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Were Better!!!

Were Fresher!!!
Were Tastier!!!
Keep Planning Your Most important
Days with Only @ Sivaraj Holiday Inn

Fresh watermelon juice

Fresh Pineapple juice
Jal Jeera
Fruit Punch
Strawberry Milkshake
Vanilla Milkshake
Tang Orange

Caesar Salad
(A salad of romaine lettuce & croutons
With the dressing)

Fruit Chat
(Mixed fruits with chat masala)

Waldorf salad
(Apple, celery, raisins & walnuts with
Mayonnaise dressing)

Tossed Salad
(Cubes of capsicum, onion, tomato mixed
with Lettuce in vinaigrette dressing)

Potato salad
(Sliced potato with creamy parsley based
Mayonnaise dressing)

(Chinese pickled cabbage)

Pineapple Cilantro Salad

(Diced pineapple flavoured with chopped

Pasta Salad
(Pasta with grilled pepper and basil vinaigrette)

Aloo Chat/Aloo Papdi Chat

(Delicious Hindustani salad)

Russian Salad
(Cubes of Potato, carrot, green peas mixed
With creamy mayonnaise)

Citrus Salad
(Mixture of lettuce leaves with segment of orange and cubes
of lemon Finished with olive oil and chopped walnuts)

Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

(Delicious soup made with fresh corn kernels)

Lemon Coriander Soup

(A fragrant healthy soup with lemon grass & chilies)

Vegetable Clear Soup

(Clear soup with assorted vegetables)

Vegetable Noodles Soup

(Clear noodle soup with mixed vegetable)

Manchow soup
(A spicy and tangy soup served with fried noodles)

Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup

(Thick soup with sour & pepper taste)

Drumstick Shorba
(Soup made with Murungai)

Kai Curry Shorba

(Spicy mixed vegetable broth-south Indian style)

Tomato Ginger Shorba

(Ginger and tomato flavoured clear soup)

Tomato and Dhaniya Shorba

(Tomato and coriander flavoured clear soup)

Cream of Mushroom Soup

(Thick mushroom soup finished with cream)

Cream of Potato Soup

(Potato soup finished with cream)

Cream of Tomato Soup

(Puree of tomato served with croutons)

Curried Vegetable Soup

(Soup made of mixed vegetable puree
Flavoured with curry powder)

Potage Minestrone
(Tomato based soup with vegetables with
Pasta & parmesan cheese)

Cauliflower Manchurian
(Cauliflower florets deep fried finished
With chilly & coriander sauce)

Crispy Fried Vegetables

(Batter fried batons of vegetables)

Vegetable Salt and Pepper

(Crispy fried vegetable tossed with salt
& pepper)

Chilly Paneer
(Fried Cottage cheese tossed with
Chilli sauce)

Peking Mixed Vegetables

(Mixed vegetables tossed in chilly)

Baby corn Salt and Pepper

(Crispy fried baby corn tossed with salt
and pepper)

Vegetable Manchurian
(Deep fried vegetables finished with
chilly and coriander sauce)

Chilly Chicken
(Deep fried chicken tossed with onion
& capsicum with chili sauce)

Chicken Manchurian
(Chicken tossed in ginger & Garlic with soya sauce)

Chicken Lollypop
(Deep fried chicken wings tossed in garlic sauce)

Ginger Chicken
(Deep fried chicken tossed with ginger
With soya sauce)

Crispy Chilli Lamb

(Deep fried shredded lamb tossed with
Onion, capsicum and chilies)

Chilly Fish
(Deep fried fish tossed with onion &
Capsicum in chilly sauce)

Fish Manchurian
(Deep fried fish tossed in ginger and
Garlic with soya)

Hong Kong Fish

(Deep fried fish tossed with star flour and
Chilies, onion, capsicum)

Chilli Prawns
(Batter fried prawns tossed in onion, capsicum
with spicy chili sauce)

Singapore Prawns
(Batter fried prawn tossed with onion,
Capsicum with tomatoes)

Paneer Butter Masala

(Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in tomato
Based gravy finished with cream and butter)

Paneer Kadai Masala

(Cottage cheese cooked in Kadai masala with
Onion and capsicum)

Paneer Methi Makhani

(Cubes of Paneer cooked in fenugreek flavoured
Spicy tomato gravy)

Kacchi Mirch ka Paneer

(Cottage cheese cooked in cashew gravy)

Paneer Pasanda
(Paneer stuffed with nuts and reduced milk and
Cooked in saffron gravy)

Paneer khurchan
(Cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes &
Cumin seeds)

Dingri Dulma
(Paneer and mushroom cooked in rich
Indian gravy)

Malai Kofta Curry

(Cottage cheese balls finished in thick
Cashew and cream gravy)

Mushroom Mutter
(Mushroom and green peas cooked in rich
Indian gravy)

Aloo Mutter curry

(Potato and green peas cooked in yellow gravy)

Vegetable Jalfrezi
(Julienne of vegetables sauted with
Sweet and spicy masala)

Gobi Mutter Bhujia

(Minced cauliflower and green peas cooked
With mild spice)

Bindi Do Pyaza
(Dry ladys finger masala finished with onion)

Kadai Subzi
(Mixed vegetables cooked with Kadai spices)

Miloni Tarkari
(Mixed vegetables with spinach cooked in yellow gravy)

Aloo Lajawab
(Wedges of potato cooked in sour and
Sweet gravy)

Subji Nizami Curry

(Vegetables curry finish with saffron flavoured
Cashew curry)

Subji Diwani Handi

(Mixed vegetables cooked with capsicum and
Spinach in Indian gravy)

