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Tuesday: flap and ailerons.

Build, install hinges, decide on method to attach

control horn (add wood block to screw into or glue horn to rib use new control
horns? Some are L-shaped instead of T-shaped, these may be good), monokote.

Insert hinges (the plastic hinges with

pins see above should be in
drawer with servo arms), hereish.
Cut a slot half way through the back
plate (starting from the inner rib on
each aileron and halfway between
each rib on the flap), then push the
through. Use spare balsa on either
side of the hinge (on the side inside
the aileron) to add more surface area
to the hinge mounting join

Mount to wing:
Hinge pin
Main wing


Glue triangle to wing as final step

(after cutting holes to insert the hinge
pieces into the wing). May need
extra wood at rear of triangle to get
correct control surface length.
Double-check the aileron/flap can
hinge fully (~30 deg) before installing.

On control horns: These must be

installed before monokoting. The
horn itself could be removed for
monokoting, as on as mounting
blocks are in place and the
appropriate holes drilled. These
should be mounted to balsa blocks
glued to a corner at the rib and back
plate intersection. We have L-shaped
horns, which should help to position
the horn in line with the servo arm.

This corner might be good for

gluing a mounting block to, but
check the servo alignment first.

Glue two triangles together (be sure to

sandwich around hinges placed at
intervals equal to the aileron/flap) to form
the hinging point. We should have plenty
triangles in the corner with all the
cardboard boxes

For Wednesday:
Continue Tuesday. Control surfaces should be monokoted and mounted (with control horns added!) by
the end of day.
Assemble fuselage. This is the same setup as the early fuselage, although were only reassembling the
center portion.

For Thursday:
Continue Wednesday.
Once tailbox cut, assemble tail: (see Gerrits notes below)

Barebones Tail Assembly Instructions

Step One:
1 - Assemble small tail box (with hole through center)
2 - Glue end to existing balsa box and secure to spars as necessary
Step Two:
1 - Assemble horizontal tail
2 - Assemble primary tail box around horizontal tail (see CAD - assembly may be tricky)
Step Three:
1 - Assemble Vertical tail
2 - Run vertical tail spar through primary tail box and glue bottom vertical rib to the top of the
tail box
Final Steps:
3 - Attach landing gear to bottom of tail box
4 - Insert nylon rod
5 - Assemble all control surfaces (As with ailerons) Glue salvaged portions of control surfaces to
new ones.
6 - Hinge control surfaces somehow
7 - ???
8 - Profit
Add'l Notes
-The outer ribs of the horizontal and vertical tails are two ribs thick
-CAD is in some places missing minor things like stringers & triangles