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com by Lisa Irby

Niche Website Success

By Lisa Irby of 2 Create a Website

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NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

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If you are a minor and/or under parental guidance, always seek
permission from your guardian before taking any of the advice here
-- especially when it comes to giving out any personal information
or spending money online.
This book contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a
commission if you buy a product through some of the links listed

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

here. I take my recommendations very, very seriously and always

review every product I am affiliated with. Also, if I mention
products and services that I don't own in the book there are no
affiliate links tied to them. If you have any questions about my
affiliations please ask me. I'm always happy to clarify.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Click the page numbers to go to the corresponding sections.
About The Author ............................................................ 6
Intro ........................................................................... 7
Chapter 1: Niche Website Overview ...................................... 9
My Niche Website Story ................................................. 10
Times Have Changed..................................................... 11
Chapter 2: Topic Choice ................................................... 12
Chapter 3: How to Use the Google Keyword Planner (KP) for
Keyword Research .......................................................... 22
Competition ............................................................... 23
Narrowing Down Your Niche (Long Tail Keywords) .................. 24
Be Careful of Analysis Paralysis ........................................ 26
Using a Keyword Analysis Tool ......................................... 27
Check Google Trends .................................................... 30
Perform Physical Research.............................................. 31
Why Is Keyword Research So Important? ............................. 31
Chapter 4: Planning Your Monetization Strategy ...................... 33
1. Google AdSense ....................................................... 34
2. Affiliate Marketing .................................................... 36
3. Selling Your Own Product ............................................ 41
4. Selling Ad Space / 3rd Party Ads ................................... 43
5. Sell a Service ....................................................... 44
More Ways to Monetize .................................................. 45
Chapter 5: A Quick Pep Talk .............................................. 46
Chapter 6: Domains and Web Hosting ................................... 48
What is a Domain Name? ................................................ 48
Domain Registration Tips ............................................... 48
What is a Web Host? ..................................................... 52
What About Free Websites? ............................................. 53
Chapter 7: Building Your Website ........................................ 55
Do I Need to Learn Programming? ..................................... 55
Creating a Website With WordPress ................................... 55
Selecting a Theme ....................................................... 56
Free vs. Paid Themes .................................................... 57
Outsourcing ............................................................... 60
Chapter 8: Organizing Your Content ..................................... 61
Create an Outline or Sitemap .......................................... 61

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Static vs. Dynamic Homepage .......................................... 62

How to Find Out What People Want? .................................. 64
The Importance of Your Navigation ................................... 68
Chapter 9: Building Traffic ................................................ 72
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) .................................. 72
2. Social Media Marketing ............................................... 84
3. YouTube ................................................................ 94
4. Email List Marketing ................................................ 102
5. Free Offers ........................................................... 106
6. Pinterest ............................................................. 107
Chapter 10: Building a Community .................................... 113
Benefits of a Community .............................................. 114
Forum Software ........................................................ 115
The Downside to Forums/Communities ............................. 115
Membership Sites ....................................................... 116
What About Creating Sites Like Facebook? ......................... 117
Chapter 11: Defining Quality Content ................................. 119
Chapter 12: Affiliate Marketing Tips .................................. 124
Using Affiliate Networks .............................................. 124
How to Maximize Your Conversions.................................. 126
A Note About Disclosure............................................... 136
Chapter 13: Google AdSense Tips ...................................... 138
Applying for AdSense .................................................. 138
Warning About AdSense ............................................... 139
Conversion Strategies.................................................. 140
AdSense Alternatives .................................................. 143
Chapter 14: Legal, Copyrights & Privacy Information............... 144
Incorporating............................................................ 144
Applying for a D.B.A. .................................................. 145
Filing Taxes ............................................................. 145
Copyrighting ............................................................ 146
Your Privacy ............................................................. 147
Chapter 15: How to Create and Sell an eBook ....................... 150
Using Microsoft Word .................................................. 150
Using Pages (Mac) ...................................................... 153
Selling Your eBook ..................................................... 154
Chapter 16: What to Expect in the Beginning ........................ 157
A Note From Lisa ......................................................... 161

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

About The Author

Hi! My name is Lisa Irby and Im the
author of Niche Website Success. Thanks
so much for downloading my book!
A little about me...
I began my journey online in 1998 while
in college studying for my degree in
Business Management.
I joined an MLM program (no longer
exists) and was able to generate about $6,000 in nine months after
teaching myself how to build websites and master search engine
optimization (the process of getting your web pages ranked in the
search engines.)
Instantly, I was hooked and began to study more about website
building and affiliate marketing in between classes at my university.
I spent the next four years building small, niche websites and made
money with affiliate marketing, but never earned enough to live
comfortably on.
In 2002, I created 2 Create a Website and set out to teach others
about website creation and how to make money online.
Two years later, my site income matched my 9 to 5 salary. Two
years after that, I quadrupled my 9 to 5 income and decided to do
affiliate marketing full time. A large percentage of my income is
now passive and residual.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

This book is a collection of lessons Ive learned over the years and
shows you how to create and monetize a niche website.

If you're like many people who want to make money from a content
niche website, you are overwhelmed by the abundance of
information on the Web.
So many options and so much to think about. You may be
- Do I need to learn web design?
- Do I need a blog, website or both?
- How do I make money with affiliate marketing?
- Where do I begin?
- Whats the best way to setup my website?
This book will answer all of those questions and more. It will also
provide you with guidance to build your first niche website.
Ive read your emails, blog comments, Facebook posts, tweets, etc.
and so many of you are convinced that you must sign up with some
kind of cash system to earn online.
I cant speak for all systems, but the majority of them dont
actually teach you how to build a quality website and generate
traffic, which is the key to success with any online venture.
They lure you in with all these get rich quick claims and fake
photos of people smiling they probably stole from other websites.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Theyre vague about the actual process because if they REALLY

showed you how much work goes into making money online, youd
never buy their system.
The idea of getting rich quickly sells like hotcakes. Thats why they
emphasize the money you can earn more than the work involved.
I HATE how these companies mislead and deceive people into
joining their programs then offer little or no help once you join.
If more companies actually taught their members how to build
useful, authority/niche websites they would have a much higher
success rate and perhaps be able to show more authentic
I say forget the cash systems. Its better to create a niche website
that allows you to establish your individual brand and create your
own products that you control. Plus you can diversify your income
with affiliate programs, AdSense, and more.
Thats what this book is going to focus on.

About The Workbook

There is a workbook (workbook.pdf) that goes along with this eBook
and the sections correspond with some of the chapters in this book.
The purpose of the workbook is to ensure you address the most
important action steps and stay on course.
I highly recommend you read through this entire book first, and
then go back to complete the action steps in the workbook.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 1: Niche Website Overview

A niche website is one that provides information on a specific topic
and focuses on one particular market. For example, you could
create a dating advice website for seniors.
The advantage of narrowing the topic down to something very
specific is you will know more about your visitor. The more you
know, the easier it will be to target your content and products to
You may have thought about targeting a broader audience because
you'll have more people to market to.
The problem with choosing such a large, broad audience is you
won't know as much about your typical visitor, so it will be harder
to know what they want to learn, buy, etc.
This is a critical mistake newbies make.
The other problem with choosing a broad niche is you will have
trouble competing in the search engines because your niche is just
too broad and/or competitive.
Its much easier to rank in Google for a phrase like dating advice
for seniors than dating tips simply because the former keyword
is more focused and targeted.
The more time you spend narrowing down your audience, the easier
it will be to draw in targeted visitors.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

The Ultimate Goal

Your goal as a niche website owner should be to develop a quality
product that provides a wealth of information to whatever group of
people you plan to target.
And the product Im referring to in this case is your website. So
your first step is to build a website that oozes with quality and
provides an abundance of useful, helpful information that your
audience needs and wants.
Once youve accomplished this and begin getting traffic, you can
monetize it with things like AdSense (Google ads), selling your own
products, sponsor/3rd party ads, etc.

My Niche Website Story

In 2002, there was a lack of sites that explained the website
creation steps in detail. Back then there werent many websites
with thorough tutorials. So I made it my goal to build the most
comprehensive site on building a website and making money online.
At that time, personal and business websites were getting more and
more popular, so the demand was already there.
It was more about me figuring out the best way to deliver that howto information so people would trust me and buy products I
recommended (affiliate marketing).
For the first two months I did nothing but build content. Back then
there werent things like social media and AdSense to distract me,
so it was easier to stay on course.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Times Have Changed

Today its super easy to get sidetracked and focus on the wrong
things. Its the very reason many people quit so soon.
Yes, social media is a great way to promote your website, but you
shouldnt spend your early days obsessing over how many people
are following you or how popular you are.
If you take the time to build a useful site with a unique spin then
you will be amazed at how your site will grow virally through others
sharing your content for free and recommending it to their
This is not to say you shouldnt invest time into developing a social
media strategy, but in the beginning you have to give people a
reason to follow you and that starts with creating a website with
enormous amounts of well-presented, theme-based content.
You want to appear as the expert/authority in whatever niche you
choose so you can build credibility and a following over time.
Forget about building a 15-20 page website that is going to rank in
Google in a few days. Those days are gone.
Today its all about working hard to build yourself up as THE
authority in whatever topic you choose to dive into.
Theres no better way to start than to spend the first few months
developing your angle and creating content that oozes with quality.
Narrow down your idea to something very specific and focus on one
aspect of the topic.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

So instead of just doing a website on skin care, focus on acne

prevention for pre-teens. Instead of building a website on finance,
narrow it down to money-saving tips for college students.
Ill talk more about narrowing down your topic with keyword
research later on, but the idea is, the more narrow your topic, the
easier it will be to draw in targeted traffic and convert sales
2 Create a Website is NOT a niche site. Its a broader, competitive
topic that I got away with because I started so early.
My hair website is a much better example of a true niche site
because it focuses on a very specific group of people (African
American women with natural hair.) If I had just created a generic
hair website, it would have been harder to get noticed.
Today, its incredibly important that you not only narrow down your
site to a specific niche, but you develop an angle/approach or
presentation that is helpful and/or engaging.
And as youll learn, you cannot just rely on getting traffic from
Google. You have to use other traffic generation methods such as
social media marketing, YouTube, etc.
Then you have to be consistent about developing content, videos,
podcasts or whatever you will be using to promote your site. This is
not something that will happen overnight.

Chapter 2: Topic Choice

Not sure about a topic for your site? My advice is to start with
something you are personally interested in. It could be a hobby or a
subject you often talk about amongst your friends and family.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Lets say you are divorced and dating, and youre the go-to person
for relationship advice. You could create a niche site that targets
other women in the same demographic.
You could create a website that not only provides useful dating
advice, but you can use your own experiences and stories to make
your site more interesting and personal.
To monetize this site, you might join dating affiliate programs
(Match.com) and earn a commission anytime your visitors sign up
through your referral link.
The great thing about Match.com is they pay on a residual scale.
This means you earn a commission every time the customer renews
their subscription. This income can add up over time as you
continue to recruit more and more people.
You could also make money with Google AdSense ads, 3rd party
sponsor ads, or even selling your own eBook on dating.

But... Im Not Really an Expert on Anything.

A lot of people struggle with topic choice because they dont feel
they know enough about one subject to build an interesting
website. Can you relate?
Be careful about underestimating your knowledge. A lot of what
you know may seem like common sense to you, but you would be
surprised at how many other people will find it valuable.
I cannot tell you how many questions Ive received about how to do
certain things that I believe are simple or can be found by doing a
simple Google search.
Sure, that information may seem elementary or basic to me, but my
audience is telling me they want to learn more about it. So clearly

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

there is a demand for this information even though it seems very

simple to me.
This taught me to never underestimate my own knowledge and
assume that everyone already knows what I know about a certain
Also, dont let the word expert intimidate you. There are
always going to be people who know less than you with regards
to a given topic. So to them, you are the expert. This is your
target audience.
I guarantee you are the authority on something. You are probably
so comfortable with your knowledge in this area, you dont even
realize you know more than the average person.
Most people underestimate themselves and dont realize they have
an abundance of knowledge tucked away that other people would
love to learn.
Think about advice you are constantly doling out to friends and
family. Surely there is some skill that you possess where you find
yourself teaching or helping others.
Dont worry about the popular sites that come to mind. Your goal is
to carve out a defined niche and target people that you can
teach/inform, and you will approach the topic with your unique
style that other sites dont use.
Let me tell you a short story...
I received an e-mail from a programmer a few years back who told
me my site was too basic and I needed to write more about
advanced Web programming.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

This guy happened to be a programmer so most of my information

on how to create a website was just too simplistic for him.
But guess what?
My site doesnt target advanced programmers so I dont expect
people like him to find it useful. I target people who want to learn
enough about website building to create a decent-looking website
that makes money.
When I created 2 Create a Website, I was no programmer (Im still
not), but I was making money online. I was also self-taught, and my
goal was to target people who wanted to do the same.
While I may not be the expert to my critic, I am the expert to
someone who wants to learn the information I have to offer. This is
my target audience and these are the people I concern myself with
regards to my site.
Thats why its so important to define who youre targeting from
the very beginning. Its very easy to feel intimidated by existing
sites that are already popular and written by people who know
more than you.
The key is to develop your own unique angle/approach that targets
people who want to know what you already know about [Topic X].
Believe me there will be many!
This is another reason I like choosing topics I have a direct
connection/experience with. I can put myself in my potential
visitors shoes and provide information that I know my audience
needs and values.
Being able to relate to your average visitor is what helps you create
a very relevant, useful website.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

So when thinking of a potential topic ask yourself the following

1. What are the main problems people have and what solutions can
I offer?
2. Is there a unique angle I can take to approach this topic
(comedic, video, target a smaller group)?
3. What kind of personal experiences can I share that will help
others? Sites that allow you to help people do what youve done
successfully go over well because you are already the authority and
people want what you have.
The unique angle and approach is key. So many people make the
mistake of just paraphrasing topics that already exist and they offer
nothing new. As a result, their sites end up getting lost in the sea
of redundancy.

The App Review Example

As you probably know, there are gazillions of phone app review
websites out there. So if you wanted to tackle this niche, you
would find a unique angle/approach to help your site stand out.
You could develop a site like HorriblePhoneApps.com. So instead of
re-doing the popular concept of reviewing apps, your unique spin
would be to review the worst apps youve discovered.
You may even decide to give your site a comedic spin to help brand
it even further.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Think Long Term

When youre brainstorming for a topic, you have to think beyond
the first few months. Is this a topic you are going to be interested
enough in to keep updating the site a year from now? What about
three years? Six years?
Building a successful website these days is not about setting and
forgetting. Its about your ability to keep pumping out useful
content over time. You want to build new followers and keep your
existing ones engaged.
Thats another reason why choosing topics you are personally tied
to is so very important.
I am often asked about the source of my inspiration for content on
2 Create a Website. Most of the time my articles are inspired by
things Ive learned and personal experiences.
I subscribe to numerous blogs in my niche and use services like
Google Alerts to stay on top of the latest news, so inspiration for
new content is everywhere.
At the time Im writing this, 2CreateAWebSite.com is almost 10
years old and I have yet to run out of things to write about because
I am constantly learning.
Im warning you now. Make sure you are dedicated to your topic or
you could end up getting bored and losing your inspiration to write
fresh content.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Websites About Making Money

When people struggle with a topic, they often choose the how to
make money online niche because they are trying to make money
themselves and cant think of anything else to write about.
Heres my problem with this idea...
Today there are so many how to make money sites on the Web
that it will be very hard to compete unless you are already making
money and you have some outstanding tips to show others how to
repeat what youve done.
If you have nothing new to say then it will be hard to build a
following of people who trust and want to hear from you.
People want to see proof that you know what youre talking about
and they want to learn from someone who has been there done
One of the reasons 2 Create a Website has become successful is
because I have posted videos and checks that prove I am making
money online. This draws interest and builds credibility.
Had I started writing about making money online prior to my
success, I probably wouldnt have had the same kinds of results and
People would just chalk my content up to another site about making
money online with sketchy credibility.
Heres the other problem...
Since you arent making money yet, you arent really the expert
so its very easy to run out of ideas and become de-motivated --


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

especially if you become frustrated with the length of time it may

take to succeed.
You may have even thought about creating a site that posts progress
reports/updates along the way as you attempt to make money.
This could work, just keep in mind that anyone who follows you is
following you because they want to make money too.
So if your progress is too slow or you become discouraged, then
where will your motivation come from? How will you keep people
Plus, youre still competing in the make money online niche
which is very saturated.
This is why I think its always best to choose topics you currently
have experience with so you can bring your own advice, lessons,
tutorials and help based on your personal experience.
Its much easier to stay interested, motivated, find inspiration, and
get creative.

What if I Dont Have a Hobby or Passion?

This is probably the number one question I receive about topic
choice. Even after my positive encouragement above, I realize you
may feel you dont know enough about one topic to build an
interesting/useful site.
The other option is to pick a topic you are learning about or
interested in learning more.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

For example, lets say you are learning to play tennis and through
taking classes, youve improved your game quite a bit and really
enjoy the sport.
Perhaps you want to teach other newbies what youve learned and
build a site to target other beginners.
You may not be a tennis pro, but there are many people who know
less than you. This is your target audience. Dont worry about
those who know more than you. These people are not your future
You could create YouTube videos showing people how to properly
hold the racquet, offer tips on stretching, buying the right
footwear, etc.
And because you are actively engaged in the topic, you will never
be at a loss for new content.
So how would a site like this make money? There are several ways!
1. You could refer your audience to companies who sell tennis
equipment you recommend and earn a commission through their
affiliate program.
A quick Google search led me to this website that sells equipment
and offers an affiliate program.
2. You could write and sell an ebook (electronic book/PDF) and sell
it on Clickbank or eJunkie.
3. Sell advertising and earn money from other tennis-related
companies looking for exposure for their business.
4. Use Google AdSense or other CPC programs that pay you for
every ad click.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Does My Topic Have Potential?

