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To give Seasonal Greetings & in order to

help build community cohesion with
Pendle; ELCAP, Jamia Masjid Minhaj ul
Quran International Nelson & Minhaj
Welfare Foundation (MWF) visited a
number of local organisations to wish
them happy seasonal greetings & to give
out presents.

Representatives from Minhaj ul Quran giving

Model Town & Pesha- 2

war School Massacre
Celebration Day

In Remembrance of
Mudassar Khan

Faz Patel visits War

Memorial Sites

Faz Patel visits War

Memorial Sites cont.

presents out at the Christ Church.

Christmas is a time about giving and

togetherness and we hope we managed to
keep those spirits alive.

Children & Staff at McMillan Nursery School

receive presents.

The Christmas period saw individuals from

these organisations visit Nelson Police StaNew Nasheed Talent 7 tion, Nelson Fire Station, Residential
on Pendle Radio
Homes; Ashiana Lodge and Bannister
Court, Marsden Community Primary
New Years Day at
School, McMillan Nursery School as well
Pendle Radio
as the local churches; The United ReICT Classes at ELCAP 9 formed Church and the Christ Church.

Representatives from ELCAP giving presents

out to people at Bannister Court.

These local visits are an annual tradition

New Years Message 9
undertaken by these three organisations
from ELCAP & PCR
to help build a better, safer and more
10 cohesive society for its residents.

ELCAP and Pendle Community Radio

would like to take this opportunity to wish
you a very happy & prosperous new year.
We hope you all had a safe and sound

These short annual visits have become a

poignant part of the ELCAP diaries and we
would love to continue building bridges
with local organisations in this way.

To see all the pictures taken during the

visits in December 2014, please head over
to the Pendle Community Radio website
at: www.pendleradio.org

for 19+ & Unemployed






In the Year 2014, there were two major disasters

that occurred in Pakistan which can only be described as inhumane & disgraceful.
On 17th June 2014, a barbaric & vicious attack by
the Government of Pakistan & Federal Government of Punjab took place at the Headquarters of
Minhaj-ul-Quran & the Residence of the Founder
of Minhaj-ul-Quran & Chairman of Pakistan
Awami Tehreek (Political Party) in Lahore. In this
unprovoked attack, 14 people including men,
women & children were brutally killed and
hundreds more were seriously injured. To this
day, despite protests both inside Pakistan &
throughout the world including the United
Kingdom, no person has been held responsible for
this unjustifiable act of violence.

People paying their respects to the martyrs of the

Peshawar School Attack by leaving flowers &
lighting candles outside the School.

Pendle Community Radio held a candle light vigil

on Sunday 28th December 2014 at the Awaz
Grieving Families of the 17th June 2014 victims.

On 16th December 2014, members of the Taliban

103.1FM Studios to pay respects to the martyrs.

We hope & pray that they are all granted a place
in Paradise & the families gain justice.

conducted one of the most horrific acts of terrorism ever witnessed in Pakistan when they attacked
a school in the city of Peshawar. They entered the
school and opened fire on staff and children, killing
145 people including 132 innocent school children. More than 130 children were injured in this
terrible act of terrorism.

Candle Light Vigil held for the Peshawar School Martyrs.






On Thursday 25th December 2014, Pendle Community Radio (PCR)

remembered and celebrated Quaid-e-Azam day. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25th December 1876 and was the founder of
Pakistan. He is popularly and officially known in Pakistan as Quaid-e-Azam
which means Great Leader and Baba-e-Qaum which means Father of
the Nation.
To celebrate Quaid-e-Azam day, Pendle Community Radio dedicated the entire day of programmes
and radio shows as a Cultural Day to Quaid-e-Azam.
Presenting the 4 hour live show was one
of PCRs favourite presenters Samina
Hussain who invited a number of respected guests from Rochdale. Picture on
the left taken inside the PCR Studios,
where our guests are participating in the
live radio show regarding the life and
legacy of the great leader, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Picture on the right was taken at the end
of the show. After listening to the National
Anthem of Pakistan, a cake specially made
for the day was cut and a prayer was made
to for Pakistan and the people of Pakistan.

