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The Pre-Production Process

Requirements for a Moving Image Production

Blog report for P1, M1 & D1


The final task for Unit 1: Pre Production Techniques in the Creative Media Industries, asks that you define,
explain and relate to the various requirements that exist in order to create a media product.

This is a formal piece of written work and you should aim to write in structured sentences, using punctuation
accurately, and focus on the correct use of media language. In BTEC you need to pay particular attention to
specific terms which are part of the grading criteria; these terms have to be covered in order to achieve a
pass grade. Below is a term tick list for you to reference. Any words in bold must be defined and explained
in your report, and be paired with relevant examples. The examples you use should relate to both the
professional industry and your own experiences when planning for your Depict! entry.

Type of production

Sources of finance



Personnel (size of team, roles, skills and experience, resourcing, availability, costs, team or crew CVs)

Facilities (availability, costs)

Gathering materials (sources, costs, clearances)


Locations (recces, limitations and risks)

Codes of practice and regulation (clearances, legal, insurance, regulatory bodies, trade unions, trade

Unit 1: Assessment & grading criteria (tick when criteria are met)
To achieve a pass grade the
evidence must show that the
learner is able to:

To achieve a merit grade the

evidence must show that, in
addition to the pass criteria, the
learner is able to:

To achieve a distinction grade the

evidence must show that, in
addition to the pass and merit
criteria, the learner is able to:


M1 explain in some detail and

competently present
requirements and sources
of requirements for
production for a specific
media production


outline requirements and

sources of requirements for
a specific media production

comprehensively explain and

present to a quality that
reflects near-professional
standards fully detailed
requirements and sources of
requirements for a specific
media production

Type of moving image production (media forms)

What type of media product did you produce and what was it for? How did you distribute it?

What other types of moving image media product are there? What different distribution methods are

Finance and sources of funding

What sources of funding exist for film, television and other moving image productions? Give examples.

Requirements for any productioni.e., what will the money be spent on?
Make a list of all the things you might have to spend money on for a moving image text.

Requirements (contd)

What did you have to obtain for your Depict project?

Personnel: Talent (actors) and crew (the production team) that work in a media production.

What is the makeup of a typical team for a moving image production in

a) a low budget short
b) a television programme
c) Hollywood feature film

Explain how you allocated work in your very small group. Who performed what role? Did you/they have
any experience of that role before?

Cast/other contributors:

List the various people that may contribute to the production of a media text, in addition to the crew.
Think of people in front of the camera and people other than the production crew who might be
involved behind the scenes. Pick some of these and provide some examples in your post.

Time: What was your timeframe and how well did you use the time you were given?

What happens when you do not meet deadlines in the professional media industry?

Did you meet deadlines set in class?

Equipment/Facilities: What is needed?

How do you obtain equipment in professional moving image productions?

Find a website for a professional media facility house and give some details about what it does. Include
some costs. Find out where the nearest facility house to us is located.

What equipment was available to you for your Depict project? How did you obtain it?

Locations: where did you film and how do you go about securing locations legally?

What are location recces and location releases?

How and why did you pick specific locations for your Depict videos? (name each)

What logistical issues and risks did you face? How did you assess/overcome them?

Materials: what, in addition to a equipment, crew and cast, is needed to make a moving image
text? Where/how are they obtained?

List the various types of materials you may need for a production.

What financial considerations are there when using certain materials?

Legal Issues:

What legal considerations might there be when using certain materials in a media production?

Find out as much as you can about COPYRIGHT (

overview) and come up with a brief definition of what copyright is.

How did copyright affect your Depict! Production?

Define and give examples of the following:


Public Liability Insurance

Completion guarantee/insurance

Regulation: What is a regulatory body and what do they do?

What is OFCOM and what is its function?

Who regulates the BBC and why is this different to OFCOM?

What is the BBFC and what is its function?

Do some online research on regulation of moving image products distributed via the internet. Begin
here: What can you find out?

the OFCOM regulations (


the BBFC regulations (

Trade unions and trade associations: What are they and what do they do?

What is a trade union* and why are they important?

What are PACT and BECTU and what do they do?

What is a trade association*? This might help (

*Please note that associations and unions are not the sameyou must specify how they are different.