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MTAP Reviewer

80 minutes
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Solve and write the answer on the blank before or below the number.
__________1. What is the value of 9 in 496, 235?
__________2. The underlined 7 in 576, 897, 201 is how many times as great as the 7 that is not
__________3. What number times 7, plus 8 equals 50?
__________4. A regular hexagon has a perimeter of 72dm. How long is one side?
__________5. What is the perimeter of an equilateral triangle whose side is 7cm?
__________6. The perimeter of a rectangle is 76m. If one side is 16m, what is the other side?
__________7. Give all the prime numbers between 10 and 20.
__________8. What two factors of 48 have a sum of 16?
__________9. What is the remainder if 146 is divided by 12?
__________10. What two numbers have a sum of 25 and a difference of 3?
__________11. What is the biggest prime number less than 50?
__________12. What is the largest number less 1000 that is divisible by 8?
__________13. How many eighths are there in 56?
__________14. How many tens are there in 3560?
__________15. How many fifteenths are there in 2/5
__________16. What is 9 sixes plus 7?
__________17. What is 18 more than the quotient of 8 x 6 divided 3?
__________18. One half kg. of chicos cost P 20. If there are 6 pieces, how much will a dozen of
the same size cost?
__________19. Rose started doing her Math assignment at 6:45pm. If she spent 2 hours and 20
minutes on it, what time did she finish?
__________20. In a party, 2/5 who attended are boys. If there are 12 boys, how many girls are
__________21. Ponkans cost P7 each. How many can you buy for P100?
__________22. There are 48 oranges in a box. If 9 children get the same number of oranges,
how many oranges will be left?

__________23. A vendor sold 491kg of chicos and 273kg of oranges. He sold 65kg more
of mangoes
than oranges. How many more kg of chicos than mangoes did he sell?
__________24. Rica is painting dots on a box. There are 12 dots in the first row, 16 dots in
the second
row, 20 dots in the third row. If the pattern continues, how many dots will be in the
seventh row?
__________25. Mother gave me P 180 in P10-coins. How many coins did I get?

__________26. A P.E. teacher has 48 pupils. If she lines them in 8 rows, how many pupils
are in each row?
__________27. My uncle is 7 years older than twice my eldest brothers age. My eldest
brother is 19 years old. How old is my uncle?
__________28. Nona had forty-five 25centavos coins. Then, father gave her five P 5
coins. How much money had Nona then?
__________29. Miss Carol cut a sheet of paper into 6 pieces. She needs 84 pieces of
that size. How many of sheets of paper does she need to cut?
__________30. A kilo of mangoes costs P 45. I have only P 100. How much more money
do I need if I want to buy 3 kilos?
__________31. In a classroom, the desks are arranged in 8 rows. Each row has 7 desks.
All the desks in 7 rows are full except the last which has only 5 pupils. How many pupils
are in the class?
__________32. In the class of Ms. Benitez, there were 18 girls. There were twice as many
boys. Then,5 pupils left but 3 new ones come. How many pupils are now in the class of
__________33. What is 8/11 of 44?
__________34. Grandma baked 40 cupcakes. She gave 8 to her neighbors and served
10 to her grandchildren. What fraction of the cupcakes did she give to their neighbor?
__________35. What fraction of the cupcakes remained in # 31?
__________36. There are 54 pupils in a Grade 3 class. 1/2 of them are girls and 1/3 of the
girls wear eye glasses. How many pupils are boys?
__________37. How many girls wear eyeglasses in # 33?
__________38. Ricky has 84 marbles, 1/3 of the marbles are green, 2/4 are red and the
rest are white. How many marbles of each color are there?
__________39. Father bought 3 kilos of lanzones. He gave 1/2 to his family and
brought the rest to his office. How many kilos of lanzones did he bring to his office?
__________40. A farmer planted 1 2/3 hectares to rice and 4/3 hectares to corn. How
many hectares in all did he plant to the two crops?
__________41. Pete has a rope 8/3 meters long. Luke has one 19/6 meters long. Who
has a longer rope?
+9 5 -8
x 12
__________42. Find N in [ N ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ 24 ], what is N?
__________43. Letty has 35 U.S. stamps in her album. She has 35 Japanese stamps, 28
European stamps and 42 Philippines stamps. What fraction of her stamps are the U.S.
__________44. How many 5 centavos coins pieces are equal to P 5?
__________45. An orange cost P 12 each. I have P 50, how many can I buy?
__________46. Mae had three P100-bills, two P50-bills and eight P10-coins. How much
money did she have?
__________47. Rita and Kathy spent P 54. Rita, Kathy and Jean spent P 75. How much
did Jean spend?
__________48. Nellie bought 4 dozen small green mangoes at P28 a dozen. She sold
them for P 3.50 each. How much did she gain?
__________49. You bought Mathematics books for P 750. What is the least number of
paper bills that you can use to pay for them?
__________50. Carlo bought 2 dozens of eggs at P42 per dozen. He sold it for P 6 each.
How much did

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