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Traveller Intermediate - Key to Test Booklet

1. misunderstanding
2. awareness
3. presence
4. curiousity
5. independent
6. exhibition
1. taking place
2. try on
3. expected
4. foreigners
5. customs

6. resort
7. lonely
1. h
2. e
3. a
4. b
5. c
6. j
7. i
8. d
9. f
10. g
1. doesnt like
2. are thinking
3. go, are taking
4. does ... belong
5. dont know
6. Are ... getting

Well, I found the holiday of my dreams!
Woman: On no, not another one of your crazy trips.
This one isnt crazy, its educational. You can
go with the The Great Canadian Adventure
Company in a small research boat underwater to
study the wreckage of the Titanic up close and
Woman: Wow, that sounds exciting! You should go for it
Theres only one problem...
Woman: Whats that?
It costs $40,000 to participate!
Woman: Are you excited about flying to Australia?
Of course. Ive never been on a plane before.
Woman: Are you scared?
Not at all. Im really looking forward to it.
Woman: Itll be a long flight to Sydney. That will be a bit
boring. Do you have any stops?
Yes we stop in Dubai for a few hours.
Woman: Nice. You can do some shopping in the airport
while youre waiting.

1. ... how I can get to the
post office
2. ... if there is a petrol
station near here
3. ... why you are late
4. ... where you put the keys
5. ... if Jenny is coming to
the party tonight
1. a
2. b
3. c
4. b
5. a

5. Who is Jack?
1. b
2. c
3. a
4. b
1. NM
2. F
3. NM
4. F
5. T

1. Which dress do you
2. When did you go to
3. Where are the gloves?
4. Whose book is this?

Man: Thats right, I need to change the date of the ticket. I
need to be home earlier than the 25th. Is it possible
to return on the 23rd? (pause) Hmm.... thats too
bad. I suppose I could do the 20th, if I can change
the arrival date to the 15th. (pause) Really? Great, as
long as Im there five days, it doesnt really matter
when I get there or leave. I still get the window seat,

I used the finger scanner at the supermarket the

other day, its really cool.
Woman: I read about those. Theyve been around for a
while now. I still dont like the idea of a machine
scanning your fingerprint. Its like someone is
following your every move.
But its so convenient! It knows who you are, and
takes the money right from your bank account.
You dont need to carry money or anything with
you ever again!
Woman: But isnt it dangerous?
Of course not. Its easier for someone to steal
your credit card than your fingerprint.

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1. up
2. on
3. with
4. in
5. of
6. from
7. about


1. unselfish
2. courageous
3. strict
4. honest
5. guilty
6. intelligent
7. confident
8. patient
9. responsible
10. sensible

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1. a
2. c
3. b
4. c
5. a
6. b

1. put off
2. going on
3. keep off
4. put on
5. took off
6. turn on
7. turn off
8. take on
1. was talking,was driving
2. was walking, slipped,
3. heard, ran
4. were...doing
5. noticed, werent paying
1. Toms brother, who is a
surgeon, works in a big

2. This dress, which is made

of silk, is very expensive.
3. Brian, whose mother is a
soap opera actress, is my
best friend.
4. I am going to London,
where I am going to study
5. He is an author whose
books have been read by
thousands of people.
6. Mrs Braxton, who is a
neighbour, looks after our
cat when we are away.
1. the hottest
2. as interesting
3. the worst
4. as dangerous as
5. older than
6. taller and taller
7. more talented than

8. the most complicated

9. faster than
10. the most fascinating
1. F
2. F
3. T
4. T
5. F
1. b
2. c
3. c
4. b
5. b

