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Product Information

Aromatic Polyisocyanate


Desmodur E 21 is an aromatic polyisocyanate

prepolymer based on diphenylmethane diisocyanate
(MDI). It is a solvent-free liquid of medium viscosity.

Desmodur E 21 is suitable for use in the formulation

of moisture-curing, one-component systems which,
when thinned with a suitable solvent, can be used as
primers and sealers for porous substrates to provide
protection against moisture, oil, fuel and other chemicals.
It can also be used as a binder in the formulation of
synthetic resin mortars. In combination with suitable
Desmophen polyols, Desmodur E 21 yields tough
but flexible, wear-resistant coatings and sealers.
Desmodur E 21 is also suitable for use in the formulation of solvent-free, moisture-curing one-component adhesives or in combination with Baycoll to
formulate two-component adhesives. These can be
used to bond many materials such as wood, metal and
plastic. As with any product, use of Desmodur E 21
in a given application must be tested (including but
not limited to field testing) in advance by the user to
determine suitability.

Product Specifications
NCO content, %
Viscosity @ 25C, mPa.s

16.0 0.7
5,400 1,300

Typical Properties*
Density @ 20C, g/ml
Flash Point,C
Equivalent wt.

Approx. 1.15
> 250
251 - 274


In general, Desmodur E 21 has good compatibility

with ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, 1-methoxy propylacetate-2, xylene, Shellsol A and Solvesso 100.
However, the solutions formed must be tested for
their storage stability. Prolonged storage of a solution with low binder content may result in turbidity
and sedimentation. Only PU grade solvents should
be used (<0.05% water). The solvent should not
contain reactive groups.

In general, Desmodur E 21 is compatible with

Desmophen/Baycoll polyols, and with other
Desmodur products and with flexibilizers.

These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not part of the product specifications.

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Desmodur E 21 polyisocyanate should be stored in

tightly sealed containers and protected from heat,
moisture, and foreign materials. Processability of this
product can be adversely affected by contamination.
Recommended storage temperatures is room temperature, approximately 23C. The shelf life is six
months after receipt of material by customer, when
stored in closed original containers.

Health And Safety Information

Appropriate literature has been assembled which

provides information pertaining to the health and
safety concerns that must be observed when handling
Desmodur E 21 polyisocyanate. For materials
mentioned that are not Bayer products, appropriate
industrial hygiene and other safety precautions recommended by their manufacturer should be followed.
Before working with any product mentioned in this
publication, you must read and become familiar with
available information concerning its hazards, proper
use, and handling. This cannot be overemphasized.
Information is available in several forms such as material safety data sheets and product labels. For further information contact your Bayer MaterialScience
representative or the Product Safety and Regulatory
Affairs Department in Pittsburgh, PA.

Note: The information contained in this bulletin is current as of March 2012, please contact Bayer MaterialScience to
determine whether this publication has been revised.
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Phone: 1-800-662-2927

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