One way to determine if your idea has potential is to perform
keyword research. Keyword research gives you insight into what
people search for and how they search for it.
For example, do people search for senior dating advice or senior
dating tips? What keywords should you focus on?
Doing a bit of research will give you a better idea about the phrases
youll want to target when choosing your site name and writing your
One of the most popular keyword research tools is the Google
AdWords Keyword tool. Its completely free.
Ill talk more about this tool in the next chapter. See ya there. :)


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 3: How to Use the Google

Keyword Planner (KP) for Keyword
There are several keyword research tools out here (WordTracker,
Niche Finder, Keyword Discovery, etc.) but in this book Im going to
focus on the Google Keyword Planner (KP) because its free and the
most popular.
I personally dont think you need to spend a lot of money on
research tools and analysis. I never have and Ive done pretty well
with most of my sites when it comes to search engine rankings.
In fact, I only recently purchased Long Tail Pro because I had been
hearing so much about it. Its a nice tool and far more
comprehensive than the GAKT, but Im not convinced its a musthave.
At least, not yet. ;-)
The KP is actually for paid advertisers (Googles AdWords program)
who want to research keywords they will be bidding on.
So if you want your site to rank in the sponsored results on Google
for the phrase dating tips, you can use the AdWords program to
bid on that phrase.
Google charges per click. So the GAKT allows AdWords advertisers
to gauge how competitive a phrase actually is and how much it will
cost to bid.
Even if youre not an advertiser, you can still use the tool to
research keywords for your topic, and thats what Ill be talking
about here.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Understanding The Basics

Lets use our dating example and begin to do some keyword
Well first do a search for the broad term dating in the KP....

Notice that 49,500 people searched for that phrase every month.
(That number represents the monthly average over the past year.)

The Competition stat refers to how many AdWords advertisers are
bidding on that phrase. So if you ever decide to use AdWords to buy
traffic, this column will give you an idea for how competitive the
phrase is.
This stat also provides some insight to your potential earnings with
Google AdSense, which is derived from the AdWords program.
As an AdSense publisher, you can display these same ads on your
site and earn a share of the money Google is paid when someone
clicks on them. More on this later.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

So if you see that the Competition is high, that also means there are
more relevant ads available for your site if you join the AdSense

Narrowing Down Your Niche (Long Tail Keywords)

Now, you may look at those results above and say, Wow!! 49,000
people search for dating per month! Thats a lot of potential traffic
for my site if I rank in the top 10 of Google!
Youre right, it would be. However, theres one big problem.
The keyword dating is way too broad. Not only would it be
amazingly difficult to compete with the popular sites in Google, you
would know very little about why people search for such a broad
How old are they?
What do they want to know about dating?
The less you know, the harder its going to be to target information
and products to your potential audience.
Thats why its usually best to target long tail keywords (phrases
that are typically longer and have less competition).
So lets narrow this down some more and do a search for a long tail
keyword like dating over 40.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

As you can see there are not that many people searching for this
every month.
Some would suggest targeting this phrase because it would be easier
to rank for. This is true, but the demand is a bit too small for my
So lets try a slightly different niche and search for senior dating.

Notice the monthly searches are up to 4,400. Now were cooking!


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

The other thing I want to mention is my strategy with keyword

research has never been to just focus on the main phrase. Granted,
I usually prefer my main phrase to have a 2,000 search volume at
the very minimum, but I also look at the collection of related
phrases too.
As you begin writing different articles for your site, you will likely
target a bunch of similar phrases for your content.
Even though the numbers may not look impressive individually,
traffic from all those related phrases combined will add up over
time. Not to mention, youll find that youll rank for long tail
keywords you werent necessarily targeting.
So make sure you also research those keywords too. Make sure you
can also find supporting keywords that get found for at least 700
searches per month (1,000+ is ideal).

Be Careful of Analysis Paralysis

Its easy to fall into the trap and become caught up and paralyzed
over keyword research.
Of course you want to research your main ideas traffic potential,
but keep in mind you will be writing a LOT of content over the
years and targeting many related phrases which will result in a lot
of long tail keyword traffic.
Even if your main phrase is not getting thousands of searches per
month, look at the collection of related phrases too. If you can
find a collection of related keywords in the 4 and 5 digits, you are
on the right track.
Thats the advantage of creating an authority niche website with
lots of content. You will be building pages and pages on many

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

different related topics and found for several long tail keywords
that you werent necessarily targeting.
NOTE: Some people wont touch a niche that has less than 10,000
searches for the main keyword phrase. I tend to look more at the
collection of related phrases and scope out the big picture before
dismissing a niche that does not meet that level.

Using a Keyword Analysis Tool

This tip is definitely optional, but it may be something to consider if
you want to do a more in-depth analysis.
The Google AdWords Keyword Tool will show you how many times a
particular phrase was searched for last month, the competition,
etc. However, it does not do any other type of analysis for the
other sites ranking for that phrase.
In May 2013, I bought a program called Long Tail Pro that lets you
further analyze the sites that rank in the top 10 of Google. In other
words, it will give you an idea of how difficult it will be to rank for
certain phrases.
Let me show you an example
Lets say you are considering dating over 40 as your main seed
word that you want to target. You could put that phrase into the
software and it will give you some information about the top 10
results on Google.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

In the screenshot, you can see the software produces a chart that
contains stats in several different categories like Page Authority,
Page Links, Juice Page Links, Domain Authority, Site Age and more.
As youll learn later when I talk about search engine optimization,
things like how many links you have pointing to your site and the
quality of links will play a tremendous role in where your site ranks.
So looking at the chart, you can see sites that rank for dating over
40 do not really have a lot of links pointing to them (except for
result #5 with 56,000 links.)
Juice Page Links are the higher-quality links from reputable sites
that will influence the rank more. So overall, most of these sites
have very few strong links.
The Domain Authority (DA) is another stat youll want to check.
The DA is influenced by the number of root domains and overall
links that point to a site.
A root domain would be like a link from the homepage of another
site. So a link from WebMD.com is much more influential on your
rank than WebMD.com/internal/page.html (an internal page on a


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

So a link from a root domain will increase a sites Domain Authority

more than an internal link.
The higher the DA, the more likely the page will rank. A DA value
of 70 or more is very, very strong. And its much harder to go from
70 to 80 than it is to go from 20 to 30.
So if too many of the sites have a DA of 70, that means it may be
somewhat difficult to compete.
In the above example, the DA is moderately high on average, but
notice the 3rd ranked site only has a DA of 57. So there is some
room to compete. The domain age is also only 4 years old.
So it is promising that a fairly new site was able to rank for that
phrase given the number of sites that have a DA over 70.
Thats why its so important to narrow your keyword phrase down.
Nothing illustrates this better than the example above. You give
yourself a chance when you niche down as much as you can.
When it comes to using tools like this, its important to look at the
complete picture instead of focusing only on one stat. Do several
searches and comparisons across all stats.
For example, the Domain Authority may be relatively high on all the
sites, but if the sites are fairly new and some of the other stats are
pretty low then it may be worth considering.
Just for the sake of it, let me show you what happens when you
dont narrow your site down. I just inserted dating into the tool
and look at the results


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Look at how many more links this broad term has. So it would be
much, much more difficult to rank for dating because of the
The Domain Authority is not that much higher than dating over
40, but collectively, the stats are way more competitive. Thats
why I mentioned you have to compare all the data.
Hopefully you can see why there may be some value in owning a
keyword analysis tool like Long Tail Pro. If you buy it, there will be
much more information provided on how to interpret all the
statistics. I just gave you a basic overview.
As I said, its definitely NOT mandatory to use something like this,
but it provides vital information if you want to dig deeper with your
keyword research.

Check Google Trends

Google Trends is a useful tool to reference when doing keyword
research for your topic.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Type any keyword phrase and view the search trend over the past
several years by country.
Checking trends is important because you ideally want to choose a
topic that has an upward or steady trend. If many of the keywords
you plan to cover in your niche are declining rapidly in search, that
is something to think about.

Perform Physical Research

This is one important step many people leave out when researching
a niche. Its easy to become paralyzed by keyword tools and
obsessed with finding perfect search volume numbers (which dont
However, you should also do your own searches and look for existing
sites. Even though a niche may look saturated in a keyword tool,
you may discover through physical research that most of the sites
are crap!
Maybe they all paraphrase each other or the content is outdated.
Perhaps none of them use video and you see an opportunity to
capitalize on an angle they missed.
Dont just let the keyword tools determine whether or not you will
tackle a niche. Take the time to do your own physical research. A
niche may not be as competitive as you think.

Why Is Keyword Research So Important?

Remember I talked about the importance of targeted traffic earlier?
These are the people who are more likely to buy and become lifelong visitors because they are specifically looking for the
information you are writing about.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Many people just put up websites with absolutely no regard for how
people surf the Web. People arent just going to stumble upon your
site. You need to build it so they can find you in search. (Ill talk
more about search engine optimization in the traffic chapter.)
Dont skip over this step, no matter how tempting or boring it may
be. How well you research and carve out a niche will have a
dramatic impact on your journey.
At the same time, dont let the keyword tools paralyze you. Youve
got to believe in your ability to compete. If you are thoroughly
passionate about what you have to offer and know your angle is
more unique than most sites out here, dont be afraid to tackle that
You should also plan to drive traffic to your site from more places
than just Google (social media, email, etc.)


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 4: Planning Your

Monetization Strategy
After youve completed your keyword research and settled in on a
topic, you should also think about how youre going to make money
from your website.
Niche websites make money a lot of different ways. As Ive already
mentioned, theres Google AdSense, selling ad space, marketing
your own products and more.
No matter which method(s) you choose, your ultimate goal should
be to diversify your sources of income and ultimately create and
sell your OWN products.
The more diversified your income is, the more stable it will be in
the long-run. Never plan to depend on one income source for your
Diversification is key!

I Dont Think My Idea Can Make Money?

While I definitely think you should research and plan potential
monetization options before settling in on a topic, you have to
remember that if your site gets enough traffic there will be many
ways to monetize it.
You can always sell ad space to sponsors, use affiliate marketing,
sell your own info product (eBook), use a CPC network like Google
AdSense, Chitika, etc.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Its tempting to go for those topics that are associated with

expensive products and services, but almost any website can make
money if you draw enough targeted traffic.
Thats why Im such a fan of choosing a niche you are passionate
about. When you love your topic, you will be much more creative,
motivated and have an easier time coming up with ways to
monetize your traffic.
Having said that, you DO need to think about attracting people in a
buying mood or at least develop a plan for how you can turn them
into buyers.
For example, say you have an idea to build a website on quotes.
That kind of website is not going to naturally attract buyers.
People are looking for quotes, and are not usually in a shopping
Compare that to someone searching Google for acne home
remedies. A lot of these people will be more inclined to purchase
some kind of acne cream due to the nature of the topic.
So this is something you need to consider when coming up with your
site concept. Some ideas are easier to monetize than others.
Nevertheless, here are some ways to monetize a niche website.

1. Google AdSense
As I mentioned earlier, Google AdSense is derived from the AdWords
program. As a publisher you can promote the AdWords ads on your
pages and Google pays you a share of what the advertisers are
paying for that ad if a visitor clicks it.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

The more relevant your content is to the ads that show up on your
pages, the more clicks youll generate. AdSense success is all about
traffic. The more you have, the greater the chance people will
click your ads.
One way to tell how much AdSense earning potential exists for your
niche is to go back to the KP.

In the previous screenshot you can see that the average cost per
click advertisers are paying for the phrase senior dating is $2.13.
Remember this is an average, not an exact amount for every click.
Google shares roughly 68% of the AdWords click revenue with
Google AdSense publishers. So if you had an ad on a page that
targets this phrase and someone clicks, you could earn quite a bit of
money per click.
Do several searches for phrases in your potential niche to get an
idea of what kind of revenue may be available for AdSense. Dont
just search your main phrase, plug in a variety of keywords.
Also do physical Google searches and check to make sure there are
sponsored ads that show up above the natural/free results and on
the right-hand side of the page.
Ill talk more about AdSense in the AdSense chapter.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

2. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning money (commissions) by
referring products sold by other companies. I earn the majority of
my income from affiliate marketing today.
So if you have a website on sports, you could recommend certain
sports equipment sold by other companies. They provide you the
links with tracking IDs attached. Each time a sale is a made
because of your sites referral, you will earn a commission.
Every company creates its own terms for payment. Some pay a
percentage of the sale while others pay a fixed dollar amount.
There are also some pay per lead programs where the merchant
pays if your visitors complete a form or some desired action.
Researching Affiliate Options
If youd like to make money as an affiliate, its important to
research affiliate program opportunities and the overall earning
potential of your topic. Some niches have more and/or higherpaying programs than others.
Its also advantageous when your topic naturally lends itself to
purchases. The website creation topic is one example.
Sure, you dont have to pay for a website, but most people
eventually realize that in order to have a professional presence
online, they need a domain and paid hosting.
Compare that to a site on positivity. Yes, you may recommend
certain books on happiness or other related products, but that topic
is not directly associated with specific products.
People often struggle with finding affiliate programs for sites
related to entertainment/celebrities, religion, or any niche that
does not have products directly associated with it.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Thats not to say you should stay away from those niches
completely. There are other ways to make money. However, if
affiliate marketing is going to be your primary source of income for
your site, these are things you need to think about.
Heres some tips for finding affiliate programs...
1. Look for Major eTailers
First, think about the kinds of products you may recommend from
your site. Now check with various online retailers where these
products can be found (Target, Overstock, Best Buy, etc.)
If an online retailer has an affiliate program, theres usually a link
from their homepage. Its typically located in a common area like
the header, navigation or footer.
You can also hit Control F on your keyboard (Command F for Macs)
and do a search for either affiliate or partner. I tried this on
Target.com and it brought me to their Affiliates link in the footer.
2. Perform a Google Search
Another way to search for affiliate programs related to your topic is
to search your favorite search engine for some of the following
[product] + affiliate program
[niche] + affiliate program
[product] + affiliates
[niche] + affiliates
This may help you find affiliate programs for the products and/or
services you may want to recommend on your website.
3. AssociatePrograms.com


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

This is one of the oldest affiliate program directories on the Web.

It was started by Allan Gardyne back in 1996. Allan is one of the
reasons I am where I am today.
I found his site back in 1998 and he encouraged me to try affiliate
marketing and was my unofficial mentor for many years. You can
search his directory or affiliate programs by category.
Allan also created a site called LifetimeCommissions.com to help
you find programs that pay residually/continually for the lifetime of
a customer. Its an older directory, so also check
ResidualIncomeFinder.com, which is a more current resource you
can reference.
4. Amazon.com
The Amazon.com program is my catch-all affiliate program. Even
though their commissions are very low (4-8%), they sell everything
under the sun. So if you cannot find an affiliate program for a
specific product, chances are Amazon.com sells it.
Their affiliate (associate) program is free to join and they have
some very cool, animated widgets you can add to your website to
help promote their products.
I do quite well with Amazons program on my Flat Stomach
Exercises site by simply making casual mentions to books Ive read
within my content.
5. Network Affiliate Programs
A network affiliate program is one that houses several programs
underneath one organization.
Some companies dont want to manage their own program so they
outsource it to a network. Commission Junction, LinkShare, The
Google Affiliate Network and ShareASale are popular networks
affiliates use today.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

There are many more, but these are the big ones.
The idea is you sign up for each network individually and once you
are accepted, you can search and join individual affiliate programs
that are managed by these networks.
Instead of getting paid by the individual companies, you are paid by
the network for the total amount of earnings from all the programs
you promote.
All of your clicks, impressions and sales activity are also stored
here, so you will login to the network to check your performance
with various merchants you are promoting.
Say youre looking to promote baby bottles. You can login to your
Commission Junction account, for example, and search for baby
bottles. All the companies that have programs with this product
will come up in your search.
You can apply for the applicable program(s) and they provide you
with the affiliate links to place on your site.
6. Clickbank
Clickbank is similar to a network affiliate program because they
manage affiliate programs for different sellers, but its unique
because its for digital goods only (ebooks, software, etc.)
The reason CB is so popular among affiliates is because the
commissions are incredibly high. Digital goods are easy to
distribute (download, email, etc.) and there is no inventory for the
seller to manage.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Because of the low overhead costs, many vendors who sell products
on Clickbank opt to award their affiliates a very generous
commission. The maximum is 75%.
Take time to browse the Clickbank Marketplace to see if there are
any digital products related to your niche that you could refer from
your site.

Best Sites for Affiliate Marketing

One important task you will face as you grow your niche site is
building credibility. When your topic lends itself to teaching, you
are putting your site in a good position to convert sales.
Information sites are great, but tutorial/problem-solving sites are
even better because you become a teacher/mentor.
When you can help someone learn a new skill create something or
solve a problem, you build up loyalty (especially when you provide
the advice for free or a low fee).
People wont forget that you were the person who helped them out,
and theyll remember your generosity.
They wont mind as much when you are promoting products for
commissions because youve already provided a service they truly
This is why Ive never been shy about disclosing my affiliations. Ive
put a lot of work into my content and videos over the years. Much
of what I provide for free, may cost you money at other websites.
People instantly recognize the value and gladly buy products I
recommend. I receive countless emails every month from people
who want to make sure they are using the right affiliate link so I can
get credit.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Now THATs loyalty and something I appreciate immensely.

Putting the Cart Before The Horse?