Dum Aloo Kashmiri

(Baby potatoes cooked in tomato based gravy)

Palkatti Pattani Curry

(Cottage cheese and green peas cooked in gravy
With Chettinadu spices)

Andhra Potato Fry

(Deep fried potatoes tossed with spices)

Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu

(Lentil balls cooked in spicy south Indian gravy)

Vendikka More Kuzhambu

(Turmeric based butter milk curry)

Kaikari Mandi
(Mixed vegetables cooked in south Indian
Gravy infused with water from washed raw rice)

Kara Kuzhambu
(Chilly hot south Indian gravy with fried sundried
Sundakkai /brinjal /Okra)

Ennai Kathirikkai
(Oil based brinjal curry)

Vegetable Khorma
(Mixed vegetable in south Indian gravy made with
Coconut and cashew nut paste)

Vegetable Chettinadu
(Mixed vegetable in Chettinadu gravy)

Cauliflower Pattani Vellai Khorma

(Cauliflower and green peas in cashew and
Coconut based gravy)

Urulai Roast
(Potato fried with spicy masala)

Gobi Dakshin
(Cauliflower coated with seasoned gram flour
And crisp fried)

Mixed Vegetable Poriyal

(Tempered mixed vegetables with grated coconut)

Dal Makhani
(Black lentil cooked with butter and cream)

Dal Masaladar
(Four types of lentil cooked with onion and

Dal Panchratan
(Five types of lentil cooked with cumin
And garlic)

Dal Tadkewali
(Yellow lentil flavored with cumin and garlic)

Dal Palak
(Yellow lentil and spinach tempered with garlic)

Channa Masala
(Traditional Punjabi dish)

Dal kabila
(Urud dal cooked with triple c and ginger garlic

Dal Lehsuni
(Simple and tasty orange lentil preparation)

Tomato Pappu
(Andhra style lentil preparation)

Dingri Pulao
(Pulao with mushroom)

Mint cashew Pulao

(Long grain rice cooked with mint and

Kashmiri Pulao
(Long grain rice cooked with nuts and

Zaffrani Pulao
(Long grain rice cooked with saffron
and Indian spices)

Green peas Pulao

(Pulao with chick peas)

Vegetable Pulao
(Long grain rice cooked with vegetables
and Indian spices)

Yang chow fried rice

(Fried rice with corn kernels, green peas
and tomato)

Schezwan fried rice

(Fried rice with spicy chili paste)

Vegetable Hakka Noodles

(Soya flavored stir fried noodles with

Singapore Vegetables Noodles

(Tomato flavored spicy rice noodles)

Schezwan Vegetable Noodle

(Vegetable noodle in chili paste)

Dum Biryani
(Chicken / Mutton)

Lucknowi Dum Biryani

(Chicken /Mutton)

Ambur Biryani
(Chicken / Mutton)

Mughalai Dum Biryani

(Chicken /Mutton)

Chinese fried rice

(Chicken / Seafood/ Mixed Meat)

Wok stir fried noodles

(Chicken/ Sea Food/ Mixed Meat)

Szechwan fried rice

(Chicken/ Seafood/ mixed meat)

Steamed Rice

Curd Rice

Tandoori Roti
Methi Roti
Plain Naan
Butter Nan
Stuffed Kulcha
Pudina Paratha
Methi Paratha
Laccha Paratha/Malabar Paratha

Potato Parmentier
(Parboiled cubes of potato seasoned
And baked)

Aubergine Picatta
(Sliced and grilled egg plant topped
With tomato concasse Cheese and baked)

Spinach and Corn Au-Gratin

(Sauted spinach and corn finished with
white Sauce and baked)

Vegetable Provencal
(Cubes of vegetables cooked in tomato

Kartofeln Au-gratin
(Sliced Potatoes cooked in white
Sauce and baked)

Vegetable Amandine
(Cubes of vegetables sauted in garlic and
finished with saffron sauce and garnished
with almonds)

Lasagna Verdure
(Vegetable Lasagna)

Baked Tomato Pasta

(Pasta with tomato sauce gratinated with cheese)

Cauliflower Mornay
(Cauliflower cooked with garlic flavored
white Sauce and finished with cheese)

Frutti De Mare
(Cubes of seafood finished in white sauce)

Fish Menuere
(Shallow fried seasoned flour dusted fish
with Lemon butter/garlic sauce)

Crumb Fried Fish

(Fillet of fish marinated and crumb fried)

Chicken Coq au Vin

(Chicken cooked in red wine sauce)

Poulet Schnitzel
(Crumb fried flat slices of chicken)

Lamb Bourguignon
(Cubes of lamb cooked with shallots and
Mushrooms in white sauce)

Meat Stroganoff
(Strips of meat stir fried and finished in
Vodka flavored brown sauce)

Fruit Salad
Fruit Jelly
Lemon Souffl
Strawberry Mousse
Fruit Trifle
Chocolate Mousse
Pineapple Souffl
Diplomat Pudding
Bread and Butter Pudding
Caramel Custard
Paal Ada Prada man

Gulab Jamun
Shahi Tukra
Carrot Halwa
Moong Dal Halwa
Semiya Payasam
Choice of Ice Creams

Our Chefs are well talented professionals with Multi Cuisine foods. Apart from
this menu do you have any certain dishes kindly let us know. We assure that your
event will be more memorable one for you @ Sivaraj Holiday Inn


#603, Junction Main Road, Salem-636 005
E-MAIL:banquetsshi@gmail.com M; 84899 23292, 84899 23298

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