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Faqeer Ilallah wa Abduhu

The Easy Access to the Presence of the Best

of the Messengers (SAW)

For the English speaking lovers of the prophet(SAW),

And redistributing the works of Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass(RA),
And seeking the countenance of Allah.

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Most Merciful

And success is with Allah

First Couplet

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My heart adamantly rejects all else and is besieged with yearning and being,
enamoured with love and ardent longing for the Prophet.

The Prophet(SAW) is referred to as Qiblatil Qulub in Sufi terms. All pious hearts turn toward
Qurn 9:24 stated, Say, if it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your
kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which ye fear a decline; or the
dwellings in which ye delight ARE DEARER TO YOU THAN ALLAH, OR HIS MESSENGER,
or the striving in His cause; then wait until Allah brings about His decision; and Allah guides not
the rebellious.

Second Couplet

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I spend the entire night wide awake and alert composing songs and poetry for the,
one who is completely pure from the beginning (of his life) to the end (of his life).

The Holy Quran 68:4 describing the prophet(SAW) said, And Lo! Thou art of best
The hadith Not vanity, Im the best of mankind

Third Couplet

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I am recording my poem in my night vigil while my neighbours are,
asleep and my eyelids are shedding tears like falling rain..

The sweet hours of the night when neighbours are all sleeping is sacrificed by Sheikh(RA) to
record poems in the love of the prophet(SAW), the love that couldnt allow him to sleep.
Safwan ibn Qudama said "I emigrated to the prophet and went to him and said, 'MESSENGER
OF ALLAH, I LOVE YOU' He said, 'A man is with the one he loves'" Sunna of Tirmidhi, Vol. 4,
page 23

Fourth Couplet

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I compose the verses in proper order by mentioning his attributes and description,
what can be better than eulogizing the precious moon?

Narrated Anas(RA) , the prophet said, "WHOEVER LOVES ME WILL BE WITH ME IN

Quran 3:31 says, Say (O Muhammad, to mankind & Genie): If ye love Allah, follow me;
Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is forgiving , Merciful

Fifth Couplet

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Muhammad (SAW) is the key to success, (my) Master
the seal of the Messengers, while he is also their predecessor and leader.

Quran 48:1 says, Lo, we have given thee(Muhammad) signal victory(over everything).
Quran 33:40 says, Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the
Messenger of Allah and the seal of the Prophets; and Allah is aware of all things.

Sixth Couplet

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Through him(SAW) all prophets(ASA) achieve their goals,
And through him(SAW) Divine Presence was beautified and adorned, so exalt
and venerate him.

Quran 33:46 says, And a summoner unto Allah by His permission, and as a lamp that giveth
The prophet(SAW) lead other Messengers of God in observing some cycles of prayers, on the
night of ascension in Bayt Al-Maqaddis indicates his leadership role of the remaining

Seventh Couplet

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He(SAW) was Messenger from God, when Adam was not (even Created),
And will remain forever magnified and greatest Messenger of God.

Prophetic Hadith says, I am the first Prophet to be created and the last to be sent.
The prophet(SAW) said, I was a prophet while Adam was still between the spirit and the
The prophet(SAW) said, I was a prophet while Adam was still between water and clay.
Narrated Ali bn Al-Husayn from his father from his grandfather said that the prophet(SAW)
said, I was a light in front of my Lord for fourteen thousand years before He created Adam.
Fadhalil sahaba 2:663 #1130
Quran 26:218 says, Who seeth thee when thou standest up.

Eighth Couplet

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He(SAW) emerged as a unique treasure of the Absolute Reality (God),
And He(SAW) manifests before us as The Distributor and The Distributed

The Prophet (SAWS) said, I am the distributor while Allah is the One Who Gives. (Sahih alBukhari).
Quran 59:7 ..And whatsoever the messenger giveth you take it. And whatsoever he
forbiddeth abstain( from it). And keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is stern in reprisal.
Allah in Hadith Al-Qudsi says, I was a hidden treasure and I wished to be known, so I
created a creation(Muhammad) then made Myself known to them, and they recognised Me.
Allah in another Hadith Al-Qudsi says, Were it not for you (O Muhammad), I would not
have created the universe.

Ninth Couplet

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The virtues (and miracles) of all the Messengers of God is sourced from that of
All (Gods) affairs are originated from him(SAW) and returned back to him.