You may be wondering why I didnt put this section before the
keyword research section. Shouldnt you research affiliate
programs before going through all the keyword analysis?
The reason I did not is because too many people make the mistake
of starting out focusing on the money. They become so obsessed
with hunting down the highest paying affiliate programs that they
choose a niche they are less passionate about.
When you are truly engrossed in your topic/niche, there will always
be ways to make money. Affiliate marketing may not be the #1 way
you earn with your niche site, but you will be able to profit in other

3. Selling Your Own Product

This should be your long-term goal as a niche website owner. Even
though affiliate marketing and AdSense are both wonderful ways of
earning an income online, nothing says stability like having your
own product.
It gives you complete control in terms of pricing, selling, contents,
etc. and it makes you look more official as a website owner.
Youre also not at the mercy of another company when it comes to
earning like you are with affiliate marketing and AdSense.
Whether you choose to sell hard goods, e-goods, a service or a
combination. Make sure this is part of your ultimate plan.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Selling eGoods
e-Goods consist of software, electronic books (eBooks), scripts or
any kind of digital good. This book youre reading now is an eBook
and products like this have several advantages...
1. Easy distribution (download)
2. No shipping costs
3. No inventory to manage
4. Unlimited inventory to sell
I created this book with Pages (Mac) and used Adobe Acrobat
Professional to convert it into a secure PDF.
If you dont want to buy Adobe Acrobat (which is quite expensive)
you can outsource the PDF conversion at oDesk, Elance, Fiverr or
have a friend convert it for you.
You can actually create a PDF on your computer for free through
most word processing programs, but you want to secure it so people
cannot copy it. Thats where outsourcing may come in.
As far as selling an eGood, I recommend either Clickbank or eJunkie
for your vendor.
Whats great about both companies is they have a built-in affiliate
program. So your product will be available to be promoted by
thousands of their existing affiliates.
The reason why e-Books are so popular is because they can apply to
almost any niche. If you have something to teach, you can write an
Hard Goods


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Selling hard goods requires a bit more work since you have to deal
with inventory and shipping.
Nevertheless, thanks to solutions like PayPal, setting up your
shopping cart is no longer the headache it used to be.
Also, most web hosting companies have shopping cart systems you
can purchase and add on to your account, or you can sign up with
services like Shopify, Volusion or Zen Cart.
If you decide to use WordPress to build your site then there are
even ecommerce plugins you can install. More on WordPress later.

4. Selling Ad Space / 3rd Party Ads

Once your site has several hundred visitors per day you may want to
think about selling ad space.
To manage the ads youll need some kind of script. For static (non
WordPress) websites, I recommend OpenX, OIO Publisher or
If youre going to use WordPress for your website theres a few
plugins I recommend: OIO Publisher, Kamoona and BuySellAds.
OpenX is free, but not the most intuitive script to setup. OIO and
AdPeeps both cost money, but I have used them both on
2 Create a Website and they are solid options.
I started out using OIO but now Im using AdPeeps because I like the
interface and can sell ads by impressions, clicks, days, or by month.
The script is pretty flexible.
The downside to using AdPeeps (and other scripts) on a static site is
you have to manually install it. That means uploading the script


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

files to your web host (FTP) and doing a few manual configurations
per the instructions.
Other Options?
If you want to outsource a 3rd party that will host the ad
technology for you, you can use BuySellAds. Its easier to setup,
but you have to share your ad revenue with them.
AdSense members can try DFP Small Business. This service allows
you to incorporate AdSense, Google networks and sell 3rd party ads
in one slot.
As a final note, you can also sell sponsor ads inside your newsletter,
podcast and any other spaces that generate traffic.

5. Sell a Service
Selling a service related to your topic is another great way to
monetize your website.
For example, if you have a site on copywriting, you could offer a
service where you review other peoples content and charge per
article, page, etc.
Thats another advantage of having a website that teaches
something. There are numerous consulting-related services that
can develop from a tutorial-based website.
If we go back to our dating example, you could review peoples
online dating profiles and offer advice to make them more


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Collecting money for such services is easy thanks to sites like

PayPal. Simply set your fees, setup your Buy Now links, copy the
code and paste it into your site.

More Ways to Monetize

Of course there are many, many more ways to make money from a
website, in fact I have a list of 20 ways here. However, I just
wanted to show you a few of the most popular methods for niche
So before you begin your site, take some time to brainstorm ways
that you can monetize your traffic.
As I mentioned earlier, its important to diversify. Even if you start
with AdSense, you should have a long-term goal to use multiple
monetization options and create your own product.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 5: A Quick Pep Talk

Before I get into the nitty gritty of creating your website, I want to
give you a little pep talk.
After answering emails for many, many years I already know the
kinds of fears and doubts that may be running through your mind
right now.
So many of you have become incredibly overwhelmed with building
your sites. Its as if you have one shot to get everything right and if
you dont, your dream is over and youve failed.
The truth is, most people dont get everything right the first time
and thats OK. Thats part of the process and it doesnt make you a
It just means you made a mistake, and theres always time to make
corrections should that happen.
A lot of people want me to choose the perfect niche for them and
help them organize the perfect site so they dont fail, but I just
cannot do that.
Because I dont know enough about your skills, knowledge, work
ethic, niche and motivation to ensure your success. At some point
you have to step out on faith and do the best you can.
That doesnt mean you cant follow guides like this to lead you on
the right path and minimize mistakes, but no book or person is
going to keep you error-free.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Mistakes are part of the process, and if youre not making them,
youre not trying hard enough.
So relax.
As long as you enjoy yourself and make providing quality to a
specific audience your #1 priority, you are on the right path.
Does that mean youre going to have instant success? Are you going
to be mistake-free? Of course not! Youre human so cut yourself
some slack, OK?
Theres also going to be a learning curve. Any successful person
will tell you they had to learn and they made mistakes along the
way. I sure did!
Just dont let the mistakes define you. Look at them as lessons
learned so you can keep moving forward.
Thats the attitude you must have because there is a lot of work
and learning ahead of you. So buckle up! ;-)
OK, are you ready?
Great! Now lets talk about building your website...


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 6: Domains and Web Hosting

Now that youve decided on a topic and the kind of site you want to
build, its time to create your website!

What is a Domain Name?

The domain name is the address of your website and a big part of
your brand, so you definitely want to take some time to think of the
right name.
Years ago it was imperative to choose a name with the keywords
you want to target because domains were instrumental in search
engine rankings.
So if you wanted to rank high for blue hats, you would register
Today things are different because the search engines look at much
more than just the name. Having said that, I still prefer to get the
major keywords in my domain if I can, but I dont agree with
making the domain long and incredibly awkward just to fit them all
Do a Google search for any keyword phrase today and youll notice
that many of the top results do not have the major keywords in the
name. (More on search engine optimization later.)

Domain Registration Tips

1. Use Three Words or Less
Names that are too long can be hard to remember. Try to keep
your name three words or less (two is ideal).


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

2. Dont Use Numbers to Represent Words

How ironic is this tip seeing that I have a number in my domain
2CreateAWebSite.com? ;-)
This is one of the biggest mistakes I made with my domain name
and its amazing how many people have adopted this same strategy
after noticing my success with 2 Create a Website.
First of all, when youre verbally telling someone your site, you
have to remember to tell them the number because most will
assume its the actual word (2 = to, 4 = for, etc.)
Clarifying that can be a pain. Trust me. Ive been dealing with it
for years.
Second, people often leave the number off altogether. I cant tell
you how many sites have forgotten to add the 2 when referencing
2 Create a Website.
If I could do it all over again I would have chosen a two-word
domain with the word website -- something like
WebsiteTips.com. (Of course that name was not available, but
thats the idea.)
If you absolutely have to use a number, try to also register the
spelled out version of the number as well. Then you can redirect
one name to the other in case people type in the wrong version.
3. Dont Be Afraid to Make Up a Word (Within Reason)
Because so many good, short .com names have been taken, a lot of
people choose to include made-up words in their name. For
example, WebsiteZigglo.com.
Zigglo is not a real word, but the domain is short and brandable.
More and more companies are choosing this strategy. Think Zazzle,
Weebly, Fiverr and the list goes on.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

I personally like to have at least one major keyword in my domain,

but as I said, its still very possible to get ranked high even if your
site does not include your major keywords.
4. Stay Away from Hyphens
Some people still recommend them, but I am not a fan of hyphens
anymore. Unless your domain is incredibly long (which you should
stay away from anyway), hyphens are easily forgotten.
Lets say you verbally tell someone your name while youre out and
you dont have a business card to give them. That person may
forget to add the hyphens when visiting your site later.
Heres another example. Suppose youre a guest on someones
podcast and you want to mention your domain. You have to
verbally mention the hyphen and hope people remember to type it
The reason hyphens were recommended years ago is they
supposedly helped the search engines read the individual keywords.
This could have a search engine optimization advantage.
However, there is no evidence that proves this is a necessity today.
At one time, hyphens made a difference. Today, the search engines
are smarter and use so many other factors to determine a sites
5. Include Major Keywords for SEO
As Ive already stated, the domain name doesnt have quite the
impact it used to have on search rankings.
However, Im still a fan of including your major keyword phrase in
the domain as long as you can keep it short and memorable.
The other advantage of including them in your domain is when
people link to your site, they will often use the domain. So if the

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

link includes keywords you want to target (called anchor text), this
can have some search engine optimization benefits.
Keywords can also help describe your site. For example, I named
this book and domain name Niche Website Success because as soon
as people see the name, they will know exactly what the book/site
is about.
6. Keep The Name As Short As Possible
Domains can have up to 63 characters, but that doesnt mean you
have to use them all.
Ideally you want your name to fit nicely on business cards, T-shirts,
etc. Also, sites like Twitter, YouTube, etc. have character limits,
which is another thing to consider.
Tip: Before choosing a name, check Twitter, YouTube, etc. to see if
the name is available there too. That way you can ensure to get
the same spelling everywhere.
Theres nothing worse than having to awkwardly shorten your name
or spell it differently across multiple sites.
7. Try to Get a .com Name
Because so many good .com names are taken, registering other
extensions has become more popular (.name, .biz, etc.)
Nevertheless, I still recommend trying to get a .com name if you
can. Its still the preferred extension and most people assume that
your name ends in .com if they are visiting your site from memory.
I cant tell you how many times Ive typed in somewebsite.com
from memory, and realized the site uses another extension.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

8. Register Common Extensions to Protect Your Name

I always use .com names for my websites and since .net is the 2nd
most popular extension, I usually register the .net (and sometimes
.org) and forward the domains to my main site.
Doing so prevents copycatters from registering common extensions
of your website name.
Most domain registrars (including Website Palace) provide free
domain forwarding. So if someone types in yourdomain.net, you
can forward it to your .com site.
I dont worry about grabbing any of the other extensions. There are
so many of them these days, you could go broke trying to snag them
all. :-)

Where to Register a Domain

You can register your domain at a number of different registrars
these days. GoDaddy.com is the most popular.
If you register at my store, Website Palace, you will receive my Easy
Starter Templates for free -- a great bonus that will help you build a
static website. There are video instructions that will show you how
to edit my pre-created templates.
I am proud to say that my store now hosts over 14,000 domains and
that number is growing by the day! Id love to have you as a

What is a Web Host?

A web host is the company that ensures your site is up and running.
They provide the space for you to create your pages and give you
access to scripts like WordPress, Joomla and more.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Once youve registered your domain name and sign up with a

hosting account, you can begin building your site.
If youve decided to use WordPress or some other CMS then setting
up your site is just a matter of signing into your web hosting
account and installing the desired CMS script and you can begin
publishing your site instantly.

Choosing a Host
There are a variety of hosting companies today. You can use
GoDaddy, Powweb, Hostgator, Bluehost, the options are endless.
The difference usually comes down to features, price and what
youre comfortable with.
Id love to host your site at Website Palace where youll receive
24/7 customer support, but feel free to choose what solution is best
for your needs.

What About Free Websites?

I never recommend free web hosts for building money-making
websites. First of all, you dont really own your content so theres
a risk of losing your entire site should the host shut down or
terminate your account.
Not to mention, many people outgrow free hosts because of their
limited features and realize the pain of moving to a paid host later.
Its better to build your site right the first time and use paid
If you are serious about long-term success and want other people
to take your site seriously, make the small investment.
Also, you have to put things into perspective. It is tremendously
cheaper to startup a business online than a brick and mortar
business offline.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Think about the expenses you would incur if you were opening your
own clothing store. Were talking thousands of dollars and possibly
a business loan.
For a website, the only thing youll have to buy is your domain,
hosting and possibly software if youre creating a static website.
Successful businesses require investments, and if youre not ready
to make that kind of commitment to your sites future, you may
want to seriously consider if this is the right time for you.
I would much rather you wait until your finances have improved
instead of starting off with a free site and having to move months
later when youve outgrown your site or realized there are too
many limitations with free hosts.
WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
I want to make sure you understand the difference between
WordPress.com vs the .org version.
WordPress.com is free, but the content is hosted on the WordPress
site and you are not allowed to monetize it according to their
terms. I do NOT recommend this option.
WordPress.org is the hosted version and the one you will use if you
sign up with paid hosting and install the WordPress script. No need
to visit WordPress.org. Install this version of WordPress through
your hosting account.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 7: Building Your Website

Now its time to start creating your website. In this chapter I will
cover the most important things you need to know about setting up
your niche website.

Do I Need to Learn Programming?

In a word, no. However, the more you learn, the easier it will be to
edit your site template/theme or create your own.
Most people today dont learn the fundamentals of web design and
programming because you really dont need to anymore thanks to
CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, etc.
However, if you do want to learn the basics, Id recommend going
to either W3Schools, or if you like to learn by video with a more
structured format try a Lynda.com subscription.
I am pretty proficient with HTML and CSS and that has taken me far
when it comes to manipulating my sites (especially my WordPress
Even though theres no programming required to use many website
building platforms today, you will probably want to edit your design
in some way so thats where the basic education comes in handy.

Creating a Website With WordPress

Using WordPress for your website is really the best solution for most
people today.
All you do is select a theme, add your content and hit Publish.
First, get a domain name (yoursite.com) and hosting and you are
ready to rock and roll!


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

You can get both of these at my site, WebsitePalace.com and you

will also get my free WordPress guide (PDF) that is available from
the thank you / order confirmation page.
To make it easy on yourself, choose the WordPress hosting option.
That way the software will already be installed on your account so
you can begin your site immediately.

Selecting a Theme
Once WordPress is installed, you can go to
yourdomain.com/wp-admin and login to your dashboard.
From here, go to Appearance >>Themes and click the Install
Themes tab. Now select a theme design for your site.
You will notice that you can choose themes by the number of
columns, colors, features, width, etc.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Now click Find Themes at the bottom of the page and WordPress
will display all the themes that fit your criteria.
Preview the designs that pique your interest, and once you decide
on a theme thats best for you, simply click Install Theme.
Now when you visit your sites homepage you will see the new
design you selected.

Free vs. Paid Themes

WordPress comes with thousands of free themes and many people
find them to be suitable for their needs.
Like most people, you probably want to save as much money as
possible when building your website, but it is really not a good idea


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

to use a free theme unless its one of the main WordPress themes
like Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve or Twenty Thirteen.
These themes are supported by WordPress and are always up-todate. You dont have to worry about the code being outdated or
breaking with any WordPress software updates.
However, be careful of other free themes because often times the
developers abandon them so when WordPress does an update, your
entire site could break.
Trust me, it happens a lot!
I use StudioPress for most of my sites. They have amazing customer
support and their themes are very clean and professional-looking.
Whenever there is a WordPress update, they always ensure their
themes are up-to-date.
You should also consider using a responsive theme. That means
when someone views your site on their mobile device, it displays
nicely without making the user pinch and zoom just to read your
With so many people browsing the web on their phones, getting a
responsive theme is a MUST today.
I use the StudioPress Prose theme and heres what my site looks like
on my phone


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

It drops all the content down to one column so its easier to read.
Thats exactly what a responsive theme does - it adjusts to the
With Prose, you can also change up the colors and fonts of the
theme pretty easily from the WordPress admin panel. You can get
the Prose theme here.
Other theme companies such as Headway, Elegant Themes and
WooThemes have responsive designs as well.
The default WordPress theme is also responsive.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

If youd like someone to design your site (or parts of your site) for
you, outsourcing is an option. Sites like Elance, Freelancer, and
oDesk allow you to contract people out for design and programming.
I have never outsourced my design completely. I prefer to tweak an
existing theme.
However, I have used Freelancer a time or two for small design
projects (Flash objects, etc.) and it worked out great.
For logo design, my favorite site is LogoMyWay. I used this service
for my 2 Create a Website, Website Babble and Niche Website
Success logos.
You hold a contest and allow designers from all over to submit as
many entries as theyd like. At the end of the contest you choose
the logo you want and award the cash prize.
During the contest, you can interact with the designers and request
revisions. The money is held in escrow until you select and approve
the final design.
The minimum prize you can award on LogoMyWay is $200, so if that
is over your budget you can outsource work much cheaper by going
to Elance or a popular forum like DigitalPoint.
They have a specific section for design contests, and you can get a
logo designed for as low as $25 in many cases. Of course, the
quality may not always be as good as Elance or LogoMyWay, so just
like anything else, you often get what you pay for.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 8: Organizing Your Content

Before you begin your niche website, I strongly recommend you
create some sort of sitemap or outline so you can organize your
thoughts and pages into a tiered structure -- especially if your
content is of the tutorial/how-to variety.
Think about what information needs to be highlighted and make
sure that content is visible and easily accessible from your main
When you are in touch with your topic and know the critical
problems, questions and information that your audience wants to
learn, this shouldnt be a very hard task.
Again, this is another reason why topic choice is so very
If you are only somewhat interested in the topic you chose, you may
be disconnected from what your core audience wants to learn or
would find useful.
Building your site shouldnt be about guesswork and assumptions.
Not to mention, that could become a huge chore over time.
Remember, this should be a fun process!

Create an Outline or Sitemap

Write down the most important topics/categories for your niche.
These are going to be your Tier 2 pages that will be linked from
your homepage and main menu.
You may even want to do some more keyword research in the GAKT
so you name your tabs according to how they are searched.
As youre writing your content, you always want to be thinking
about search engine optimization (SEO) and use your targeted
keywords in your menu tabs, titles, etc. More on SEO later.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

So if you go back to our senior dating example, you may write

1) Dating Websites
2) Dating Advice
3) Newly Divorced
4) Funny Dating Stories
These topics could be the main menu items on your navigation, and
underneath each topic, you would write down subtopics to break
your content down even further.
1) Dating Websites (Menu Item 1 that goes to a landing page with
the following links)
- Match.com (link to an article/review about Match)
- PlentyOfFish.com (link to article about PlentyOfFish)
- eHarmony.com (link to article about eHarmony)

Static vs. Dynamic Homepage

Before jumping into setting up your site, I highly recommend you
watch my WordPress tutorial first. It will provide a nice overview of
how to use WordPress.
OK so lets talk about your homepage.
By default, WordPress organizes your content with the newest post
at the top of your homepage and the oldest toward the bottom.
So every time you create a new Post in WordPress, it displays it on
top of the homepage and pushes older content down.
But what if this is not ideal for your sites layout? Maybe you want
a more static (welcome) page that highlights important info like I
have on my blog http://blog.2createawebsite.com.
Heres how


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

First go to Pages >> New Page from the WordPress Dashboard.

