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Auric Shield

Energy barrier shifting with color of varying degree and intensity. Like
looking at a soap bubble when sunlight hits it the right way.
Best used to defend against general spellcraft type attacks/energies and minor
darkness based energies.
Difficulty Level:
Easy, provided you are familiar, and comfortable with, your energy signature.
Visualize a glow about your body, this is your aura. Concentrating on this,
focus your energy into it more and more. Before you project your shield, see the
color shift and change randomly. Once you have achieved this point you are
ready to form your shield by simply pushing the energy outwards from yourself
That last part is important since this is what will create the bubble of auric
energy about you. If you push too hard the energy will simply burst out flying
in all directions and dissipating shortly after, shamelessly.

Fusion Shield
The best description, or at least the closest, is looking at one of those plasma
ball lamp things. The electrode in the center is the caster with energy bolts
crackling outward creating a sphere of protection.
To absorb, or fuse in, energy from attacks. Does not make the caster stronger*
but the shield itself.
Difficulty Level:
Not overly hard to cast initially but, can be very hard to maintain shield
depending upon situation (see method).
Envision a sphere around you that is very slightly charged with energy. Once
that is stable you will feel an almost static-electricity in the air about you,
let your energy flow into that sphere. It should be attracted to it like a
magnet anyway so it should be relatively easy, keep your mind clear and open, a
neutral mind. Should someone attack you magickally, the shield will absorb the
energy and make it stronger, the charge in the air inside the shield around you
will increase but it DOES NOT make you stronger! Once the shield is dropped, the
energy it absorbed will simply fizzle out harmlessly. The more energy the
shield absorbs from attacks the stronger it gets, the stronger it gets the more
strain it puts on you to hold the shield since the energy relies on you as an
*Now I am about to more or less contradict myself here but, bare with me and you
will understand. I said that the energy absorbed by the shield does not make you
stronger however, if you are truly proficient with this shield you can make use

of the energy to make your attacks more potent by channeling the absorbed energy
from the shield through you into the attack.
WARNING!! DO NOT attempt this unless you are truly an expert with the fusion
shield! I have seen cases where the caster ended up in a "spiritual coma"
because they tried before they were ready. How do you know if you are ready to
try this? When it really doesn't matter to you whether you can do this or not.
Clear as mud?

Phase Shield
A sphere of crackling energy that fades in and out and flickers randomly,
including the caster.
To red-direct attacks. Not just away from you like the reflection shield but,
into other realms at the same time!
Difficulty Level:
Extreme! Read on, you'll see why.
The initial part of this shield is probably the hardest to get, and the hardest
to explain. A bubble of energy about you that is not really in any one realm but
several at the same time. You are best to start with two realms that you know
VERY well. The key is to anchor yourself, not the shield, to the realm you are
currently in so you do not get lost somewhere between the realms as the shield
phases back and forth between them. What happens is that pieces of the shield
jump between realms as they circle you, randomly and iindependantof each other.
This doesn't leave holes in the shield! It creates a kind of vortex that any
attack is sucked into and shot out somewhere else, or possibly back at the
caster of the attack. It's impossible to tell because of the randomness of this
This is where the hard part comes in. It is entirely possible to iinadvertently
kill someone, or destroy something, in another realm using a phase shield. No
matter whom cast the attack, you would be held responsible for not choosing safe
spots in each realm your shield is jumping to. Add to that the chance of losing
yourself in the momentum of the shield and, if any friends or allies are close
by a diverted attack could hit them! Now perhaps you understand why I classify
this shield as extremely difficult to work with. It should be used only as an
absolute last resort and with EXTREME CAUTION!
In all honesty, don't even try this shield until you have truly mastered all the

Reflection Shield

A faceted, translucent, silvery orb. If the caster is more advanced, a
translucent, silvery orb.
Should be self explanatory but; to reflect attacks away from you. Best used
against light and certain elemental attacks.
Difficulty Level:
Above average. Being mentally disciplined in cconcentrationand focus are
Start with on facet, usually easiest with one above you at the "top" of the
shield, or directly in front of you. Remember that this is meant to reflect so
you must visualize the silvery surface of the facet, almost like liquid mercury.
From their simply "build" the shield facet by facet. As you become more
practiced you will be able to smooth it out instead of keeping it faceted,
although that does have it advantages as well. A smooth reflection shield is
where intense concentrationand focus come in in order to keep the surface
reflective. If you need to envision a shape to start out with building the
faceted shield, many have found the pentagon the easiest to use.

Null Shield
This shield actually cannot be seen, at least for the most part. The only
visible part is a slight random visual distortion. Kind of like the heat
distortions when you look through a fire.
To neutralize, and thereby nullify, any attack dispersing the energy harmlessly.
Difficulty Level:
Average - Difficult
The most difficult part of this shield is the initial step, visualizing a small
round piece of completely inert space. It would be far too difficult to explain
how one might do that so, you will have to figure that part out for yourself or
ask around, sorry folks.
After you have that part, just let the shield "feed" off of you, at it's own
pace, to expand around you fully. Do not feed the shield! That part is very
important. If you force energy into the shield, in even the slightest manner, it
will fail. Just act as a battery and let the shield draw from you, just be the
power source.

Static Shield
Bubble of energy with no specific pattern or ccolors SImilar in appearance to
"white snow" on a television set.
Defense against energy signature based attacks, ie; ones that "hhomein" on your
Difficulty Level:
Easy, requires knowledge of scrambling signature.
Start by visualizing a small half sphere above your head, then see the static
energy slowly "rain" down around you. Make sure you close it on the bottom under
you or it will not hold, remember that magick is not bound by physical
limitations such as the ground or floor. If you are ssuccessful your energy
should not pass the shield but, upon touching it, should totally disperse into
the static energy strengthening the shield. The shield shouldn't have any energy
pattern at all but be totally random instead, which is the point of this shield.