Brad: Hey, Kelly, did you see the new episode of Heroes last night?
Kelly: Nah, I stopped watching that show in the second season. I didnt like it anymore.
Brad: How is that possible? That show is amazing!
Kelly: Its so unrealistic. All those normal people with abilities? Its like a comic book or something.
Brad: Thats kind of the whole point, Kelly. Besides, dont you think it would be cool to have an ability?
Kelly: I guess it depends on what I could do. I wouldnt want super hearing or the ability to read other peoples minds.
Sometimes Id really prefer NOT knowing what people are thinking about me.
Brad: Yeah, thats definitely true. But wouldnt it be cool to have The Cheerleaders power? The ability to recover
quickly and easily when youve been injured?
Kelly: Well, I suppose that might come in handy. Im quite careless sometimes, and Im always getting cuts and
Brad: I know you are. You always have some sort of plaster on!
Kelly: I know, I know. Still though, it wouldnt be right. Its not natural. And, if abilities of that sort did actually exist,
Im sure someone would try to take advantage of it. Just like on the show.
Brad: You have a good point, but what if the government could protect against that sort of thing? Just imagine it... a
world full of superheroes! I think it would make for a much safer place to live.
Kelly: Maybe for a while. I still think people would eventually use their powers for evil. If you could walk through
walls, whats stopping you from walking right into a bank and taking the money?
Brad: Hmm... I didnt think of that. Well, its not like there are people with abilities out there anyway.
Kelly: Yeah, so for now, why dont you just stick to watching the show?


1. arrangements
2. reliable
3. performance
4. constantly
5. Medical
6. applicants

1. gathered
2. select
3. complained
4. include
5. rehearsing
6. provide
7. enclose
1. c
2. c
3. c
4. c
5. b
6. b
1. have been working
2. Have...ever travelled, went
3. has wanted, was

Woman: Hows your new job as an assistant going?
Its OK. Its typical office stuff.
Woman: So a lot of filing and faxing?
Occasionally. Mostly I just answer phones.

Have you decided what to get your mum for her

Well, she loves reading, so I was thinking of
getting her a book.
How boring! Why dont you get her a nice pair of
I got her earrings last year.
How about a skirt then?
My mums really difficult when it comes to
clothes. No, I think Im going to stay with my first

Woman: You should sign up for the cooking class and
make your wife happy.
Man: Actually, if it were up to me, Id be doing the
film class.
Woman: Its not up to you?
Man: Nope. Mary wants to take a class with me and
she has decided on dancing.

4. has...been learning
5. have ever seen
1. dont have
2. had better
3. have to
4. must
5. Do you need
6. neednt
1. tried his best
2. dont have to wear
3. he must be
4. have to train hard
5. had better stop
6. has been surfing since

1. c
2. c
3. a
4. c
5. c
1. Z
2. S
3. S
4. D, S
5. P
6. Z
7. P
8. D


Im bored, lets do something. Fancy getting

some coffee?
Woman: Hmm, Im actually kind of hungry.
Me too! Do you want to have an early dinner?
Woman: Im not that hungry. Lets just get a snack.
Man: Hello Alex. Its James. Listen, I know I said
Id come over to your place at 6 oclock but
somethings come up at work and I have to stay
here until 6:30, which means I cant be at your
house before 7. If thats too late for you, let me
know and well arrange to meet some other time.

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1. f
2. b
3. h
4. c
5. d
6. a
7. g
8. e

1. raise
2. disturbed
3. survey
4. oil
5. prey
6. litres
7. damaged

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1. c
2. f
3. d
4. a
5. e
6. g
7. b

1. to
2. in
3. of
4. in
5. At
6. of
1. run out
2. gave in
3. cool off
4. turn ... into
5. show off
1. would drive
2. will you buy
3. saw
4. freezes
5. Will ... let

Female: Look at that flash of lightning!
Male: I know; isnt it spectacular?
Female: I dont know about that. Its quite frightening,
actually. Dont you think we should go inside
or something? We might get struck by lightning.
Look! That tree was nearly hit.
Male: I suppose youre right; we can watch the
lightning from the window. Lets go.
Female: Is that a fox over there?
Male: Yes it is. How strange! We are in the middle of
the city. It must be lost.
Female: Maybe it came from that big park over there.
Male: Its nice to see a bit of wildlife in the city.
Female: I hope it will be alright, though, with all these
cars about.
Male: I hope it doesnt try to eat any of that litter. It
could get sick.
Female: Look at that sunset! Isnt it beautiful?
Male: I dont think Ive ever seen anything quite like it.
Female: It was a good idea to book this beach chalet for
the night.
Male: Yes, I agree. Tomorrow we are back at the hotel but
on Tuesday we are going on that trek into the jungle
and well be camping.