Create your page and save it. Now go to Settings >> Reading and
select that new page as your homepage.
There is no right or wrong when it comes to how you want to layout
your homepage. Just try and think about what aligns with your
sites goal.
For example, if your goal is to promote your main product or there
is something your visitors need to read/do first, you might want a
static page that highlights your product or important pre-selling
However if you plan to blog often then you may decide to use the
default layout of WordPress and have your newest content always
show up top.
What content organization makes the most sense for what your
visitor needs to learn and do.
This a fundamental error many niche site owners make since
WordPress has become so popular. Identify what your audience
needs to know and deliver it properly.
Its so easy to stick with the default content organization that
people dont take the time to think about what makes sense for
learning, reading and referencing.
If youre going to use WordPress, go to Appearance >> Menu and
create a menu that links to the important, must-read content.
Create silos of information as illustrated in the diagram below


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

So instead of linking to the latest posts from your menu items, you
would link to a landing/introductory page that leads people through
your site.

How to Find Out What People Want?

Aside from your own knowledge about the topic you chose, there
are other ways to find out what your target audience wants.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

1. Google Alerts
Google Alerts is a free service that allows you to track keyword
phrases so youll be notified when new content is published that
focuses on those terms.
For example, you can setup a Google alert for online senior
dating and you will be notified of any news, web content, etc.
Read the comments on the blog posts to get an idea for whats on
peoples minds. Are there any common themes or questions that
keep arising?
2. Forums
Perform a Google search for [forums] + niche to locate forums that
focus on your topic. Browse threads and see what people are
talking about. Again, what problems and questions do they have?
Notice any common themes among the conversations? Take notes.
3. Newsletter
One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started was not
taking enough time to build an effective, engaging newsletter. Im
working to correct that now.
Your e-mail subscribers can become your most loyal followers and
customers, but you have to work at consistently providing them
value and stay in touch.
From day 1, you should begin collecting email addresses and finding
out what your subscribers want from your site.
AWeber automatically sends a message as soon as people confirm
their subscriptions. This is the perfect time to ask for feedback
because this is when you have your subscribers attention.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

If youre using WordPress or another CMS, create a hidden page and

ask a few questions. Politely ask for your subscribers to leave
Heres the page my new subscribers see.
I also use AWebers Blogcast feature which sends out an email every
time I publish a new blog post. Thats a great way to keep your
audience engaged.
Want to create a poll instead? SurveyMonkey is one of the most
popular online poll sites. If youre using WordPress, you can search
for poll plugins to use.
Another great alternative is KissInsights. With this service, you can
create a small pop-up poll in the lower corner of the browser. Im
not typically a fan of pop-ups, but this one is pretty non-intrusive.
One final note. When surveying your visitors, try to keep your
number of questions under 10 (5-7 is optimal). If you make your
poll/survey too long people wont complete it.
4) Get Real-Life Feedback
If you know people in your life that are connected with your niche,
ask them to tell you what theyd like to learn or read about.
I belong to a website group and we meet once a month to discuss
our websites and share strategies. Since many people in the group
are beginners, I get a lot of ideas for content based on our
Its always a good idea to gain insight and gather perspectives from
as many people as you can, especially from those in your target
audience. It will help you decide how to organize your content and
what areas to focus on the most/least.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

5) Poll Your Social Media Followers

I often use my Twitter account and Facebook page to ask my
followers questions about what theyd like to learn or need help
with. This gives me ideas for new content and insight into what
people like and dont like.

You dont have to have a lot of followers to poll your audience.

Begin right away. The sooner you get in touch with your readers,
the better.
Watch my video on engaging people via social media.

Its All About YOUR Audience

You have probably noticed how Im spending so much time writing
about knowing your audience and giving them what they want.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

When you do this successfully, that is more than half the battle for
niche websites. Once the traffic comes in, your conversions will be
higher and so will your repeat traffic.
I want to drill this point home because I think its another huge
mistake niche website owners make. They write for themselves
instead of their visitors.
They make assumptions about what they think is quality
information and dont take the time to study the market and learn
WHO their average visitor is.
I know youre probably tempted to just throw up a website in a
hurry, but taking time to plan out your website and narrow down
your target market is a crucial step. So please dont ignore it.

The Importance of Your Navigation

I mentioned this earlier, but I cannot emphasize this enough.
Spending time planning your content layout, and more importantly
your homepage, is the key to engaging your visitors and converting
Remember how I mentioned WordPress automatically lists your
posts on the homepage from newest to oldest?
While this can work for certain kinds of sites (Think Techcrunch.
Notice how the content is just displayed from newest to oldest and
by category.) Techcrunch is an established website and people
expect nothing, but the latest news on technology.
This kind of site is a perfect example of when a default blog format
is ideal.
However, if you are trying to build an audience and sell products,
sometimes its better to use more static/informational content on
your homepage to guide people along.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

The other default feature of most WordPress blog themes is that

the main menu points to categories that simply display your latest
content by category.
Again, this may not be the best way to lead people through your
site especially if its how-to oriented.
Heres a bit of history. The word blog is short for web log and
originally developed for people to highlight their latest content
sort of like a journal.
However, now people are using WordPress for all kinds of sites, so
its important to take advantage of the functionality and organize
your content in the most logical fashion.
WordPress also allows you to create Pages. Then you can use the
WordPress Menu feature (under Appearance) to create a custom
navigation menu that links to important pages.
The beauty of WordPress is you can use Posts for your newsy
content and Pages for content that you want to remain visible and
easily discovered.
So instead of publishing your most recent posts on your homepage
from newest to oldest, use your homepage to tell people how your
site can help them and highlight key content that will lead people
through your site.

Show your core informational content on

your homepage to draw people in.
Here are some other homepage tips
1. Grab those addresses. If collecting emails is part of your
strategy, use this real estate to promote your list.
2. Think about your targeted visitor. What are some of the most
fundamental things they need to know about your niche? Highlight

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

content that drives your core message, solves your visitors

problems, and reels them in.
In other words, if your site is about senior dating, highlight a page
that offers the basic tips every single senior needs to know about
dating i.e. 15 Steps to Preparing for the Perfect Senior Date.
This is called pinnacle content because it supports the main idea
of your site.
Pinnacle content will help give people an idea about the kind of
information they can expect to find on your website.
Setting up your site this way also helps with search engine
optimization because it provides the engines with more information
on what your site is about.
Dont assume that the latest post about your nightmare date is
going to hook people in. What if they dont find that particular
article very interesting?
You want to illustrate early on that your site is the go-to site for
everything about senior dating by highlighting your pinnacle content
on your homepage and from your main navigation.
You can still highlight your latest posts on the homepage. Just
make sure your core information about your topic is there too.
3. Are you selling a product? Use your homepage to promote your
flagship product or service.
4. Focus on the reader benefits. Tell people immediately how
you can help them and where to go to get the help and information
they need. Highlight that pinnacle info.
Heres the bottom line. Dont assume people are going to dig
through your site to find what they need. Actually, a study
revealed people only read around 10% of the average website.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

So its important to make sure your pinnacle content and core

products are visible. Thats why its essential to define who your
audience is and what they want and need to know.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 9: Building Traffic

Whats a website without traffic? In this chapter Im going to go
over the common methods people use to drive traffic to their niche

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine traffic is one of the best sources of traffic because
its free and targeted.
If someone finds your site by typing in senior dating you already
know that they are a person who is a senior and looking for dating
Compare that kind of traffic to a Facebook friend who just visited
your site because they are curious or paying you a courtesy visit.
Courtesy visits from friends are nice, but unless the friend is in your
site demographic, they arent usually the kind of visits that turn
into loyal, long-term visitors and/or customers.
Theres certainly nothing wrong with sharing your site with your
friends and family, but youll need more visitors than people who
are close to you.

SEO of Today and the Future

Search engine optimization (SEO) has drastically changed since I
In fact, you should view any traffic you earn from this source as a
bonus instead of trying to rely on it like you could when I started.
Many years ago if you wanted your pages to rank high for your
targeted phrases you simply added those keywords to your title,


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

body, etc. and in a few days or weeks youd have a top spot with
little effort.
As the Internet became more saturated, people took advantage of
SEO and began gaming the system by hiding keywords in the body
and doing all kinds of black hat techniques that could influence a
pages rank.
Of course the engines adjusted and then it became all about
backlinks -- which are links from other websites back to yours.
Eventually people ran with that and began paying for links in
directories and participating in link swaps with other site owners,
Then it went from the number of backlinks to the QUALITY of
backlinks. In other words, its not just about any site that links to
you, but how popular is the site or its PageRank, etc.
PageRank (PR) is Googles internal measuring stick that rates a
website on a scale from 1 to 10 based on how many quality sites
link to them. (There are numerous browser add ons like SEOQuake
and more that will show you a websites PageRank.)
So the idea was to get backlinks from as many sites with a high
PageRank as possible, and as you probably guessed, this eventually
got abused too.
People figured out ways to create directories that earned a high
PageRank by using linking schemes. Then theyd charge people to
submit their sites.
Google quickly caught on and began devaluing many of the
directories, and as a result, they have very little impact on a sites
SEO today.
What that means is its getting harder to manipulate your rankings
by faking your authority (buying links, submitting to directories,

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Back in the day, you could buy hundreds or thousands of backlinks

and temporarily fool Google into thinking you really had a lot of
valuable links so they will rank you higher.
Of course, this would eventually catch up with you in a future
Google algorithm (ranking) update. Nevertheless, it would work for
a while.
Today Google has changed the game. They are constantly tweaking
their algorithm to ensure they are ranking fresh, quality sites with
relevant, quality backlinks.
So if you want to rank at the top of Google, you have to work hard
to become an authority in your niche. Once you do that, you will
earn authentic backlinks from loyal followers who voluntarily link
to your site and share your content via social media.
Google is getting better and better at sniffing out linking schemes
and other black hat tactics people use in attempt to improve or
manipulate their rankings.
Here are some factors that can cause Google to ignore your site or
penalize it during an algorithm update ...
1. Unnatural Growth
Did you suddenly gain 10,000 backlinks to your site from a link farm
or questionable linking scheme? This is a huge red flag to Google
and could cause them to penalize your site.
Lots of people still waste time on things like multiple directory
submissions, buying links from shady companies and joining linking
Directory submissions were useful some year ago, but even Matt
Cutts (Googles lead engineer) admitted they do very little for SEO


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Listen to what Matt Cutts has to say about submitting to directories.

2. No Backlink Diversity
Are all your links coming from the same sites? The more diverse,
relevant websites with good quality that link back to your site, the
3. No Freshness
Is your site stale? Are you updating it regularly? Google takes
freshness seriously today. If youre not updating your site regularly,
you may be limiting your potential search engine traffic.
4. Copied Content
In December 2011, Google announced they are getting better at
determining which site created the content originally. Which means
they are working harder to penalize websites with copied content
and reward the original creators.
Do I Need to Submit?
Theres no need to submit your site to the search engines anymore.
Once you begin announcing your site via social media, guest
posting, submit a sitemap, etc. (more on this later) the engine
spiders will add your site to their index.
If youre a blogger, you can ping your site to notify the engines.
However, just because youre indexed, doesnt mean youll rank
well. You need to optimize your pages for SEO. Ill talk about that


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

How to Improve Your Sites SEO

1. On page Tips
Ensure the keyword phrase you are targeting is listed in your page
title and mentioned early in the copy. Dont repeat the phrase
numerous times, but use different variations of the phrase naturally
throughout your article.
Remember, you are writing for humans, not search engine bots.
Your piece should flow naturally and be easy to read.
Use meta tags for every page. Meta tags allow you to add a title,
description and keywords to tell the engines what your page is
If youre using a CMS like WordPress, install the Yoast plugin so you
can add meta tags for each piece of content. This will add a box
below the content box of your post or page so you can add searchengine friendly titles and descriptions to each piece of content.
Watch my overview video of meta tags.

Also be sure to name your pages/posts using the keywords you are
planning to target so they show up in the web address of the page.
For static sites, you would name the HTML page dating-advice.html
so the address of your page would be something like...
WordPress allows you to change this very easily when you are
composing/editing a page or a post. See the following screenshot.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Also many people prefer to change the WordPress Permalinks

Structure to /%category%/%postname%/ so the URL (web address)
of your posts and pages includes more keywords.
You can change this in the WordPress admin panel by going to
Settings >> Permalinks and adding /%category%/%postname%/ to
the Custom Structure field.
2. Create an XML Sitemap
A sitemap is simply an XML file that lists all the pages on your site.
This is an important file to have because it ensures Google knows
about all your content.
If youre using WordPress, the Yoast plugin will create, update and
submit your sitemap for you.
Static site owners will have to create one manually. There are tons
of free XML sitemap generators you can use. Heres a popular one.
Once youve created your sitemap, submit it to Google using your
Google Webmaster Tools account. If you havent created an
account yet, you will be prompted to do so.
Having a Google Webmaster Tools account is important so you can
keep track of any site indexing errors, number of backlinks and the
overall health of your site as it relates to Google.
3. Interlink Your Pages With Anchor Text
Anchor text is a hyperlink to another page that includes the
keywords you want to rank for.
For example, if you want a page to rank for the phrase dating
advice, you would link to that page from several different internal
pages on your website.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Be sure to use variations of the phrase. Repeating the exact, same

phrase throughout your pages may be flagged as suspicious by
4. Guest Posting
Guest Posting/Blogging is when you write a guest article on
someone elses site.
It became a huge trend several years ago because people mostly did
it to earn links back to their site to hopefully help them rank
The idea is you get a link from the article back to your site in the
author/bio section.
However, link building through guest posting began getting abused
and Google stopped letting those links count as much (if at all).
So while guest posting is still a decent way to get your name and
site out there (if youre posting on popular, relevant sites), there is
little benefit there to help you rank higher in Google.
So dont waste your time guest posting on sites that have very small
audiences. Look for popular blogs in your niche and see if they
offer guest posting opportunities.
And the best way to get a worthwhile benefit from this strategy is
you have to do it often, and the sites you post on must be relevant
to your topic.
5. Dofollow vs. Nofollow Links
How many quality, relevant sites that link back to your website
have a sizable impact on your search engine rankings. But its
important to differentiate between nofollow and dofollow links.
Nofollow links have a rel=nofollow attribute inside the HTML link
code. So if site A links to site B with a nofollow attribute, the link

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

from site A does not influence the ranking of Site B very much (if at
Heres how you setup a nofollow link using HTML.
<a href=http://www.2createawebsite.com rel=nofollow>2 Create a Website</a>

The nofollow attribute was introduced by Google to minimize the

amount of search engine link spam. Once people discovered how
important backlinks are for SEO, people began abusing the concept.
Popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many others
that could be easily abused, use the nofollow link tag in the areas
where users can promote their own links.
A dofollow link is one that does not contain the nofollow attribute.
They have more influence over a sites potential search engine
rank. These are the links you want to get for your website -especially when they are from relevant, quality sites.
For example, if you write a guest post on someone elses blog or if
someone recommends your site in an article, these will likely be
dofollow links.
NOTE: If you want to keep track of your sites backlinks, install the
SEOQuake add on/extension.
For the record, I dont believe nofollow links are completely
worthless. They can still bring you click traffic from interested
viewers. However, relevant dofollow links from quality websites
have more SEO impact overall.
6. Improve Your Bounce Rate / Page Views Per Visitor
Your bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your site
after only viewing one page. Many speculate this stat is playing a
much larger role in SEO today with Google.
Bounce rate and the number of page views per visitor say a lot
about a users behavior. If people arent staying long and/or

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

bouncing back to the results, thats a signal about the quality

and/or relevancy of your sites content.
To help improve your bounce rate, you can do the following...
- Add a short, relevant video to the beginning of the page.
- Use smaller paragraphs and margins to help users scan the page.
- Ensure your content is relevant to the keywords you are targeting.
- Get to the point and stress the benefits early. Be careful of
- Split very long pages into two or more articles.
- Improve your page loading time by minimizing graphics, large
media files, plugins and complex scripts that may slow your page
loading time down.
You can keep track of your bounce rate and page views per visitor
by signing up with a Google Analytics account.
7. Take Advantage of Google Authorship
Google now displays author pictures alongside the search results...

The photo was taken from my Google Plus profile.

You can do this quite easily by adding some simple code to your
site. Here are the instructions for setting this up.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

8. Utilize Social Media

Social media is starting to have much more of an influence on
search engine rankings, even though many of the networks use
nofollow links.
Factors like how many times your articles are re-tweeted (shared),
who youre connected to in your social circles, how many
mentions/replies you have, etc. continue to play a role.
This will only be magnified as social media continues to mature.

Google Plus & Its SEO Impact

Google Plus is Googles social network that launched in 2011. The
idea was to rival Facebook and cut into their social media market
So they introduced the Plus One button (similar to the Facebook
Like button), then announced the Google Plus social media
network and finally the Google Plus brand pages. (Think Facebook
A lot of people have chosen to ignore G+ for now. Despite
thousands of users and raving fans, it is still way behind Facebook
and Twitter in terms of adoption.
Others have decided to jump on the bandwagon simply because its
Google. Like it or hate it, Google is the #1 search engine and its
hard for many to ignore anything they launch.
NOTE: Its also important to note that links on your Google Plus
profile and brand page are dofollow unlike other popular social
networks. So that means they could have some positive influence
on your SEO efforts.
However, that does not mean that just posting a link to your Google
Plus account means youre going to get an instant benefit. Its all
about who is sharing your content.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Lets say you are connected with someone on Google Plus who is a
top influencer in your niche and they decide to share your post.
This could have a greater impact than you just posting links to your

Social Signals and SEO

Now that Google has changed its relationship with links when it
comes to search engine optimization, social signals are going to
become increasingly influential.
Lets say you post a new article to Twitter and it gets 200 retweets
from other influential people in your niche. Google picks up on
these signals and throws that into its ranking algorithm.
So as you can see, your social connections are becoming
increasingly important when it comes to improving your search
engine rank. The days of just amassing a bunch of links from
anywhere are over.