Picture on the left with PCR Presenters Zain Shabbir & Faz Patel
enjoying the cake.
The Pendle Community Radio Team would
like to thank everyone who participated
and the distinguished guests for being part
of the Quaid-e-Azam show. We hope to
present another great show next year.






On Saturday 20th December 2014, the much loved and very

popular Mudassar Khan from Blackburn sadly passed away.
Mudassar was one of the very first people to arrive in the UK in
the mid 1950's. In his autobiography titled Still Here which was
published in 2008 when Mudassar was 73 years old, it states that
Mr Khan came to East Lancashire on a rainy morning in 1956 as
a young student to his temporary destination of Blackburn.
As well as working in the textile industry, Mudassar was an

(Late) Mudassar Khan

at the Awaz 103.1FM Studios.

intellectual who studied at Blackburn College. After working for a number of different mills including
Blackburns Centenary Mill and the William Birtwistle Allied Mill, Mudassar studied to become an
Urdu teacher. He went on to become a lecturer & teach Urdu at Blackburn College, Accrington and
Rossendale College, the University of Central Lancashire, and Greater Manchester Police.
Mudassar Khan was a very active person and always enjoyed participating in community events. He was a regular caller on Pendle Community Radio and appeared on various Pakistan Day & Quaid-e-Azam
radio shows. It was always great to hear from him and meet him in
person. He had a great personality and was very soft spoken.
Mudassar was keen to communicate with people and participate in
(Late) Mudassar Khan
with a copy of his autobiography.

discussions and debates on various topics. He appeared on many

radio stations around the UK as well as on TV.

Pendle Community Radio - Awaz 103.1FM presented a 3 hour
radio show in 'Remembrance & Memory of Mudassar Khan' on
Sunday 28th December 2014. This show dedicated to Mudassar
Khan was presented by Samina Hussain and we heard from many
of his close friends including PCR presenters Shakil Salam,
Muhammad Jaleel & Faz Patel who all spoke fondly of him.
The management, presenters and volunteers of Pendle Community Radio - Awaz 103.1FM would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family of Mudassar Khan and pray that the Almighty grants him a place in Paradise.

Picture above taken at the Awaz

103.1FM Studios after the Pakistan
Day show on Sunday 23rd March 2014.
















During December 2014, Pendle Community Radio

welcomed a number of upcoming Nasheed artists
to its Awaz 103.1FM Studios.
On 18th December 2014, Prince Naseeb all the way
from Oldham joined PCR presenter Zain Shabbir on
the An Evening with Zain radio show to praise the
beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings Be
Upon Him) in his powerful & distinctive voice.
Ismail Hussain with Presenter Muhammad Jaleel
at the Awaz 103.1FM Studios.

On 25th December 2014, Kamran Akhtar from

Derby joined PCR Presenter Zain Shabbir on
Pendle Community Radio to share his unique style
of reading naats with the listeners of Awaz 103.1FM.
He has performed with World Renowned Nasheed
Prince Naseeb, a Nasheed Artist from Oldham

Artist Milad Raza Qadri numerous times.

at the Awaz 103.1FM Studios.

On 23rd December 2014, Ismail Hussain a young

Nasheed artist from Bradford joined PCR Presenter
Muhammad Jaleel for a radio show celebrating the
commencement of the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal.

Kamran Akhtar, a Nasheed Artist from Derby

at the Awaz 103.1FM Studios with Zain Shabbir

If you have a talent & would like to share it with the

listeners of Pendle Community Radio 103.1FM then
we would like to hear from you. Please contact the
Pendle Radio team on 01282 723455 or send us an
Ismail Hussain, a Young Nasheed Artist from Bradford
at the Awaz 103.1FM Studios.

email via info@pendleradio.org






To celebrate the New Year and the month in

which the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be
Upon Him) was born, Pendle Community Radio
held an Istiqbal e Rabi ul Awwal programme at
the Awaz Radio Studios.

