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2006 Division Team Competition Metrobank-MTAP-NCR Math Challenge - Grade 4

A. 15-second questions 2 points each

__________1. What is the remainder when 3628 is divided by 12?
__________2. Write in symbols: "13 more than twice a number n".
__________3. What is the value of 22 + 36 4 5 x 5?
__________4.How much more is of 48 than of 24?
__________5. The ratio of two numbers is 3:8 and their sum is 99. Find the bigger number.
__________6. What is the 10th number in the pattern 15, 23, 31, ___, 47, ____?
__________7.Which is greater, or

__________8. The sum of two angles of a triangle is 112o. What is the third angle?
__________9. An athlete ran 18.2 km in 7 days. Find the average distance he ran each day?
__________10. If 6 x (n + 2) = 66, what is n?
__________11. Round 75.9998 to the nearest thousandth.
B. 30-second questions 3 points each
__________1. What is 16 less than twice the sum of 84 and 57?
__________2. An LRT train has 5 cars. If 45 people can ride in each car, how many people
can ride in 4 LRT trains?
__________3. A sheet of paper is 0.3175 mm thick. How thick in centimeters would be a pile
of 5,000 sheets?
__________4. A workman earns 45 an hour. How many whole number of hours must he work
so that he will earn at least 1000?
__________5. What is the value of 62 x 23 + 32?
__________6. The perimeter of a square is n cm. What is the length of one side?
C. 1-minute questions 5 points each (Use = 3.14)
__________1. If the weight of an apple is 0.22 kg, about how many apples will there be in
a 2 kg package?
__________2. A swimming pool is 12 m by 8 m. It will be fenced so that the fence will be 2 m
away from the pool. What is the perimeter of the fence?
__________3. The diameter of a basketball hoop is 56 cm. Find the circumference of the hoop
into the nearest hundredth of a meter.
__________4. T-shirts marked 399 are on sale at a 25% discount. How much will 6 of the
T-shirts on sale cost?
__________5. The perimeter of a square is equal to the perimeter of an equilateral triangle of
side 24 cm. Find the area of the square.
__________6. Last year, there were 96 Grade 6 pupils in a new school. This year, they are 250%
of last year's. How many are they this year?
Clincher questions
__________1. What decimal decreased by 0.892 gives 58.3?
__________2. In a test of 40 items, Nelly made a mistake on 30% of the items. How many
correct answers did she get?
__________3. A rug is 3.75 m long. The rug is 1.57 m from one end of the room and 1.23 m
from the other end. How long is the room?
Do-Or-Die questions
__________1. Lily has 23.50 less than twice the money of Rita. Together, they have 203.00.
How much does each girl have?