6. doesnt get
7. wont pass
1. little
2. no, some
3. many, a few
4. much, any
5. few

1. T
2. NM
3. T
4. F
5. T
6. F
7. F
8. NM

1. The, the, the
2. -, a, the
3. an,-, 4. -, 5. the
1. b
2. b
3. a
4. c
5. b

Female: So whats your project about?
Male: Its about protecting endangered species, in
particular, the black jaguar.
Female: Thats interesting. I took part in a conservation
project last year in Africa. I was on a team
monitoring the gorilla population. I really
enjoyed it and I got to meet some interesting
people. This summer Im going to Greece to help
a team working with turtles.
Female: I cant believe how much snow there is outside.
Male: I know, they said on the news that there hasnt
been such a severe snowstorm in the country for
60 years.
Female: And its so cold for this time of year.
Male: Its all because of climate change. Is the
government doing anything to protect the
environment? No! They simply dont care!
Unless the government starts doing something
about the environment, we are going to see even
more extreme weather changes in the future.
Scientists predict floods and severe heat waves.

24. b
25. c
26. c
27. c
28. b
29. b
30. d
31. a
32. d
33. a
34. a
35. d
1. a
2. c
3. c
4. b
5. d
6. c
7. c
8. d
9. a
10. d
11. c

Female: Look at the sea, isnt it beautiful?
Male: Its fantastic. How about going in?
Female: Im a bit hungry now. Shall we go and have lunch
Male: You cant go swimming after eating silly!
Female: Oh yeah, youre right. OK lets go for a quick swim
and then we can grab something to eat.
Female: What time is your interview?
Male: Its at 10:00.
Female: Well you had better start moving! Its already 9:15.
Male: I know, I know, have you seen my mobile?
Female: Its on the table.
Male: No thats yours. Maybe I put it in my bag after
finishing breakfast in the kitchen....yeah here it is.
Female: Now go! Oh and good luck!
Male: Thanks.
Female: Dont throw those bottles in the bin.
Male: Why not? Theyre empty.
Female: We should recycle them. Dont you want to save
the planet? Put them in a bag and take them to
the recycling bin.
Male: Why cant you take them?
Female: Cant you see Im busy? If you continue with the
washing-up, Ill go to the recycling bin.
Male: Oh no... I want to watch telly now. Ill take them
tomorrow on my way to work.

12. b
13. a
14. c
15. a
16. c
17. a
18. d
19. a
20. a
21. b
22. c
23. a
24. c
25. a
26. b
27. c
28. d
29. b
30. c
31. d
32. b
33. b
34. d
35. c

1. T
2. F
3. T
4. F
5. T
6. T
7. NM
8. NM
9. T
10. F
1. c
2. b
3. b
4. a
5. c

Female: OK then, but dont forget them.

Female: I think I need to do something in my spare time.
I get home from work every day and I spend most
of my time cooking, doing household chores
and watching TV. I want more out of life. Im so
Male: Well, you could always take up a hobby.
Female: Like what?
Male: There are loads of things, it depends on what
interests you. Gardening is a good one if you like
being outdoors. If youre the active type, join a
gym. Or if you like studying, how about learning
something new like a language?
Female: Mmmm yes, I quite like the idea of gardening.
Female: Have you always wanted to be a race car driver?
Male: Yes, from the time I was a young boy. My dad is a
big Formula 1 fan. We used to watch the races on
TV together and one day he took me to see a race
live. I loved it. I think thats when I knew what I
wanted to be when I grew up.
Female: Are there any drivers in the sport that you
particularly admire?
Male: Lewis Hamilton, of course. The youngest driver to
win a Formula 1 race. Hes an amazing guy. I hope
one day I will be as good as him.

