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Final B
A Read the text and put the verbs in brackets in the Active or Passive voice in the
correct tense.
(7 points)
The Tongariro National Park in New Zealand (0) ____is____ (be) the countrys oldest
national park. It (1) _________ (create) in 1887 on grounds which
(2) _________ (be) absolutely wild for many years. The Tongariro spectacular scenery (3)
________ (dominate) by three mountains Mt Ruapehu, Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro.
All three are active volcanoes, and Mt Ruapehu (4) _________ (erupt) in 1995. Ruapehu (5)
_________ (offer) a wide range of outdoor activities, from canoeing for first-timers on the
gentle Whanganui River to white-water kayaking over the Tawhai Falls. More than 15,000
tourists (6) _________ (visit) the Tangariro National Park since the beginning of this year.
More information and maps of the Tangariro can (7) _________ (order) from the Ruapehu
Visitors Centre on (0064) 6385-8427.
(adapted from Spotlight)
B Use the word in brackets to rewrite each sentence so that it means the same as the
sentence before.
(6 points)
0 Im sure my mum has serious doubts about my girlfriend. (must)
__ My mum must have serious doubts about my girlfriend__ .
1 I regret that I told my parents about our wedding plans. (wish)
______________________________________________________________________ .
2 You failed your university entrance exams because you didnt study hard. (if)
______________________________________________________________________ .
3 Have you done anything so stupid before? (asked me)
______________________________________________________________________ .
4 Maybe she doesnt want to apologise for her unacceptable behaviour the other day. (might)
______________________________________________________________________ .
5 Sue is going to arrange for someone to water her plants while she is away. (get)
______________________________________________________________________ .
6 When I was a student I often got up at 10 a.m. (used)
______________________________________________________________________ .

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT

C Read the text carefully and choose one option which completes each gap correctly.
(6 points)
Im not particularly keen (0) ____on_____ sports but last year I decided to (1) ___________
up skiing. Since I (2) ___________ it before I needed to go on a short training course. I also
(3) ___________ a pair of skis and all the necessary clothing. My ski instructor turned out to
be a very skilful teacher. I was very proud when after two weeks he suggested (4)
___________ from the nursery slope to a steeper one. (5) ___________ I cant really say Im
a great skier now, at least Im not a total beginner any more. And my ski instructor claims that
if I keep on learning, next year skiing will be a piece of (6) ___________ for me. I hope he is
0 a) on
1 a) start
2 a) didnt do
3 a) must buy
4 a) moving
5 a) Unless
6 a) cake

b) about
b) give
b) hadnt done
b) had to buy
b) to move
b) Although
b) beer

c) of
c) take
c) havent done
c) must have bought
c) move
c) Despite
c) bread

D Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.
(5 points)
0 My students political ___awareness ___ (aware) was very impressive.
1 Thanks for your advice, you have been very _______________ (help).
2 We decided to stay in Prague longer and _______________ (exploration) the city a little bit
3 Why did you keep talking about Anns ex-boyfriend? You seemed totally _______________
(sensitive) to her feelings.
4 The _______________ (prepare) of this report will take longer than I expected.
5 My new car turned out _______________ (reliable) and slow.
E Write the words or expressions from the box under the correct headings. Then add
two more words or expressions to each list.

(6 points)
freckles flight attendant plunge cartoon

Air travel




Face Verbs of


PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT

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