AuthorRank is a metric used by Google to determine your authority
as an author online and I believe it will be a major player in search
engine optimization as time goes on.
You can build up your rank by writing content and linking your name
to your Google Plus account with the rel=author tag.
Sound confusing? Its really pretty simple.
So lets say you write a guest post on someone elses blog. In the
byline, you would link your name to your Google Plus profile with
the rel=author tag.
So the HTML code would look like this
<a rel=author href=http://www.your_google_plus_profile>Mary Smith</a>


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

To the naked eye, it would just look like Mary Smith, but your name
links back to your Google Plus profile.
And you would also have to make sure that your website is listed in
your Google Plus profile as well.
So this is a way for you to associate your name and content with
your Google Plus account and build up your AuthorRank which may
help influence your rankings over time.
You also want to link your name to your Google Plus profile on your
own website. You could do this two ways.
1) Make sure your name is on your About Me page and links to your
Google Plus profile as described above. You can use that exact
same code. Youll also need to make sure your about me page is
listed in your Google Plus profile.
2) In the <head> of your website add the following code
<link rel="author" href="https://plus.google.com/your_google_plus_profile/posts>

Of course, youd replace the link with your own Google Plus profile.
If you use WordPress, there is a plugin that will accomplish this for
you quite easily.
If you have an HTML/static website then you would simply paste the
code inside the <head> at the top of your page.
What About Bing and Yahoo?
Ive spent a lot of time talking about Google, but there are two
other engines that are still worth mentioning even though they
wont bring you nearly as much traffic as Google.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Bing now powers Yahoos results, so once youre optimized for one,
youre optimized for the other.
Like Google, Bing-Yahoo both put emphasis on the quality of
backlinks to your website, but some SEO experts believe Bing-Yahoo
adds a little more weight to the keywords in the domain and title.
I personally do not get as much traffic from Bing-Yahoo even though
my sites rank very well, but I still keep abreast of any optimization
Heres a great article on optimizing for these two engines.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is another fabulous way to build relationships and
drive traffic to your website.
I just wrote about the influence of it on SEO. Now I want to talk
about using it for traffic generation and brand building.
But first, let me be honest.
Im not the best social media strategist. Yes, I use Twitter,
Facebook and Google Plus to follow people, share content, chat,
etc. but I dont use it as heavily as many marketers today.
I remain accessible, answer lots of questions from my followers and
have landed several guest posting gigs from it. However, I wont be
writing any books about how Ive used it to harness $20,000 in sales
or anything like that. ;-)
In fact, it took me awhile to warm up to social media. It bothered
me how distracting it could be and it really took me some time to
find my own rhythm.
On the other hand, many people will tell you they love social media
and how its single-handedly grown their business.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Despite my initial reluctance, I honestly think it can be a wonderful

way to build traffic and business, but it has to be a two-way street.
Social media is not about blasting self-promotional links to your
followers. Its about building relationships with others and sharing
their content too.
Its also about being accessible to people who want to reach you
and ask you questions.
Social media can also add a nice human touch to your business
should you decide to share more personal details about your own
The key is finding the right balance that works for you. And the
beauty of it is you are in control of how much you want to use it for
your business.
Just remember, the idea is to be accessible, connect with people
who own similar sites and be informational. No one wants to follow
a narcissistic person who does nothing but tweet about themselves
and their content all day.
Use it to build relationships by sharing peoples content, holding
contests, providing links to useful articles, and displaying your
Follow people like Darren Rowse and Chris Brogan on Twitter,
Facebook, Google Plus, etc. These guys know how to keep their
followers engaged with informational posts, yet they allow their
personality to shine through with the occasional personal shares.
Getting Started With Social Media
There are many social networking sites out here today, but Twitter,
Facebook and Google Plus are the ones to zero in on first. If you
have a business related website, LinkedIn is also one to pay
attention to.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Here are some basic tips for getting started with social media.
1. Create your profile and tell people how you or your site can help
them. Think benefit-rich statements.
Your profile is like an elevator pitch. It is one of the first things
people see when they discover you via social media so this is the
time to sell yourself and/or your website.
Take the time to craft an interesting profile statement that
accurately describes your website.
Notice the profile previews of the Twitter accounts in the following
screenshot. They are taken directly from the Twitter profile field.
Use this same strategy when crafting your profile.
Write 1-3 short sentences about yourself and share how you can
help. Also make sure you use a clear, photo of yourself instead of a
symbol or logo. Today, marketing is all about people and photos
make your profile look more personal.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

2. Follow popular people in your niche. Take the time to say

Hello. Use services like Twello or WeFollow to locate
Reach out and say hello or compliment people on their work.
Study their social activity and see how they use social media to
keep their followers engaged.
3. Share helpful posts by other people. Not only is it a generous,
selfless thing to do, but people will often return the favor.
4. Post your latest content. You can use automated tools like
HootSuite to schedule certain posts. However, be careful with
too much automation. You should still create manual posts from
time to time and be accessible to interact with your followers.
I use TwitterFeed to automatically post my newest blog post to
Twitter. You can also use it for Facebook as well.
5. Create a contest to build buzz and loyalty, then use social media
to announce it. Heres a contest I ran on my blog where I gave
away a Genesis WordPress theme.
Not only did this build traffic and buzz, but it gave me the
opportunity to promote the Genesis theme which resulted in
affiliate commissions for the product after the contest was over.
To maximize the benefit of a contest, make it a win-win for both
you and your audience. Sure, I invested $80 of my own money to
buy the theme, but in return I received traffic, new readers, and
affiliate commissions.
Even though the contest is over, its still accessible on my blog for
viewing, which will continually promote the theme for days and
months to come.
Thats how you get the best bang from a contest! Try to make sure
theres something in it for you as well.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Now, as far as starting your own contest, find relevant products and
services in your niche to give away as prizes. And if you dont want
to buy the products, try contacting relevant companies and ask for
a sponsorship.
If your follower numbers look promising, many companies will be
happy to sponsor your contest for the added exposure.
NOTE: Be sure your rules and terms are visible and clear and dont
violate any of the companys terms.
6. Write a quality piece of content and feature another
blogger/webmasters site. Try to link to an actual post (instead of
the homepage) because they will get a notification (trackback).
You can also let them know theyve been mentioned in your article
by tagging them on social media.
If youre lucky, theyll share your article with their followers!
However, to increase those chances, make sure the article is
unique, useful and well-written.
If you get one thing from this chapter, get that online business
has become more people oriented than ever before!
Connecting with individuals on a social, personal level has become
such a key ingredient in the recipe for success.
If you arent planning to use social media, you are leaving a lot of
potential exposure on the table.
Use JustRetweet to earn credits for re-tweeting (sharing)
other peoples content. You can spend your credits to get more
followers and exposure.
Connect With Me On: Twitter | Facebook | Google+


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Getting The Most Out of Your Facebook Page

Creating and posting to your own Facebook page is another way to
promote your content and brand, but you should know that in 2013
Facebook changed their algorithm so they show your posts to a
small percentage of people who like your page.
They want businesses to buy advertising to get the maximum
exposure. So if you want to get the most out of free exposure, you
really have to work hard at engagement.
The more engaged your audience is with your content (likes,
comments, etc.) the more of your fans Facebook will show your
content to.
1. Post Often
Have you heard the phrase Out of sight, out of mind? Well, that
certainly applies to the online marketing world.
Today, people follow so many different people and websites online
that its easy to be forgotten if you stay away too long.
One way to keep your engagement up is to post to your page at
least once a day.
2. Quality is More Important than Quantity
The quality and relevance of content that you post to Facebook is
more important than ever thanks to something called Edgerank.
Edgerank is Facebooks internal algorithm that determines what
content people see in their Facebook feed when they log on.
Because there is so much information being posted at one time, FB
wanted to develop a more efficient way of displaying the best
content and minimizing spam. Plus, they want to encourage people
to spend money on advertising.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

So what that means is posts that are deemed more

interesting/popular and relevant to you will stay in your feed
longer (and receive more exposure) than less interesting posts.
So how does Facebook know whats popular and relevant to you?
They look at signals such as what kind of content you typically
interact with (videos, images, etc.)
They also look at the interaction level (number of comments and
Likes) of certain posts. So the content that gets more
interaction, will be displayed in the feed longer.
3. Post Questions
As Ive already mentioned, I enjoy asking my followers questions
because they inspire content.
However, when it comes to Facebook, its a great way to get people
talking on your page.
People love to give their opinions and feedback so use this strategy
to get conversations started.
4. Share Images
Interesting images tend to get more interaction. So if you have
relevant pictures to post, this is another way to engage your fans
Back to the dating example. You could post a picture of a dress
that would be appropriate for a first date. What a great
Just make sure you have rights to post the pictures. Most people
ignore basic copyright etiquette online, but you really should not
post images that you dont have permission to use.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

5. Create a Fan-Gate Page to Encourage New Likes

If you want to get more people to Like your page, you can entice
them by setting up a Fan-Gate page.
This is a page that can only be viewed after someone has liked your
Its very easy to setup. Just install the Static HTML iFrame tab
Say youre giving away a free report or eBook, but you want people
to Like your page first before they can see the download page.
This app will allow you to setup the hidden page that is only
shown after someone Likes your page.
Its a fabulous way to encourage new Facebook followers.
6. Keep Promotional Material to a Minimum
I rarely post promotional information to my Facebook page. In fact,
the ratio of informational to promotional content is about 90/10.
Unless you have an ecommerce website, constantly pitching
products and promotional messages to your fans is a great way to
turn them off and may even cause many to Un-Like your page.
Even though I do post links from my own sites on my page, the
majority of it is informational. So when I *do* post something that
is promotional, it is received much better because I dont make a
habit of selling to my fans.
Inserting Social Media Share Buttons Into Your Website
You want to give people the opportunity to promote your content
for you, so its a good idea to add the common social media buttons
on your site.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

If you use WordPress, there are several plugins you can use.
Right now Im using TF Social Share on my blogs. Shareaholic and
Sharebar are two more popular plugins. All of them allow you to
choose which buttons youd like to display.
For static HTML website owners, I recommend AddThis. Its very
easy to setup. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into
your site, and you can choose which buttons you want to show.
They also have some pretty detailed reports so you can see what
pages have been shared and how many of them have gone viral.
How to Connect With Influential People and Get Them to Share
Your Content
One way to gain exposure is to connect with popular people in your
niche that have large followings.
Just keep in mind there is a trick to this and most people do this
Remember, people with large followings are super busy. They
probably dont get a chance to read and reply to all their messages.
So in order to get their attention, you have to make yourself stand
Here are some ways
1) Comment frequently on their blog posts.
And I dont mean to just reply with a quick thank you. Really put
some thought behind what youre saying and make the comments
meaningful and useful.
Show that you took the time to read the post and make comments
about specific items mentioned.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

As you become a regular on that persons blog, they will begin to

recognize you and appreciate the fact you took the time to
comment on their blog.
2) Write a response post.
This is an article that responds to another post that the blogger
So lets say another dating blogger writes an article about how
online dating is not safe for seniors. Maybe you disagree and you
would like to respond.
Create an article on your site that responds to their original post
and explain why you disagree. Really take your time when writing
the response and dont just quickly throw something together.
Its always obvious when people are just looking to write something
quick just for some added exposure. If you really do an awesome
job on the post, it will increase the chances that the influencer will
take notice and share it.
Be sure to link to their original post in the article. If they have
trackbacks turned on (a WordPress commenting setting), your
article will be linked to the bottom of their post.
Most high profile blogs have trackbacks turned off due to abuse, but
you should still link to their post out of courtesy and they may also
notice the link in their traffic referral reports.
Once the post is done, contact them on social media to let them
know you responded to their post. Provide them with the link. The
hope is that they will share this post with their followers.
Now, this doesnt always work. Because influencers are often
bombarded with requests to share content, they are typically very
selective about what they share.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Thats why its super important that you take the time to write a
very well-written post.
3. Write a Results Post
This strategy is similar to the one above. The difference is you take
a strategy an influencer mentioned on their site, try it yourself and
then write about the results.
So lets say a popular blogger writes a post about how to write an
amazing online dating profile.
You take their advice, spruce up your profile and notice great
results from following their tips.
Now you can write a post that explains how their tips really worked
for you. Just like the tip above, link to their original post and
contact them when the post is done.
This can work really well as long as you can really show that their
tips worked for you. Post screenshots of the results for proof.
The reason this can be so effective is if you can show their tips
really work it actually makes them look more credible. They will be
delighted to show that one of their followers got great results from
using one of their tips.
The key to connecting with popular people is you have to show
whats in it for them to get their attention.

3. YouTube
Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine
on the Web today (behind Google)?
That means there is a massive opportunity for you to gain exposure
for your website, and the cost is very reasonable.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Most people today already have cameras with a video option,

laptops with a webcam or a standalone video camera. So if you
already have one of these, you dont have to worry about that
added expense.
Both Windows and Mac computers come with free video editing
software (Windows Movie Maker and iMovie respectively) so you
dont necessarily have to spend money on that either.
Video is amazingly powerful because it allows you to incorporate a
face and personality into your brand.
Something magical happens when people get to see the real person
behind the site. It creates a connection between you and your
audience that cant be established through content.
In fact, YouTube is one of the mediums that helped me grow my
business. It is still one of my top referring traffic sources today.
How YouTube Can Build Traffic
1. Links in Description
YouTube allows you to add hyperlinks to the description, so this can
be a great way to drive traffic back to your site.
The best way to do this is to create a teaser video about a topic and
then send people to your website to learn more.
I did this in my video about my phone call with Google. I referenced
a very important blog post about the Google Panda algorithm
update that I wanted people to read.
I directed my viewers to that blog post that is linked in the


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

2. SEO Benefits
Your YouTube videos can show up in both the YouTube search and
Google search engines.
And because YouTube is not nearly as saturated as Google, its
much easier to rank in YouTube for competitive phrases that would
be nearly impossible to rank for in Google. Trust me. It happens to
me all the time!
When you create videos, use the YouTube Keyword Tool to target
phrases people search for in your title, description and keyword
3. Viral Potential
People love sharing videos, especially via social media. And the
more times your video is Liked, shared or favorited on YouTube,
the more likely it will be suggested for people who watch related
videos. Thats how videos go viral on YouTube.
I get a lot of my YouTube traffic from the suggested or related
videos feature in YouTube which basically means YouTube is
promoting my videos for me!
4. You Can Link to Your Website From The Video
Did you know you can actually link your videos to pages on your
This is easily done through the YouTube Annotations feature and I
will show you how to do this.
Simply login to your YouTube account and click Video Manager from
the top menu.
Then under Channel Settings, click Advanced.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Next, scroll down until you see the Associated Website box.

Enter your sites address in the box and follow the instructions for
verifying your site.
Now you can go to the Annotations Sections of each video and add a
link to any page on your website.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

I have a video that shows how to do that here.

Since my email list is tied to my blog post updates, I often use this
feature to link to a capture page for my email list. This is a great
way to use YouTube to grow your email subscribers!
More Video Tips
People always ask me how Ive gained so many subscribers. There
really is no science behind what Ive done.
I didnt have any specific strategies when I began other than to put
out quality tips. I just made videos on topics relevant to my niche.
A few of my videos have gone viral so that has helped tremendously
with gaining new subscribers and views.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

As Ive been emphasizing throughout this book, make sure your #1

goal is to be helpful and relevant no matter what. Ask yourself the
1. What do my visitors need clarification on?
2. Is there anything newsworthy/controversial going on in my niche
that Id like to share my opinion on?
3. Can I create a multi-part series on a specific topic?
4. Are there any major, useful site developments that Id like to
Video Creation Tips
Once you nail down some ideas for a few topics, here are some tips
on creating your videos...
1. Have adequate lighting. Watch this video on three point lighting.
2. Write down major points you want to cover and place them in
front of you (out of the cameras sight) for reference if you need
3. Use editing software to cut out awkward pauses, any mistakes
and polish the presentation. I use Final Cut Express (Mac), but
iMovie comes free with Mac computers and is easy to use.
Windows users can take advantage of the bundled Windows Movie
Maker software. And if you want to step up your game and go for
more advanced editing, try Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere.
NOTE: YouTube now has a built-in editor that will allow you to
make some edits, so you may discover thats all you need!
4. Dont ramble. Get to the point or you could lose your audience.
If you watch some of my earlier videos, I did a lot of rambling. It


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

took me way too long to get to the point and people rightfully
complained about it.
Unless youre incredibly interesting and skilled at keeping
peoples attention for long periods of time, you should really
watch the length of your videos and try to trim them down as
much as you can.
Try to keep your videos around the 5 minute mark or less. Many of
mine used to be over 10 minutes -- which is really too long for most
peoples attention spans today.
If your video is going to be long, cut it up into two or more parts.
Today my videos are between 4-6 minutes. I am more aware of how
peoples attention spans are shorter than ever, so I try to get to the
point and stay focused.
Yes, I do go over the 5 minute mark sometimes (OK, so maybe I do
still ramble a bit) but they are much shorter overall. ;-)
5. Use the built-in YouTube Annotations feature to correct,
highlight or clarify any information.
6. Cross-reference your videos and use the Annotations feature to
link them together.
Embedding Videos
The best feature of YouTube is the ability to easily embed the video
into your website. All you do is click Share underneath the video
and grab (copy) the embed code. Paste it into your website and
I do this quite often with videos that have matching content pages.
Check out my Zazzle store page with my embedded video.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

If you are intimidated by video or not sure what to talk about, just
create a 1-3 minute introduction video.
Introduce yourself and site. Tell your readers how it will benefit
them and invite them to sign up for your newsletter.
This will give you some practice and prepare you to do more indepth videos in the future.
Embed this video into your homepage to give your site a personal
feel. Youll be amazed at how something this simple will improve
visitor engagement and trust.
Not to mention, you can use the video to highlight your most
important content or help them navigate to your key pages.
If you need some words of encouragement, check out this video.
And finally, learn how to get more subscribers here.
The YouTube Partner Program
The YouTube Partner program allows you to earn revenue from ads
that display on and alongside your videos.
At one time, you had to apply to be a partner. Now once you have
a few videos up with some views YouTube will allow you to
monetize your videos through your account.
Here are a few tips to ensure you are able to monetize
1. Never use copyrighted content, music, images, etc. in your
2. Ensure that your videos are all centered around a central theme.
3. Avoid videos with questionable content, profanity, etc.
Remember, many sponsors arent going to want to advertise on
videos with foul language, controversial content, etc.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

4. Upload videos regularly.

Want More Info About Video?
Ive created a playlist of all my YouTube videos related to creating
videos online. Click here to view them.
Heres another article where I provide more details on the camera
and process I use to create my own videos.
Dont forget to subscribe to my YouTube marketing and
programming channels.