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1. c
2. c
3. d
4. a
5. c
6. c
7. c
8. d
9. a
10. a
11. b
12. c
13. d
14. c
15. a
16. a
17. b
18. d
19. d
20. d
21. a
22. d
23. a

1. take up
2. brought up
3. turn up
4. pick up
5. held up
6. put ... up
7. gone up
1. Once upon a time
2. For the time being
3. on time
4. in time
5. from time to time
6. By the time
1. be over
2. is on
3. is up
4. are up to
5. am against

6. was about
7. am off
1. c
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. b
6. b
7. b
1. had been waiting, arrived
2. came, had ... prepared
3. had been driving/had
driven, realised
4. went, had stopped
1. ... that they had had a
great time at the caf the
previous night.

2. ... that she was going

shopping the following
3. ... that he would call me
when he got home.
4. ... that she had seen that
film before.
5. ... that they might go to
the cinema that night.
1. ... if /whether I wanted
to go to the concert with
him that night.
2. ... why I didnt go to work
on time that morning.
3. ... if/whether I had read
the book he had given
4. ... when I was leaving for
5. ... to show (whether/if he
could show) her how to
use that DVD recorder.

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Interviewer: Good evening and welcome to this edition

of Thats Strange. Today on the programme
I have Dr Ian Roberts talking about a
phenomenon known as crop circles.
Welcome, Dr Roberts.
Dr Roberts: Thank you.
Interviewer: So Ian, for those of us who dont know, tell
us, what is a crop circle?
Dr Roberts: A crop circle is a large pattern formed by
flattening crops such as wheat or barley.
Interviewer: And what is so special about crop circles?
Dr Roberts: Theres a lot of controversy surrounding
crop circles. Many of your listeners might
have seen the film Signs with Mel Gibson in
which intelligent aliens are responsible for
elaborate crop circles that suddenly appear
all over the world. Some people believe
that this idea is not that far from the truth
because many crop circles are enormous
complex geometric formations that are
created overnight and its difficult to believe
that humans could create them.
Interviewer: Is there any proof that they are created by,
lets say, mysterious forces?
Dr Roberts: Well, there has been some video footage
showing small bright balls of light in and
around the crop circles. Some of these
bright lights have been filmed during the
day. As to whether there is a connection
between these lights and crop circle creation
we still dont know. Scientists have analysed
the wheat from crop circles to find out if it
has any unusual features. They discovered
that the plants had been heated rapidly to

Dr Roberts:

Dr Roberts:

Dr Roberts:

1. ... to stop talking and
focus on the text.
2. ... to let him go to Marks
3. ... not to make noise
because the baby was
4. ... not to go near that dog.
5. ... to give her some water.
1. c
2. b
3. b
4. a
5. a
1. a
2. d
3. a
4. a
5. c

very high temperatures. This indicated that

large bursts of energy were used to create
the crop circles.
And do you think it is possible that humans
are creating them?
Yes, of course it is possible. An experiment
has been done with a team of artists who
were able to create some very complex
circles by using wooden planks to flatten
the crops. However, the more complex
patterns would require a great amount of
planning and skill. There is a group of crop
circle artists but they usually dont take
responsibility for specific circles. This helps
to add to the air of mystery surrounding
the circles. Although I think it is most
likely that humans do create them, one can
never be absolutely certain. There is not
enough research into crop circles to really
understand how they are formed.
I see... and where are these circles usually
Mainly in Southern England. However,
there have been crop circles found all over
the world. On my website, you can see some
recent photographs which I took of crop
circles in America and there is a particularly
beautiful one in Switzerland.
Ill give out those details for you at the end
of the show... ....Can you tell us how long
these crop circles have been around?
Well, some of the earliest reports were in
17th century England but the phenomenon
didnt really attract the publics attention till
the 1980s...(fade out)


1. in a hurry
2. in a mess
3. in particular
4. at once
5. At last
6. in advance
7. in detail
8. at the latest
9. in other words
10. at least

1. engineer
2. frequently
3. additional
4. monthly
5. physician
1. f
2. a
3. e
4. b
5. d
6. c
1. looking forward to
2. was supposed to
3. take advantage of
4. be exposed to
5. put forward

