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Reaction on Cycle of Violence
Janet K Tal-udan
Victor O Delos Santos, PhD
February 1, 2014

The cycle of violence can happen hundreds of times in an abusive

relationship. Each stage lasts a different amount of time in a relationship.
The total cycle can take anywhere from a few hours to a year or more to
I would say that anyone is better enough to talk about domestic
violence particularly violation of RA 9262 if he is unaware of the cycle of
violence. If somebody keeps on blaming the woman in this case then I
suggest that he must learn first the cycle before he talk because this projects
the foundation of domestic violence.
Most myth mentioned by unaware persons about violence always say
that Alcohol, drug abuse, stress, and mental illness cause domestic
violence; it may go along with domestic violence, but they do not cause the
violence. Another myth says Domestic violence only happens to poor women
and women of color but it is not because it happens in all kinds of families
and relationships. Worst myth its her fault because she did not leave
despite the repetitive violence. There are many reasons why women may not
leave. Not leaving does not mean that the situation is okay or that the victim

want to be abused. The most dangerous time for a woman who is being
abused is when she tries to leaver. These are just excuses of the abuser.
Generally, domestic violence happens when an abuser has learned and
chooses to abuse.
Nevertheless, it is important also to remember that not all domestic
violence relationships fit the cycle. Often, as time goes on, the 'making -up'
and 'calm' stages disappear. Types of abusers varies from one another as well as
their methods of actions, but somehow it is always closely related.
As a criminologist and law enforcer, I acknowledge the constant changes in our
society and I do belie that methods of violence go along with it. We should contribute in
providing updates on information regarding the issue and assess the trends of its
successful application towards the solution of this problem.