The author himself said in another write ups, Moses(AS) striking rock and 12 fountains of
water gushing out is a great miracle. But naturally water used to come out of rocks, but
Muhammad(SAW) placed his finger in a container and water keeps on gushing out until men and
camels drink to their satisfactions.
Mirat documented about 300 major miracles of the prophet(SAW) not done by any

Tenth Couplet

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He is The Gift from the Lord of the Throne, (he is) TaHa, (he is also)
Muhammad (SAW),
He(SAW) is His mercy, and he (is called) Rahim, so lets honour him(SAW).

Quran 21:107 says, We sent thee not save as mercy to all worlds.
Holy Quran 9:128 says, There hath come unto you a Messenger, (one) of yourselves, unto
whom aught that ye are overburdened is grievious, full of concern for you, for the believers full
of pity, Merciful.
From the above verse, three divine names were also given to Muhammad(SAW) by God
Himself; Azeez, Rauf and Rahim.

Eleventh Couplet

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(He is) The informer of Boom and the Warner of Doom, and (he is) an Equitable
The noble and Profuse philanthropist (whose philanthropy ) touches Everyone.

Quran 33:45 says, O Prophet (Muhammad), Lo! We have sent you as a Witness, and a
Bringer of glad tidings and a Warner.

Twelfth Couplet

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(He is) A Paragon, Trustworthy and the best out of the Messengers of God
He(SAW) is the beloved to the Lord of the Throne, the first and the last.

Holy Quran 47:33 says, O ye who believe, obey Allah and obey the Messenger. And render
not your actions vain.

Thirteenth Couplet

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(He is) A white cloud cover, in which profitable rain is sought by his
By him(SAW) the dark night of ignorance is glowed.

The holy Quran 48:28 says, He it is who hath sent His MESSENGER with the guidance and the religion of
truth, that he may cause it to prevail over all religion. And Allah sufficeth as a witness.
The holy Quran 62:2 says, He it is who hath sent among the unlettered ones a messenger of their own, to
recite unto them His revelations and to make them grow, and to teach them the scripture and wisdom, though
heretofore they were indeed in error manifest.
Narrated Anas bin Malik:Two of the companions of the Prophet departed from him on a dark night
and were led by two lights like lamps (going in front of them from Allah as a miracle) lighting the way in
front of them, and when they parted, each of them was accompanied by one of these lights till he
reached their (respective) houses. Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 8, Number 454

Fourteenth Couplet

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The hearts of all (intelligent) creatures live (spiritually) by his halo,
And their tongues live purified and made (to speak) knowledgeable (by him).

The holy Quran 49:3 says, Lo! They who subdue their voices in the presence of the
messenger of Allah, those are they whose hearts Allah hath proven unto righteousness. Theirs
will be forgiveness and immense reward.

Fifteenth Couplet

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By Allah, Never was the like of Ahmad(SAW),
For Ahmad is a single and indivisible Jewel .

Narrated Jabir bn Mutim Allah's Apostle said, "I have five names: I am Muhammad and
Ahmad; I am Al-Mahi through whom Allah will eliminate infidelity; I am Al-Hashir who will be
the first to be resurrected, the people being resurrected there after; and I am also Al-'Aqib (i.e.
There will be no prophet after me)." Bukhari Vol.4 Book 56 Hadith #732.

Sixteenth Couplet

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Upon him(SAW) shall be the blessings of Allah and divine peace,
And on his family and noble companions.

The holy Quran 33:56 says, Lo! Allah and His angels shower blessings on the prophet. O ye
who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation.

Seventeenth Couplet

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If you were to ask me Who is my beloved and master,
(I will answer) Taha, the beloved to Allah, none but he alone.

Safwan ibn Qudama said "I emigrated to the prophet and went to him and said, 'MESSENGER
OF ALLAH, I LOVE YOU' He said,'A man is with the one he loves'" Suna of Tirmidhi, Vol. 4,
page 23
Abu Hurairah reported Allah's Messenger as saying,"THE PEOPLE MOST LOVED BY ME
hadith #6791

Eighteenth Couplet

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All my time and moments are spent in his memory,
(Saying)salat (to him)and extolling him, through these I became exalted in my

Narrated Anas(RA) , the prophet said, "WHOEVER LOVES ME WILL BE WITH ME IN

Narrated Abdullah bn Hisham(RA): we were with the prophet(SAW) and he was holding the
hand of Umar bn Al-Khattab(RA), Umar said to him. 'O Allah's Apostle! You are dearer to me
than everything except my own self.' The prophet(SAW) said "No, by Him in whose Hand my
soul is, till I am dearer to you than your own self." Then Umar said to him 'However, now, by
Allah you are dearer to me than my own self' The prophet said 'Now , O Umar.' Bukhari Vol 8,
Book 78, hadith # 628

Nineteenth Couplet

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Whosoever wishes to compete with me on intense love and yearning for our
He has indeed wishes for something impossible and unattainable.