1. What time are they going to take the coach?
Male: So which coach shall we take to London?
Female: Well, we want to get there before lunch time,
dont we?
Male: Thats right. So lets have a look at the timetable
Female: Theres one every hour. It takes about 2 hours to
get to London from Liverpool. How about the
07:47 or an hour later 08:47?
Male: Thats too early. Lets take the next one, well be
there by 12 at the latest.
2. What means of transport is the man probably going to
use to get to Paris?
Female: How are you travelling to Paris?
Male: Well, I havent decided for sure yet. You see, Im
in no big hurry to get there and money is not
a problem for me either. But as I always either
fly or take the ferry when I go to France I was
thinking that this time I would like to have a
different travel experience.
3. What did the woman not like about the hotel?
Male: How was your holiday in Copenhagen?
Female: It was great, Copenhagen is a beautiful city.
Male: What was the hotel like?
Female: Great, even though it was a cheap hotel there was
a porter to carry my bags to my room. A lady
came and cleaned the room every day so it was

1. Kate Winslet is believed
to be a great actress./It is
believed that Kate Winslet
is a great actress.
2. Our house is going to be
renovated next month.
3. Her bedroom had been
painted pink.
4. Our new cooker is
being installed by the
5. The car may be washed
6. Ben was invited to my
birthday party.
7. A concert will be given by
the band next week.
8. The old town church
had been restored by the

1. ... due to the heavy rain.
2. ... in spite of doing well at
the interview.
3. ... so that she would not
wake up the baby.
4. ... because he hit another
5. ... so as to keep fit.
1. c
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. b
1. E
2. B
3. C
4. F
5. A

always nice and clean. The only bad part of my

holiday was when I was sick with a cold for a few
days. I had to stay in the hotel room and order
room service which wasnt very nice. It took ages
for it to arrive and when it finally did the food
was awful.
4. Where is the mans passport?
Male: Oh no!
Female: Whats wrong?
Male: I cant find my passport. I put it in my bag so I
wouldnt forget it...Wait, I took it out when my
travel agent called and asked for my passport
Female: And where did you put it afterwards?
Male: I hung up the phone and left it on the desk with
Kellys books.
Female: Well, Kelly put those books in her bag and left for
5. What did the man sell?
Female: So are you taking the caravan on your road trip?
Male: No, we are going on the motorbike.
Female: Are you serious? Where are you going to put all
your stuff? Why dont you at least take your car
Male: I cant. I dont have one anymore. Where do you
think I got the money for this motorbike?

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1. take
2. tour
3. fares
4. reach
5. site
6. landmark

1. c
2. a
3. c
4. c
5. a
1. about
2. of
3. to
4. in
5. up
6. on
7. to

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1. our way
2. Theres no way
3. By the way

4. in the way
5. learn the hard way
6. On the way to
7. out of the way
1. keep
2. miss
3. keep
4. lose
5. hold
6. miss
7. keep
1. to reach
2. tidy
3. meeting
4. seeing
5. to invite
6. to lock

Interviewer: Welcome everyone! Today we are going to
talk about the latest trend that has become
very popular-Green Gyms, and with me to
tell us a bit more about this is Joanna Smith,
who was involved in setting up a Green
Gym. Welcome to the show, Joanna.
Thank you, Im glad to be here.
Interviewer: So, this is something most people will be
familiar with; its the start of the year and
we are full of enthusiasm to keep fit, so we
join a gym. It usually starts off well, then 3
months later we wake up one morning and
realise we havent been to the gym for...well
2 months!
(laughs)... yes, well that is a very common
Interviewer: But there is another option available that
might just make us all want to go back to
exercise and its free.
Thats correct. You can join a green gym for
Interviewer: For those of us that dont know, can you
explain what a green gym is?
Its more of a concept. Green gyms are a way
for people to go out into the countryside,
do some physical work helping the
environment and at the same time improve
their health.
Interviewer: So it combines keeping fit with protecting
the environment?
Interviewer: That sounds ideal. How does a session at a
green gym work?
Well, when you get to the site the instructor
takes you through some warm up exercises.
This is to help reduce the risk of injuries.

7. trying
8. to use
9. drinking
10. to take up
11.buy, to get
1. ... will have his leaking
tap fixed.
2. ... you have your hair
dyed yesterday?
3. ... has had her car
4. ... are having their house
5. ... have our house
6. ... is going to have an
alarm system installed in
his house.
7. ... was having flowers
planted in his garden.

