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Underworld: Rise of the

Level 3 extended
diploma in creative
digital media
Unit: 26
Paige Bowater

Paige Bowater

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Unit 26: Film studies

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Talking Head Script

Rise of the Lycans is the prequel to the Underworld series, and was made
in 2009 by Patrick Tatopoulos with Lakeshore Entertainment. Lake shore
entertainment are know for their thrillers and overly dramatic films, such
as The Cave. It stars Rhona Mitra, Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy as the
leads Sonja, Lucian and Victor. Basically, Lucian is 'the pet' of the vampire
elder, Victor, and he falls in love with his masters daughter, Sonja. The
two begin a taboo affair, and she becomes pregnant. The film is based
around Lucian leading the werewolves and Lycan slaves in a battle for
freedom from their vampire oppressors, whilst trying to protect his
seductress, and convince her to pick the righteous side.
play clips with no volume, whilst my audio is overlapping.
00:58- 02:26- film opening

The opening of the film shows the development of the binary opposition
between lycans and vampires. Although I have stated that the opening
begins at 00:58, the voice over that is heard throughout the opening
starts earlier than this. The opening explains about how werewolves were
represented as being brutal creatures, but how Lucian is different from the
others, and is therefore saved and trained by Victor.

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It is also suggested within the first 3 minutes that there are feeling
between Sonja and Lucian. (00:59)

The shot is shown here is an extreme long shot, at a high angle. This
suggests that the people within the frame are insignificant or vulnerable.

(01:11 and 01:28) There is a shot reverse shot POV sequence, with Victor
beginning at a medium shot and ending with a close up, as well of Lucian
starting with a Long shot and zooming in with each separate frame.
(01:40-01:44) This is a pan, it heightens the significance of the character,
and as he remains central frame at a slight low angle, it also shows his

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dominant strength over the surrounding people.

The next sequence (01:45-02:07) is an action sequence. The shots vary

from high angles to waist level, and from extreme long shots to close ups.
The quick pace of the cuts is representative of the fast reflexes of the
character, due to his animalistic features, it also adds tension for the
audience by highlighting how quickly the fight could switch around. The
binary opposition is not always apparent in this part. This is because, both
Victor and Lucian are shown to be attacking people, and this is during the
equilibrium of the film, where Lucian is pet to the Vampire lords, and
therefore there is no tension between them.

01:22:37- 01:23:05- film ending

The ending of this film is the final battle between the Lycans, Werewolves and Vampires.
(start clip 01:12:00) The concluding 10 minutes before the final scene, are mainly the final
battle as the enslaved creatures create anarchy and rebellion against their un-dead oppressors.
The main binary opposition (Claude Levi-Strauss) (start clip 01:17:21- 01:17:31)

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Due to their being no physical indicators, such as the stereotypical 'the hero wears white' it is
unclear without watching previous scenes into who is the protagonist and who is the
antagonist. (Start clip 01:20:12- 01:20:38) Here it is implied that the Hero has killed Victor as
he stands victorious over his people as they cheer his name.

He responds by saying that 'This is only the beginning' as the shot pans up the castle walls
and over to a ship, on which Victor is shown live and well, walking into a coffin to rest.

This displays that the new state of equilibrium is that the Lycans now own the property that
the Vampires once did, and have successfully battled for their freedom, however it also
suggests that their will be a sequel, as Victor is shown to be embarking upon a new journey.

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(Start clip 01:22:32) The final concluding scene begins in darkness as a voice over begins
talking to someone about their 'dark father', thus implying that their is a succeeding film
about the Vampires.

There is then a quick shot (start clip 01:22:39) of some birds flying away, and as birds flying
is often described as symbolism I connote that this means their will be another battle for
freedom in the following film. The shot once again cross-fades to back and (start at 01:22:46)
begins to zoom in on a female, dressed similarly to how the Vampires did throughout the
film, however their is a clear time gap between the films which is shown through the style of
clothing, sat on the edge of a balcony gazing down, in the rain. The voice over begins to use
vocabulary such as 'You', thus implying that he is talking about the female shown.

The shot then cuts to a side shot and then a close up, which suggests that this female will be
either the heroine or 'princess' of the next movie, as it highlights her significance. As it shows
a close up of her face the voice over changes to a female voice which says 'lies' and then the
shot cuts to black once more and the credits begin. As this character is not included in the rest
of the film, she symbolizes a new development in the plot, and implies that their will soon be
a new disequilibrium. She is also an enigma (Barthes codes) as the dark lighting, and her

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positioning is intriguing. The delays the ending of the piece and is similar to the presentation
of the beginning of the next film.
Chosen scene 22:35-27:00

(24:35-25:00)This scene starts with a slow pan, down the walls of the fortress and then zooms
in on Lucian strapped up. His body language shows him to be weak and tired. (25:03-25:08)
After a short pause, there is then a pan up over Lucians leg with the main focus been on an
ever growingly closer Victor. He is shown at a low angle, thus representing his power over
the Lycan. This is also shown via his posture, as he is stood upright as where Lucian is
slouched. There is a lot of camera movement during this sequence, mainly consisting of pans,
to show the contrast between the characters.

There is also a few (26:47-26:54)shot reverse shot sequences and a (25:13-25:24) over the
shoulder conversation. The 180 degree rule seems to be observed throughout, and any
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changes are shown through panning. As the shots alter between Lucian getting beaten, and
the reactions, the time appears to be stretched, however the transitions remain to be cuts, thus
preserving the continuity.

The non-diegetic sound used in this part, is the whip, as it isn't always shown when the sound
is made, and to increase the impact on audiences, a more dramatic sound would have been
added during editing. However this sound is parallel to the scene. The clothing in this scene,
highlights the difference in wealth and stature amongst the characters, this also suggest the
development of a possible conflict between the Vampires and Lycans. This is also shown via
the dark lighting of the scene.

Paige Bowater

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