This is because Sheikh(RA) was blessed with Fana(Annihiliation) in the love of

Prophet(SAW); when Sheikh(RA) visited the holy Rawdah, he wept in love of the prophet(SAW)
bitterly and he achieved fana fir Rasulullah. His soul departed the body and plunged into the
infinity of love of Rasulullah(SAW). Allah blessed the body with Baqa to live the remaining
years of sheikh(RA) but the soul never return nor look at the body FOREVER.

Twentieth Couplet

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Just as (it is impossible) to hold a day-old moon within ones fingers,
Or (as impossible as to) bring back yesterday to be today.

Can one then hold a day-old moon within ones finger? Even though a day-old moon seems so
small. Nobody can love Rasulullah(SAW) like sheikh(RA) to the blowing of the trumpet.
Can one turn today to become yesterday, so it has already been decreed Baye(RA) has no
equal in this time for his unequal love to the Messenger of Allah.

Twenty-First Couplet

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Or Just as (it is impossible) for whoever wishes to cover his (SAW) excellent
Many have tried (doing that) but leave it (the excellent qualities) uncover.

Out of enmity unbelievers and hypocrites tried to conceal the excellent qualities of the
prophet(SAW), but all their efforts are futile. A Christian author listed 100 famous men that ever
lived on Earth and mentioned Muhammad(SAW) as the first this is due to excellent qualities of

Twenty-Second Couplet

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I chose the love of Mustapha(SAW) over the love of anyone else,
Even if it is Umm Kulthum and even if it is Maryam.

Narrated Anas(RA), the prophet(SAW) said,"Whoever possesses the following three qualities
will have the sweetnessof faith:
2. Who loves a person and he loves him only for Allah's sake.
3. Wh hates to revert tp disbelief as he hates to be thrown into the fire" Bukhari Vol. 1, book 2,
Hadith #15
Umm Kulthun is the 11th daughter of Sheikh(RA), he preferred the prophet(SAW) over her.
Maryam is the name of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th daughters of Sheikh(RA) but the prophet(SAW) is
dearer to sheikh(RA) than all of them.

Twenty-Third Couplet

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By Allah , there is no space in my heart for anyone except him(SAW),
For (My heart) knows no one but the Messenger of Allah(SAW)

Narrated Anas(RA), the prophet(SAW)said "None of you will have faith until HE LOVES ME
Hadith #14

Twenty-Fourth Couplet

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He(SAW) pointed to a cloud and rain begun to fall heavily,
And when he(SAW) wishes the rain to stop, it instantly stopped dropping.

This miracle is mentioned in Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73, Number 115:, when a Bedouin
asked the prophet(SAW) to pray to Allah, let rain fall for crops are drying. The prophet(SAW) on
pulpit, prayed and before he brought his hand down cloud gathered and water started dripping
from his beard; and before he came down from pulpit rain started falling. Rain continued to fall
for seven days. On the next Friday, the same man asked the prophet(SAW) to pray let rain stop as
water is everywhere. The prophet(SAW) raised his hand saying beside us and not upon us; and
anywhere he pointed his hand rain stopped and the cloud clear away.

Twenty-Fifth Couplet

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When the Quaresh mocked and belittled him(SAW),
The moon was split into two as great miracle(As demanded by them).

