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Explain Emotion and explain how it is helpful to remove mental illness.

Emotion means the start up of feeling in that is the way appearance of individual himself. It is
disturbed the muscular and glandular activity. That is why it appears to external observer.
Emotion has certain characteristics. It is universal and personal. Therefore it can differ form
individual to individual. Same Emotion can be arisen by a number of stimuli. It arises
abruptly but subside slowly and has quality of displacement. Emotion can give birth to
number of other emotions as well as Motive. The Emotion experience is associated with the
other instincts. Every Emotion experience involves many physical and physiological changes.
Emotion can be classified in two ways as positive as well as negative.
Unpleasant Emotion like fear, anger, jealousy which are harmful are
termed as negative Emotion while the pleasant Emotion like, amusement,
love, curiosity, joy and happiness which are helpful are termed as positive
In the Buddhist psychology, emotions are associated six roots, negatively with greed, hatred,
and delusion, positively with non-greed, non-hatred, and non-delusion. Buddhism believes
that all emotions are rooted in these factors. It also creates in evaluation toward the object.
Greed manifests to posses the object, hatred arise to destroy the object or to free from it.
According to western psychology, an emotion springs up from physical reaction. The
perception of stimuli courses our bodies to undergo certain physical changes and then we
experience this emotion.
According to western psychology an Emotion can give birth to a number of similar Emotions.
In the same way Buddhism too believed that these three roots give birth to a number of
Emotions. When the greed arises due to a particular stimulus, thereby in due to process desire
can give birth to another emotion like jealousy. Sometime the situation brings the other
emotion like hatred. Therefore it is clear that Buddhist explanation on this matter got together
with the western analysis.
According to Buddhism there are other factors, which can be considered as emotion such as
savas, Kilesa, Anusaya. They are harmful to the spirited progress of an individual.
Therefore they are considered as unwholesome factors. They can contaminate the mind
because of their irrational and impulsive nature.
The origins of character of these emotions are very subtle. They are not only connected with
this very worldly life, but also connected with the repeated existence. According to Buddhism
the Arhant does not have emotional attachment. Indeed the emotions arise when the sense
channels are not guarded. Therefore the one who knows and sees such is the form, such is the
origin of form and such is the cessation of form, these asava will by destroyed. Thats why
Arahants who sees the true nature of things are called Khina-sava.