1. shouldnt have lied
2. could have died
3. must have gone
4. might have been
5. cant have seen
1. enthusiasm
2. free
3. tools
4. willing
5. mental and physical
1. b
2. c
3. d
4. a
5. c

Then you will be shown how to use the

various tools and you will be told about the
task. Types of tasks include tree replanting,
repairing footpaths and growing vegetables.
There is a large range of projects available.
Interviewer: Can children take part?
Of course! We have lots of parents who
bring their children along and its turned
out to be a great way for families to spend
time together.
Interviewer: That sounds great. The trouble is trying
to get the kids to come out. I have two
teenagers and they spend most of their time
in their rooms playing computer games.
I cant see my two agreeing to swap their
playstations for work tools.
Youd be surprised; we have lots of teenagers
here. At first they may not be willing to take
part, but after a couple of sessions they start
really enjoying it and making friends.
Interviewer: Why do you think these green gyms are
becoming so popular?
Many people find going to the gym boring
because youre doing the same exercises
over and over. Green gyms offer you the
chance to do something different every
time. You are out in the fresh air and, most
importantly, you are doing something
positive for the environment.
Interviewer: And what about the health benefits?
There are so many; participants in green
gyms have reported improved mental and
physical health. Working out in nature
is thought to help relieve stress and fight
Interviewer: If youre just joining us, Im talking to
Joanna Smith about Green Gyms....

7. least of all
8. at least

1. worn out
2. came round
3. wear off
4. come down with
5. bring ... round
6. get over

1. hurt
2. pain
3. rash
4. gasping
5. injured

1. at most
2. to say the least
3. Last but not least
4. in the least
5. the most
6. make the most of

1. d
2. a
3. f
4. c
5. b
6. e

1. ... had woken up early, she
wouldnt have missed the
bus to school.
2. ... had been good/hadnt
been bad, we would have
gone fishing.

John: So, tell me about this organisation youve set up,
Jackie. It sounds very exciting.
Jackie: Well, its all about providing young people with
volunteer opportunities.
John: Really? That is such a good idea, although I
wouldnt have thought youd get many teenagers
interested in that kind of thing. Most young people
I know are only interested in playing computer
games, watching TV, hanging out with their
friends and listening to music.
Jackie: I know what you mean but Ive found its quite the
opposite with many teenagers. I did some surveys,
for example, I looked at what global issues concern
young people the most and found that they are
very worried about poverty, war and climate
change. These are serious world issues and they
were the top things on teenagers minds. I also
found that many teenagers would like to take part
in volunteer work but they just dont know how
to start. This showed me that more work needs
to be done to raise young peoples awareness of
the volunteering opportunities available to them.
Thats why I set up this organisation.
John: So what does your organisation do?
Jackie: Well we provide guidance and information on
volunteer work. We have advisers who are available
9-5pm Monday-Friday to answer any queries. On
our website you can type in your postcode click
on search and all volunteering opportunities in
your area will be listed including their contact
details. We basically gather all the information
and provide it to young people in a way that wont
overwhelm them.
John: So how do you make sure that the volunteer
opportunities match the interests of teenagers?

3. ... wouldnt have won

a trip abroad if he
hadnt taken part in the
4. ... wouldnt have passed
his exams if he hadnt
studied hard.
5. ... had followed my
advice, things would have
turned out well.
1. ... I had enough money to
buy a car.
2. ... I had accepted the job
3. ... Matilda could speak
4. ... the baby would stop
5. ... Britney had been
careful while driving.
6. ... I didnt live in the city.
1. Neither, nor

2. None
3. either, or
4. All
5. Both
6. Both, and
7. Neither
1. F
2. T
3. F
4. F
5. T
1. B
2. A
3. D
4. C
5. D
6. B
7. C
8. C
9. A

Jackie: We did a study on the interests of young people.