The Quareish tribe of Mecca came to the prophet(SAW) and asked him to exhibit a
miracle if he truly is a Messenger of God. The demanded the moon to be cracked. The
prophet(SAW) prayed and the moon cracked into two.
Quran 54:1 confirmed this event of the splitting of the moon.
Abdullahi bn Masd reported saying We were along with God's Messenger at Mina,
that moon was split up into two. One of its parts was behind the mountain and the
other one was on this side of the mountain. God's Messenger said to us: Bear
witness to this

Twenty-Sixth Couplet

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The sun was returned for him after it has set,
And when they disbelieve him(SAW), the truth was revealed to judge(between
Another miracle, the sun after setting was made to come back as the Prophet(SAW) prayed and
asked Allah to do that. This miracle is known as Radd Al-Shams.
Narrated Asma bnt Umays(RA) that revelation was being received by the prophet(SAW) while
his head was resting on the lap of Ali bn Abi Talib(RA). As a result he could not offer the Asr
prayer as the sun had set. The prophet(SAW) then asked Have you offered your prayer O! Ali!
He replied No! The prophet(SAW) supplicated O! Allah! He was in Your and Your prophets
obedience Make the sun return for him. Asma used to say I had seen the sun setting and also
seen it returning(rising) backwards after it had set Transmitted by Imam Tabrani.

Twenty-Seventh Couplet

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He(SAW) destroyed the confederates(hostile army) with pebbles and dust
thrown from his palm,
How amazing handful of pebbles and dust destroyed (an army).

In the battle of Badr, the Prophet(SAW) carried a handful of pebbles and dust and threw
at the hostile confederates, the dust was seen in the eyes of all the soldiers numbering more
than a thousand. The pebbles struck each hostile soldier.
The holy Quran 8:17 confirmed this miracle.

The plain where

battle of Badr
was waged as it
stands today.

Twenty-Eighth Couplet

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Allah guides many people with the light of his miracles,
And the stubborn ones were guided by the sword on Badr.

A shepherd has taken sheep to graze when a wolf snatched one and ran away. The shepherd
followed the wolf until he almost catch up with it, then the wolf turned round and speaks saying,
Allah has given me this as my food and you want to take it away from me. The shepherd stood
amazed and said a wolf talking. The wolf said, What is amazing is you who didnt know about
the Messenger of God The shepherd then went to the Messenger and became Muslim.
The notorious Quareish troop attempting to attack the prophet(SAW) in the newly established
Islamic state of Medina suffered a defeat from the hand of the Muslim army. Seventy were killed
and seventy captured as POW, from the Quareish troop.

Twenty-Ninth Couplet

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He(SAW) continuously spread abundant knowledge,
And concurrently annihilates sources of misguidance and errors.

The knowledge spread by the prophet(SAW) turned Arabian Peninsula to lead the world in
civilization, he turned the barbaric tribes of Arabia into civilized people. He cleared away all
dogma, superstitions and paganism.

Thirtieth Couplet

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His message of guidance prevailed on Earth with or without human efforts,
The Arabs and the non-Arabs are guided similarly.

The message of Islam prevailed in all corners of the Earth inspite all efforts from its enemies
who are restless when the message is spreading.
From the onset of the message of Islam, it clears away tribalism and racism. The Muezzin of
the prophet(SAW) was Bilal an Abyssinian slave. The message was able to bring the universal
brotherhood based on equality of its members.

Thirty-First Couplet

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Until the religion (of Islam), (its) knowledge and piety reached us,
To Allah be all praises for sending the predestined prophet(SAW)

The religion spread and reached our continent, Africa and penetrates its land and reaches our
door steps.

Thirty-Second Couplet

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And we found ourselves Muslims and among us are,
Sages and righteous of highest calibre.

Islam is a birth right. Any child is naturally born a Muslim, after attaining the age of puberty
one either continue to exercise his birth right and live as Muslim, or revert to another religion.

Thirty-Third Couplet

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Among us are Men that keep the flag flying and also
The (Great) seal of Poles - The Mysterious Treasure.

The seal of the Poles is the seal of the saints and the concealed pole, Sheikh Ahmad
Tijjani(RA), the patron saint (Wasilat) of Tijjania Sufi Order.

Thirty-Fourth Couplet

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Peace and blessings of Allah shall be on Taha, Ahmad,
And on his family and companions who are themselves straight path.

Taha is another name of the prophet(SAW). It was one of the combination of Haruful
muqattat which mysteriously was mentioned in the Holy Qurn. Only Allah knows the fullest
meaning of these combination, but Quranic commentators have made an attempt to explain it.
They said Ta stands for Tariq and Ha to be Huda; join together gives Tariq Al-Huda (The path of
guidance) and thats the prophet(SAW) himself. That explained why the author completes by
saying who are themselves straight path.

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