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Pattern for Synopsis of Research Thesis MBA, University of Haripur

Following pattern is needed to be followed as a shadow pattern of the University of Haripur

Semester rules for MS/PhD program.

Synopsis Portion/Chapters

Literature Review

Portion/Chapter 1. Introduction.
1.1 Background Overview
The portion should brief give overview of research topic with help of Existing studies
Last paragraph must clear the idea what are you going to do
1.2 Problem Statement
Research gap to be clearly mentioned in existing condition/time/ circumstances etc.
Why this research is needed?
1.3 Research Objectives
Give the research objectives very clearly
Could be in bullets (Achievable form).
1.4 Research Question
Similar to research objectives but in the form of questions (answerable questions).
1.5 Hypothesis
Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis
Any other accepted hypothesis
1.6 Significance of the Research
Rational of this research study must be lay down clearly
Why this studied in needed, it can be either.
Basic research (Theoretical Significant)
Applied Research (Practical Significant)
Portion/Chapter 2 Literature Review

First the phenomena should be properly explained with proper references.

Existing and Previous in relevant and concerned area should be brought under consideration
with proper references.
The literature shell be in different paragraph
Must be in logical shape.

Existing literature shell be brought under consideration in following manner and must answer the
following questions.

What and which area was covered?

What was the methodology?
What was the scope ( eg Target Industry or Target Population, Target Region etc)
What were the tools used for data collection?
What was the analysis tools used?
What were the results?
If possible what were the limitations?

Portion/Chapter 3. Research Methodology

3.1 Methodology
Definition of different types of research ( Quantitative / Qualitative)
Why a specific methodology is selected for this particular research
3.2 Data Collection

Must answer the questions like,

Weather Quantitative or Qualitative Data will be used or both?
What will be the Population size and Sample and Sampling techniques etc?
What will be data collection tools eg. Questionnaire, interview, etc?
3.3 Data Analysis
Must answer the questions like
Measurement and data analysis Instrument/ tool/software etc?
Significance of the Tool/ Instrument?

Portion/Chapter 4. Time Schedule

Time schedule of research (Tentative time schedule to complete the Research in weeks)
All the referencing must be done in APA format. Follow APA manual 6th Edition for guidance.

Note: Typeface New Times Roman, Font Size 12, and Referencing Style APA must be
followed. Page 1, 2 and 3 of synopsis must in the following pattern.

SYNOPSIS (Font 28, Regular)

TITLE (Font 14, CAPITALS, Bold)

Department of Management Sciences

University of Haripur (Font 14, Regular)
Spring/Fall 2014 (Font 11, Bold)


TITLE(Font 18, CAPITALS, Bold)

Submitted by: (Your Name) (Font 12, Bold)

Registration Number: (####) (Font 12, Bold)
Supervisor: (Supervisors Name) (Font 12, Bold)

This synopsis is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for degree of

Masters in Business Administration awarded by the University of Haripur, Pakistan.
(Font 12, Bold)

Department of Management Sciences

University of Haripur (Font 14, Bold)
Spring/Fall 2014 (Font 11, Bold)

Department of Management Sciences

University of Haripur

1. Members of Supervisory Committee
i. Mr. _______________________________________Signature_____________
ii. Mr. _______________________________________Signature_____________
iii. Mr. _______________________________________Signature_____________

Mr. _______________________________________Signature_____________

2. Head of Department
Mr. _______________________________________Signature

3. Supervisor
Mr. ___________________________________________Signature__________________

4. Student