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Political parties time line.

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6. Green
5. Progressive (or "Bull Moose")
This team favors increasing individual liberties simply by limiting government authority, They Will
would repeal the majority of laws limiting enterprise (such as environmental laws) and individual
behavior (such as antidrug laws). This 3rd party wins few elections, nevertheless its economic views
influence the actual Republican Party.
5. which 3rd party indirectly assisted elect the Democrat President? -1. which political party was the really first for you to favor a solid central government? -9. Which Usually a pair of parties dominate U.S. politics today? -10. Just what impact could third parties get in main parties? -6. Numerous Democrats blame that party pertaining to costing all of them the actual 2000
presidential election? -Questions
10. Third parties may influence beliefs of the major parties; take away crucial votes within elections;
as well as provide a voice for you to opponents associated with the two main parties.
8. Republican
The National Republicans continued your Federalists' push for any strong government and also
industry. Inside 1834, their own party reorganized since the Whigs. Disagreements over slavery
eventually caused your party for you to disband.

3. That party fell apart mainly over disputes about slavery? -This third party demands stronger environmental laws along along with a ban about corporate
funding regarding American political campaigns. Inside 2000, Ralph Nader was the party's
presidential nominee. He took key liberal votes via Democrat Al Gore, possibly costing Gore the
particular election.
This time collection shows many of the crucial political get-togethers inside U.S. history.
Founded by Andrew Jackson, your Democratic Party continued the Democratic-Republicans' belief in
states legal rights and limited government. Gradually, the party's policies began in order to change,
until, in the 20th century, they included greatly expanded government powers. This will always be
the oldest political party in the U.S.
8. That active party began as a strong opponent associated with slavery? -REPUBLICAN PARTY
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9. Democratic along with Republican
Founded by Alexander Hamilton, the actual Federalist Party believed inside a strong central
government that promoted trade and business, The Particular unpopularity associated with
Federalist President John Adams's policies ultimately caused your group to destroy up.
3. Whig
2. Democratic-Republican
1. Federalist
7. Your Libertarian Party's economic views get influenced which various other party? -This team nominated Theodore Roosevelt for you to protest Republican President William Howard
Taft's nomination throughout 1912. The Particular "Bull Moose" Party's ticket split the Republican

vote and also led for the election regarding Democratic President Woodrow Wilson. The Particular
party progressively declined, and furthermore the Republicans reunited throughout 1916.
4. Democratic
7. Republican
This anti-slavery party assisted trigger the actual Civil War (1861-1865) by simply electing Abraham
Lincoln in 1860. In first, Republicans believed in a strong central government. This progressively
changed within the late 1800s. Today, your "Grand Previous Party" (GOP) favors a new more-limited
government, lower taxes, along using a strong military.
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Founded by simply Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic-Republican Party favored a new weak central
government as well as strong state governments. The Particular party ruled from 1801 in order to
1824, however broke up because of in order to squabbling over your 1824 election.
Businessman H. Ross Perot created this alternative party to guide his candidacy inside the 1996
presidential election. Throughout 2004, the particular party is backing consumer advocate Ralph
Nader regarding President. Additionally, it requires congressional term limitations along with U.S.
withdrawal from your North American free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an international trade pact.
2. which party favored a new weak central government and strong state governments? -4. which current party may always be the oldest? --