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They are social vices, they are also related. One finds out that 60% of poor people
are illiterates and 80% of those who went into prostitution claim that they were poor
and had no other means of livelihood.

Prostitution is a social vice. A situation where the female gender sell their body
in form of sexual intercourse with various men for money, they believe that their
body which is a free gift from God is what they have and they are using what they
have to get what they want. They have forgotten that God made the body for
various purposes and the purpose of sex is meant for the institution marriage. A
female is supposed to have sexual intercourse with her husband. But looking at the
world today, the girls cannot be totally blamed. Read the story below:

Simbi is just seventeen years old. Ever since she was born her father has been
responsible for her upkeep. Her mother after giving birth to her left her and eloped
with another man. When she clocked sixteen her father who was a laborer and had
other mouths to feed could no longer foot her school bills, moreover she was dull at
school work so he took her to live with his younger brother. She was enrolled to
learn a trade nearby where she lived. But simbi was maltreated by her uncle; she
was denied food and upkeep money. She started sleeping with the boys in the
neighborhood for meager amount of money until she became pregnant and was
sent away from apprenticeship and from home.

She gave birth to a baby girl on the street. What do you think is the future of
such a child? Simbi herself, illiterate, poor and a prostitute has become a nuisance
to the society how can her child escape such predicament?

Jane Bryant Quinn a psychologist once said ‘’it is daring and challenging to be
young and poor’’. It is the inability to do what your mates are doing. To see your
mates having a good life, being educated and having wider horizons than you do.

Studies have further proven that because of how long some people mostly illiterates
have been poor they tend to have a fixed mindset of remaining poor. So that all
their activities and their struggle is only being directed to putting food in their
stomach, that I imagine is another problem caused by poverty, low self esteem that
is why it looks like the lifecycle of a poor man is to get food to eat, keep producing
children and keep living until death knocks on the door. This has further affected
children from poor homes, a good percentage of them never aspire to be great in
life, they are satisfied with just little even when they aspire they seldom achieve
their goals. What then can one who finds himself in the shackles of poverty do?

• Don’t ever get discouraged

• Never feel intimidated
• Try very hard to avoid being frustrated
• Depend on God and put your trust in him
• Be hardworking
• Be positive in your words, thoughts and imaginations
• Have a dream, goal, visions
• Have a plan remember he who fails to plan, plans to fail.
Orija oluwaponmile.