It was great to see many of the local naat reciters

attending and reading various different naats &
poetry in respect of the Beloved Prophet
Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
Group Photo taken at the end of the programme.

The programme at Awaz Studios started at

8:00pm and finished at 11:00pm with around 40
people attending on the day. The entire programme was broadcast live on Awaz 103.1FM as
well as being streamed live on the radio website,
www.pendleradio.org so that it could be watched
live online throughout the world.
A number of local naat reciters attended such as The Pendle Community Radio Team would like to
Hashmat Khan (Blackburn), Nasir Kareem thank all those people who attended the pro(Bradford), Jamiat-e-Hassaan (Nelson), Zain Shab- gramme and made it a success.
bir (Accrington), Junaid (Nelson) & many more.

PCR Presenter Muhammad Jaleel

hosted the programme.

The Pendle Radio Team hope to hold another

programme next year, BIGGER & BETTER.






Over the summer months in 2014, ELCAP

successfully delivered a community engagement
project involving fitness and education. We took
it upon ourselves to help the people of Pendle, in
particular the ladies, to get fit after noticing a high
rate of health issues within the area. ELCAP also
delivered ICT classes as part of the project, helping the unemployed improve their employability
chances and helping the moderately literate get to
grips with the basics of computing.
From 1st January 2015, ELCAP is once again opening its doors to the community to come and
learn about the basics of computing. With the modern world of technology when more & more services are being moved to the Internet, it is now more important than ever before to learn how to use
a computer. On the ICT course being offered by ELCAP, you will be taught all the basics of how to
use a computer in a safe and comfortable environment. Skills you will learn include familiarising yourself with the mouse and keyboard, setting up email, computer aided research, online shopping and
much more. To register for the ICT course you have to be 19+ and unemployed. Please contact the
ELCAP Team on 01282 723455 or send an email to info@pendleradio.org to book your place.
Student getting to grips with the basics of word processing.

From this Holy Month of Rabi ul Awwal and the

New Year, we pray that you encompass beauty in its
various manifestations and embrace a life that is
full of compassion, love, integrity and sincerity.
Encourage yourself, family and friends to carry on
with the good deed of effective local community work
and philanthropy.
We pray for those civilians and children massacred in
Model Town, Peshawar and those who have sacrificed
their lives in Pakistan and across the world for the
betterment of others.
With the Blessings of the Holy Prophets birthday,
may Allah the Almighty bring a change that you
want to see.

Pendle Community Radio is now offering

ELCAP would like to thank all the

local businesses the opportunity to advertise or sponsor programmes on the radio.

readers of this e-newsletter, listen-

Pendle Radio is very popular amongst the

local community & is also available on the
internet, as such it offers a great opportunity for businesses to advertise their products to this growing consumer demographic.
The expense of advertising on other types of media can be a restrictive factor especially for smaller businesses and this is precisely
where Pendle Radio can help. Ad spots can be bought by the second and as such offer great value for money.

ers of PCR Radio and the wonderful

Volunteers who make it all possible.
You are all an important part of
ELCAP and we hope that you continue to enjoy the various services
we endeavour to provide through
ELCAP e-news, PCR Radio and on

The science of advertisement suggests repetition and simplicity are

We always welcome your feedback

the key to a good radio advert, the cost of ads on Pendle Radio
means even smaller businesses can now purchase repetitive ads.
Pendle Radio can also author and produce your advertisements for

& comments, whether they are good

or bad - we would love to hear from

If you would like to advertise on Pendle Radio please contact us via
email; info@pendleradio.org.

The articles in this e-newsletter do

not necessarily reflect the views of

ELCAP is committed to providing a variety of services to the

local community in the East Lancashire area.
Contact US
Our mission is to enrich the lives of the local community
through the provision of education, information and training through
modern art, media and digital technologies.
One of our key projects is the Pendle Community Radio
station which provides an invaluable service to the East Lancashire community.

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