4. Email List Marketing

When people think of email/list marketing, they often think of
selling products and services to their list. You dont hear enough
talk about using it for building repeat traffic to websites.
While product promotion is one way people use their lists, they can
also be great traffic generating tools.
On my Flat Stomach Exercises site I use an autoresponder (AWeber)
to send out weekly Tummy Tips. In the signature of many tips, I
link back to relevant articles on my website.
Lists can also be used as reminders. If you have some new
developments that are worthy of a special email, it can be a perfect
promotion vehicle for this task.
Encouraging Opt-Ins
If you want to entice more people to join your list, give away
something for free (e-book, report, etc.) and require your visitors
to sign up for your list first.
Corbett Barr of ThinkTraffic.com uses a clever strategy to
encourage people to subscribe. He developed a toolbox that

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

includes a handful of quality resources that are only offered to his

new and existing subscribers.
A Huge Regret
One of the biggest mistakes I made early on was not learning to
master email marketing. It's probably my largest regret to date.
I had no trouble collecting email addresses because my traffic was
solid, but I didn't use my list because I wasn't sure what to send. As
a result, when I did send out emails, the open rates were horrible.
Today, I'm much better. I use AWebers Blog Broadcast feature so
every time I publish a new post (which is usually 2-4 times per
month), my subscribers are notified by email.
AWeber includes a quick snippet in the email and then the
subscriber must click over to my blog to read the rest.
This has been very effective for driving traffic back to my website
and I highly recommend you consider this strategy.
Now, if you blog multiple times per week, you may discover that
the Blog Broadcast feature is a bit too aggressive. Email is a very
delicate form of communication and if you send too many emails,
people may unsubscribe.
So its up to you to decide if you want to use the Blog Broadcast
feature or simply save your emails for important updates.
Also in 2012 I started another list called WP Starter Tips where I
send out free WordPress tips every 7-10 days. They are setup on an
autoresponder with AWeber so I was able to craft the messages in
advance and have them go out on regular intervals.
The great thing about this list is that it's targeted. I know that
everyone who signs up is a WordPress user. That way my messages
are going to be more relevant than if I had a generic list on "website

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Another nice thing about using an autoresponder is you can "set it

and forget it." And by sending messages regularly, you remain on
people's radars as you continue to provide valuable content.
That's what I call making your email list work for you. While you're
sleep and off doing other things, the autoresponder is continuing to
market your content and brand.
In addition to the autoresponder series, you can also send out oneoff broadcast emails when you have something additional to share
like a discount, new product, or any kind of special that is
How to Keep People Engaged
The key to mastering email marketing is to keep selling to a
minimum. You may have heard the phrase, "The money's in the
list", which means if you collect email addresses you'll have an
audience to sell to.
That's only true if your list members are fully engaged and your
subscribers actually open your messages.
That's why it's so important to develop a schedule and make a habit
of providing value in every single message. Then when you do have
something to sell, people will be much more receptive to buy.
Using our dating example, you could send out weekly dating tips.
(I've found that short, emails with narrow paragraphs are easier for
people to read and absorb.)
Most of your messages shouldn't promote anything at all, but every
now and then you can throw in a tip that links to a product that is
related to something you sell/promote.
So maybe one of your weekly tips is about online dating. You could
link to Match.com through your affiliate link and earn a commission
on anyone who signs up.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Again, most of your messages shouldn't sell anything. If you get too
aggressive, people will unsubscribe because they don't like being
You can subtly promote your site by providing it in the signature of
all your tips. Also, some messages may contain content that is
relevant to articles on your website.
This will give you the opportunity to link to those pages and drive
traffic back to your actual website.
Email Services
I have only used one email service for my newsletter and that is
AWeber. Ive been a member since 2005 and the price has always
remained the same while they continue to add more valuable
features. Here are a handful of them...
- Setup a new list in seconds thanks to the step-by-step walkthrough
- Add a stylish opt-in form to your website (copy and paste) by
choosing from one of their templates or create your own
- Track your open rates, click through rates and more
- Send unlimited emails and autoresponder messages to your list
- Full integration with social media so you can broadcast your latest
mailing to your Twitter followers or Facebook fans
- Segment your list and send emails based on demographic
information you collect (age, interests, sex, etc.)
MailChimp is AWebers closest rival. Their service is free up until
2,000 subscribers, but once you reach that threshold, their pricing
is pretty similar to AWebers.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

I have no experience with MailChimp, but one thing I do know is

they do not allow affiliates as customers. So that is obviously a
turn-off and a deal breaker for me as an affiliate marketer.
In summary, PLEASE don't make the mistake I did and ignore email
marketing. I guarantee that my income would be double what it is
now had I spent more time on this strategy early on.
Dont forget to check out the Email Marketing Guide that came with
your download! I show you how to use AWeber to create and
manage your list.
There are also some header images to jazz up your opt-in form and
instructions in the guide for how to use them with AWeber!

5. Free Offers
When people set out to make money online, they often frown at the
thought of giving too much away.
After all, why would you give something away when you could be
charging for it and making a profit? Isnt that the ultimate goal?
Heres the deal. When you provide freebies of value, it creates
credibility with your followers that will help you earn in the long
People are so used to websites constantly shoving sales pitches in
their faces. When they come across a resource that provides
unparalleled, free information -- especially in the form of a product
-- they find it refreshing and are much more likely to return later
for more.
Not to mention, when you do finally launch your paid product, they
will be more willing to buy.
People have often told me I was crazy not to sell my eBook, The
Perfect Site Guide. They couldnt believe I was actually giving it
away for free.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

But what some people do not realize is that free book helped build
credibility and generate more followers because of all the people
who shared it with their friends, family, etc.
I should also mention that I make quite a bit of money from the
book because of the affiliate links that are included.
When you give something of quality away, youre still getting
something back in return -- even though the payoff may not be
Adding affiliate links in the book can be an immediate benefit, but
the credibility that you could generate will come back to you
tenfold through even more affiliate commissions on your site, sales
of your own product, etc. in the future.

6. Pinterest
No doubt you could lump Pinterest into the social media category.
However, I wanted to create a separate section in this book because
its popularity warrants it, and I have a lot to write about. :)
Pinterest allows you to share images that you find on the web with
your followers. It has elements of both Facebook and Twitter in that
people can like and follow your pins.
So lets say youre a shoe lover. You can create a Pinterest board
on your account labeled shoes. Think of it as a virtual bulletin
Now when you stumble across a pair of shoes you love on the web,
you can simply pin the image of the shoe to your board labeled
shoes and make a comment about it.
Now your followers can like, comment or re-pin the image to
their accounts if they wish.
I already know what youre thinking...

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

What the heck does this have to do with bringing traffic to my

Well, there are two main ways to drive traffic with Pinterest...
1. You can add a link to your website in your Pinterest profile
2. All pinned images link back to the site where the image was
So if you have a site about cats, you could create a Pinterest board
on your account called Cat Pictures.
No doubt you already have pictures on your website. Now you can
pin these images to your cat board and anyone who is following
you can click that image and be taken back to your website.
Also, if your followers decide to share your image with their
followers, you are now exposing the picture (along with the link
back to your website) to more and more people.
The more your image gets re-pinned/shared, the greater exposure
youre getting for your site since all pinned images link back to the
website source.
Free Traffic for Doing Nothing
What really made me pay attention to Pinterest is that I noticed it
was one of my top 10 traffic sources for my Flat Stomach Exercises
site before I even joined!
Someone had pinned a few images from a couple of my articles and
because the people had a lot of followers on Pinterest, my articles
kept getting traffic just from people clicking on the pinned/shared
So even if you have no interest in Pinterest, you can still benefit
from people pinning/sharing your content.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Not Just For Picture Sites

So you may be thinking that Pinterest is best for sites that have
visual appeal (hair, clothing, makeup, travel, babies, etc.).
Not true.
As I already explained, Ive been getting traffic to my fitness site
just because people were pinning pictures from my articles.
Now, of course, certain sites do have an advantage over others. For
example, my hair site is a perfect fit for Pinterest, and Ive already
been getting traffic from people pinning my photos.
Nevertheless, it can work for information sites as well because as
youve just learned, people are pinning images from all kinds of
If they like the article, they may decide to pin the picture so their
followers can read the associated content.
So be sure to have images on as many pages as you can in case your
visitors decide to pin your content. Also make sure you have rights
to use the images commercially. Ill explain why below.
Pinterest Legal Woes
Since Pinterest is about sharing images, that immediately opened
the door to copyright issues from the get-go.
There has been a lot of talk about the legalities involved with the
budding site, and some question how long it will be around due to
image copyright issues.
In fact, certain sites like Flickr have actually blocked the Pinterest
script to protect the rights of the photo owners. So that means you
cannot pin an image directly from the Flickr site.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Let me explain further...

Imagine someone has an image on their website that they dont
have rights to use and someone else pins it to their Pinterest board
to share with their followers.
Now the site where the image was found is getting traffic because
of an image they dont have rights to use.
See where Im going with this?
Also, when youre pinning images to your own boards, you have no
idea if the person had rights to use the photo on their site. So now
youre sharing images across the Web that may or may not be used
properly by the site where the image was found.
So while Pinterest is really growing in popularity, I always keep that
copyright issue in the back of my mind. It could actually be the one
kink that keeps Pinterest from going the distance.
So pin carefully. ;-)
Nevertheless, its really hard to ignore Pinterest, especially when
many people have claimed it is now one of their top traffic sources
and is outperforming Facebook, Twitter, Google traffic and more.
Quality Over Quantity
Its easy to become mesmerized by how much traffic youre getting
from Pinterest, but its also important to recognize the quality of
For example, Google Analytics allows you to check the bounce rate
of your traffic. These are the people who leave your site without
viewing more than the page they entered on.
When I checked the bounce rate and time spent on my site from
Pinterest referrals, the results were dismal for my flat stomach site.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

The average person stayed for less than 40 seconds and 90% of them
However, when I checked the Pinterest referral traffic for my hair
site, the results were much better.
The average person stayed for 5 minutes and the bounce rate was
only 44%. Meaning nearly 60% of the people stayed to view more
than one page.
So the quality of traffic to my hair site is much better than the
quality of traffic to my fitness site. And that makes sense. Hair is a
much more visual topic, so its no surprise that the visitors stay
That is why I chose to associate my Pinterest account with my hair
site. I also restrict my pinning to hair-related images.
So Im keeping my Pinterest account very niche because it will
attract followers who are more likely to view my hair site -- which
is linked to my profile.
Im not saying this is the approach you have to take. This is just
something Im experimenting with.
You can see my Pinterest account here and setup your own account.

My Biggest Social Media Regret and a Lesson For You

Its so incredibly easy to get overwhelmed out here and try to be
popular everywhere.
And one regret I have is trying to be popular on too many networks
at once instead of just working one or two really well.
Pick one or two social media networks that are most relevant to
YOUR audience and only focus on those.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Its much better to be REALLY engaged on one network than have

mediocre or poor engagement on 7 different sites.
So if you have a wedding site, you may only choose to focus on
Pinterest in the beginning. Or if you have a site relevant to
employment, you might focus on LinkedIn.
If I could start all over again, I would definitely approach this
differently and not manage so many social networking websites.

More Traffic Building

There are many more ways to drive traffic to your website. Theres
Pay Per Click Marketing (AdWords), Facebook ads, writing press
releases, posting in related forums, commenting on related blogs,
publishing press releases, creating Squidoo lenses, HubPages, doing
podcasts and more.
If youre a blogger, check out Triberr, BizSugar and BlogEngage.
Joining a few blogging networks/communities is a great way to get
a jump-start on establishing connections and promoting your
Search engine optimization, list marketing, social media and
YouTube are the top four top ways I drive traffic to my website
today. Learning to master these 4 areas alone will give you a nice
start for building traffic to your website.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 10: Building a Community

Establishing a community (forum) is a great way to build loyalty for
your brand and repeat traffic to your website.
I started to put this information in the traffic building chapter, but I
want to make the point that I do not recommend creating a
community for your site until it already has established traffic.
A lot of people think that building a community is a way to promote
their existing low-traffic site or they attempt to create a
community without owning a regular website.
However, its better to build your main content site first because
its much easier to draw traffic to a niche site or blog than a new,
standalone community/forum with low activity.
When you create a community, you have to realize that only a small
percentage of the people who join are going to remain active. So
you need to funnel in enough traffic to keep the community active.
Thats why I recommend building your niche site first.
I run a forum called WebsiteBabble.com and I made 3 previous
attempts to start this forum years before. The other three tries
were failures because I didnt have enough traffic to my main site
(2 Create a Website) to funnel to the forum.
Even now, the forum has thousands of members, but only a couple
of hundred are ever active at one time. So that should give you an
indication of the kind of traffic you really need to get a community


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Benefits of a Community
Repeat traffic. Anytime you can get people to keep coming back to
your website, thats always a bonus.
Lighten Your Load. One of the reasons I created Website Babble,
was I started to become overwhelmed with emails. So I wanted a
place where people could ask questions and get help from others
instead of waiting for days for me to respond.
If your site ever gets to the point where emails are too much to
handle, you can encourage your visitors to post questions on your
forum and get help from other members.
Stay in Touch. Today you can do this with social media, but when I
created my forum, Facebook, Twitter, etc. werent nearly the hits
they are today. You couldnt even create a Facebook page at the
Even though many people prefer Facebook pages over forums today,
I still like having a forum because you can monetize it and have
more control over the layout and functionality. WebsiteBabble.com
does quite well with AdSense.
Build Loyalty. Since forums/communities typically involve
discussions, the members get to know one another. It also gives
you the option to jump in and interact with people. Ive really
gotten to know a lot of my followers thanks to my forum.
Again, its all about those relationships! You cant ignore them if
you want success today.
Exclusivity. You may decide to provide certain information, tools,
tips, etc. to members of your community that are not provided on
your site. People absolutely love exclusivity and its a good
strategy to use to encourage people to join.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

For example, you could offer a free report or eBook to anyone who
joins your community.

Forum Software
I use vBulletin for my forums. Its a paid script that you manually
install on your web host.
It is completely customizable. For example, you can create
requirements for members to have a signature, post links (spam
control), obtain certain forum privileges, etc.
Theres also an option to create a paid model so you can require a
payment before members can join. This could come in handy if you
want to create an exclusive members-only area/discussion for
certain members of your site.
You dont have to spend money on a forum like I did. Most web
hosting platforms come with free scripts that you can install very
similar to how you install WordPress.
Scripts like PHPBB, Simple Machines and others are available for
free right from most hosting control panels.
Unfortunately the free scripts dont have nearly as many
customizable features as vBulletin, which is definitely the Cadillac
of all forum scripts, in my opinion.
You can also use bbPress, which is owned by WordPress and
integrates nicely into any WordPress website.

The Downside to Forums/Communities

Even though forums are great and can really help you build repeat
traffic to your site, they are a lot of work.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

First of all, you will undoubtedly have to deal with spammers -people who join just to promote their sites.
Also, the day-to-day management can be intense. From moving
threads to the correct sub forums, tending to technical issues,
approving new members, banning spammers, the list goes on.
Fortunately, I have three wonderful moderators at Website Babble
who help me keep the forum running smoothly and really cut down
on my daily workload.
So before you decide to jump into creating a forum, make sure you
are prepared for the work involved and understand that people are
not just going to join because you create it.
Make sure you have enough traffic to your main website first. Then
once you launch your community you can promote it from your
already-trafficked website.

Membership Sites
Membership sites can be different from forums/communities
because they dont necessarily involve threaded discussions. Some
do and some dont.
You may just want to have a section on your site for people to login
and have access to exclusive tools, information, reports, software,
If you are looking for something more advanced, look into using
Joomla and Drupal -- which you can install for free on your domain
with most web hosting platforms today.
However, if you need something a lot less complex, you may be
able to get away with using WordPress plugins like Membership or

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

You can also try Ning, but the biggest disadvantage of using a 3rd
party is you dont own the content. It will sit on Nings servers and
there are always risks there.
One final note. If you remember nothing else, remember that
communities depend on user participating and need a traffic funnel.
Always work on building up your main site or blogs traffic first
before starting an online community.
Make sure you read this example I wrote on my forum some years
ago. It shows you the right and wrong way to start a community
online. Even though the post was written in 2009, its still very
relevant today.
I now own two forums: Website Babble and Napturally Curly. Both
forums were created after their respective content sites had at
least 1,000 unique visitors per day.
You never start a forum before you have an audience. Always build
up a content-rich website first, attract an audience through the
methods mentioned in this book and then launch your community.

What About Creating Sites Like Facebook?

