAS to the NAT router at the remote site. Forward the port 873 to the LAN IP address of the remote NAS,
e.g. port 873 to


To change the service port for remote replication, login the "System Settings/ Remote Replication" page of the NAS
and change the port number.

Issue: July 2009



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Create a share folder as the replication destination if you want to back up to a specific share folder. (For example:
create the network share "Sales" and the subfolder "2008" on the remote NAS.)

* Remember the forwarded port and the service port number on your remote NAS must be consistent.
** To allow a standard Rsync server to back up data to this remote server, dont forget to check the option "Allow remote Rsync
server to back to data to NAS".

B. Local Site

Login your local NAS (http://IP:8080).


Go to "Backup / Remote Replication".


Click the Plus to create a new backup job.


Set up the remote destination of the new replication job.

a) Enter the job name.
b) Select the server type (depends on the remote site settings).
c) Input the IP address or host name of your remote NAS (e.g. or mycelvin.dyndns.org) and the service
port number of the remote site (default: 873).
d) Specify the path of the remote backup destination, and the user name and password which has the write authority to
the folder..
e) Click "Test" to verify the connection.

Issue: July 2009



Set up the local data source and the schedule of this job.


Select the additional options for this job.


Click Finish on the next page and you are done!

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How can I use rsync to back up the data from a Windows PC to CELVIN NAS Server?
One of the easiest ways is using the Windows rsync applications, such as DeltaCopy. It is a graphical configuration utility that
enables the Windows user or administrator to replicate a Windows client or server to any remote server running rsync. For
more information, please visit: http://www.aboutmyip.com/AboutMyXApp/DeltaCopy.jsp.

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