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Polangui, Albay


Submitted by:
Jesse James Pigon

Submitted to:
Prof. Francia A. Ilarde


Family Background:
The youngest of the five children of Ricardo Fuentebella Pigon and
Daphne Olac Pigon, born on December 12, 1997 at exactly 9:30 in
the evening. I was named after a notorious cowboy, robber, raider,
murderer, and a charity worker considered as the modern day Robin
Educational Background:
I went to Nazarene Kindergarten School for preparatory then
enrolled in Ligao East Central School for elementary and graduated
as its Valedictorian (Batch 2009-2010). I went to Bicol Regional
Science High School for my secondary education. Right now, I am
taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education in BUPC with a dream of
changing the lives of the people who will probably change mine


Actually no, I grew up aiming to become a priest

someday. Although getting in the seminary would be easy
but studying and devoting myself to live a holy life seemed
too hard for me, not that I'm a huge sinner. It is just that
during that time when I had to take college entrance
exams, my father and my grandmother fell terribly ill. I
decided that I needed to stay with them until they are fine.
That is why I chose BUPC, the nearest BU campus that offers
BSEd. Why BSEd? Although it was my dream to become a
priest, teaching and sharing my knowledge to others was
my lifelong passion. I always imagined myself inside a
classroom teaching kids. In addition, for me becoming a
teacher is fulfilling because teachers, like priests, would
rather give their whole life serving the public rather than
earning money for self worth. Other than that, I am relatively
close to my teachers ever since and they inspired me to
pursue a course that never crossed my mind when I was
asked about what profession I want to pursue back when I
was really young.

What do you profess when you become a

I want to teach English.
Ever since I was a child, I received compliments on my
English speaking skills and how I write and deliver literary
compositions. My teachers in high school and elementary
always assign me to write letters for the principal. Of course,
everything was in English. I also like to speak in English during
regular conversations. It is probably all because of my sweet
grandmother that always reminded me to speak in English
as much as possible in such a young age.
English is a field Im comfortable in, its one of my socalled forte. Besides, the English subject is very interesting, I
even recall my teachers inserting values education during
English class and how they relate sentence construction to
how people would think of you if you say something thats
probably non-sense. Its a subject that revolves around us,
we need it, and more importantly it is the Universal
Language! Teaching kids to be literate especially in English
is probably a huge step to the globalization the government


Professional Teachers are like candles, they only work to give
light to others even thought their lives are the one at stake.
Professional teachers touch lives. They teach not only for the sake of
learning but also for the sake that what their students learn is what
they will carry through their lives. They should pursue excellence that
aims for quality education for all. Teachers are the embodiment of
the word PATIENCE because not only can they tolerate extreme
behaviors they can still manage to whole-heartedly teach people
who probably never wanted to go to school.
They are Motivation Vehicles that gives that warm atmosphere
whenever they are around. They do not give students negative
feedbacks rather, they tell them to push harder.
Working Machines that never gets tired of working, talking, standing
and whatever they do whole day non-stop for a whole year.
Walking encyclopedias that knows every angle of the subject
teaches. Just ask one question and youll get a whole essay.
Living saints that embody holiness. Shares Gods love and is humble
when facing people. They never seem to get mad because they
can control their emotions. They always make it a point to provide
students with values that they will cherish for life.
And lastly,
Loving parents who treats the entire class fairly. They care for
everyone and would rather risk their lives protecting their students.