At least once a month I am asked about creating a large, social
network like Facebook, and my response is usually...
I think people are attracted to the success of Facebook and want
the notoriety and money that could come with owning a successful
social network. However, I dont think they realize the downsides.
First of all, running a site as large and complex as Facebook is a
huge undertaking. You will need a team of people (including skilled

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

programmers), and the security measures youd have to take to

protect your members data would be a whole other issue and
Not to mention the amount of money youd spend to host a large
website like that. I would love to see the Facebook hosting bill. I
can guarantee you its not $10/month. ;-)
Now, of course there are Facebook-like scripts out there you could
install very easily today (just Google this and youll see), but
building traffic and gaining the popularity will take a lot of work,
time and possibly even money.
Mark Zuckerberg was a pioneer of his time and he had the technical
expertise and team to help Facebook become what it is today. Not
to be a Negative Nora, but this is just not realistic for the average
If you really do want to build a successful social network, start with
a smaller scale. Begin by building your niche, themed content
website and once you have a following, install a forum or social
networking script from your hosting account.
If the site takes off, then you can look into expanding, buying more
server space, outsourcing programmers, etc. However, in the
beginning you should start small. And you may decide that a
smaller, niche forum/community is all you really need.
Mark Zuckerbergs success with Facebook may look glamorous from
the outside, but if you only knew all that goes into the day-to-day
operations and maintenance of such a complex site, you may
change your mind. ;-)
Having said that, I dont want to squash your dreams. If this is truly
your goal then go for it! Just start small with your niche website
and build from there.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 11: Defining Quality Content

The phrase quality content gets thrown around a lot. I often feel
like a broken record when writing books like this because I mention
it a lot too.
Its important for you to understand that the bar has been raised.
The standards for quality content are a lot higher than they were
when I got started.
In 2003, you could paraphrase someone elses site, throw in a few
anchor links, update your site once or twice a month and be able to
generate a decent amount of search engine traffic.
Today, that strategy just wont cut it. The Internet is very
crowded with a lot of people competing for traffic in the same
SEO has evolved and is taking more things into account when
ranking your site such as your social media influence, link diversity,
site freshness, bounce rate, page views per visitor, etc.
So I wanted a section in this book just to emphasize and redefine
what quality content really is.
Your Quality Content Checklist
When writing for your website, ask yourself the following questions
as you go along...
1. Can this same information be found on multiple websites on the
Internet? If so, what can I add to make it different and stand out?
2. Will this article raise any questions or concerns and have I
addressed them?
3. Does the content need images or screenshots to help illustrate a
point or make the piece easier to read and understand?

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Speaking of images, heres a site with a list of websites that

provides free images for commercial use.
NOTE: Most websites that provide free stock images/photos are for
personal use only. Always read the terms and conditions before
downloading photos from the web to use on your site. It is illegal
to use images (or any content, video, etc.) from another site
without permission.
As far as creating images goes, you can use Photoshop or a free
solution like Paint.net or GIMP.
4. Are there ways for me to make this article more useful and clear
with a screencasting video?
Regular videos where youre talking to the camera are extremely
useful, but so is screencasting.
Screencasting is where you record movements on your computer
screen. These videos come in handy when trying to illustrate
software or some task that is done on your computer.
Sure, you could write out the steps in an article, but some things
are better explained with video. (See my Dreamweaver tutorial
Lets go back to our dating example. Instead of just writing an
article that compares three online dating sites, you could create a
screencast video and highlight the differences in the sign-up
process, profiles, and how members interact with others.
I use Camtasio Studio for my screencasts, but if youre on a budget
or dont want to invest in any software right now, you can try Jing
or CamStudio for free.
Are you a Mac user? Screenflow is a popular solution for screencasts.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

5. Do I have any personal experiences to share that can help me

build credibility or interest?
Check out my blog post about Market Samurai. Rather than just
writing a generic post about the software, I added my own
experiences to make the post more interesting.
Articles with a touch of personal experience always help draw the
reader in more. Plus, when you show your audience that you
actually own the product, it adds credibility.
6. Am I a leader of a follower?
Followers just paraphrase what popular websites have already
published (yawn). What incentive would people have to follow you
regularly if youre just re-writing information from popular sites in
your niche?
Leaders are pioneers. They stay on top of the latest developments
in their niche and always find ways to present content in new and
interesting ways.
Even if they write about popular subjects, they always bring a new
perspective or utilize a different angle.
7. What is the Audience Benefit?
When people read your content, they are constantly thinking to
themselves, Whats in it for me? Start your articles by letting
your readers know how you are going to help them. Stress the
relevant benefits early and often.
Many people ramble when they write. They start their articles by
talking too much about themselves.
Ken Evoy of SiteSell once said, No one cares about you until they
determine how you can help them. It sounds cold, but its very


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

If you do a search for how to bake a turkey, you dont want to

read some long, drawn out story about the authors Thanksgiving
tradition. You want to read about the information you searched
Guess what?
So does everyone else. So get to the point, and do it quickly. :-)

The Next Level

Anyone can produce a content website these days. CMS platforms
like WordPress have leveled the playing field so anyone can launch
a website in seconds. That means youre going to have to work
harder and harder to stand out.
Those who succeed long term are the ones who take their content
to the next level on a consistent basis and dont just rely on writing
generic information that can be found anywhere.
If you make a habit of asking yourself the previous questions every
time you write new content, you will be off to a better start than
most people who create websites today.
If you need help generating more ideas for your content, try a mind
mapping exercise.
This is the process of starting with one idea (keyword phrase) and
branching out to develop more content. Heres a great mind
mapping article to help get you started.

Copying and Paraphrasing Content

If youre even thinking of copying or paraphrasing someone elses
content, heres a message for you.
First of all, that is the exact opposite of what I define as quality
content. Successful website owners consistently build fresh, useful,
compelling content that is unique to their competitors.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

How can you do that if youre just paraphrasing or copying peoples

work? Not to mention its illegal because the original author
automatically owns the copyright to their work.
That means someone can take action if they find their work on
your site.
Second, Googles algorithm is getting better about determining the
original author. Even if you think youre being slick by switching up
a few words or copying only part of the content, Google may still be
on to you. So why would you want to risk a penalty?
Third, if you are copying someone elses content, youre either lazy
or not interested enough in your topic to write your own content.
Either way, thats not a good way to start a niche website.
The bottom line is, take the time to build your content from
scratch. Copying someone elses work will always come back to
bite you in some way.
Im a real believer in Karma and Ive seen it working against many
people who have attempted to copy my content over the years.
Believe it!


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 12: Affiliate Marketing Tips

I wanted to dedicate a chapter to affiliate marketing tips, lessons
and strategies Ive learned along my journey as a full-time affiliate
marketer. So lets get started...

Using Affiliate Networks

Once you join an affiliate program, obtaining your affiliate links is
pretty straightforward. Most merchants will provide your links from
an affiliate login area.
Simply copy and paste the code for the banners/links you want to
use on your site.
However, if you join a network program like Commission Junction
(CJ) or LinkShare, there are a few more steps involved.
In fact, many people have told me they found the networks very
confusing to use. So I thought Id show you how to obtain your links
from CJ.
Most affiliate networks operate on the same principle, so once you
learn how to use one, you can apply that knowledge to the other
Heres an example...
Adobe does not have their own in-house affiliate program. They use
Commission Junction to manage it. So in order to promote Adobe
Products, I had to join their program through CJ.
Once you become a member of a network, you have to apply for the
individual programs manually. Once approved, you can then begin
promoting the products.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

How to Get Your Links

To obtain your affiliate links on CJ...
1) Login to your account
2) Select the Get Links link

3) Now select the By Relationship link to pull up all the programs

you have joined.

4) Find the company you want to get links for and click View Links.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

5) When you find the banner or text link that you want to use,
select Get Javascript/Get HTML to grab the code. Copy and
paste into your website.

Now CJ will begin tracking your impressions, clicks and sales for the
merchant(s) you are promoting. You can login at any time to check
your traffic and earnings by clicking Run Reports from the main
CJ menu.
As I mentioned, the other networks operate on a similar principle.
You login, obtain the links/banners from the merchant you want to
promote and paste the code into your website.

How to Maximize Your Conversions

Success with affiliate marketing is all about conversions -- in other
words, the percentage of people who click your links and actually
buy something.
Here are some conversion tips...
1. Dont Sell
The cardinal rule of affiliate marketing is dont become a
salesperson (unless youre using a more direct approach like Pay


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Per Click Marketing where getting the sale immediately is

However when youre using indirect methods that Ive adopted,
people are much more likely to act on your product
recommendations when your content helps them solve a problem or
teaches them something new first.
Writing sales copy for a product you are promoting may leave your
audience feeling pitched. Let the merchant do the selling. Your
job is to PREsell/warm up the visitor by educating, informing, etc.
Provide incredibly useful information related to the product/service
and then make a subtle recommendation or mention within the
A great example of this is my article on email marketing. Notice
this is not a sales ad for AWeber. Its an informational article about
newsletters with subtle mentions of AWeber here and there.
This is one of the best strategies to use on content/niche websites
when it comes to affiliate marketing.
2. Know The Products
I personally believe you should own the products you promote. This
allows you to speak about them intelligently and it builds
Its always quite obvious to me when an affiliate doesnt really own
what they are promoting. The details are very generic and there
are no examples of how the product/service really works.
I understand it can get expensive if you purchase every single
product you are affiliated with, but check with the merchant
because often times there is some kind of money back guarantee.
Also, some products have free trials so you can test the product out
and provide a thorough review.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

3. Diversify But Dont Overdo It

If affiliate marketing is going to be the primary way you earn money
online, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to diversify
your earnings with multiple programs.
If you put all your eggs in one basket and one of the programs shuts
down, then you could lose a big chunk of your income.
Now, just because I recommend diversifying doesnt mean you
should go crazy and join hundreds of programs. I do believe you
should set a limit. How many you join is up to you and depends on
your site.
Obviously if you have a very large site (hundreds of pages) then you
can get away with promoting more than someone who has a 30-page
The point is you dont want to clutter your site with affiliate links,
nor do you want to give your visitors too many choices -- especially
if the products are related.
Once I saw an affiliate who recommended 15 different hosting
companies on his site. Thats a surefire way to confuse and
overwhelm your visitors, and I wonder how many people left that
site not purchasing anything because they just couldnt make a
4. Create Intermediate Pages
Instead of just linking directly to the merchant page, I often create
an intermediate page that allows me to PREsell the product or
review it.
This is especially true if I mention a product from my homepage. I
dont like linking out to other sites from my homepage (I think its
better for search engine optimization) so I create an intermediate

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

This is also great for your site because youre creating another
unique content page that can potentially get found in the search
One of the best examples is my link to Artisteer from an article on 2
Create a Website. It goes to a page with a video review of the

Once again, I am showing that I use and own it, and my visitors can
receive a complete demonstration to aid in the decision-making
5. Multiple Exposure is Key
It takes an average of seven exposures before someone decides to
buy a product.
That is why its so incredibly important to mention products you are
promoting in several different articles.
Also, most people read less than 10% of your website, so if youve
only mentioned a product once or twice, the majority of people
may miss the links.
Look for relevant places in your articles to make casual mentions of
related products and watch those conversions soar!
6. Links Usually Convert Better Than Banners

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

I have nothing against banners, but Ive found that contextual links
inside a review or article converts much better than slapping a
banner on a page.
Now, theres one specific instance where banners work well for me.
If Im promoting a product heavily on my site through content,
banners may convert at a decent rate.
This is because Ive effectively PREsold the product so well through
the content (the familiarity factor), my visitors are much more
likely to click.
Those who do click and buy are usually people who have already
been introduced to the product through my content previously, so
they often click the banner when theyre ready to make a purchase.
However, if I put up a banner for a product that I havent really
written much about, the clicks and conversion rates are pretty low
unless the banner has a very solid, targeted message.
The bottom line is you have to experiment with what works best for
you. In general, contextual links in reviews, helpful articles, etc.
have always converted best on my sites.
7. Tracking Clicks and Conversions
There are a number of ways to track how well your campaigns are
doing. Of course, the affiliate program you belong to should track
your stats, but they usually just give you a total breakdown of all
clicks and conversions.
What if you want to track how well an individual campaign or blog
post performed?
For example, SiteSell has an internal program called Track It! that
allows you to track clicks and conversions for every affiliate link.
So if I want to do a special promotion for their Holiday special, I can
setup a campaign just for that link.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Many of the network programs (CJ, Linkshare, etc.) allow you to

add tracking IDs to your links so you can track individual
Heres the default affiliate link Shareasale generates for the
StudioPress Lifestyle theme...
Notice the &afftrack= at the end. I can add anything I want to the
end of that if I want to track specific pages and campaigns...
See the link below where Ive added HomepageLink to the end.
Now I can report on that afftrack ID in Shareasale to see how well
that individual link performed.
If you use WordPress, there are plugins you can install to help with
tracking and management. For example, the Affiliate Links
Manager plugin allows you to redirect and track clicks in your
Google Analytics account.
Note: Google Analytics is one of the best free traffic analysis tools
on the web. I highly recommend using it to monitor and analyze
your traffic.
8. Redirecting Affiliate Links
Lets face it. Most affiliate links are ugly. Theyre long, hard to
remember and can look odd or suspicious to those who are not
familiar with affiliate marketing.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

One way to remedy this is to setup redirects. Ive been doing this
for years and it also makes it easy for me to remember links when
writing my articles.
For example, my affiliate link for the StudioPress responsive themes
Clean and simple, right?
It certainly looks much better than the original link...
Now, both links accomplish the same task, but the first is much
shorter and cleaner. It also hides the link to minimize affiliate
For example, Clickbank allows you to use your own affiliate links to
make purchases. So you can receive a discount on products you
That may sound great as a customer, but when someone does that
to you, its not as cool because it decreases the revenue you would
have earned.
So when you hide your links, it prevents some people from using
their own Clickbank ID and canceling out your commission.
Note: The following is not a fool-proof solution for preventing
affiliate theft, but redirecting will definitely cut down a lot of it.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Setting Up Redirects
There are many different ways to setup redirects manually. Even
though I often use the old school meta refresh method, PHP is the
best method today.
Super affiliate Rosalind Gardner posted a helpful article on how to
set up redirects via PHP. This requires you to upload some files to
your web host, but its pretty straightforward if you understand how
to FTP files.
There are also a handful of URL shortener services that have popped
up over the years, so you may also consider using Bit.ly, Goo.gl,
TinyURL, etc.
If you use WordPress try the GoCodes or PrettyLink plugins.
Brankica Underwood wrote a guest post on my blog about the
affiliate plugins she uses on her website.
Heres another idea...
If Im promoting a specific affiliate link often and in numerous
places, I will register a domain name and forward it to the affiliate
URL to make the promotion look cleaner and more professional.
Domain names are so cheap these days, and almost all registrars
give you free forwarding with your domains. So setting this up is
super easy with your registrar.
9. Writing Reviews
You may be thinking about writing reviews for products youre
affiliated with. Its a very popular affiliate marketing strategy, but
most people approach it incorrectly.
It may even be tempting to write a glowing review of a product so
youll entice people to buy, but if you have nothing but positive


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

things to say about every product you review, people may get
Yes, a negative comment may lose potential buyers, but youll gain
respect and credibility in the long run. People will be more likely
to take your reviews seriously so when you do write a glowing
review, youll convert better.
The net effect of being honest is always positive and in your
10. Solicit Testimonials
If you want to solicit testimonials from customers of products you
promote, you can send out an announcement via social media or do
it within an article about the product.
For example, you could add a snippet of text at the bottom of the
page that says something like...
Do you use Product [X]? Send me a testimonial and Ill feature it
here along with a link back to your site.
The key to the testimonial strategy is making sure they look
authentic. Anytime I see a testimonial like John P. from California,
I immediately assume its fake because theres nothing there to
validate it.
Even if you cannot obtain a website address for whatever reason, at
least try to get a Twitter handle or something that will identify the
person and prove they are human.
11. Using Video
I have always been a big fan of the subtle, indirect approach when
it comes to affiliate marketing and selling in general. I am not a
salesperson and dont like being too aggressive.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

One strategy I like to use with video is to create a helpful video

about a topic and then guide my readers to an article that subtly
PREsells a related product.
My Happy New Year video is an example of an affiliate strategy I
often use. If you notice, the video is not really selling anything at
all. Im simply providing advice.
However, since I am emphasizing the importance of list marketing, I
thought it would be fitting to link to a new article I wrote on email
The article is not a sales pitch. It provides tips for how to get the
most out of your newsletter. But if you notice, I make subtle
references to AWeber.
Again, no hard sells here. Just subtle, relevant mentions of a
product that I use. So not only does this video get people over to
my website, but it also PREsells AWeber.
This is a very useful video strategy to improve conversions.
12. Create an About Me Page
An About Me page is crucial for a website owner. People are
naturally going to be curious about why you created your website,
and it allows you to introduce yourself to your audience.
People will want to know things like...
- Your background
- How you got started in the niche
- Inspirations for your website content
Not only does this page give you a chance to tell about your
journey, but its a great way to connect with your readers -- which
will help you convert more sales down the road.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

If youre comfortable doing so, use your name and picture. It

makes the page look more authentic. Also, close-up shots look
more personal than distant photos.
Dont use pictures with sunglasses because while you think it makes
you look like a cool cat, others will wonder what youre hiding. ;-)

A Note About Disclosure

The FTC now requires all affiliate marketers to disclose their
relationships. That means you must indicate on your website that
you are an affiliate and are earning commissions.
There are many different ways you can disclose:
1) Use a blanket statement in a common location on your site
(footer, sidebar, etc.)
2) Create a disclosure page and link it from your site (header,
footer, sidebar etc.)
3) Add the disclosure statement directly after the product mention
I have chosen to create a disclosure page that is linked from my
footer on all pages.
How you disclose your affiliations is up to you, however the more
clear you are the less likely you are to make any waves with the
In fact, many merchants are now requiring their affiliates to create
proper disclosure statements just to be on the safe side. The FTC
has been cracking down on companies and websites, so its better
to be safe than sorry.
If you need help writing your disclosure policy, visit


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

NOTE: YouTube also requires you to clearly disclose your

affiliations if you mention an affiliated product/service in your


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 13: Google AdSense Tips

I have been making money with the AdSense program since June,
2003. It is a wonderful way to monetize your websites content.
Just understand that it takes several hundred visitors per day before
most people earn any decent revenue with the program.