Young men tend to be very passionate about sport
and also hanging out with their friends. Young
women are more passionate about friends, music
and family. We try to find volunteer organisations
that match these interests. For example, the charity
Oxfam uses volunteers to organise thousands of
music events. The charity provides training, tools
and technical equipment to the volunteers.
John: And what other kinds of things can young people
Jackie: The list is endless; there is something for everyone,
art and culture, sports, supervising children,
learning new skills such as first aid. There are also
many community projects. The important thing
Ive learnt from our research is that we have to
make voluntary work more appealing and cool to
teenagers so they will want to take part.
John: I agree.
Jackie: Also, a recent programme we have developed
that has been very successful involves giving
young people money to spend on improving their
community. This gives them the responsibility of
managing a project on their own. Of course, we
give them the relevant training and resources.
John: And how do you think young people can benefit
from volunteer work?
Jackie: They gain valuable skills and experience which
increases their self confidence and prepares
them for the future. From talking to some of our
volunteers, I think its the feeling that they are
giving something back to the community that
really gives them a sense of achievement.
John: Well, I think what you are doing is great!

Copyright MM Publications

1. descriptive
2. conscious
3. betrayed
4. definitive
5. depressed
6. grateful
7. complicated


Copyright MM Publications

1. c
2. c
3. b
4. d
5. d
6. b
7. a
8. c
9. b
10. d
11. b
12. a
13. a
14. b
15. c
16. a
17. b
18. d
19. a
20. c
21. a


22. a
23. b
24. c
25. a
26. c
27. c
28. a
29. d
30. a
31. c
32. a
33. d
34. c
35. a
1. a
2. d
3. b
4. c
5. d
6. a
7. b

Female: What did you think of Corfu?
Male: It was beautiful! It had lovely beaches and Corfu
Town is full of elegant old buildings.I particularly
enjoyed going round the many museums, and
quite surprisingly, my children enjoyed that, too. I
also rented a car and explored the island. The kids
could not get enough of Aqualand. They wanted to
go there everyday!
Female: Did you hear that?
Male: No.
Female: You mean you didnt hear that noise?
Male: Ooh... yes, I heard something now. Maybe its the
neighbours again.
Female: At this time! Its 2am! I think you should go
downstairs and take a look.
Male: (Crashing noise) What was that?
Female: Quick! Call the police.
Male: Hang on a minute...look its Patch, he must have
got out of the kitchen. Oh no! What a mess! You
naughty puppy!
Female: So are you taking your motorbike on holiday?
Male: Absolutely. My friends and I are riding our
motorbikes through Europe this summer. We are
spending a month on the road.
Female: That sounds exciting, although it might be a bit
Male: I know but I dont mind. It will be fun. Im looking
forward to going to Poland and Switzerland.
Ive never been to those countries before. We
are stopping in Germany for a week as there is a
motorbike convention going on there. Thousands

8. c
9. a
10. d
11. d
12. c
13. a
14. d
15. c
16. b
17. d
18. a
19. b
20. c
21. b
22. a
23. a
24. c
25. b
26. a
27. d
28. d
29. c
30. a

31. b
32. c
33. a
34. d
35. b
1. c
2. c
3. d
4. d
5. a
1. c
2. c
3. b
4. c
5. c

of people are expected to come from all over the

Sarah: Hi Fiona. Are you busy on Saturday? I was
wondering if you can come shopping with me. I
have to buy a dress for my 18th birthday party, and
you know Im not very good at choosing things for
Fiona: Of course Ill come. What sort of dress are you
thinking of?
Sarah: Well, Id like something blue. I love the colour blue.
Fiona: You are always wearing blue. Why dont you try a
different colour for a change? Like red, or purple.
Those are nice colours, too and they suit you.
Sarah: I suppose.
Fiona: Well have a look in the shops and see what they
Sarah: Great. Im looking forward to it.
Lucy: Whats wrong Steven?
Steven: Oh, Im just a bit stressed out. Ive got exams and
Im finding it difficult to find the time to study.
Lucy: How come?
Steven: Well, you know I have a part-time job. I also have
to help my mum look after my little sister.
Lucy: I think you are doing too much. Why dont you
quit your job?
Steven: I cant afford to. I need the money.
Lucy: Well, you should at least reduce the number of
hours you work during the exam period.
Steven: I could do that.
Lucy: And if you need some peace and quiet, you can
come over to my house and study.
Steven: Thanks, Lucy. Youre a star!

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