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3GPP: 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

AES: Advanced Encryption Standard
AN: Access Network
ANR: Automatic Neighbor Relation
AS: Access Stratum
AuC: Authentication Center
BBERF: Bearer Binding and Error Reporting
BCCH: Broadcast Control Channel
BCH: Broadcast Channel
BSC: Base Station Center
BTS: Base Transceiver Sub-system
CAPEX: Capital Expenditures
CCCH: Common Control Channel
CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access.
CN: Core Network
CP: Control Plane
CRC: Cyclic Redundancy Check
CS: Circuit Switch
DCCH1: Dedicated Control Channel 1
DCCH2: Dedicated Control Channel 2
DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration
DL-SCH: Downlink Shared Channel
DRX: Discontinuous Reception
DTCH1: Dedicated Traffic Channel 1
DTCH2: Dedicated Traffic Channel 2
EDGE: Enhanced Data Rates for GSM
eNB: Evolved/Enhanced NodeB
EPC: Evolved Packet Core
E-UTRAN: Enhanced Universal Terrestrial
Radio Access Network.
EVDO: Evolution Data Only
GBR: Guaranteed Bit Rate
GGSN: Gateway GPRS Serving Node
GPRS: General Packet Radio Service.
GSM: Global System for Mobile
GTP: GPRS Tunneling Protocol
GUTI: Globally Unique Temporary Identifier
HARQ: Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request
HeNB: Home eNodeB
HLR: Home Location Register
HO: Handover
HPI: Handover Performance Indicators
HSDPA: High Speed Downlink Packet
HSPA: High Speed Packet Access.
HSPA+: Evolved High Speed Packet
HSS: Home Subscription Server
HSUPA: High Speed Uplink Packet Access.
IMS: IP Multimedia Sub-system

IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber

LB: Load Balancing
LTE: Long Term Evolution (for UMTS).
MAC: Medium Access Control
MIMO: Multiple Input Multiple Output
MME: Mobility Management Entity
MRO: Mobility Robustness Optimization
MSC: Mobile Switching Centre
NAS: Non-Access Stratum
NGMN: Next Generation Mobile Networks
OAM: Operations, Administration, and
OFDMA: Orthogonal Frequency Division
Multiple Access
OPEX: Operational Expenditures
PCCH: Physical Control Channel
PCH: Physical Channel
PCRF: Policy and Charging Resource
PDA: Personal Digital Assistant
PDCP: Packet Data Convergence Protocol
PDN: Packet Data Network
P-GW: Packet Data Network Gateway
PHY: Physical Layer
PMIP: Proxy Mobile Internet Protocol
PS: Packet Switched
QCI: QoS Class Identifier.
QoS: Quality of Service.
RACH: Random Access Channel
RAT: Radio Access Technology
RNC: Radio Network Controller
RNS: Radio Network Sub-systems
RoHC: Robust Header Compression
RRM: Radio Resource Management
RSRP: Reference Signal Received Power
RTT: Round Trip Time.
SAE: System Architecture Evolution
SC-FDMA: Single Carrier Frequency
Division Multiple Access
SCTP: Stream Controlled Transmission
SGSN: Serving GPRS Serving Node
S-GW: Serving Gateway
SIP: Session Initiation Protocol
SON: Self Organizing Network
TA: Tracking Area
TE: Terminal Equipment
TFT: Traffic Flow Template
UE: User Equipment
UICC: Universal Integrated Circuit Card
UL-SCH: University Shared Channel
UMTS: Universal Mobile
Telecommunication System.
UP: User Plane

USIM: Universal Subscriber Identity Module

UTRAN: UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access
VLR: Visitor Location Register
VoIP: Voice over IP
WiMAX: Worldwide Interoperability for
Microwave Access