Applying for AdSense

Before you apply for AdSense, make sure your site has an adequate
amount of pages (15 to 20) and there are no under construction
messages or signs that your site is incomplete.
Here are some more tips...
1. Check your Grammar and Spelling.
You are going to be partnering with Google and they dont want to
associate themselves with sites that have typos and poor grammar.
2. Stay Focused
Ensure your site has a clear theme and is centered around your
niche. (That shouldnt be a problem unless youve ignored every tip
in this book.) :-)
One reason people get rejected from AdSense is their sites content
is all over the place and covers too many topics.
Focus, focus, focus!
Niche sites perform the best with AdSense because its easier to
match the ads with the content. The better the ads match, the
greater your earning potential.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

3. Clean Layout
Make sure your site has a neat presentation and the navigation is
easy to follow.

Warning About AdSense

You have to remember that when you become a member of
AdSense, you are helping Google advertise by placing their network
ads on your site.
Googles relationship to these advertisers is extremely important
because this is how Google makes money.
If they suspect or confirm any of the following activities on your
site, your account may become disabled...
1. Too many clicks on your ads from the same IP address
2. Abnormal patterns with your clicks
3. Outrageously high click through rates
4. Traffic to your site from shady/questionable sources that may
produce clicks from bots/automated scripts, etc.)
Remember, every click costs the advertiser money, so if Google
sees anything they dont like or feels that your account produces
too much click fraud risk, they will disable it.
Unfortunately, this happens to people who have done nothing
wrong. Sometimes they were click bombed by competitors or
friends who thought they were helping out by clicking the ads.
Understand that its all about Googles profits. They cannot risk
losing advertisers who are paying for those ads, so they are
constantly monitoring your click patterns -- especially new

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

That is why I strongly recommend waiting until you have a few

hundred visitors before joining AdSense. I believe you are less
likely to get banned (unless you are clicking your own ads) because
your account will have the potential to help Google make even
more money.
How is this so?
When your site has decent traffic and you start making more money
with AdSense, you are more likely to draw in AdWords advertisers
who want to advertise on your site specifically. These are called
Placement advertisers.
Since you are now attracting advertisers, you are potentially
helping Google make even more money. So I believe they are less
likely to ban your account for fraudulent clicks. Theyll just credit
the money back to the advertiser and leave your account alone.
This is not to say that accounts with trafficked sites dont ever get
disabled. It definitely happens. I just think you lessen your risk if
you wait to join.
I know its tempting to hurry and apply because you want to make
money. But youre not really going to make much without traffic
anyway, so you might as well wait to minimize your risk of getting
your account disabled.
Keep in mind this is only my theory, and not coming from Google.
So do as you wish, but you cant say I didnt warn you! ;-)

Conversion Strategies
Now I want to share some of the conversion strategies Ive been
using to maximum my earnings with AdSense.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

1. Enable Text and Image Ads

When you create a new unit with AdSense, you have the opportunity
to choose Text only, Image only, or Text and Image ads.
To maximize your earnings, AdSense suggests that you enable both
Text and Image ads. And I must say, since Ive done this, my
earnings have improved.
2. Align Ads Alongside Video
This suggestion actually came to me by way of the AdSense
optimization team. I use this strategy on many of my pages and it
yields some of my highest click through rates.
You can see an example here.
Notice I used one of my YouTube videos.
To set this up, choose one of the rectangular-sized AdSense units
and add a table to your website code. Add the video and Google
AdSense code where indicated. Heres the table code...
<table width=600 align=center><tr>
<td width=300>
<td width=300>

3. Experiment With Colors

For me, choosing a background color that matches my sites
background and ad title links that match my sites link color work
the best.
Sometimes I will choose a slightly brighter link color for the ad title
to make the ads pop a bit. I switch back and forth because I like to


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

4. Experiment With Size

Google reports that the highest earning sizes are 728x90, 300x250
and 160x600. This makes sense because they are the largest units.
5. Placement Matters
Most people report that ads above the fold and in the top, left
column tend to perform best overall. If you think about it, the top
of a website is one of the first things people see, and we read from
left to right.
The advertisers tend to pay Google more for ads that are placed
higher on the page, so it makes sense that we as Publishers would
earn more for clicks on those ads.
Having said that, Ive had decent success with ads at the bottom of
my content -- especially when I align them alongside a video.
TIP: If you need help with inserting AdSense ads into your
WordPress site, there are plenty of AdSense plugins to choose from.
6. Track Your Channels
When you create a new AdSense unit for your site, you are given the
opportunity to create a channel so you can track how well those ads
are doing.
For example, if you are creating a unit just for your header, you
might want to name it Header Ad so when you check your
reports, you can see how well that channel is performing.
7. Set Your Channels to Targetable
Open your ad space up to advertisers who may want to promote
their ads on your site specifically or exclusively.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

In your account, click My ads and then Custom Channels. Click

the channel name and give it a description. Also make sure you set
it to Targetable so it will be available to placement advertisers.

AdSense Alternatives
If you arent accepted into Google AdSense and/or would like to try
other alternatives, look into Chitika, Infolinks, Clicksor, Bidvertiser
and Kontera.
Even though these are decent alternatives, youll find that nothing
pays as well as AdSense, simply because they have the volume of
Just be sure that if you use AdSense along with any other network,
read their terms and make sure youre not violating any of their
In fact, always check their terms before implementing any kind of
strategy to make sure you are in compliance.
If you have any questions, post them in the Google AdSense forums
and hopefully someone from their team will get back to you.
Check out my blog for a collection of AdSense related posts to help
you earn more with the program.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 14: Legal, Copyrights &

Privacy Information
The information provided here should NOT take the place of legal
advice. I strongly suggest you contact a local professional
(attorney, CPA, etc.) where you live to get the help you need.
Laws vary from state to state and country to country. This
information here is only a general guide and should not substitute
for legal advice.
OK, now that Ive disclaimed and youve been warned, lets get
started. ;-)

You do not need to incorporate or have a business name to make
money online. You should ask a local professional if its right for
your situation.
For most individuals just starting out, incorporating is not going to
be necessary. However, as your business starts making money, you
may want to look into filing an S-Corp, LLC, etc.
Also, if you are planning to have employees down the line, you may
want to seriously consider setting up a corporation.
This article provides great information about incorporating. Even
though they are referring to affiliate marketers, this can apply to
anyone making money online from their website.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Applying for a D.B.A.

If you want to be able to do business under a different name
without setting up an official corporation, consider applying for a
D.B.A. (doing business as) license.
This is a very cost-friendly way of setting up a legal business name.
Doing so will allow you to open a business checking account and you
can keep all your website earnings separate from your personal
I used LegalZoom to help me setup my D.B.A. You could no doubt
get this done cheaper by going to your local county administration
office and filing yourself, but I chose LegalZoom because of the
convenience and ease.
Heres more information on filing your own D.B.A.

Filing Taxes
It is very important to note that you are responsible for reporting
every cent you make online.
For United States citizens: If your net earnings are at least $400 in
one year then you are required to complete a Schedule C small
business form for your income taxes.
The good news is you can write off certain expenses like hosting,
domains and any other costs directly associated with your website.
If you are an affiliate and make over $600 in one year with a
company, then they will send you a 1099 Form in January of the
following year. This means they have reported your earnings to the
IRS. You must also report this income on your taxes.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

If your net earnings in one year are lower than $400 then you must
still report your income as additional income on your income
I am purposely being very brief and general in this chapter. I
definitely want to make you aware of filing taxes and reporting your
income, but you should by all means consult with a local tax
Laws change so frequently and they vary from state to state,
country to country, etc.
These are just general guidelines, and I am not in the position to
give out legal and tax advice. So please do your homework for your

Any original content, video, etc. that you produce is automatically
owned and copyrighted by you. Theres nothing you have to do to
make the copyright official. However, that doesnt mean people
wont try to steal it.
There are WordPress plugins and scripts out there that will prevent
people from right-clicking their mouse and viewing/copying your
page source, but I dont usually recommend them because they
could prevent the search engine spiders from reading your content.
Copyscape and Creative Commons both offer resources and
solutions to help you further protect your work.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Your Privacy
The good news about owning a website is you control how much
information you share about yourself.
Perhaps youre still working at your 9 to 5 and dont want your
employer to find your website if they happen Google your name. I
completely understand that.
However, there is a downside to being too anonymous. It can work
against you when it comes to building credibility.
In this social media age, your followers may wonder why you never
show a picture or dont display your full name, etc. People are
naturally curious and want to know more about the person behind a
That doesnt mean you have to share your most intimate life
details, but showing that youre human, relatable and not afraid to
at least show your face says a lot.
As Ive already mentioned, YouTube has done wonders for my
traffic, sales and credibility. Its been an enormous direct and
indirect sales booster.
So for you, its really about finding a happy medium that youre
comfortable with. For example, you may be OK with doing YouTube
videos, but prefer to keep your real name private and use an alias.
Some niches that are more controversial, have the potential to
drum up more backlash from critics. This is something youll want
to keep in mind and make sure youre comfortable with should you
decide to reveal yourself.
Just remember, whatever you put on the Internet is free game for
anyone to share, criticize, judge, comment on, etc.

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Its really up to you when it comes to what and how much you
share. Dont do anything outside of your own comfort zone. Just
remember that being completely anonymous could create suspicion
and limit your success.
Giving Out Personal Information Online
Do you have concerns about sharing your personal information with
other companies when applying for affiliate programs, registering
domain names, etc.? Thats completely understandable so here are
some tips...
1. Consider applying for a Tax ID (EIN) instead of using your social
security number on applications like AdSense, affiliate marketing,
2. Sign up for a PO Box instead of using your home address.
3. Apply for a Google Voice number. This is a free, virtual phone
number that you can forward to another phone. You can even use
your Google Voice account to call someone from another phone and
it will show your Google Voice number on the persons caller ID
instead of your personal number.
4. Most domain registrars offer a private registration option. This
will keep your name and address out of the global Internic
I will caution you, though. Some SEO experts believe that private
domains can negatively affect your search engine rankings, but
there is no proof of this. Just keep that in mind.
5. Consider signing up with a credit monitoring service like Lifelock
and they will keep tabs on your credit reports and minimize your


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

chances of identity theft -- especially if you will be using your

name and social security number.
As if I havent mentioned this enough already, always seek legal
and tax advice from a professional you can trust.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 15: How to Create and Sell an

An eBook is what youre reading now. Its an electronic document
normally published in a PDF format that can be read with Adobe
Reader right from any computer.
You can sell these products from your site, and even earn extra
money by providing an affiliate program so other people can
promote your product for a commission.
Creating an eBook is super easy. All you need is a text editor like
Microsoft Word or Pages (Mac).
Then youll need to convert the file into a PDF format another
simple task that takes seconds.
Microsoft 2010 and Pages both have built-in PDF conversion tools so
no need to use any external program.

Using Microsoft Word

To create your eBook, simply create a document just as you would
any other text document.
You can even add hyperlinks by selecting the text you want to link
and use the Insert menu to add a link.
Type the address you want to link to, click OK and you will have a
working hyperlink.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Table of Contents
I would strongly recommend creating a Table of Contents because it
will allow your visitors to browse sections of the book much easier.
If you plan to have a TOC in your book, its important to use
Headings for your chapters and sub-headings. It will help you
create a more organized TOC.
If youre using the 2003 version go to Format >> Styles and
Here you can assign styles for your Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.
Once you have created styles for the various Headings you want to
use, you can assign styles to your Chapter titles, sub titles, etc.
So for example, every chapter title is Heading 1, and all sub-titles
within the chapters will be Heading 2 and so forth.
Now, when youre ready to create your Table of Contents, you tell
Word which headings you want to use.
To begin creating your TOC, place your cursor where you want the
TOC to be inserted in the document.
Now go to the Insert Menu and select Insert >> Reference >>Index of


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Next, select the Table of Contents tab in the next screen

Here you can choose which Headings you want to appear in your
TOC and determine how they will be displayed.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

If youd like a visual here is a very good video showing you how.
The great thing about creating a TOC is when you convert your site
to a PDF, the links will work in the PDF form just as they do in
Once youre done, the TOC will be inserted into your document.
And if you ever need to update it (page numbers change, etc.)
simply right-click your mouse over the TOC and select Update
Field. Just like that, your chapter titles and page numbers will be
Converting to a PDF File
Now, if you have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on your
computer (not to be confused with the free Adobe Reader), you can
automatically convert this Word doc into a PDF by clicking the
Adobe Acrobat icon on your menu bar.
If you dont have Adobe Acrobat Professional, you can still export it
into a PDF file by simply using Save As a PDF file.
Or use a converter like PrimoPDF (its free). You can also password
protect the file to prevent people from copying and pasting.
For Microsoft 2010
If youre using Microsoft 2010, I published a video that shows you
how to create a PDF (eBook) and TOC very easily. Watch it here.
The above video also shows you how to password protect the file
using Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Using Pages (Mac)

If you want to create a PDF with Pages, the process is very
straightforward as well. Simply create your text document as you
would any other.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

To create a TOC in Pages, check out this video tutorial from

MacMost Video.
Once your file is ready, simply go to File >> Export and select PDF
as the export option. Just like that, you have a PDF thats ready to
To secure it (prevent copy and pasting), either use Adobe Acrobat
Professional as described in my video here or PrimoPDF.

Selling Your eBook

Now that your eBook is complete, youre ready to sell it! There are
a number of ways to go about it these days.
If you use WordPress, there are several plugins that will allow you
to accomplish this task.
For example, if you want to sell your book and take payments with
PayPal, you can use this plugin thats completely free.
Or if you want something a little bit more advanced, you can
download Premise. This premium plugin lets you not only create
landing/sales pages, but it integrates with PayPal and other
shopping cart systems.
The other option is to outsource your order fulfillment through a
company like eJunkie or Clickbank.
The advantage of outsourcing is the companies handle the orders
for you and there is a built-in affiliate program. This makes it very
convenient for other people to promote your product from their
sites, email lists, etc.
The affiliate program setup is instant after you create your account,
so theres nothing extra for you to do to launch the program for
your book.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

The great thing about Clickbank is they have a large number of
active super affiliates - people who know how to make sales.
They scour the marketplace looking for products to promote so your
book will be accessible to a bunch of power sellers.
Also, signing up as an affiliate through Clickbank is incredibly easy
just go here.
The downside to Clickbank is they charge a one-time $49 activation
fee and take roughly 7% for every sale you make (they have to make
their money somehow).
To sign up as a vendor for Clickbank so you can sell your book,
simply go here.
Unlike Clickbank, eJunkie does not charge an activation fee, nor do
they take any royalties from your sales. However, there is a $5
monthly fee that you pay regardless.
Also, eJunkie has a coupon code module that will allow you to offer
discounts whenever youd like which can be a fabulous
promotional strategy.
In my opinion, Clickbanks interface is much more user-friendly for
vendors and affiliates than eJunkies, but many favor the eJunkie
model simply because they dont take royalties and they like the
coupon code option.
To sign up with e-Junkie, go here.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Formatting Your Book for The Kindle

If you want to create a Kindle version of your book and sell it on
Amazon, the best thing to do is to go to Amazons Kindle Publishing
They have a step-by-step video that will walk you through
formatting your document so it is Kindle-friendly.
Click here for details.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Chapter 16: What to Expect in the

I would love to be able to tell you that you will make enough money
to work for yourself in six months or less, however thats just not
realistic. For some it may be, but for most it takes longer than
I wont even begin to mislead you by shelling out estimates because
quite frankly the numbers vary from person to person.
Everyone learns at their own pace, but what ultimately determines
how successful you will be is the quality of your site and how
effectively you attract targeted traffic.

My Success
You may have found yourself wondering about my success, and
perhaps youve even thought about setting your expectations based
on my story.
Be careful with comparisons. If I had a dollar for everyone who has
asked me how long it took me before I made X amount of dollars or
how long it took me before I could quit my day job, I wouldnt need
affiliate marketing.
I could live off those dollars alone. ;-)
The problem with doing comparisons is that they can be incredibly
If I told you it took me 8 months to make X dollars and you are in
month 7 and havent made anything close to that, that could
discourage you.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

Just because you arent where I was doesnt mean you will never
succeed. It may just take you a little longer. Who knows, your
major breakthrough could be a few short months away!
Also, I got started years ago. People seem to forget that. So a lot
of the strategies I used to become popular and make money are no
longer relevant today -- which is why many of them have been left
out in this book.
And even though times are different (largely thanks to social
media), I still believe that the fundamentals and concepts are still
the same. People continue to go online to search for information.
That hasnt changed.
They are looking for trustworthy websites that solve their problems,
answer their questions, provide support, offer a helpful service,
etc. If you keep this in mind as you build your site, how can you go
So dont concern yourself with others too much. Everyone is on
their own journey and their story is going to differ from yours.
Ive heard countless online success stories over the years, and the
timing always varies greatly from person to person.
How you market your site, the topic you choose, time invested, how
quickly you learn and motivation are just a handful of the variables
that will determine how long it will take you to succeed.
And since I have no way of knowing that information for every
individual, hopefully you can see why its terribly difficult to make
any kind of prediction for how long it will take you to succeed.

Your Initial Focus

I often hear statements like...
Im overwhelmed. Theres so much to learn! I dont know where
to start?

NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

The Internet is incredibly noisy and it may be tempting to believe

you have to learn everything right now in order to be successful.
Dont stress yourself out by doing too much too soon.
Your first couple of months should be spent researching your niche
and understanding what your core audience wants so you can build
a useful site. Dont even worry about making money. You should be
busy writing content.
Too many people distract themselves early on by trying to join
affiliate programs and AdSense right away. They become obsessed
with how much theyre making (or not making) and suddenly
building a quality website becomes secondary to making money.
Heres a classic scenario I see all the time...
People join AdSense with less than 100 unique visitors per day.
Then they become obsessed with their clicks and earnings.
Suddenly the primary focus becomes How do I make more with
AdSense? instead of continuing to focus on quality and their
readers needs for long-term success. Thats how people get
derailed and lose their focus.
Heres the deal...
Youre not going to make much money at all if you dont have a
quality website that people will find useful. Once that is
established, you will be amazed at how much that will do for your
Why is this so?
Because people will gladly mention your site via email, word of
mouth, social media or recommend it to their friends.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

I get a tremendous amount of traffic from Twitter, FaceBook, etc.

when people just give free shout outs to their followers and
Why waste your energy joining a gazillion affiliate programs and
trying to make money if you havent even created something useful
that people will want to visit and share?
So keep your expectations in check early on. Remember, you wont
make money without targeted traffic, and it will be very difficult to
generate interested visitors without a quality website.
Hopefully you can now see that the key to long-term success is to
establish your brand by building a solid reputation through quality,
over-delivering content.
Spend the first few months focusing on building the best darn site
you can. Do this, and you will be ahead of 90% of the people who
try to make money online and spend their early days obsessing over
a few AdSense clicks.
Stay on course. Remember, if you dont have enough targeted,
happy visitors, theyll be no earnings.


NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

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NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

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NicheWebsiteSuccess.com by Lisa Irby

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